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  1. The price increase for premium membership is $2.49 which, considering there has been no price increase in over 10 years comes out at an increase only slightly above the rate of inflation. Yes any increase is unwelcome but in all honesty to have no increase in so long is good going. An increase in the number of groups? Not really interested as I have only 30 group memberships. An increase in offline IM's - again not really that interested as I disable many groups from notices (spam event groups mostly). The basic users will be up in arms over this of course as they are seeing the
  2. No - offering any form of compensation is not a good idea nor is it needed. In the benefits for Premium Membership it simply states that you can have your own private Linden Home - it makes no reference to the type of said home. As the older styles are still available whilst the new ones are sold out then no remedial action is necessary to compensate as no loss has been experienced. People may WANT a new linden home but the bottom line is they are entitled to just a linden home (meaning the older styles when no others are available). This jumping up for compensation for a perceived l
  3. They already tried that with Horizons - it did not go so well.
  4. I get that you are disappointed for which I sympathise but then you go and lose all that sympathy by hurling out groundless and false accusations of bias on who got the homes. Don't forget - you CHOSE to stay up all night. Nobody forced you to.
  5. My hunch is nothing much will happen until the start of normal office hours for the folks in San Francisco at the earliest given that most people who want these homes will probably be in the US they would want to open up at a time they are awake. Just a guess though.
  6. If you are not experiencing any lag potentially caused by the scripts being in the items then nobody else will either as scripts are run server side not client side (everyone on the sim would be lagging). However, as other have stated it is a rule of thumb to always remove all unnecessary scripts from items (once ensuring you have a backup of course). Now if only all designer who use texture huds on no modify items would also include a feature to remove the texture script once we have set it.
  7. There was a post made on your account dashboard on Monday, April 15th, 2019, 7:28:00 PM (UTC) titled - Fresh New Linden Homes are Here with New Themes and Larger Options That linked to the page No need to monitor the forums etc. just take a look at the dashboard as you go to log on to SL and catch up on what's new - that is what it is there for after all.
  8. Well Well with such an apparent bad attitude and inability to provide constructive criticism I am not surprised you have "former" in your job titles. It matter not one jot how much money you decide to spend on L$ purchases - that does not entitle you to any different treatment. You have not lost anything - just take one of the old (and small parcel size) homes back in the meantime and wait for the release like the vast majority are.
  9. Very lucky of you I hope more become available en masse soon as I know several people wanting to get a houseboat.
  10. Good luck and hope to be able to welcome you to the new continent soon.
  11. Randy is 18 - he's been 18 for far too long. The person behind Randy may be a bit older.
  12. The inability to post directly to Flickr is frustrating but thankfully not the end of the world as they have alternative upload methods - they just omit the extra bits like location details & tags which you have to manually set. I expect that once they complete the migration (which I had to undergo twice as it somehow immigrated my logon back to my yahoo one) this will all get resolved.
  13. I tested this and there does indeed appear to be a delay before the warning message is sent (in chat) to the intruder. Not sure exactly how long the delay is though. Also - I tested it on land elsewhere and it works fine so this is not just restricted to being used in your Linden Home.
  14. A good and sensible addition that some may need - for now I am happy to have my home open to all until such time as I get fed up with their muddy footprints.
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