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  2. Same here. Ticket sent at 3:48 AM Saturday, and it's going on 4 days now. Why does it take a "specialist" to figure out a problem that is affecting hundreds? Can the scripts only be reset on the lifesafer (I have a houseboat) by the script owner, one of the moles? That's going to keep a lot of moles busy if these things randomly fail when the region reboots.
  3. When did LSL finally click for you?
  4. linden lad want not me cash out they want to me buy lindens what should i do i wanna cash out my money
  5. OK... look carefully at the listen event and the timer event and then scroll back up to where I explained about using llListFindList. listen(integer channel, string obj, key id, string message) { list uuid = llList2ListStrided(Names, 0, -1, 2); integer index = llListFindList(Names, [message]); // Here's the position of the name you want in the Names list if (index != -1) { llSetTimerEvent(0.05); /// So you start the timer ..... } } timer() { integer index = llListFindList(uuid,[]); // Now the timer has triggered and it's looking for index again, but ... // how is it going to find it? There's nothing in the matching list to search with! It's empty []. key kTarget = llList2Key(uuid,index); // So this means key Target = llList2Key(uuid,-1) -- not what you want. vector vTargetPos = llList2Vector(llGetObjectDetails(kTarget,[OBJECT_POS]),0); vector vPos=llGetPos(); llLookAt(vPos + (vTargetPos + <0.0, 0.0, 0.0> - vPos) / llGetRootRotation(), 1.0, 0); }  You want to use the value of index that you determined in the listen event. So save it there as a global integer and don't try and find it again in the timer.
  6. WE can't do anything at all for you. You posted in QUESTIONS. What is your QUESTION?
  7. They think the Chinese have no money and can't play the game. And I have money and I recharge, but they say I'm not myself. I ask them not to call me, and they threaten me to freeze my account.
  8. When I lived in Barbados they had a weekly walk -- sometimes historical, sometime garden and they had TWO because of schedules with one in the early (way early) morning and one in the afternoon, so that might be an option === with a "leader" who I assume would be the OP LOL. I have only made it to about half the sims so far but sure there is plenty more to see. And yes, a weekly open house would work too. Less comraderie but sometimes TIMES are an issue. Agreed.
  9. If your main thing is textures for items others make, you might want to take a look at horses. There's a big market for textures and accessories for those. Whereas a boat is more likely to be bought and used as it comes out of the box.
  10. But that still doesn’t explain what his purpose is in posting. All he does is call LL a fraud for requesting a document, but what are we supposed to do about it?
  11. Went for a tour on my bike and spied this maze in the middle of a roundabout in Downing Falls in the center a small park garden with a little pond
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  13. Not how I look, but my friend Kate. New backdrops from FF 😎
  14. I'd be happy to take part, but if it's an actual walk where we all TP to the same spot and critique or admire then maybe not possible due to time zone restraints. Beyond that, with the current Teleport bug, I crash trying to TP anywhere 4 out of 5 attempts. So I cam a lot. But just opening our houses seems easy enough. Add to this; why don't you have a sign/texture you can offer to those interested and they can display it out the front of their homes so it's easily visible for anyone to see? But I really do enjoy seeing how people decorate their homes. There should be a highlight of the week thread or something! *is starting to feel like I belong on the tv show Desperate Housewives* 🤣
  15. All this code does is list my avatar first followed by the rest in the list at the same time when I select one from the list: integer index = llListFindList(uuid,[]); key kTarget = llList2Key(uuid,index); vector vTargetPos = llList2Vector(llGetObjectDetails(kTarget,[OBJECT_POS]),0); vector vPos=llGetPos(); llLookAt(vPos + (vTargetPos + <0.0, 0.0, 0.0> - vPos) / llGetRootRotation(), 1.0, 0); It does the same thing even before even before the timer starts in the listen event in this bit of code with the llOwnerSay() Test: listen(integer channel, string obj, key id, string message) { list uuid = llList2ListStrided(Names, 0, -1, 2); integer index = llListFindList(Names, [message]); if (index != -1) { llSetTimerEvent(0.05); } } I think the problem is somewhere in the listen event or it could be in the sensor event because I have the same issue throughout the entire script. It doesn't zero in on the avatar I select It just keeps going at the avatar sensed first and ignores the one I select. Do I need to rewrite the script again or is there something that I failed to study properly? Could it be something simple that I forgot to include? At this point, I'm not really sure what to do.
