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  1. Full sim with 20 thousand prims. All admin rights, terraform, debug panel, scripts, etc .. ban lins, group control, streaming. I will also add other admins for you per your request. Any rating. Commercial or residential. Subletting is allowed. My last tennant was here on Sanctuarium for 8 years. Sadly she passed away a few days ago from cancer. She had created a beautiful Community. She will be missed and is loved by all who knew her. I'm sharing this info with you to let you know that this is the only island I rent out. I'm not doing it for profit. I only charge what Linden
  2. 2 weeks free… 65536 sqm, 20,000 prims, 68K Lindens monthly (or can pay 15,814 Lindens weekly if that works better for you), next tier not due until February 22. Commercial/Residential, you can also sublet, admin rights, (I can also make multiple admins for your region per your request) terraform, environment, water, sky, music/media settings, change maturity rating, ban lists, debug, sim restarts, etc, can bake terrain for easy terraform reverts. This island is empty ready for you to create your world on, but if you want, I can upload a terrain file or houses, buildings, etc. Contact Vryl
  3. Sim Island - Land for Rent - 65536 sqm, 20,000 prims, 68K Lindens monthly. Commercial/residential, admin rights, terraform. Contact Vryl Valkyrie or pay to move in. Thanks http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sanctuarium/117/109/27
  4. For rent to the right person, half of my homestead. I am using the sky for my business so you can take the ground level.. with water, terraform rights, etc. 2500 prims, plus 14K Lindens monthly. Please contact me (Vryl Valkyrie) for more info. Thank you
  5. Full region island with 20 thousand prims, 68K Lindens monthly. All admin rights. Any maturity rating. Commercial or residential. Full admin rights, terraform, ban lists, environment control, etc. Can also be rented as 1/2 region with 10 prims for 34K Lindens monthly, or 1/4 region with 5000 prims for 12K Lindens monthly.. Or could rent full sim and then sub rent to others to build your own Community. Please contact Vryl Valkyrie inworld for an appointment to visit or for more info. Thank you. Happy Holidays
  6. Thanks. Apparently I had public access turned off. So sorry!
  7. deleting this to create a new post
  8. To be honest I do miss having Lindens inworld but it's the other possibility of corruption that I hate... and I'm not accusing Lindens of being corrupt but I feel that if we are not careful going back to the old ways can lead to corruption, intentional or not. If they can have an inworld presence without joining resident groups or vise versa, fan groups, etc adding favs to their picks, then possibly it can be a positive. I still think it should be limited on a control basis, not random "wow there is a linden" where they become this kind of iconic subculture popstar, if that makes sense.
  9. Thanks Laskya for your post but personally I see giving Lindens an inworld presence again is a step backwards. I don't see anything empowering with that other than for the people who will become their fans and worshippers by joining their groups, etc or striving to have their store in their picks. There will be too much room for abuse of power and all about who you know as in the good ole boy network is alive and well. Personally I feel that the SL experience is more immersive without inworld Linden presence or at least with limited presence except for special occasions like SL birthday or
  10. Thanks I can read and it's nice to see you can read too. As I said was merely sharing the article, plus I think it is relevant.
  11. This is not anything we didn't already know but thought I would share anyway. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/28/technology/british-spies-said-to-have-intercepted-yahoo-webcam-images.html?hpw&rref=technology
  12. Just for fun, thought I would throw this out there for metaphoric fun. Could Snow Crash been a kind of vision/prophecy to the real snow crash of cyber leaks by Snowden which would eventually lead to the beginning of the so called Matrix haha? Just joking of course because that is really not what the book is about but I couldn't resist. :)
  13. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sanctuarium/86/209/23 Commercial/residential .. great neighbors, waterfront, adult community, 1/4 sim, 3750 prims, estate rights, terraform, only 20K Lindens monthly .. pay land to move in or contact Vryl Valkyrie for more info. Thank you.
  14. Thanks, gave you a kudo for your advice. However I know about the billing number and have contacted support but still have not received a response yet. I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else.
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