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  1. @PrudenceAnton, that is nice for couple
  2. went to discord and checked myself, its a sad case, just hope the remaining staff can go back sl
  3. welcome back, stray animals can have a shelter again
  4. @Fushichou Mfume, yeah! definitely going to be fun for me to film people racing, i probably put a an angel wing while flying around lol that will be cool to display in the main page, i think i need to plan with u how the footage going to be like
  5. sounds fun, at least the road will be more utilize
  6. i like your idea @Mahogany Dejavu, linden home in underwater and landscape, can imagine it is going to be very beautiful, i don't know linden and moles have any plans for it, but can be put into the list of themes if they decided to plan it out one day
  7. a photo with @PrudenceAnton and her husband, it was fun and memorial, they have been so busy doing the decoration, organizing and all, but i hope they can have a good rest after the wedding, lol
  8. ss galaxy park beside bellisseria, located at baxby gulf, gonna share a few more screenshots as one post can't content more than 4.8 mb lol
  9. thanks for the sharing of the ss galaxy guys, gonna share them on 'having fun in belli'
  10. please contact live support https://lindenlab.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/31000131009-contact-support
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