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  1. Go to your preferences and under graphics turn up the "Avatar complexity" setting
  2. SOLD A very cute little spot on the roadside for only 1000L$! 1024m, 351 prims Check it out: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sweet Morass/229/88/73
  3. Hi, my name is Takemasa! I'm an avid lover of lolita fashion, kawaii fashion, Japanese music, and all things cute. I love taking photographs and editing them with painted on details, it's my favorite activity now in SL. In RL, I'm a lolita (fashion-wise, not the book) and big fan of jyojifuku (I can talk about this all day long - no one knows what it is outside of Japan!) I work as a photography studio's assistant. My schedule tends to be pretty erratic and unpredictable, but I'm still available everyday for several hours on SL. (EST) I'm a pretty shy person because I have social anxiety... well, it depends. Once I meet someone, I can talk a LOT. But when it comes to initiating conversation, I can't really do it at all! I worry about bothering the other person and scaring them off. My avatar is also dressed quite cutesy, which I think puts a lot of people off outside of other lovers of cute things. I've always struggled making friends in SL since I don't do well with groups and I would like to have some to spend time with, chat with, shop with, or allow me to take and edit a million pictures of them for fun (or together- that's even better!) I love all things revolving around Japan. I love cutesy idol anime, music (from heavy visual kei to cute j-pop and vocaloid), games, and most of all, fashion. I can talk about pretty much anything though! I like to think I'm pretty down to earth and open with conversation despite my anxiety. I guess I'm just rambling at this point, but I'd love to meet some friends here. Feel free to IM me or leave me a notecard in-world (takemasaa Resident) or reply to this post and I'll IM you! Thank you for your time, I hope to find some valuable friendships here. Attached is a photo of my avatar! I love changing outfits and taking pictures.
  4. Hello! My name is Takemasa. I took a long break from SL recently and have returned and have really gotten into editing photos. I am interested in building my portfolio, as all I've been taking so far is pictures of myself and my partner. This means I am open for entirely free portraits, with all the details up to you! (Tips are greatly appreciated!) I use Paint Tool Sai for painted on details (hair, shading, etc) with a tablet and photoshop to edit colors and add backgrounds. I am very proficient with Sai as I have been an artist almost all of my life, using the program for almost 9 years! I work as a photography studio assistant in RL, which means I have lots of editing photos to do as my job, so I am also quite skilled with Photoshop and continue to learn as I become more experienced with my job. I have no limitations - the portrait is entirely up to you. Pose, style, background, whatever you can think of! It can be fullbody, halfbody, or a headshot. I can shoot on-location or with a green-screen background (Located in my humble, currently a bit empty abode). I am able to provide poses, however for on-location shoots it is best that you have your own pose ready. (I am even happy to pay for a pose for you if you'd like as a thank you for helping me build my portfolio! Just let me know.) I am completely flexible for whatever your needs are. This offer is entirely first come, first serve. I would only like to take on about 10 clients at a time (which will be monitored with a queue). Being able to edit photos and make people happy means a lot to me as well as building my portfolio. If you are interested in a free artistic portrait, please check out my Flickr for examples: https://www.flickr.com/people/182059718@N06/ Please contact me inworld at takemasaa Resident if you are interested, reply to this post, or message me privately here, and I will send a message your way in-world. Attached is an example of what my work looks like before and after editing it. I appreciate your time and I would love to do a portrait for you! Please send me a message in-world or a reply to this thread and I would be happy to assist you. If you are a fellow photographer or studio interested in working with me, please contact me as well. Again, my contact is takemasaa Resident in world. Thank you for your time.
  5. こんにちは~ よろしくお願いします 友達になってください^^ アメリカ人ですけど、6年間日本語ごを勉強しています よろしかったら、second lifeで私を友達追加してください。^^
  6. I sent you a message ingame but I'm pretty much in the same boat. I don't get along with many people, mostly because I feel like I don't fit in anywhere. I'd love to get to know you. Maybe we can be less lonely in SL together!
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