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8 minutes ago, arton Rotaru said:

I also do lookup artists from time to time, to compare them in the past and today. But I always try to prepare myself to not to be shocked too much when they didn't age well. Not only their voice, but even more so the look. Kind of depressing sometimes. :/

The last I seen of Stevie Nicks, She still looked good and sounded really good.. I think she was doing something with Ophra or some kind of interview.. I think even Sheryl Crow stepped in and joined..

I have an aunt that went to an after party of Stevie nicks back when she first went solo.. She said there was so much drugs there..

She said on this one table by the couch was like a mountain of white powder.. I don't want to say too much about it on the forums, but I guess Stevie really liked that powder a lot..

The music industry is really hard on people if they let it be.. I'm just glad she didn't let it be the end of her like it has so many other great artist.

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2 minutes ago, Ceka Cianci said:

The last I seen of Stevie Nicks, She still looked good...

Yeah, I wasn't referring specifically to her with my post. Her voice just dropped a little over the years.

That song, Dreams, was actually new to me until yesterday, when I came across a "cover" version of it when Dovydas created his magic on the streets again. Then I found out that it was #21 in the US billboard charts in 2020 again. Because of a video of some random guy with a bottle of juice sang it while riding his skateboard. :SwingingFriends:


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Generally don't like live albums at all - this is one of the two exceptions, because it honestly just sounds like them live without a load of processing, and captures the crowd noise, etc.

Bunch of loons for a fanbase though - useful to bring along a large friend you can step behind from time to time. I guess they're done touring now, but if they reform and you're bored on a weekend... 😄


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1 hour ago, Scorpiiar said:

Bunch of loons for a fanbase though - useful to bring along a large friend you can step behind from time to time.

This is one of those bands on my exercise bike playlist (lol) but I'd be a bit too scared to see live...I can imagine people going nuts and somebody stage-diving on my head, or being hit by a bottle...like being in Leicester Square with the England fans on Sunday 🤣

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59 minutes ago, Rolig Loon said:

@Madelaine McMasters Thank you for the Leo Kottke selection. I bought the Armadillo album when I was in grad school in the early 70s. It's still one of my favorites. Kottke's a "local" -- at least in our corner of the country -- but I have never heard him play live. Some day ...

I've heard him live three times, I think. I don't remember the first, I might have been five. The second time, I was in college and his opening act was Michael Hedges, who was just wonderful. Leo's sound system at that performance was awful, and he knew it. The third time was just a few years ago in St. Paul. It was an intimate performance and just lovely.

Leo took a sabbatical to have surgery for his carpal tunnel problems, and returned with the release of "A Shout Towards Noon" in 1986. That is, I think, my favorite album. Critics at the time complained of his new, softer style, but I loved it. The Ice Field still transports me out of my body. I played it while sitting in the snow at AM Radio's "The Quiet", and I've played it while sitting on my beach in RL, looking out at a moonrise over Lake Michigan... while it's snowing.

Do go see him, Rolig. Between his music and his storytelling, you'll be so very glad you did.

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