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  1. this is what happens when you join @Bela Tolsen for an adventure
  2. travel will takes hour and waste time, i was on a platform without teleport functionality, it was a disaster, i spent most of my time travel via horse carriage removing teleportion will result in most people stop travelling or logging in private region somehow have to connect to each other, someone mention banlines and security orb, probably untravelable
  3. thank you kaos, glad that you like s*****, i pass you one later : D @Christhiana and @Devin Heartsong thank you, i like the music too
  4. sail certain part of stilt area, some area still under development
  5. been living in sweetmarsh ever since i got my first home in 2019, abandoned old linden home and homeless for 2 weeks, tried auto page refresh, heard the alert but whenever i click and accept is always too late, someone seems to be able to out second us every single time lol, so i decided to give up using that method and use once in a while check to see have or not, just lucky before i went for meal, one last check, poof and got it its a location which have access to road and water, it cannot be anymore rarer than it is, most of the time i'm not home, so changing home is pretty much out of the question fortunately game of home is one time payment and play until your subscription is up, have to admit the themes built by moles is too good
  6. new place for hangout Java Sprockets http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Puffin Head/32/34/23
  7. because bellisseria is so beautifully crafted to the point that many people are fighting over it, they didnt forsee that things will turn out like that, i think over time with enough theme and home this likely a less of an issue
  8. chitchat with Ŀᴜᴄɪʌɴ and Novy at Muehlenbach
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