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  2. Actually there is a lot of land available, some as good or even better that's abandoned which means you can put in a ticket and get it at 1L/m. This includes land on protected water, roads, and rail. You might have to search it out, but it does exist and is almost always next to parcels that people are trying to sell for many times that. I have some land I got that way and thus haven't bothered with the new Linden Homes. As for a hard date, you aren't going to get one. You could keep an eye on the currently sims at the edge of the already occupied ones and get a reasonable idea of how things are going and if you try enough you can get one even now as people are giving them up occasionally. In case you didn't know, the Moles aren't paid to do what they do. They are volunteers making cool stuff for us all over the grid, not just on Bellisseria. I assume you've read the rules on banlines and orbs because you seem the type to move into a crowded neigborhood and then complain about how many others there are around and in Bellisseria, you won't be able to put up invisiwalls to keep people away. There is this little thing called SL16B coming up as well which is sort of a bigger deal to many than your issue.
  3. I have an idea for Linden Lab. You can create a viewer function for redirection so that when you click on a cell on your avatar, this cell redirects to its owner. Changing the sandbox does not solve the problem. Suppose I change the sandbox. And after some time a new or that griefer will appear. And there is no desire to pay for a VIP sandbox. I have a griefer hud (i use it's against griefers only). I bought it on purpose to fight back the trolls. Sure, it's can redirect their cages but there is no function to help other people with this problem. So i can't help with protection. I don't like to use this hud for fight back again and again. Moreover, many users will not buy such a thing for their own protection. Like other users, I want to go about my business so that the griefers cannot influence my avatar (i work with textures/3D items). Therefore, I believe that this function can help many to cope with this problem, saving money on the purchase of hud against griefers.
  4. Wow! I love coming from a huge family. 2019 we have 1400 of us .. those numbers keep climbing 🤱..
  5. need to factor in to this: who bears the children, who stays home and looks after them, and who gets to go to work full time and who works part time so that the children can be looked after out of school, and who doesn't
  6. As I've mentioned before, i did use the applier in BOTH object and edit mode and it just wasn't working for some reason, but I haven't tried this method yet so I'll give it a whirl
  7. That could be my Family Reunion! Mom was one of 14 and our largest reunion ever (1985) drew more than 400 people. Death and dispersion whittled us down to 125 in 2015.
  8. My family 😂😂😂 but seriously it is lol
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  10. When you get your Linden traditional house or houseboat, you don't get a choice, what you get is random. It's picked for you. People here are just posting what plot they really wish they could have if they could pick for themselves. Just a fantasy thread really.
  11. I usually post Blues or Ragtime tunes with two word titles, so you can ignore "Blues" or "Rag". Not this time. I like this cover of Son House's "Preachin' Blues" too much to let it go... And here's House's original...
  12. TELEPORT LANDMARK http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mountain Lion/75/128/2002VIEW US ON SL DESTINATION GUIDE http://secondlife.com/destination/mountain-lion-night-club-amusement-park CHECK OUT OUR FACEBOOK GROUP https://www.facebook.com/groups/1894546247450880/ ● LIVE SINGER ~ PRINCESS CORI ~ WEDNESDAY NOON - 1 PM ● LIVE SINGER ~ WAYNE RHODELL ~ WEDNESDAY 1 - 2 PM ● LIVE SINGER ~ NATHAN BURLEY ~ WEDNESDAY 4 - 6 PM  ● LIVE SINGER ~ GMIL ~ WEDNESDAY 6 - 7 PM ● LIVE SINGER ~ UNBESO GRANDE ~ WEDNESDAY 7 - 8 PM  Mountain Lion Club & Amusement Park is quite simply breathtaking. Featuring an Amusement Park, Club and Shopping Mall on a full family-friendly moderate sim. A different breath taking view of Mountains and beautiful park grounds no matter which direction you look. Mountain Lion Club & Amusement Park features a large Ferris Wheel, Go Karts, several Roller Coasters, Bowling, the Vortex and many more rides! Check out the walk thru Aquarium, Kid Zone rides and playground! Wander the park while enjoying the rocking tunes of our DJs featuring themed sets from the 60s thru to the present hits of 2019. Live DJs & HOSTs from 10am - 8pm Monday thru Saturday! Shop at our Shopping Mall, while you listen to the tunes. Come see the variety of shops in our Mall and Market Carts. Rent a Shop or Cart to sell your items. We also have various sized SkyDomes for rent with fully furnished homes or bring/build your own home, with full security. Wedding Venues, too! Need a Job?...We are hiring DJs & Hosts.  