  16. This is random, but how about a Linden/Mole owned "Home and Garden" type store that sells copy/mod, no trans items they have used around the continent? So literally a building somewhere people can walk into and purchase items that are Linden owned. I know there's the customisation pack in the mailbox of our rentals, but I mean things like the old stone walls, or brick paths, or garden chairs, or docks, or things that weren't included for free. If people can actually purchase items that they literally see just outside their door it may help encourage and maintain the look LL and the Moles have worked so hard to achieve. As an added bonus people could actually physically visit (as opposed to cam-in) and meet neighbours that way? Expanding on that... I'd love to see a handful of generic stores the Lindens/Moles create that continue fostering this community/light RP vibe; a café? A diner? Things along that route that gets people out and mingling beyond a park bench and a nice view of nature. I want to stress I don't want actual user-owned stores. If people want to sell items they have the ability to do that elsewhere already. But I'm talking about Linden/Mole designed and owned. No player owns it. No player runs it. No player can decorate it. No player can rez there. We can just walk in, sit down, meet and mingle with others over "morning coffee" with a sense of purpose. Those that want to engage in light RP can, or just take pics, or watch the virtual world go by. Having the ability to meet people at a park for example is a little hit and miss, because some people don't want to "disturb" others, but at least in a café it feels more purposefully social? In some of the Linden Homes topics here on the forums there's already been people opening their houses for people to come and visit. And in the Belliseria group last night people asking the same thing, so there is a demand, however niche it may be. Having an actual café where people can meet would allow these people to use their homes as homes, and get those who want to just get out and mingle another avenue to do so. Maybe I'm just overthinking it. But yes, it's just a slight extension on an existing theme with the community areas that have already been created (and are fantastic btw, thank you!!). Oh... and I'd love to see a more urban area, and a trailer park for those who enjoy a more grungier life style, and some visual/structural variety away from our present (albeit lovely) cookie cutter suburbs. Maybe that's what those orange blocks in SSPE are going to be? 😊
  17. The adult content rules aren't really enforced anymore in my experience. The general sim I live on has public adult content on ground level. It had less adult content when I first moved in before the rule changes. However, assuming you would be reported and someone would do something, your friend is wrong to say that the sky is inherently public no matter what. There's no difference to a sealed box in the sky and a sealed box on the ground in terms of whether they're considered to be public spaces or not. The advantage of the sky box is that out of sight is out of mind. Most people won't know it's there, as long as you place it at a different level to your neighbours.
  18. Just buy moderate. Price is the same but you don't have to worry about people getting butthurt
  19. Assuming the OP is a viable and legal account then the problem seems to be the language thing. The Lab wants certain information in order to the OP to cash out and the OP hasn't given them what they need but thinks they have -- so no money. So yes, NO QUESTION as far as I see. There could of course be more going on -- we can't know that. PS. I had a similar issue when we had to prove identity to cash out over -- whatever ($600? I don't remember). The company doing the verification (I don't think it was the lab at that time) would NOT take a Post Office box for a mailing address. That is ALL we HAVE in my small town; no direct delivery. I couldn't get them to understand that and I definitely tried. I eventually pointed out that my driver's license had BOTH street and PO box on it and that was certainly about as "verified" as you could get. So after almost a month it got solved. Was messy though. So I do understand the frustration - but here I think it is just the language issue and not understanding EXACTLY what is needed to move forward.
  20. I'll take 5 photo threads over 20 "hey why can't I get a new Linden home?" threads.
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