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    They're also going to supply some sort of scripted security feature; until then, you're allowed to use your own which could theoretically have about the same effect as the banlines. We don't know what will be possible with the Linden-supplied script (or rather I don't know, but I haven't really been paying attention lately). Dunno 'bout you, but I sure wouldn't think it worth my time to set up my own security script knowing it will be replaced Real Soon Now.
  3. Are you english or is your bank just that metal? Sorry made me grin because that would be one hell of a bank Personally I have the year premium and I do spend my stipend. Mine runs out on the 30th of june and while I will definitely stay premium because of my land I'm considering of going for the monthly or quarterly route this time around.
  4. This just reminds me of the beach in SL...….
  5. I've seen my alphas change with TP, too (at least with my Slink male avatar, maybe others) but not often enough to try to figure out what's going on. (For the past week or so I have auto-alpha turned off and haven't seen it, but I often go weeks without seeing it again.) The second thing, though, with the horridly delayed response to mesh avatar HUD settings: that's a classic first indication of degraded scripts run percentage. Check the sim statistics the next time this happens and I bet you'll find that number below 50% -- even if the sim is otherwise perfectly normal with no time dilation or anything. (Of course that's the way script performance is supposed to degrade, without affecting physics or anything else, but we think it's somehow degrading too soon.)
  6. Jeez, seriously just buy the Ocacin Voluptuous body for 100L and you may be pretty much limited to the skins you add yourself but you'll have hundreds more clothing choices than you'll get with a 5000L TMP body that nobody will support.
  7. For my sins, in a former life I studied social science, and I may be more comfortable with trying to extract meaning from crazily messy data. So I'm okay with informally correlating possible contributing factors across a bunch of wildly diverse sims, at least as a way of generating theories to test experimentally, to collect more specific data or, if it's quicker, to find sections of simulator code to investigate for flaws. Studying the brain and debugging software have stuff in common. Maybe not the probe insertion part, but stuff in common nonetheless. Also, the way we got here is really the most informal longitudinal study ever: Performance on the same sims, degrading over time. Sure, there are still multiple possible contributing factors, sometimes including changes in the user-generated content on the sim, but sometimes apparently not.
  8. Thank you Abnor for this very clear and useful post, I hope everything is clear for all now; I totally agree with the way LL is doing and with their aim, I noticed that the houses prims are not counted in the parcels and this is a great gift that everyone surely can appreciate, so thank you LL friends for your amazing work!
  9. Sorry you feel that way but I found out about the new homes from the main dashboard and the post made there on April 15th. Short of sending out a mail message to everyone I'm not really sure how it could have been communicated more. How would you have liked it to have been communicated?
  10. I am actually super happy with the location I landed. I managed to get in relatively early, and with water access but still in the middle of the continent, figured 'okay. this is it. if I reroll, I am not going to get this lucky again.' So I'm settled for now. That said, with more themes coming in the future, I am (very, very, very much) hoping we get some more urban styles/areas, and do expect to reroll over to that area if it happens.
  11. I am quite happy with the houseboat location that I have got - in a smaller marina not far from the "great south channel" to the other continent. Though I do know quite a few people who are waiting for the new homes to be released so they can snap up a houseboat of their own so I think these will go fast too!
  12. This is already an option. It can be found in the About Land > Sound - Make sure there is a Check next to "Restrict gesture and object sounds to this parcel" and a Check next to "Restrict Voice to this parcel". There seems to be a big misunderstanding as to the function of these 2 options, as I have seen a lot of people requesting this. If these are checked, you'll only hear object sounds & gestures played within your parcel and you will only hear voices active within your parcel. While you are within your own parcel boundaries it will not matter whether or not other parcels have this checked, as long as yours is checked, then all you will hear is that coming from within your parcel boundaries. You'll only hear other's when you step outside your property boundaries.
  13. Whuuups. I'll go with your suggestions: Gacha 2.
  14. In the content pack, a match for the texture on the skirting would be lovely. Also, perhaps we could get some lower Li versions of the styles of trees used on the continent. I'd ask for the trees themselves.. but some of them are a crazy 22+ Li, and I don't think many would use them in that current version. If there were some that at least fit in (doesn't have to be an exact match) I'm sure they would be greatly appreciated and widely used, and help preserve the look of the continent, instead of people trying (and maybe failing) to find close matches.
  15. Omg lol I just created a post about a unicorn one I saw in the last 10 minutes lol. I guess I should have looked a little further down in the main GD page. I'm sorry Animats I didn't mean to double up.
  16. Awesome, thanks for that link Chic - extremely appreciated!
  17. A YouTube ad for Wild horses? or it was named something similar, which was a pretty cool Second Life ad! Very short but nicely done it featured a lovely unicorn. I was hoping to see an Alicorn also, (horn & wings), but no such luck. Nevertheless, well done Linden Labs. A nice little bit of wow factor there❤️
  18. yes but tahts what mainland is for i guess all lagged really yes was talklin to some one from estates and tehy had neighbours complaining on breedables in private estate so they dont allow breedables at all some places do in private i mean breedables not moving and all that some of the heavy commercial and that in private zones i guess i look ahead or stay in this skydome mainland i guess sorry for the trouble
  19. Thats true, but there are some people who are still not satisfied with 1K of square meters. Thats why you can rent/buy up to a whole region.
  20. Today
  21. On one hand, I'm tempted to, and to convince my friend to do the same at the same time to try and get ourselves a bit closer to each other. On the other hand, I'm in a spot that is subjectively good: End of a road, right by the ocean, short walk to a public beach, and a little isle in the distance.
  22. If patience fails, you can periodically try for one of the fancy new homes if you don't wanna wait on official word. People still abandon these new ones, usually to try for a more favourable spot, or because one of their neighbors put up a fence when their lot didn't have a fence and hence no feeling of privacy even if the house is practically in a corner. It's up to you to grab it before someone else does.
  23. And it's current lean-and-mean script count is over 9500 active scripts.
  24. Someone probably already suggested it, but how about little 'community' centers, like the ones strewn about in the old 512 homes?
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