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  1. Giselle's party a few days ago
  2. looks pretty realistic, i like how they tried to resemble the real world convention, too bad doesn't up for long
  3. yeah i did visit it, it was fun and many different themes [not linden home] to see, theres also have a realistic looking convention building over there, due to time zone differences im only there for a few hours of their initial opening time
  4. This is the spin off from the official video, youtube blocks due to copyright issues so most folks can't see, so this is an alternate youtube link and at the same time an additional films extended from the official video enjoy watching~
  5. i can't see any optimistic here, i had see a few game company after being acquired by investors everything goes downhill and eventually shut down this news came so suddenly, unlike tilia which mentions a few months earlier, this news hardly can convince me that this is for the good of second life only time can tell
  6. thanks , unfortunately the LI is a little heavy on this side, range from 3 to 11 LI, you can choose a bigger cupboard instead of 2 smaller cupboard, but you can mod like Mirabella mentioned, the kitchen is comes all the cupboard, fridge, oven, microwave, fitted inside, island, sink, but never come with stool decor comes with all the plates, cups, glass, mixer, toasts, stool, shelf[with decor], knifes, block, tray, stool, pots, the decor packs a punch of different 3-5 cups where it is 1 LI each, kitchen have 25 objects while decor have 64 objects for decoration, it took some time for
  7. thank you ^^ so far only this kitchen catches my attention, decided to just bought it lol
  8. the first thing to do when you saw the slenderman is to take a screenshot, lol
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