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  1. I'd be interested to know how it works too,comes up a lot in world, but I'm clueless about it.
  2. I'm actually wondering why 99% of your posts start off with words along the line of "I'm an escort". To me, it seems that you're just trying to advertise subliminally, IE getting around the forum rules.
  3. So is your right hand the dude, or your left hand?
  4. Either use live chat or file a ticket under "region offline" saying it's laggy and support wl restart it for you
  5. 4 pages for my own list.
  6. Some places use script counters to eject after a short warning to lower them, but big events don't always use them.
  7. So you're plugging a documentary that is biased? First rule of science: question everything and study evidence. There is scientific evidence that shows "climate change" has happened before and will happen again. This film belongs on the comic shelf with the Beano
  8. What I mean is, when I block someone in world I would always stick a note in the "my notes" section as to why I'd blocked. If those notes are deleted on name change it'll make it difficult to remember why someone was blocked etc.
  9. I'm curious. We only have one side of the tale but as the expression goes, two sides to every story. If the person was, as you claim, up to "bad things" involving the tos then LL would have wielded the ban hammer a long time ago. You could actually be the toxic part for all we know, I read this post and the one word that comes to mind is "jealousy" as he has her, and you don't?
  10. Is it just me or does anyone else see a disturbingly creepy motive in how this is worded?
  11. Seems to delete anything you had in the "my note" section of someone's profile
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