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  1. Thank you! The wall was created by the lovely Chloe Dolores and is listed on the Marketplace.
  2. Finally settling into my camper for the crisp days and cool nights of fall. Time for sleeping outside, drinking coffee by the fire and reading books by the wood stove. It does help to turn that summer porch into a 4-season room with glass windows, brick stone walls, and a couple of window shelves.
  3. Thank you! I always forget Kazza has such wonderful collections.
  4. Houseboat in Lollipop on its way to a new owner. Only one next door neighbor. This one is super nice...and if you want to crank up your graphics, you have a view of a lighthouse across the bay. Dropping at 10:10 SLT. Congratulations! That was a fast transfer
  5. Releasing this houseboat at 6:30 SLT - the one in the middle. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tidestone/40/160/18
  6. There is a Victorian on the page this morning...and it's gone.
  7. Dropping this lovely Camper on Twofer. It sits on a point of sandy beach with river water around it. It is just a short paddle boat ride out to the wide open water. I'll let it go this evening at 6pm SLT. In case, you would like to check it out. Drop me a note if you would like to coordinate. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Twofer/154/60/24
  8. Thank you, Marianne! You give us such great ideas and resources for our homes.
  9. Just gorgeous! Would you mind sharing the designer of the swimming pool set?
  10. Picked this abandoned Camper up just to see where it was located....in Twofer nicely sitting on a spit of beach sand surrounded with streams leading out to houseboats and open water. Since we have to probably wait until Sept/Oct for the stilt homes, here is what I started by playing with the Colorado model which has quite an assortment of beachy colors built in. Shout out to @Elena Core for her Colorado camper design which gave me the idea to play around with this model. I haven't even started decorating yet - just having fun changing the colors!
  11. Camper and Victorian still sitting on the page....odd now just a Camper but this parcel is still in Maintenance. Hopefully, someone will push it out. Hurrah! The house has a new owner!
  12. Letting this Victorian in Queens Arch go at 9:30 SLT today. Pretty and private home with small lake water on the side, land rez zone just behind it. Front is one of three homes on a cul-de-sac. Roses are planted by the front brick wall. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Queens Arch/172/103/35
  13. Hmmm, maybe I've been watching way too many episodes of Beachhunt Bargain Hunt on HGTV...but that kinda looks like a balcony with a sliding door and curtain with a matching sliding door on the first floor. "Oh, look, honey, here is a balcony for my morning coffee time and there is a slider door right to your dock and boat."
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