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  1. September 6th, 2006. 13 years. Still been logging in since. Found that our kind are thinning out... often I get comments like: "Wow, you've been around that long?"
  2. Damn, I was excited. I thought it was gonna be like some parody of Second Life as a show. *Shrugs* Oh well... at least we had 'Man versus Second Life'. Which is still accurate to this day.
  3. There are a few groups and places, but my best bit of advice is just to get out there and go sim to sim and chat with them in-person. Groups for the most part tend to be dead or, if anything full of some shy ones. Just YOLO it and see what happens; often at times I've found that if you explore sims aimlessly you tend to discover people and things in general.
  4. Oooh look at a raid boss of a character like this in Second Life we got here. People would be happy to help ya there but if ya get like that then they'd get a sour taste in their mouth. Come on now. It's not so much as someone *****ting on the conversation; it's more like they're trying to make you laugh and while I understand where you're coming from it's in better sportsmanship to shrug it off and laugh at it and then be on your way; otherwise the pot just gets stirred accordingly. Setting yourself up to be a target you know? Over something seemingly harmless.
  5. I gotta say that the latter is way worse through my experiences. They whine over every little thing and then say something along the lines of: "Oh you're being insensitive" and whah whah, they wouldn't truly know what something insensitive really was. They just throw just words around willy-nilly. In a ironic twist, I've found that most trolls are far more mature than most residents are. They just do these things to get a reaction out of these specific people and it works and these people then wonder why: "Why am I being trolled!?" etc etc. Shouldn't it be obvious? These man-children give them ammo for it.
  6. You can also wear the box (like as a HUD), right click it and go to 'contents' tab of the building menu and drag the folder over as well into the inventory. Helps especially when you're on the go.
  7. Considering it's Second Life; a platform to be anything and do anything I'd say it's frowned upon on those that frown upon others for playing as a female. As such, I got no problem with it and eitherway; I got no problem with it period. The only issue I have with that is if someone is clearly catfishing and lies about their gender (playing with someone's emotions etc). That's not cool. Otherwise? Go for it. I play as a male (primarily), a herm and a female as a real life male myself and I give no *****s knowing the world we're playing in. If any of them have a problem over it even with you being honest then they're just cucks that aren't worth being around. Plain and simple.
  8. It's because they're anthropomorphs. Anthros by definition are more akin to a human shape than anything, as such their biology is more similar to you guys.
  9. Also, got a female and sometimes herm variation of my shark as well. Ontop of some nice planes and flying (totally not loaded with kamakazis). That one is a Ki-27, a pretty historical Japanese carrier-borne fighter made during the '30s, it was the first carrier-borne fighter in Imperial Japanese Navy service. Rather simplistic but one of my favourite designs. Taken last couple of nights ago while in the Blake-sea, relaxing area to do things in.
  10. My God... Mr. President we're at Defcon 1. NORAD has picked up multiple bogeys from all directions. "Invasion confirmed" *Nods to the other dude, arms nuclear missile silo*
  11. Just like Christmas where everyone pretends to be cheery and all of that with each other! They couldn't come visit your home on any of the other days they're off in the year.
  12. Right? I mean, it certainly is cheaper and drama-free, less of that highschool gossip ***** going around etc etc. "See him sleeping with her? Oh my god... we'll use it as ammo, grand indeed..."
  13. You know, speaking of all of this Anti-Valentine's Day stuff I love what Sega does with it when they have a certain event roll around: "Make War, Not Love".
  14. Right? Can't go anywhere these days without feeling like a criminal somewhere, welcome to Second Life where accusations are thrown everywhere regardless of action being done. "Damned if we do, damned if we don't, there's always gonna be at least one triggered person". >Simply exist, accusations fly.
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