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  1. Naming and shaming is against forum rules
  2. Maybe you should then instead of posting silly ignorant comments then, no?
  3. We REALLY need a "let's all mute animats" thread 🤔
  4. Always public roads for vehicle users, Public waterways for sailing, and open airspace for fliers. Yet still moaning about people who pay for their small part of SL who want their privacy.......................
  5. Note: yay I finally unblocked you since you posted something of interest for once
  6. Well if you paid attention to the vacancies pages you'd know that a few months ago they advertised for a mobile developer to work on one. Also it came up at a tpv group meeting where Oz and Keira Linden both said it's in development, and tbehtdt concentrating on the iPhone first as there are already several Android viewers. That enough "arcane knowledge" for you, hmmm?
  7. You can get abandoned land for 1l$ a metre, save 14k approx
  8. Presumably BOTH of you use voice too......... And at the same time.........
  9. *Wonders how Jagix will come up with lyrics for this one*
  10. Just do what anyone else would do, and file a support ticket so it can be looked at.
  11. belindacarson

    SL for Android

    be careful of this, this link is NOT found on the actual lumiya website
  12. That's why theyre being messaged. Google the meaning of the first 3 letters "joi"
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