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  2. Hi there - I can happily fiddle with scripts to adjust them to do what I need but I need some help on how to merge two scripts together. I have a dialog script that can display a button and execute a command when the button is pressed. What i would like it to do is to teleport the user to a location on the sim. I also have a simple teleport script that I would like to use here but I'm not sure how to merge the two scripts to get the desired result. Here are the two separate scripts - any suggestions welcome and thanks in advance for answering: Dialog script ------------------- integer gListener; // Identity of the listener associated with the dialog, so we can clean up when not needed default { touch_start(integer total_number) { // Kill off any outstanding listener, to avoid any chance of multiple listeners being active llListenRemove(gListener); // get the UUID of the person touching this prim key user = llDetectedKey(0); // Listen to any reply from that user only, and only on the same channel to be used by llDialog // It's best to set up the listener before issuing the dialog gListener = llListen(-99, "", user, ""); // Send a dialog to that person. We'll use a fixed negative channel number for simplicity llDialog(user, "\nFREE GIFT VENDOR IS ON TOP FLOOR", ["OK", "Cancel" ] , -99); // Start a one-minute timer, after which we will stop listening for responses llSetTimerEvent(60.0); } listen(integer chan, string name, key id, string msg) { if (msg == "OK") // [run the teleporter script] // Make the timer fire immediately, to do clean-up actions llSetTimerEvent(0.1); } timer() { // Stop listening. It's wise to do this to reduce lag llListenRemove(gListener); // Stop the timer now that its job is done llSetTimerEvent(0.0);// you can use 0 as well to save memory } } Teleporter script --------------------------- // Set your target position below (must be in same Sim): vector targetPos = <27,200,29>; //The target location in vector format <x,y,z> string floatText = ""; // change to "" if you want NO float text reset() { vector target; target = (targetPos- llGetPos()) * (ZERO_ROTATION / llGetRot()); llSitTarget(target, <0.0,0.0,-1.0,1.0>); llSetText(floatText,<1,1,1>,1.0); // llSetSitText("TO VENDOR"); // llSetClickAction(CLICK_ACTION_SIT); } default { state_entry() { reset(); } changed(integer change) { llSleep(0.2); //helps when SL is being laggy llUnSit(llAvatarOnSitTarget()); reset(); } }
  3. 1L1H is a "system"?, hud or whatever to promote commercial stuff in world. Is a way to attract customers to your store offering quick promotions of sutff sell at 1L just during the next hour. In my experience as more or less customer is more attractive than discounts. Discounts are good way to promote and sell stock but this method helps also with traffic almost like happen with gifts, but gifts are sell at 0L, this way the merchant, the creator of 1L1H and customer got a piece of the cake
  4. ▶ D U P L E X ™ C L U B ◀ #HOUSE #DEEPHOUSE #ELECTRO #TECHHOUSE #TECHNO #TRANCE • DJS ➡ https://goo.gl/forms/jXuHcd9uvpusQAuj1 • HOST ➡ https://goo.gl/forms/w1jTJ3eWphfXsUiS2 Thanks . Team Management
  5. Thanks for comment . I'm still learning about all it and its good for me to know your experience . xoxo
  6. Thanks for comment its good to know your experience .
  7. Just confirming what you've already been told. I was put off even trying XCITE in my early days by the amount of spam it generated in local chat in adult clubs. Everything Orwar has said about VAW is correct, I'll just add functionality is pretty good, I've tested it extensively . If you do decide to get it I'd avoid using the giving others access option, the animations are less than convincing when the avi's involved are a foot apart. I've used it with system, TMP, Maitreya and Altamura bodies and it works well with all of them. The other intimate parts sold by VAW I'm less than enthusiastic about , fitting can literally be a pain in the rear end. There are also bento bits available now, I haven't tried them so can't comment on them but they may be worth investigating.
  8. I love the streetcar idea. I think it would lend character and a little added fun to the continent. It would be a fantastic way to sightsee, explore, and just spend a nice time looking around. Heterocera has the rail system, which is quite developed and Bellissaria could be similar but also different with the streetcars.
  9. Probably not, but it did meantion that it opens the door to online gambling at offshore locations. Not really sure what that meant, so thought, why not open a can of worms
  10. I quoted the list from, and the link to, the SL wiki to show that LL does, in fact, disallow residents of some states from participating in skill gaming, which seems to be causing some confusion.
  11. That's called a "marine railway". This would do the job. Almost exactly what I need, and here's a RL prototype to model. For SL, will have to retract the track when not in use, to get it off Linden land. Probably store it under the fixed track section. Or cheat, and wind it out of a box like a roll-up garage door. That would allow up to 64m of track, in case you need it.
  12. The law legalizes sports betting, I’m not sure that’s relevant to skill gaming in SL.
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  14. Very true. When I seen this, I did think that it was perfect for small vehicles like paddle boats, canoes, and the smaller motor boats, like the BOSS one. Those would fit there. Yes, for the smaller rivers, size does matter. I've seen someone try to do a freighter also. It didn't end well.
  15. que has hecho hasta ahora?? siempre hay algo nuevo por descubrir, ya sea en sl o en rl siempre hay algo que aprender asi que es mas cosa de intentarlo que algo mas y ya si no se te ocurre nada hay un evento de caridad muy grande y muy bonito para explorar, venden un par de cosas geniales y creo que va a haber conciertos y mucha gente estas dos semanas, date una vuelta igual y se te pasa lo aburrida Mysterious Paradise Event! suerte
  16. If you add Traditional to the keyword search instead of Bellisseria, it wont have to search the drop down menu.
  17. hii, amm... i don't know to much about men hair but i may give you some tips for clothes, usually i go to look for them for a friend so send me an IM :3 i'll be happy to help, also i guess you had a right choose with the body, Belleza Jake is the most popular body n.n
  18. this is not about the list, I know Tennessee is on the list this is about a change to the Tennessee law effective 1 July 2019, that makes that list a bit obsolete. That is my 2 cents. I am not saying i'm right, just how I feel. As I said never hurts to ask.
  19. Here you go: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Second_Life_Skill_Gaming_FAQ#Prohibited_states_and_countries.
  20. I've never seen anyone get mad because someone released a house to get either a houseboat or a different location. Lots of us have done so.
  21. Thinking that a safe distance exists was your first mistake ;-).
  22. Lovely Belli people, any recommendations on Continental homes addons? I just changed the house model to get more space in the garden for my animals, but the ones I've found on the Marketplace are pretty massive; I actually just need a porch. Thank you
  24. a Blues Cafe, sounds great!!!!! Thank you @PrudenceAnton for bringing great music into Bellisseria!
  25. Huggies our super Hammy and happy Sunday. I'm sure @Patch Lindenloves the Sanctuary, he's a wonderful person. Plus, we'll always protect our Belli beloved sanctuary and our house will be open to the animals if needed, at least mine!!! Thank you for all your work @JessycaJayne, can't wait for the upcoming party!
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