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  1. Looking for either advice on what mesh/models i should use to make the following avatars OR if anyone can do customized avatars id also be willing to pay for the services. 1. Absol / Mega Absol (Female, Anthro Pokémon) 2. Arctic Fox (Male, Anthro) (may add more once the need arises for more) The first one I'm looking for is a bit of a difficult one as I don't see many of them, but the ones that do exist are usually all custom made. There is also a bit of a theme with this one (also it is going to be a gift to a friend) The second one is more of an update/upgrade to the current Bento Fox i have now. Want something that looks good but is less impactful on the world if that makes sense I have References to go off of with both of these avatars so it will make things a bit easier if a custom model is required. SFW / NSFW versions of both
  2. I need a mesher to help make a custom item for me. Please message Plumpydrips ingame. I will pay for services.
  3. Hello I'm looking for someone who can mesh a custom retail skybox in a neo futuristic style. The size would be 4096 sqm and consist of a landing point and 3 rooms on one floor. Photo references, color schemes, pinterest boards, milanotes, and pictures can be provided upon request. Thank You.
  4. I'm looking for a job in SL! I have a loud at home environment, so voice tends to be out of the options here, but I'm willing to do just about anything else (except escorting or anything of that nature). I need something flexible and only during certain weekdays! My irl life is a little busy, but I'm able to put in time from 9am-10pm during weekdays, weekends really depend. For ideas: I have 2 irl kiddos so I have maternity/pregnancy/birth/etc experience. (Also, why my home is loud so I refrain from mic use) I can do some kind of interior design; I just don't know how that works here. I am a great roleplayer (over 10+ year of experience)! I have worked in customer service before and wouldn't mind that again. I can do art and have done many commissions in the past on other platforms including digital portraits, business logos, custom pieces, etc. (I lost all business logo art pieces due to a system malfunction in my iPad, so sadly I cannot give examples) Just message me IW with offers or whatever info would be helpful! IW user: Softiie
  5. Hello everyone, We are a big community with a trio of sims currently, with residential and commercial plots and homes for rent. We offer custom builds and homes of your choice that don't impact your prim count! We are Adult and moderate friendly, and all species are welcome! We have huge parks, arcades, roleplaying elements including trains and trucking, with some First Responders fun as well! Hit us up for more info or visit! RyanFoxy Clary (Farley Sim) Aiden Zhichao (Tidwulf Sim) theirishguy86.skytower (McAlplane Lake Sim) Farley Tidwulf McAlplane Lake
  6. Are you looking for a special mesh object that you cannot find inworld or on the marketplace? I do custom mesh! Contact Sasha980 inworld to get exactly what you need for your sim or home You can also have look at my marketplace store for high quality mesh pre-fabricated items: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/198486
  7. Are you looking for a special mesh object that you cannot find inworld or on the marketplace? I do custom mesh! Contact Sasha980 inworld to get exactly what you need for your sim or home You can also have look at my marketplace store for high quality mesh pre-fabricated items: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/198486
  8. I need a custom shape for my rp I role play as Amber Rose and need a shape looks like her I got any head you ask I got almost all the Lelutka heads I just need help with the shape please and thank you
  9. I've done a few custom tats for myself, and some people have told me to start doing some for people on the side so here i am. Know i will not do anything copyrighted. Such as Hello Kitty, Disney, Marvel, etc. I can do custom body freckles (as shown) or cute little bears, cats, flowers, etc. I can also do names, hearts and such. Just as said, anything you want as long as it's not copyrighted. And as shown below I can do any color and any percentage of fade you want. These will be for your use ONLY. You may not resell or alter the texture. Any changes after payment can be made for little to no charge depending on the complexity of the change. FEMALES ONLY AT THIS GIVEN TIME. WILL UPDATE THREAD WHEN/IF MALE AVAILABILITY COMES TOO. Please see my samples HERE you can click and enlarge them as well. (Click the "Here" ^ as it's text linked) You will receive demos of the texture if you wish to view it on your exact body rather than my own. Demos WILL have a watermark to avoid theft. Final product will not. You receive a fade option of your choice and a 100% or 50% fade FREE with any order if you choose. You only pay the upload fee. (You do not need to upload it to your inventory for demo purposes. Need help on how too? Let me know ) You are in charge of uploading the textures. It costs $10L or less (Per texture) based on your subscription level. Higher levels are charged