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  1. I always said that Second Life is as limited as your imagination is and being in the name itself; being a parallel to real life you can do whatever you want. Something I found myself doing as of late (which is not really surprising given my fondness and fascination with SL history and it's lore as one of those side things) is riding the Tour Pods around each route and taking in the 'old days'. When I rode the Pod around my home away from home in the Vehicle sandbox/Ahern area it took me waaaaay back. Messed with my head abit but in a good way when I was listening to the Pod explain everyt
  2. One of my latest avs I made and probably my favourite female I've done; a imp of sorts (even comes as a herm or whatever, I'm quite modular with my avs). Not sure if this would follow as 'risky' but here we go. And yeah, that's a '69 to '70 Dodge Charger behind me modded to my specs. Only thing on the outside are those vents; otherwise externally it's stock. Subtle but gets the point across. Not usually a car I go for but the specific year and all I thought was badass and just to be different (tend to be a Ford or British car or Porsche you get the jist enthusiast).
  3. You're welcome, always happy to help, especially in such fields. I've got immense passion in these things and I'd love to see more British vessels in particular. Utterly fascinating!
  4. Astrel Tek has a Type VII on the way and at the moment they have a S-18 (American sub class from WWI, known as 'Sugar boats'), Type XXIII and a Type-A (Japanese 'midget' sub).
  5. My expertise is primarily military vessels but I can at the very least suggest one civilian brand and that's Berdav Marine. I got a little tugboat I use from time to time and it's a pleasure sailing; a inexpensive boat for what you get. Edit: although I just realized they don't have sail-boats. My bad. I've seen alot of Bandits around, so I guess those are good? I 'dunno. I will say however, from what I've experienced in the Blake. The bigger ships like by Endeavor and so on are laggy as hell when they sail by.
  6. So many to name here but I'll list off a few that are dear to me; my Astaro Stratum (a 1995 Honda Accord). Reminds me of my 2002 Mercury Sable LS with how I've customized it (I use it as a stand in since they don't got a Sable in SL) and I love Hondas in general. The British flag on my house. I got the St George in RL hanging on my window and the Union Jack as a cosmetic plate and some flags for the Sable. It's my heritage. Then I got all sorts of military things like guns leaning against the wall and crates (I had a airsoft M4 and Walther P99 once and well, I got various military th
  7. Sick of the masks and having to take temps before work the damn delays, sometimes the managers are off somewhere luling around making the wait longer, sometimes we just say ***** it and head in anyways and they don't even notice. I'm also sick of how everyone's all getting out at once, making our lives a living hell in the food industry. It's been busier than normal and it's been like this ever since; it's like they took the times they could get out before Covid for granted and are now capitalizing on that despite the risk of infection. It's natural selection at it's finest. I ask; why di
  8. I wouldn't mind being interviewed I got alot to say about things in SL with my 14 years (both good and bad). Same name as my forum name here.
  9. Ah, this is a easy one. My favourite things and communities are the ones where I can drive cars, sail ships, fly planes, tropical places and things like that. Military areas, shooting guns and so on. I sail warships in the Blake Sea or in the oceans of Sansara for example and it is so therapeutic while jamming my music in the background... and generally Linden owned sims with their unique landmarks and interesting lore about SL itself and open areas like sandboxes to generally ***** around in.
  10. Considered this one of my theme-songs. Gotta say it; you'll find no other badass franchise in Nintendo. Seeing that Arwing launch from the Great Fox with that guitar blaring in the background; you knew you were in for a great time and that guitar solo; the guitarist is underrated I swear. David Wise: what a genius. Another underatted gem. Assault did orchestra long before Super Mario Galaxy did and don't get me wrong; I'm not downplaying SMG by any means it's a great sound-track but Assault's speaks to me more (on a personal level). Especially
  11. I picture like a bunch of factories pumping out tanks and everything and men suiting up getting ready for a heated fight, as the army assembles itself on the firing line, waiting for the approaching hostile forces and for a second it's a stand-off until all hell breaks lose as the generals go: "Get the bastards..." and then they march forward to the enemy capital with columns of tanks and legions of infantry in a glorious come-back.
  12. Not gonna lie, I do it when the floor is clean. When I personally clean it myself and I know it's more or less 'germ' free. ... I suppose I do many, what people may consider 'weird' things like that.
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