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  1. I've been in SL for... what, 8.5 years now? So... what keeps me coming back, again and again? I started out of curiosity - what is this Second Life thing I kept hearing about? My first year or so was terrible, from a technical standpoint - DSL internet, crappy modem and an antiquated computer made my newbie days sheer hell - I shudder when I think about it! And yet, somehow, I persevered. I kept coming back. I made some friends. I immersed myself in building and SL photography. I discovered travel on roads, waterways and in the air. Then, quite by accident, I ended up renting a parcel close to Blake Sea (a friend got the parcel first, then quickly abandoned it for another (and another, and another, but that's a different story), and I took over the rent), then a couple years later I rented another parcel south of the first in the same sim (because I got tired of seeing one ugly house after another go up as the tenants turned over) and terraformed it into a nature preserve (still in the making 5 years later), and before I knew it, I put down deep roots in this virtual world. I can't imagine abandoning it now. Like some of the posters here, I'm pretty introverted and spend most of my SL time by myself. But I cherish the few good SL friends I made over the years. So, I'm sticking with SL for as long as it will last - I hope for a good while.
  2. This is what the camera window looks like now (after several minutes of trying to upload):
  3. That is definitely worth a try (even though I dislike SL viewer). Will download it for experiment's sake and report on the findings
  4. So recently I got a new computer (iMac Retina 4K 21.5") because the graphics card on my old iMac died. I am a photographer, so for me images are very important.The new computer has a 4G VRAM graphic card and SL works miles better than my old one ever did... except for one thing. When I take a picture inworld and try to post it to my profile feed (which I was able to do before with my old iMac), the process "gets stuck" for several minutes and finally I get the message at the bottom of the camera window "Failed to post to your profile" or something like that. I doubt it's the computer's fault, so it maybe something in the viewer (Firestorm 6.3.2) settings I need to fiddle with. But what? I'd appreciate some help here.
  5. Last night connected successfully using Kirsten's viewer, thought the problem was over. Tried connecting today - same thing, net connection went dead. Definitely a prob. on my Mac... What do I do?? I'm desperate (( No problem using other net apps after resetting the modem, only SL. What the...???
  6. The Console says something about "SLPlugin" not being there. How do I get it?
  7. - Why don't you use Phoenix? That solves most problems. I'm going to try it (or Kirstens) next, just wanted to check if it is my computer's problem (in which case it won't make a difference which viewer I use...) Could it be because Viewer 2 app sits in a subfolder within the Applications folder, and not in the App. folder itself? But this shouldn't affect modem settings? (Grabbing at straws here...)
  8. Just in case, here is the Console error readout, I think relating to Viewer performance, if it will give anybody any clue... 6/27/11 10:30:46 PMSLPlugin[1320]Cannot find executable for CFBundle 0x1a41f060 </Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Disabled Plug-Ins> (not loaded) 6/27/11 10:30:46 PM[0x0-0xe40e4].com.secondlife.indra.viewer[1316]2011-06-27 22:30:46.704 SLPlugin[1320:903] Cannot find executable for CFBundle 0x1a41f060 </Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Disabled Plug-Ins> (not loaded) 6/27/11 10:30:58 PM[0x0-0xe40e4].com.secondlife.indra.viewer[1316]LLEmbeddedBrowser:: addCAFile attempting to read certs from file: "/Applications/⢠DOWNLOADED/Second Life Viewer 2.app/Contents/Resources/app_settings/CA.pem"
  9. Maybe, but I'm not getting any error messages, just the modem green signals for Internet, ISP and Server turning red in the Network Diagnostics panel. And this doesn't happen with a freshly re-installed viewer software. Something in the Viewer prefs causes the net configuration to go haywire, and I can't for the life of me figure out what it is...
  10. I have a huge problem connecting to Second Life, I think I have isolated the cause to my computer (iMac Intel Core 2 Duo 27") or software on it... The problem is as follows: when I log in to SL using SL Viewer 2.7.2, the net connection immediately goes dead, disabling all other net-dependent applications. When I dump the viewer program and its associated files (cache folder, app. support SL folder), reset the modem to re-establish net connection, re-install Viewer from downloaded disk image and log in in this "virgin" state, the program works fine with a decent frame rate. Until I start readjusting preferences. When I get to Sound preferences like "disable streaming media" - boom! - the connection goes dead. Delete, uninstall, reconnect, reinstall... I had to do the same thing three or four times yesterday and am ready to throw in the towel. The thing is, I don't know if it's the fault of the buggy viewer or computer misconfiguration, or what?? Should I try logging in with an alternate viewer such as Phoenix? What the hell is going on? Guys, I need help here...
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