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  1. I may have understood wrong but I don't think you have a choice of using these names when you make a new account. I think you're stuck with resident when you join and then go premium and then pay which is a bit much!
  2. FLIRT: Felines love inspecting rabbits tails. PRIMS
  3. I am coping with it pretty well, I work from home anyway so work hasn't changed. The hardest part is missing see my family. I have already missed 2 of my Grandkids birthdays, and I will miss 5 more in May if it carries on for that long. A big family get-together party will happen as soon as we can hug each other again.
  4. On some I do a bit of both, if I do more of 1 than another then a big heart for more of and a little heart for less of, 2 small hearts equal.
  5. I couldn't find any pics form 2010 so had to trawl through my inventory. (I would love the ability to specify a certain year to filter) Didn't use a windlight setting so that it reflected 2010 better.
  6. I am probably asking in vain as I have been searching for the past 2 days to no avail. But I just thought someone could possibly be able to help. I am looking to buy a texture vendor which has the option for group discount, CasperVend have a texture vendor but no group discount option. For now I am just using 1 of their other vendors and boxing the textures, but it seems a bit of a pain for people to have to un-box just 1 texture. I bought 1 from another vendor but it is a little prim heavy and you can only limit it to group members and not give a discount and I don't want to put 2 of those out for each set of textures. Any ideas/help appreciated? Thanks.
  7. Not long after joining SL 11 years ago I got friendly with a guy, we used to do everything together and I mean everything 🙂 But we eventually parted ways. I have not got that friendly with a guy ever since then. Not been intimate with a guy since then either, so yeah that guy touched me in more ways than 1. I often think of our moments together.
  8. Usually, when a sim is laggy it is caused by a low spec pc an/or a poor internet connection. Some sims can be laggy due to the amount of avatars and scripts running that even good pc's struggle with to a certain degree, but nowhere near as bad as you are saying. The graphics have got better over the years and not worse, if you're struggling then it is an end user issue and not a SL issue.
  9. I use a Visa debit card and it works fine.
  10. Did you find her in the end?, if not then try this spelling - Esmee Isbell, I found her just searching for Cherished and her group came up.
  11. Yes i read all of that as i am quite capable of scrolling, but i was just wanting to mention the Alchemy viewer that seems to work for a few people i have talked to, albeit very hit and miss.
  12. I couldn't upload to my profile via the SL viewer and Firestorm, someone said try alchemy, i tried alchemy and it worked. Tried Alchemy today and it didn't work, so still bamboozled!
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