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  1. happy and evil christmas to ya , lol
  2. u can just hop around when nobody is around lmao
  3. i only have one linden home, use it as a home base, unpacking, demo, afk etc not really a decorator person so house is empty lol
  4. would like to see that, a win win for traditional house owners
  5. of course not, this one just record for fun lol
  6. the first time when encountered slenderman with bela, they are already seems like fate and destiny, lol
  7. open up the beacon no idea what it does and when i came home see a photo of this
  8. he's always there, watching us lol
  9. looks pretty realistic, i like how they tried to resemble the real world convention, too bad doesn't up for long
  10. yeah i did visit it, it was fun and many different themes [not linden home] to see, theres also have a realistic looking convention building over there, due to time zone differences im only there for a few hours of their initial opening time
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