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  1. Carolyn Zapedzki

    Did they leave a mark?

    Not long after joining SL 11 years ago I got friendly with a guy, we used to do everything together and I mean everything 🙂 But we eventually parted ways. I have not got that friendly with a guy ever since then. Not been intimate with a guy since then either, so yeah that guy touched me in more ways than 1. I often think of our moments together.
  2. Carolyn Zapedzki

    The graphics for this game have been terrible for a decade

    Usually, when a sim is laggy it is caused by a low spec pc an/or a poor internet connection. Some sims can be laggy due to the amount of avatars and scripts running that even good pc's struggle with to a certain degree, but nowhere near as bad as you are saying. The graphics have got better over the years and not worse, if you're struggling then it is an end user issue and not a SL issue.
  3. Carolyn Zapedzki

    Problem regarding billing

    I use a Visa debit card and it works fine.
  4. Did you find her in the end?, if not then try this spelling - Esmee Isbell, I found her just searching for Cherished and her group came up.
  5. Carolyn Zapedzki

    Uploading snapshots on Profile Feed

    Yes i read all of that as i am quite capable of scrolling, but i was just wanting to mention the Alchemy viewer that seems to work for a few people i have talked to, albeit very hit and miss.
  6. Carolyn Zapedzki

    Uploading snapshots on Profile Feed

    I couldn't upload to my profile via the SL viewer and Firestorm, someone said try alchemy, i tried alchemy and it worked. Tried Alchemy today and it didn't work, so still bamboozled!
  7. Carolyn Zapedzki

    Do you prefer box? Or no box?

    My brain is frazzled just reading that lol
  8. Carolyn Zapedzki

    Do you prefer box? Or no box?

    It is annoying when you get a box inside a box.
  9. Carolyn Zapedzki

    The most useless Second Life item ever

    Birth control.
  10. Carolyn Zapedzki

    Where do you live?

    Yorkshire, England.
  11. Carolyn Zapedzki

    You know you're an SL addict when:

    When you walk in a bar and look for the sploder. You look in the mirror and see you've put weight on, and then realise your shape is no modify, so have to do it the hard way.
  12. That annoys me as well. The same for skins, i see some creators either don't have demos in world or on the MP. I would not spend hundreds of lindens without trying 1 on.
  13. Carolyn Zapedzki

    Project Viewer Alex Ivy

    I am liking this viewer too, it does run good.
  14. Carolyn Zapedzki

    Stuck on initializing vfs on both sl viewer and firestorm?

    I have the same problem with Firestorm and Alchemy, i can only use SL viewers right now, so i would appreciate help with this too. I am running Win 10. I have cleanly reinstalled both of those viewers to no avail. It just started a week or so ago, i am pretty sure there wasn't any windows updates prior to this starting.