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  2. Okay :). Maybe it is. Let's not pick sides, let's not decide whether something is empty or not, we're all Mainlanders right? Just became a Mooseheader hehe, this parcel is so cute!
  3. It may work if they enforce the covenant. That's what went wrong at Nautilus City. It started off as a lovely themed area but most of the inhabitants couldn't care less about the theme and LL didn't attempt to enocourage or enforce it. So it ended up as a slum. Yes, there are actually even uglier places on mainland but not many and the fact that you can still see remains of the beauty that once was there makes it so much sadder than seeing the Mainland wastelands that enver were any good anyway. Even if Bellisseria manages to keep its consistency and don't go out of fashion, it's still not for everybody. It's high lag, rememeber. Emtpy it's about the same as the old Meadowbrook sims, which is bad enough, but whereas the Meadowbrook houses tend to be sparsely furnished, the Belliseria ones tend to be loaded to capccity with the most render heavy furniture and garden items you can buy on MP. I'm sure Bellisseria is great for those who have high end game computers and for those who can tolerate 32 m draw distance and/or single digit fps. BUt that isn't everybody in SL and the rest have to find some other palce to go.
  4. I have a male and female version I made for myself. I have given away a few before but if you want a copy, just IM me in world. This is just the board. You will need your own pose stand. Of course mine, being free, is supported as such 😛
  5. Not inworld right now but I did see what I think was 3 separate trads go past super super quickly!
  6. Traditional in Kirbee backing onto the main canal is going back now : https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kirbee/20/184/0
  7. This looks like my idea of perfection, sorry I missed the chance to try for it 😭
  8. *Waves shyly* Hi, I just moved to Moosehead! (Pardon the HUDs lol, didn't realize they made it into the shot until now)
  9. I was going to be totally nude but I just don't have the guts.
  10. I've been trying out some of my old clothes over the past few days and found that all the system skirts are a little on the large side for my av (plus no modify). The dress is from Nomine and the system skin is from Lara Hurley
  11. I am looking for a script which can rotate a child prim. physical and non physical. The child prim must keep its angle. e.q. 1 root prim 1 child prim rotated some angle then I want to rotate the child prim 360 degees on its same position keeping its starting angle up or down. Like Earth Z axe doesnt change when it rotates the sun. Headache of those 4d rotations...pfft
  12. thats not the message i read at the Sansar thread .. 7000 unique visitors at one experience and 1000 in one day and earnings of 10K .. and thats just one creator there. Must say... i been in Sansar past week for 5 minutes, since over a year... it will take about the same time to have a look again, nothing there attrackts me.
  13. I am not/wasn't necessarily just talking about solely clothing even if those are points I highlighted in my initial post. There are many occasions where the use of normal maps (or multiple maps) on a body would be a necessity and help with realism (without the performance hit of having them all mesh). Perhaps not on a human avatar but, furry's, robots and really any non human avatar has come to rely on multiple normals. For instance, a shark furry may want: a normal map for a pore skin effect, with another normal to simulate water run off etc. and then make a tattoo, band or whatever to also look slightly raised off the skin. A robot may want : to change the color of their tattoo layer (which from what I assume is impossible to do without a modifiable tattoo system layer like it was pre mesh with system bodies) make said tattoo glowy and set said glowy tattoo as a scripted flashing light effect over the entire body or in part, that is slightly indented or raised from the skin all without a mesh addon A hybrid dragon may want: Partial skin pore effect partial scale effect raised above the skin with the above being created from 2 different creators All these aren't possible with the current BoM system, hence why I stated it is a step backwards. Sure you cant account for everything, however due diligence should at least require some form of investigation as to how onion mesh bodies are utilised and start from there as a base to either match or improve upon. 90% of non human bodies now days have multiple layers and normal maps to account for all this. This is why I stated I can't see an influx of people ditching old bodies for new. Human avatars maybe, but the other non human avatars probably wont. So once again LL's claim of avoiding onion bodies has to date and probably will remain hot air. Lastly on this point, in modern games you have the luxury of one body and being able to conform all items to that body by replacing say a skin torso mesh entirely with an armor piece. Second life is vastly different due to its modifiability and user generated content and therefore such simplistic things can't be relied upon otherwise people WILL make a workaround that in past SL experiences is genereally never for the best - i.e. onion bodies. Perhaps back then it was extremely simple, however that is not the case anymore and with mods can be argued it is similar to SL in the way you mentioned with at times even better sky, water and weather graphics. More and more textures are either realistic and well above the old 16bit default version, shader mods are now generally a must have, realistic weather and scenes, foliage, movement are generally preferable. Even going as far as rounding off the square edges to make the game look like a real hill. That is to say, what you said about SL is the same in Minecraft. I can take a RL photo of something and put it on a cube. Minecraft wasn't successful due to its graphics, how it looked or how those graphics "works" with the gameplay. It was successful due to its gameplay alone as one of if not the first [infinitely generated] sandbox worlds. Any talk of graphics or its cubed nature being a part of its massive success is laughable.
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  15. There are a lot of free stores inworld and on the marketplace... On MP, just choose your category and set the price to 0L$... If you need to borrow some Lindens for a start, I don't mind at all... Feel free to contact me, But I WARN you.. This character doesn't talk to people too much inworld as well as it's so boring... LOL
  16. Thank you! I will contact one of the Harbor Masters!
  17. Please visit this website. One of the contacts is no longer active (for now) on Second Life and that's Uccello. About once every 6 months everybody will get evicted and people can re-apply for a place.
  18. Question- how does one get a boat slip at the Marina at New Port? I understand you have to be a resident, but then what is the next step after, who do I contact etc?
  19. Everything is meant to be changed every now and then... Maybe some things have changed since I came to SL, And so since the beginning. That's how the things go... Maybe the change for the best, who knows!!! There are other open world simulators, and have a lot of people there, maybe more than SL residents right now,,, But it depends on what appeals to one's satisfaction... Last but not least, Everything has pros and cons.. And nothing is perfect at all...
  20. The SL Death Watch is a game longer than I have patience for, but the Sansar Death Watch -- I'm still playing that one. Sansar from birth suffered from "failure to thrive," has been comatose for a long time now, and... well, let's not get too graphic with that analogy. Somebody will pull that plug eventually, if not this CEO then the next one. I do worry about the steady aging of the SL population, both in terms of account age (there sure are a lot of us old timey two-namers still haunting the grid) and RL maturity. SL needs more new blood. When it finally dies it won't be slaughtered by obsolescence so much as starved by the software's n00b-hostility.
  21. I don't think SL is in any immediate danger. I've been going to this year's Burn2 and I'm amazed by the creativity expressed in some of the builds. Virtual clubs and festivals are one of the things SL does best. One thing I do find though is that it's more difficult to find new places to go when your regular haunts close down, which happens all to frequently. A useful idea for making clubs less laggy would be for LL to give landowners the ability to limit the complexity of avatars in the same way as individuals can with their viewer. Then an over complex visitor would find themselves rendered as a jelly doll on arrival and perhaps get a polite message suggesting they reduce their complexity.
  22. I have been a dragon, a dinkie, a tiny, a petite, a human (alive and undead), a pair of boots and more I cannot remember. All of these have been female. Only a little bit curious from time to time about being male but if that took my fancy, I would explore it on an alt rather than mix them on one account.
  23. My thoughts? SL is what you make of it and to me, it's not dying at all and the forum is going to die instead with this constant barrage of pessimistic threads like these.
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