Bring your family, friends, neighbors and yourself for a fun loving time here at Mountain Lion Club & Amusement Park. We are Family oriented, people caring, fun loving & love to have a good time!! Music is always great & so many attractions to see and ride! Grab your family for an outing. You'll be glad that you did! SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: Live DJs & HOSTs from 10 am - 8 pm Monday thru Saturday! ● MELLOW MONDAY MUSIC ~ NOON - 2 PM DJ SUNSET ● DECADES ~ MONDAY 4 - 7 PM DJ VIXEN ● LIVE SINGER ~ BOLT DOMINICA ~ MONDAY 7 - 8 PM  ● LIVE SINGER ~ JUPPAR ~ MONDAY 8 - 9 PM  ● LIVE SINGER ~ WYTCHWHISPER ~ MONDAY 9 - 10 PM  JULY 1st ● DOUBLE SHOT TUESDAY NOON - 4 PM DJ SUNSET ● LIVE SINGER ~ DUDE ~ TUESDAY 6 - 7 PM JUNE 25th ● LIVE SINGER ~ PRINCESS CORI ~ WEDNESDAY NOON - 1 PM ● LIVE SINGER ~ WAYNE RHODELL ~ WEDNESDAY 1 - 2 PM ● LIVE SINGER ~ NATHAN BURLEY ~ WEDNESDAY 4 - 6 PM  ● LIVE SINGER ~ GMIL ~ WEDNESDAY 6 - 7 PM ● LIVE SINGER ~ UNBESO GRANDE ~ WEDNESDAY 7 - 8 PM  ● LIVE SINGER ~ VARDA ~ THURSDAY 10 - 11 AM ● CRAZY TRAIN ~ THURSDAY 11 AM - NOON DJ ERIN ● TOTALLY 80'S REWIND ~ THURSDAY NOON - 4 PM DJ SUNSET ● LIVE SINGER ~ BOODOZER ~ THURSDAY 4 - 5 PM  ● LIVE SINGER ~ MELLY FAITH ~ THURSDAY 5 - 6 PM ● TEAM SOLO ~ THURSDAY 6 - 8 PM DJ KIRT ● LIVE SINGER ~ UNBESO GRANDE ~ THURSDAY 8 - 10 PM ● LIVE SINGER ~ ASTRO ~ THURSDAY 10 - 11 PM  ● 500L RAFFLE COME AS YOU ARE ~ SATURDAY NOON - 2 PM DJ SUNSET ● LIVE SINGER ~ JUPPAR ~ SATURDAY 6 - 7 PM  ● LIVE SINGER ~ TRINITY ~ SATURDAY 7 - 8 PM  Message Inworld for more information: Host Manager: Lena (vilenakalilegionne) DJ Manager: Wishy (wishstar.ninetails) Club Manager: Wildfire (misswildfire) Club Manager: Silveriena (silverienawindren) Owner/Event Manager: Tina (tinaking) Owner/Rentals Manager: Krystal Rose (krystal333) Owner/Senior DJ Manager: Sunset (sunsetmoonites) Owner/Park Manager: Dan (dan.pevensey) COME ROAR WITH THE LIONS!     
  13. Half-Deer’s cozy string lights. If you don’t like those, I believe Tarte. also has whimsical lights similar to these.
  14. *starts new group "Bellisseria Mimes"*
  15. Oh thank god... everyone hates mimes!
  16. You can certainly add a notecard reading function without much trouble but frankly that's overkill. It would be much simpler to just read the price from the object's description field. I would write a simple bit of code for you now but I am out of town and can't script on my cell phone. It's basically a one or two line change, though, so anyone else here can write it for you.
  17. Maybe some people like looking in on their neighbors... 😋
  18. It could be just as the above person said, a problem with the sim you are on at the moment, or an inventory problem.. that may not be permanent. In any case you have not lost any lindens since outfits are just links to items in other folders in your inventory.. the original items should still be in your inventory so you can make new outfits if need be. There are wiki pages for Firestorm users that tells you what to do about missing items in your inventory but outfits are not the same thing as I said they are just links. But I would check the original folders to make sure the items are still in there.. if not there is a solution in most cases unless the whole folder has been deleted, and not just the contents.
  19. Alphabetical ordering of prims. Yes, as Beq points out, it's silly. But the uploader used to follow the order in the .DAE file, which you can make Blender sort alphabetically. Or so says this forum comment. That's why I suggested the current random behavior should be made to work the way the only available documentation says it does. Anyone have a better idea? Logically, you'd have the root prim as the parent in the Blender/Maya hierarchy, with the child prims under it. But (I think) parenting is currently interpreted as "merge all the children into one mesh".So that's out. Nothing you do Blender-side helps when the linking order gets randomized during upload. I need to construct some test cases, but some weird sizing problems seem to appear in out of order link uploads. More on that later. Removing the restriction of all LODs having exactly the same material list. Documentation claims the lower LODs only have to be a subset of the higher LOD. The error message even reads "Material of model is not a subset of reference". And when the built-in mesh reducer is used, it can create models that don't use all the materials. Find out how the "Generated" LOD system does it, and that should help to figure out how to do this.
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