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  1. ss galaxy park beside bellisseria, located at baxby gulf, gonna share a few more screenshots as one post can't content more than 4.8 mb lol
  2. thanks for the sharing of the ss galaxy guys, gonna share them on 'having fun in belli'
  3. please contact live support https://lindenlab.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/31000131009-contact-support
  4. for normal second life viewer this is what i do 1. ctrl+alt+shift+p and see your own parcel size first 2. right click build and left click, select stretch, drag and align with your parcel size 3. click object tab, go to position Z and put 2000 4. ctrl+m to open map and location height [xx] [xx] [2050] and teleport you should be standing on the object, unless you are below your object and see yourself falling, lol
  5. from what i see so far, theres never been a practice that they post belli event in forums, sorry that u miss out the party
  6. u missed dj party of sassy, far, doc, rebel and hedy live sing, i didnt managed to stay whole night so i might missed a few its has been announce in a few times in belli groups, u didnt get any notification?
  7. formal party new year eve at campwich lodge, 9am to 4pm slt
  8. availability hopefully next year onwards have more new home available so people can stop playing the game of home
  9. done a 45 seconds film on victorian theme, without proper fine tune so its choppy and crappy lol
  10. i think the discussion is better in forums than in world, forums u can take your time to make your statements constructive while in world u may another distractions going on, unless a planned discussion in world, forums will be much easier
  11. i'm still in my original house in bellisseria the day i moved in, i got it during the new release without using auto refresh, also a nice location to boot when i saw the victorian house in linden review i thought that was for premium plus, i happily told my friend i would abandon and upgrade but after knowing it's still 1024m2 , i decided to stay put because from the way i see it, it's like changing house rather than upgrading it the victorian theme is really tempting, but i got my premium membership extended [due to discount] than going for victorian house lol, since this is a big release, those who still without a house now this is a perfect chance for them to get one before it's too late
  12. @kmtezuka, i haven't across any asian skins, best is you join the akeruka group and ask if they can recommend any
  13. theres asian male head at akeruka for body muscle mess, base on the photo, legacy does fits ur category, if u want bigger muscle, signature
  14. the theme is very beautiful and tempting, sadly i cant just abandon a trad that took me two weeks to get those who are premium and havent got their houses in bellisseria yet, nows their chance since this is a big release
  15. since someone already uploaded a few, just to share a view
  16. sorry for wrong post, please ignore my comments, thanks
  17. roller skate from west to east of southern part development site took me about 12min this is a slow pace which i find the duration is pretty long, lol
  18. yeah, u also fly like i did lol, can't imagine if theres little kids though, region crossing already lost my concentration halfway, by the time i saw it will be already too late to brake, the new area is fun to explore, while the lag is still at its minimum
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