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  1. Lay down with the devil, wake up in hell. The grass may be greener on the other side, but it can also be full of s***
  2. I am happy to reveal myself, I have always had my real life pic on my profile, and I have always been open about things when in conversation with others if certain questions arise about my real life. But no one owes us an explanation about why we do or don't reveal our real life selves whether that be by a picture or chat, we don't have anything to prove to anyone else unless we are really close to them and it has become part of getting close. Each to their own and we don't need to be under other people's scrutiny.
  3. If you have the latest Photoshop and the release before that then you can now make bump and spec maps. Filter-3d
  4. Yes. It is good to see people wearing a mask when they should, but it is not nice to see them dumped on the street! Take your rubbish home! It is not nice to see people try and belittle others who are scared of COVID and talk down to them like they are stupid!
  5. Not related to scripts but I am disappointed after logging in to the beta grid to test upload some mesh, I can't find anywhere that allows you to build/rez like you used to be able to. Yet there are certain parts blocked off where people are building, so I just don't get it!
  6. Shops that advertise that they sell something and when you get there they don't. You TP to an old landmark and the shop has moved and you get rudely ejected from the sim within a matter of seconds with a rude remark.
  7. I may have understood wrong but I don't think you have a choice of using these names when you make a new account. I think you're stuck with resident when you join and then go premium and then pay which is a bit much!
  8. FLIRT: Felines love inspecting rabbits tails. PRIMS
  9. I am coping with it pretty well, I work from home anyway so work hasn't changed. The hardest part is missing see my family. I have already missed 2 of my Grandkids birthdays, and I will miss 5 more in May if it carries on for that long. A big family get-together party will happen as soon as we can hug each other again.
  10. On some I do a bit of both, if I do more of 1 than another then a big heart for more of and a little heart for less of, 2 small hearts equal.
  11. I couldn't find any pics form 2010 so had to trawl through my inventory. (I would love the ability to specify a certain year to filter) Didn't use a windlight setting so that it reflected 2010 better.
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