lower fees. Full body will be two textures separate; this is how the templates are. That is 20$L (Or less as mentioned above) to upload both. I will send the finished product via email after receiving payment. I do not do refunds. Demos and final product will only be sent via email for best saving quality on your end. Discord is preferred for discussion of commission. Notecards / IM can work as well, Discord is just much easier and quicker. Especially if one of us is offline on SL. My prices are as the following: • Full body (from the collar bone to the ankles) 125$L- 500$L. If you just want a custom freckled or body with cute moles, then about 125$L or less. • Just thighs, arms, or hands: 15$L-25$L Know that for arms and hands the design will show on both left and right. Thighs can be different. Want extra tattoos included on the back of the thighs? +5$L • Chest Tattoo: 10$L-35$L. Depending on complexity and size, price may vary Please send me an IM or notecard in-world (Llamau) if you're interested in working together. Much thanks. ❤️ Note: It'll still cost the extra L to upload the textures. No matter if you send it to me to transfer the textures to you, or you upload them yourself. To save us the trouble, I decided for you to upload it on your own. And again, I can help you do that along with how to create the tattoo. ❤️
  10. https://twitter.com/iamahibart/status/1507560292519407616?t=LMuv-nX8rfhuAatHVl7KDQ&s=19 that's a photo of mine
  11. Hey everyone. I'm trying to figure out how to use the Catwa Catya Developer kit so that I may create my own eyes for my avatar, but I'm finding all the instructions in the kit to not be very straightforward and youtube searches are fruitless so far. Clarification: I want to create my own eye texture in photoshop and upload it to SL and wear it on my avatars eyes. I have a specific image I want to use already. Anyone know of any tutorials or can help me by giving a brief step by step?
  12. Hello, it's me again.. Me and My friend, Achillez Sauber [The Owner of a Racing Sim] is looking for a mesher. We're looking for someone who would be able to create racing suit/racing gear for us in standard size for a classic body for both male and female. *[While racing we're required to be in 0 scripts, hence classic body]* Please message me IN-WORLD ; @Karenx0 Resident ; with examples of your work for a detailed explanation with pictures and samples of what exactly we're looking for. You can message me on Discord as well, with examples. My Discord: Raye#2804 Thank You ❤️
  13. I am in need of someone of making me a custom hair and outfit for a male Avatar. The Avatar has a signature Gianni body and Anna Daniel catwa head. I looked everywhere in the marketplace and I just cannot seem to find exactly what I need. Hit me up on Second Life and we will discuss payment. LovinElonsMusk
  14. Greetings, everyone! I've had a few different custom creations made from different designers and I'm looking for someone to create some custom mesh uniforms, rigged in standard sizes to fit as many avatars as possible, rather than for a specific mesh body currently. The outfits I'm looking to have made are formal military dress uniforms; I have some ideas about what they should include and some inspiration from existing designs which I would like to work with you on to improve upon and create something unique. If possible, I would like the outfits to be in separate parts, to make them texture/colour changeable and have togglable accessories or trim, such as a necktie, lanyard, belt or gold piping. I've seen custom made uniform outfits like this made for other residents and groups before, so I'm keen to see this. Let me know if you're available; leave a reply below and IM me in-world or leave a notecard. - Charlotte Sinclair
  15. MY IW IS : hbkfelix (custom pose is optional) will edit for you too! ( email and iw will be required ) photos taken in 12k. price ranges from what your asking for and how many pics you want starting price is 1,500Ls my work is on : 💫New post everyday 💫 (@cryos.sl) • Instagram photos and videos
  16. I do custom art at a reasonable price! I can provide PDF files through E-Mail so you get the best quality of your piece. I can do business logos, avatars, pets, etc. I am able to do more than one person per drawing, it'll just cost more. I do anywhere from lewd to completely covered up. My "processing" times always depend on your piece and my at home life as well, but it is typically around 4 days to a week. The more complicated the piece, the longer it will take, keep that in mind please. Below are some of my best pieces of avatars and such. Message me in-world to discuss prices and what you'd like done! In World name: Softiie https://flic.kr/s/aHsmXdzXFP
  17. Hi I'm bored and offering one free small tattoo to the next taker today. Only one recipient please. My discretion on what small and one means :-). Contact me here or inworld. Annabell Wandsworth
  18. Looking for someone to make custom car liveries. Instructions to each livery will be given. Experience preferred, but not required. High quality expected. Templates will be provided. If interested, contact in world @EliBenett Example.
