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  1. @Syane Jewell LISP Artemis mesh paneling. The fireplace is also from there.
  2. @Elena Core So pretty...and with a tiny kitten companion!
  3. Well, classic "Eleanor" driving...I'm always a menace when driving in SL. Looks like I'm not even able to pull out of the driveway before I backed up, couldn't find the brakes, plowed through a hedge and got stuck. Back to starting slow...slow..slow. Speaking of retirees, anyone watch Grace & Frankie? Remember their golf cart get-away? I think Bellisseria should have that golf cart race. Back to driving practice! Driving hint...the click on the steering wheel will flip you out of the hedges and brick fences...looks innocently back at her neighbor's smashed hedges...
  4. I think I've put down roots for now with my Victorian. I've traded off from my first Traditional and then to my cute camper...not a houseboat person. I do enjoy decorating and setting up a new place to live so if I get bored with the the Shelley, I'll just switch out to one of the other Victorian model homes. I still have a small parcel on a private estate, mainly because I do enjoy having four seasons with a deep freeze winter snow and ice in a medieval/Victorian theme. Of course, there is always that tempting new theme somewhere in the future....
  5. Love the hedge maze in New Farthing in the center fountain courtyard.
  6. Yes, we shop at many of the same places LAQ for sweet, low prim mesh furniture in multiple colors or I just always get the fatpack: library book cases, dining room table, chairs and bench, bathroom cabinet set, clawfoot bathtub, bedroom suite with bed and side tables. I still have my LAQ living room furniture too and use it at my estate home. Here is the shopping transport: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LAQ Decor/68/62/34 Just head down the stairs.
  7. Spring will come soon...at least in Bellisseria!
  8. I do love New Farthing, even though it is not near any body of water. The centerpiece is the wonderful center garden with the fountain. Have you realized the hedge circle is really a maze? Reminds me of my Caledon gardens that usually had a maze taking over my parcels.
  9. Think I'm done but really? I'm sure I'll just keep changing up the color schemes, furniture and flowers. Living Room
  10. Merry Christmas! This Victorian just makes me happy. *The fountain is from Atelier Visconti. This one is A.V. Fountain Nympha, one of several I have stacked in storage. Hope this gives you another place to shop. Chucky Jigsaw.
  11. Turned the porch on the Williamsburg into a four seasons room. Still WIP but it's fun to change things up.
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