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  1. How much LI allowance does the land have, and how big is the land you're renting?
  2. So I've seen this hair in multiple places, usually used in J-fash/kawaii styles or by Japanese users way back in the day before mesh was a big thing. First time I saw it I fell in love. Couldn't find the creator... but I finally found out who made it: *DP*yumyum. This creator is still around and makes modern mesh hairs! I even found some other hairs by them they made a long time ago which are super cute too. Great news... so I pop into their in-world store. ...No old hairs to be found. Nada. Zero. None!!! You can't believe how devastated I was. And I know what you're thinking... "Why
  3. After tons of tinkering my shape, I think I'm finally happy with how my avatar's face looks!
  4. Primarily, hair. It's difficult to find hair in styles I like - some of the styles I find that I like are prim and outdated - and so much modern mesh hair is extremely westernized which just isn't my style even if it's beautiful on other avatars. I'd be willing to pay up to 800 L$ for the perfect hair. And I like to switch my hairstyle up often, so having tons of hairstyles to choose from is pretty important to me. On occasion I'll pay tons for clothes I really like, but I don't really like to do that too often.
  5. To be honest, I doubt an actual SL sugar daddy/mommy on these forums will choose you out of a sea of girls, almost all having very attractive avatars, desperate for free stuff (seriously, "LF sugar daddy" posts are everywhere). It's just.. likely not going to happen. You'd be better off looking in-world at specific groups or communities. You'll surely get lots of Splenda daddies in your IMs, though.
  6. I spent a few hours yesterday re-doing my avatar after coming back here to SL and found a cozy little location.
  7. You probably won't find a domme into ABDL here on the forums, unfortunately. There's quite a few in-world ABDL and sissy (which can often overlap with ABDL) communities, may I suggest there? Try out some groups or ABDL locations. You could try a BDSM-oriented location which would definitely be more populated - but since ABDL isn't the focus there, there's no guarantee you'd find a woman (who's also a domme or switch, and not an AB/little) into ABDL. I'd say try DDLG locations, but I'm assuming you, or your avatar, is male, and they are incredibly focused on LGs and daddies, rather than LB
  8. Me and my little chatterbox fingers!! >.< Figured I'd give some advice if OP is genuinely interested in exploring SL photography (and commissions) haha. Removed the pic from my quote not to fill the thread too much I think it looks quite nice - not sure if it's compression or the camera you're using, but the quality isn't top-notch (this isn't really in your control unless it's a filter choice, which is totally understandble. If not, it might be compression, might be the camera's settings, lens, or the camera itself). Luckily SL will render photos in highest quality e
  9. Just to give my two cents with the experience I have.. Photography commissions absolutely exist within SL, but from what I've seen, the most popular style is an artistic style for profile pics/avatar shots, which is drawn or painted over in an editing or art program. This not only requires experience in the program of choice, but also with color theory and digital art/painting, using proper windlights, camera angles, etc. There's definitely other styles out there, which could be done almost entirely inside SL with a little bit of photoshop, but still requires skill with editing and windli
  10. Go to your preferences and under graphics turn up the "Avatar complexity" setting
  11. SOLD A very cute little spot on the roadside for only 1000L$! 1024m, 351 prims Check it out: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sweet Morass/229/88/73
  12. Hi, my name is Takemasa! I'm an avid lover of lolita fashion, kawaii fashion, Japanese music, and all things cute. I love taking photographs and editing them with painted on details, it's my favorite activity now in SL. In RL, I'm a lolita (fashion-wise, not the book) and big fan of jyojifuku (I can talk about this all day long - no one knows what it is outside of Japan!) I work as a photography studio's assistant. My schedule tends to be pretty erratic and unpredictable, but I'm still available everyday for several hours on SL. (EST) I'm a pretty shy person because I have social anxiety.
  13. Hello! My name is Takemasa. I took a long break from SL recently and have returned and have really gotten into editing photos. I am interested in building my portfolio, as all I've been taking so far is pictures of myself and my partner. This means I am open for entirely free portraits, with all the details up to you! (Tips are greatly appreciated!) I use Paint Tool Sai for painted on details (hair, shading, etc) with a tablet and photoshop to edit colors and add backgrounds. I am very proficient with Sai as I have been an artist almost all of my life, using the program for almost 9
  14. こんにちは~ よろしくお願いします 友達になってください^^ アメリカ人ですけど、6年間日本語ごを勉強しています よろしかったら、second lifeで私を友達追加してください。^^
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