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  1. Eh, it's a part of it as humans are pretty primitive creatures I mean. I wasn't implying that's all there is to it. I like to think it's more varied than 'Aliens will never rescue us' as I feel with the countless systems and planets out there there's bound to be multiple alien civilizations with their own motives and levels of peace and aggression. Some won't care, some will be neutral and some will consider but not necessarily act out their thoughts of an invasion force and I feel with some of the resources that Earth has some civilizations may just send out a harvesting fleet to se
  2. This was the one I saw a few years ago. The object zoomed by faster than any aircraft in existence (and it's shape was very clear and distinct, it was not a comet or anything). This I figured was the very tape the Navy confirmed to be real. Since then that video has been stuck in my head and with how the pilots reacted and everything. The very first video to my knowledge - so I thought it was particularly notable knowing things. Lots of people will assume "Oh that's just a B-2 Spirit bomber or a F-117 hahaha..." but IMO that's just them being hopeful and not wanting to accept the possibil
  3. Ofcourse aliens are real. Always have been as long as humanity has existed as a sentient species itself - otherwise humanity wouldn't exist as from a certain point of view we're aliens drifting on this rock we call Earth as any other planet. So I'm not surprised. It's just basic logic and reasoning. When I first saw footage of the F/A-18's cameras taking a shot of that object I knew something was weird about it. That being said, observatories have discovered planets with trees and other sorts of fauna and so for a ecosystem to thrive it has to have it's own sort of life
  4. Perfectly captures Bowser's fury and what he's become in the latest game.
  5. "Sherman on point." "Ready to take it to em". "Somebody's trying to penetrate our armour. Good LUCK!" "Is that MG trying to shoot at us? Shoot the bastards!" *Company of Heroes intensifies*
  6. Fond memories of watching ore trucks drive along the coast-line doing their thing while my forces fight off in the distance like chads holding the line. While sometimes hunting for said ore trucks. Ah war, what a profitable business indeed. So I like to say this is the 'ore truck, search' song. Kinda deal.
  7. Oh yeah dude I've seen about 40 avatars at one time there with their dance barges and the other people with their mega yachts and you can imagine the lag all of that makes. It kinda affects people just sailing by on the edge of the sims over. It's like these people claimed the sim as their's and use it as they see-fit and I've noticed a mob sort of mentality there and it is pretty unwelcoming to people who aren't regulars to the sim. As to that, I''ve noticed another problem in the Blake Sea, especially in Siren's Isle this can become a issue; there is a divide amongst the yacht community
  8. It's getting a little hot in here isn't it?
  9. Siren's Isle is a cesspit all it's own to be frank. The boats are one thing, the cliques and such are another thing. Lots I can say on it.
  10. So, as a furry, I've been curious about something. With alot of MCs I've encountered in-world I've met alot of hostility or is it really? Do most of them legit hate furries or is it just a tough-guy act for the sake of role-playing? Because I'd say human bikers and furry bikers would have alot of things in-common if they sat their differences aside and talked like adults. That being said, I did encounter one MC that had a positive opinion on furries and it was a wholesome experience. Otherwise it tends not to be common so I wonder at times.
  11. Superpower: Conjuring so I can create say a stealth vehicle out of thin-air and do some snazzy *****e. Music: Video-game OSTs for sure, something for everyone. The most creative music, that despite the era never gets old. People in particular? Most likely Nintendo themselves. TV Show: Eh... I don't really watch TV much anymore but Sonic Boom I guess? Love the self-aware humour in that.
  12. Gives me chills. This shows just how much of a badass Bowser actually is. Since he was a child he's had a intimidating presence. I mean, that's metal in MIDI form. That screaming of the instruments tell all.
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