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  1. If creators would use the same skeletons anchor points as they are there for the heads, the issue wouldn't be so obvious. But if I buy a hairset that clearly mentions for X head, than I expect that it fits for that head and hasn't a space of a finger wide between the head and the hair itself. Nor is it normal that even, when provided, none of the S/M/L sizes fits the head and are clipping it. Even hiding the scalp or using and alpha doesn't help in some cases. Fashion, my dear, doesn't dictate what people want, fashion is dictated in what people want.
  2. Been hunting for a hair do that you like and discover then that it doesn't fit, no matter what you try. Or having 3 different sizes and none fit, either clipping with your head or are floating to a point that it becomes ugly and not wearable. Or better, having a ton of bangs & strands that you have to resize, but when you have reached the minimum or maximum those add ons are still floating or at least not in position. Or you paid already quiet an amount for a hair set and have to pay extra for a style hud to realize that the hair doesn't fit whether it's rigged mesh or not. What's wrong lately that nearly none of hair really fits, while we all know that heads, whether mesh or bento mesh are bound to the limits of LL and SL. Oh, don't drop me the usual bomb of adapt the shape of the head, play a bit around with the sliders till the hair fits. A. Not everybody has a shape he/she likes that is modifiable. B. As a shape "creator", I know damn well that the minute adaption of head sliders has an effect on the overall look of the avatar. It's about time to get your acts back together and start providing hair sets that fit all sizes and shapes.
  3. Evidence isn't available on the net, but classified in archives to protect the victims. Not everything is been posted on the net, but it is available for those that matter.
  4. First of all, addressing your opposition with an insult such as libtard, from the start. If you walk into my office and addressed me with an insult from start, do you really think that you would obtain anything, reach your goals/objectives, no matter how justified they are. Nah, don't think so. And has nothing to do with any of your political believes, religion, race or whatsoever. It means that you can't act like an adult or an human. Trump started his political career with lies, insults, conspiracy theories. One that can't handle the truth, reality, has no base or ground to debate. Always was, always is, and it will always be so. Now, in my social midst, Trump is a name to be avoided, not only since the last 5 years, but way before that. We know that he is listed as a potential sexual predator and pedophile since end of the 90's, early 2000's and is registered as such by our government and several instances. Still wonders why anyone in the US was still willing to vote for him after the release of the Access Hollywood tapes. There, he just showed the world how he really is. Yes, people do deserve a second chance, sadly I don't think that sexual predators and pedophiles should be on that list.
  5. Can anyone explain to us why the search engine of the in game browser is so messed up. Whatever you type into the search bar, the return you get is mostly groups and not places. Does anyone of Linden Lab realized that this might be a costly mistake for landowners, store owners, sim owners of whatever product they promote. Did you forget that these people invest quiet an amount into Second Life and now seeing that their investments have dropping return?
  6. Meanwhile, after 23 pages of a well or not game, we managed to forget an important thing. Linden Labs is a private owned company with an international reach. Now, as an European citizen, I can tell you that the EU is taking slightly an harsh stance against foreign companies which have a marketshare in the EU. One of our laws, our rules, our regulations or be gone. Don't start a moan about it, this mentality is already in place since the start of the EU. In the European law, hate speech, racism, discrimination, xenophobia an so on are punishable criminal acts. Reports of such acts towards any social media, which Linden Labs is, must be removed within 48 hours. And make no mistake, the EU is verifying the actions taken by the social media company, each 6 months, reports it and based on these reports, penalties (fines) are been given. So, when you think you have your Freedom Of Speech, that Freedom Of Speech is being filled in differently in other countries and might lead to financial troubles for the company of which you are using it as a platform for your ideas. Just keep that in mind.
  7. Crash report has been sent to those who concern it the most: Linden Labs.
  8. Ah, please, stop doing what developers are specialized in lately: Blaming the user instead of themselves. Such an easy excuse.
  9. The last month and an half, I got kicked out or crashed out of Second Life the moment I land after a teleport with a nasty result that all huds or items that require a hud for emotions, dances, bodies, hair and what not are broken with no option to restore them or repair them leaving them with only option of redeliver the items that have been touched with this bug or whatever that is. It wouldn't be such an issue, but as creater of body shapes that means that I have stored at least 370 outfits that now have to be updated from huds and/or items that have been broken. Thx in advance Linden Labs. It's about time to fix it, or at least come with a solution to prevent this bug.
  10. My unsalted opinion: The money that went to create and develop a dead horse from start, called Sansar (aka Blue Mars with another name stamped on it) should have been invested in SL self to improve the performance, to modernize the backbone of the concept (Who does still use pure OpenGL while Vulkan is available). So many money wasted for a gimmick while there is still so much to accomplish in Second Life.
  11. Who is LL to decide which groups to lose anyway ? Most of my groups are from clubs or places where I dj and need those to have access to their stream, tipjars and shoutcast boards. Oh, what about those groups on free accounts where the person question has paid for to join it ?
  12. All fine and well, but when these gacha's are starting to overwhelm my Facebook page, coz I am linked to several groups to send out my dj scheduling in Second Life, I am starting to have an issue with it. - I do suggest you start to study the California Gambling Law (where you are located as company), especially the section of Illegal Gambling Devices. When you put both together, allowing gacha's in SL is a criminal offense. - Secondary, as several European countries have started their hunt down on lootboxes, treasure crates, lockboxes and everything remotely smelling to named items in world or in game, with fines to 500K US Dollars or 5 years prison time (double when minors (less then 21 years in some countries) are involved), to prevent the player from falling into a gambling addiction and of which EA, Blizzard, UbiSoft, BioWare and several others have adapted their "business" model. You're free to do what you want, but it wouldn't be wise to drag your customers in the gray side of the law.
  13. Oh, why aren't datacenters and service providers not protected against DDoS attacks. There is always something like a DMZ option available to prevent this crap.
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