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  1. Love Astrel Tek, Aeon Dynamics, THI to name a few for military and I love GMEC and Zamani and such for civie rides. Mainly I operate military vehicles and my yacht is something like this Cyclone class coastal patrol ship (or CPS in short) pictured. The only thing I don't like about it is how they caved into the people bitching about military vehicles in non-military sims with the gun covers and here I'm thinking: "So what? Doesn't mean we can't use them there - there's no written rule by Linden Lab themselves or whoever that we can't and besides that military vehicles travel all around the globe in non-military areas as it is. Water's water - any ship can travel where it wants". At times I get harassed over it but it is what it is. And here's another I like such as this AH-64 Apache attack helicopter. A legend in the field. Feared by most insurgents. Just the mere presence, sound or mention of one sends them running.
  2. "What is a man? But flesh and lies?" *Tosses wine glass* "Have at thee"
  3. Gives me chills. *Pats the roof of a Ford GT40* "Ferrari? Heh... yeah, it's show time. These egotistical *****s don't know who is boss around here"
  4. I've been on a zombie kick as of late - studying things like viruses more so than usual and I've been addicted to a hidden gem of a game called 'Project Zomboid'. I think this captures just how serious of a situation a zombie apocalypse is. The Trioxin virus in particular is a pretty fascinating virus and something of a miracle if you think about it disregarding the twisted nature of it.
  5. The guitars in this song are a banger. It makes Mega Man into a badass that's like a actual threat (not saying he isn't - just these vibes overall make him feel more like a badass but yeah).
  6. If the guitars were a main part of the song or at least used more it would make the song far better but it's a banger all around.
  7. I gotta be the only guy that finds cockroaches and most bugs cute out here. Ants are love, ants are life.
  8. PINGAS and a HK-47 Registeel in one day? "Perfection"
  9. People, the Official Pokemon YouTube channel has made this meme into it's own day: 'Bidoof Day' on July 1st and with it they brought back the Rick Roll. Now in it's current generation it is known as the 'Bidoof Roll'. You'll thank me later. Nintendo knew of the meme and acknowledged it. Crazy times. These are peak Bidoof hours my dudes.
  10. Eh, it's a part of it as humans are pretty primitive creatures I mean. I wasn't implying that's all there is to it. I like to think it's more varied than 'Aliens will never rescue us' as I feel with the countless systems and planets out there there's bound to be multiple alien civilizations with their own motives and levels of peace and aggression. Some won't care, some will be neutral and some will consider but not necessarily act out their thoughts of an invasion force and I feel with some of the resources that Earth has some civilizations may just send out a harvesting fleet to see what they could find then dart off. That being said, they don't necessarily need to head to Earth for it - they can just mine the asteroids around us for diamonds and what not. And seeing as how their tech could potentially be if we look at things through the perspective of say the Fermi Paradox and other such theories they could have ships in orbit right now that simply aren't detected by our scanners just yet. Life to me is very varied just like humanity is vary varied here on Earth. Not all of us wanna kill each other, but some do, while others just wanna be neutral and isolate themselves on a island and do their own thing as if the outside world didn't exist to them. I think the main point I'm making here is some of those people in the videos jumping at it with their own explanations can be closed-minded people at times and not consider the bigger picture which I think we should for betterment of mankind. I'm the kinda guy that yes, thinks some conspiracy theories have logical merit to them. While objectively yes some are insane. Meanwhile some people lump all conspiracy theories and theorists together as nutjobs (which in reality limits their thinking and potential growth as a person altogether as the old saying goes: "Don't tell me I told you so if it happens").
  11. This was the one I saw a few years ago. The object zoomed by faster than any aircraft in existence (and it's shape was very clear and distinct, it was not a comet or anything). This I figured was the very tape the Navy confirmed to be real. Since then that video has been stuck in my head and with how the pilots reacted and everything. The very first video to my knowledge - so I thought it was particularly notable knowing things. Lots of people will assume "Oh that's just a B-2 Spirit bomber or a F-117 hahaha..." but IMO that's just them being hopeful and not wanting to accept the possibility despite the logic behind it. Some people don't understand what they see and so are fearful about it so they'll try and come to any possible conclusion that it's not there as some defense mechanism half of the time to sooth themselves. So that in mind when I was studying the object, it kinda looked like a manta ray or something and I thought "That is so weird..." ... And honestly? I've had a personal sighting myself; about 3 years ago I was on the porch at about 11 PM and there was this low-flying aircraft that didn't make a sound at all. Thing was big.
  12. Ofcourse aliens are real. Always have been as long as humanity has existed as a sentient species itself - otherwise humanity wouldn't exist as from a certain point of view we're aliens drifting on this rock we call Earth as any other planet. So I'm not surprised. It's just basic logic and reasoning. When I first saw footage of the F/A-18's cameras taking a shot of that object I knew something was weird about it. That being said, observatories have discovered planets with trees and other sorts of fauna and so for a ecosystem to thrive it has to have it's own sort of life-forms to maintain it and with that, being that fauna is a living being itself those trees are alien in nature by default and seeing as Earth exists, ofcourse that exists. The Fermi Paradox all of it. I'd wager a guess that it's rare to find aliens, as it's rare to find sentient beings in general. Humanity is one of those rare examples and I feel animals would be much more common to find knowing how everything has worked for millions of of years. It JUST recently took the universe to get to this point that humans are a thing. So whose to say what the future holds?
  13. Perfectly captures Bowser's fury and what he's become in the latest game.
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