  19. Please use this form for available commissionable items and pricing! For more info, feel free to message me (Fantasia {Muiregwen Resident} Form also has a link to what I guess would be a portfolio of my work. https://forms.gle/aATiWGYGwC6evCAN9 ~ So I decided to open this form up, because I like creating and people enjoying my stuff. >_> And its easier than ko-fi and stuff. Firstly, I would like a reference picture, or please be extremely detailed in what you would like. No, I won't do lewd adult meshes/tattoos/poses/etc. Not entirely comfortable with that. I WILL show pictures of it in progress and depending on what it is, I will give a demo. Animations are gifs only. Tattoos will have demo text on it and mesh will have some prim attached to it and will NOT be modify (final is modify!). On the topic of demos, there can be a maximum of two demos. First one is a testing thing, second is the 'final' demo, so to speak. As stated, I will give progress images/gifs. If refunds are needed, 100% is given before the demo, after the 1st demo, 75%, and after the second demo, the commission is considered finalized. Payments are only in Lindens (not doing Paypal rn) and are an up-front thing. Animation to a mesh item is allowed, just add animation to your commission request. And it would only be one animation, 60 seconds max (SL limits), until I can find a dang animation cycle script that will actually work. (If you know one, please let me know! <3) (Btw, the word to answer below to the word bird is 'lalalaaa!') (Yes, including the exclamation... I just wanna be sure you took the time read these 'rule info' thingies.) Tattoos are only SLUV mapping. (I do also have Lelutka Evo X maps as well, just not for Substance Painter. Do understand, Evo X will not have materials) No HUDs, but I will include all the properly named textures (2D/Diffuse + Normals + Speculars), boxed up. Just select the faces in edit mode and apply in the texture edit tab. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Programs Used! - Blender 2.9 - Avastar 2.8 (I think that is the version number; its compatible with Blender 2.8+) - Substance Painter 2021 (on Steam) - Autodesk Sketchbook - Gimp ~
  20. Hello I made my model on Blender 2.9 and inside blender It works fine, but when I try to import it into Second Life all mesh turns into a mess On secondlife: On blender: I based the Rigging on this tutorial (Yes, I fixed weights) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TQ3z5uxPnI how can I fix it?
  21. Looking to do some custom mesh commissions. Examples of previous work available here. Details and payment can be discussed. Please contact me inworld at this username.
  22. Large parcel for rent. Make it a new home or a nice business. No limits on land use. Parcel can be mostly above or below water. Land group gives you ownership abilities including many group permissions. Group is exclusive to this parcel. 12,400 square meters on protected ocean shoreline. Quiet location. Fast response from landlord - 24 hours at most, but usually much sooner. Landscaping and housing available upon request. Flexible payment plans available. take a look in world : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Atai/13/53/24 * Send a message to Trista Banx with any questions and for a land group invite, or reply to this topic with questions if you can't log in world at the time.
  23. Hello all! I have a custom outfit I'd like to have designed for the Maitreya Body. Would include shoes, gloves, shoulders and an upper body piece. It would be only for personal use. Pay is starting at around 50k L$, but further adjustments can be discussed. Feel free to contact me In-World at Sephi Coin(Sephidoll). You can also reply here with a Discord Name and I can add you to discuss there as well. Thank you for your time, and have a great day! Edit: I've been contacted and the project is now ongoing. Thanks for those that reached out!
  24. I'm tired of my Hubby having to use these ugly prim hair LOL We tried Dura, who is awesome with making hair, BUT! It does not meet our needs. I'm looking for a custom Hair that has big side-burn included. More detail can be given if I can get in contact with someone! I'm willing to pay money and not just Linden for this service. Please contact me in World using NC!
  25. As the title states I'm looking for someone to create a custom mesh avatar. To provide some further details, I'm looking for a more toned/muscular female model that's around 1.3-1.5x the size of a normal avatar. I'm willing to provide 3d models I've made along with pictures to help further communicate and identify the aesthetic I'm looking for, while minimizing any possible miscommunications about what I'd like the avatar to look like I understand this may entail a lengthier time line and a heavier price tag, but I'm willing to accept those two stipulations given this isn't a simple request. If possible while reaching out to this ad could you include previous work that you've done and a rough estimate of timeline and price. Feel free to respond here, however messaging me in game will most likely yield a better response time. Thanks in advance and look forward to hearing from creators!
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