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  1. I suggest submitting a support case . Include the name of the region (either LR167 or LR187) where you tried using a payout pad, the approximate time that you tried it, and whether you used the daily pad or the weekly one.
  2. We're sorry you have been inconvenienced this weekend. We have been trying to figure out why the payout pads in Linden Realms have stopped working, but it's going to take some time. As a precaution, I have deactivated all scripts in the payout pads so you cannot lose any of the credit you have for crystals and quests while we work on the pads. I can't predict how soon things will be working again. Meanwhile, you can still collect crystals and complete the quests.
  3. Yay! It's meteorological autumn now! This is one of the occasional benefits of using the shared environment settings in your viewer instead of using custom EEP settings or just locking your viewer to Midday. It's a magical world. 🌈
  4. Dyna Mole

    lindens home

    All better. You can always submit a support case if you have problems, but I happened to be cruising through here and saw your note.
  5. Besides, Moles are sneaky. We do our best work when you can't see us.
  6. Probably. It's worth a shot. One of the nice things about EEP is that you can not only personalize its effects, but you can trigger it differently for each person if you are clever enough with scripting.
  7. You have two options: 1. As instructed on the Guide Book's menu, "Click the GUIDEBOOK button in the bottom toolbar or Help menu > Guidebook". (The GUIDEBOOK button is on your viewer's taskbar by default if you are a SL newcomer, and the Help menu is at the top of your viewer screen.) 2. Hit the F1 key on your keyboard.
  8. No fair peeking. 😉
  9. You can expect them any time. They will be available when they are ready ... Soon™
  10. Yes, but with great cosmic significance. We deal only with A-one, Ultra class junk. Oh yes, and Mess with those and your universe will start to shred at the edges. 😈
  11. You are not the only one. I hate dealing with permissions. I like Molly's list of suggestions about setting perms and abilities for doing group work. In addition, I would suggest ,,, Don't do that. I know it's easy and fast, but it doesn't always work properly. (I don't know why, but it just doesn't.) Even when it does work, the risk is high that you will absent-mindedly delete the wrong copy. I remember a former colleague who was notorious for doing that on our group work. It's much safer to use Save Copy and then rez the copy from your own inventory.
  12. Yes. As noted in a couple of threads in the forums, it's on our radar. The technology there is quite out of date, so it will take more than a quick band-aid to bring the park up to present standards.
  13. Just remember that you cannot choose a specific location. You specify the style of home that you want (Traditional, Victorian, Log, Stilt ....) and you are offered a location among those that are available at the time. You can abandon a Linden Home and choose a new one up to five times a day.
  14. Either way works. If you rez your bike on the ground, it should auto-attach. (Assuming that you rez it in a place where you have permission to rez it, like one of the handy rez zones on Belliserria. ) Otherwise, you can ADD it directly from your inventory, as Quartz says.
  15. Thanks. That lower limit is a bit arbitrary, but we took several things into account. The maximum height at which objects can be seen on the world map, for example, is 400m. Also, there have been several discussions here in the forums about how far above someone's house you have to be before it's impossible to cam inside. It turns out that it's something like 300m. When you take into account that we have terraformed Bellisseria with some "mountainous" regions that are well above the average 22m elevation of most of the Mainland, it seemed that setting the lower edge of the fly zone at 400m was a reasonable choice. It's high enough to keep travelers from peeking into places where they shouldn't. The 2000m upper limit guarantees that flyers won't bump into any skyboxes or random garbage either.
  16. That doesn't even sound easy. It's always possible to turn of all scripts in a parcel or region, but I can't think of a way to lock up just one script -- especially if I don't know exactly which script to lock. There are a huge number of security systems out there, and it's not hard to write new ones. Even if I had a tool that could target a specific type of orb, we'd be playing an endless game of Whack-A-Mole to find and lock them all. That's sort of the situation we are already facing as we try to keep up with the evil ones that residents report with ARs, so that hypothetical tool wouldn't help much. Worse than that, if I could think of a way to lock someone else's script, you can bet that griefers would also be able to do it. Talk about my worst nightmare ..... 🥺
  17. The LH Security System is not designed to control access to your house. It is a parcel control, activated when anyone crosses the parcel boundary. Like any security orb you might buy from the Marketplace, it doesn't even know that your house exists, so it does not communicate with Control Panel functions. (In fact, you might want to whitelist a completely different set of friends for access at the altitude of a skybox than you allow on the ground, so you could rez a separate Security System up there.) You rez the LH Security System once and you never have to replace it as long as you own the parcel. It's available because we wanted to provide a security system that could be placed anywhere in the parcel, at any altitude, and would be fully compliant with the Linden Homes covenant. That is, it can be placed anywhere in the parcel, will allow at least a 10 second warning, will only eject unwelcome visitors (not send them home), will only detect people within the parcel boundaries and within the altitude range that you set, and will ignore people in the free airspace between 200 and 1000m. By contrast, the Control Panel is specific to the house model that you choose to rez. Each house has its own characteristics and may have different options than other houses within the same theme, so each time you rez a new house, you get a new Control Panel that is built into it. The access list that you create in the Control Panel deals with your house, not the parcel. It is saved remotely, so it persists if you rez a new house on the parcel, but its focus is entirely on house functions. Decor choices are also saved remotely, but are deleted if you rez a different style of house on the parcel.
  18. I quite agree. Any experienced SL resident knows how to get past a locked door. Still, a locked door is a gentle deterrent, a signal to visitors that you really don't want anyone walking in unannounced. In my mind, though, that's not the most important reason for having access controls on the Bellisserian homes. When you give access to people on your list, you are not just letting them open the doors and windows; you are also letting them use many of the functions of the Control Panel. They can do things that nobody can do by just sitting on a chair from a distance to enter the house. For that reason, it makes great sense for the system to ask you to opt IN to using the access list rather than trusting that you will think to opt OUT of using it.
  19. It actually does make sense, if you think about it for a bit, or at least it's just as logical as doing it your way. We weren't really trying to mess with you. The system is designed to let you create a list and decide when you want to use it. You can deactivate the list and have some ME time when absolutely nobody else can come in. We asked ourselves whether to make the system default to "Use List" automatically -- which is what you and Sam1 expected -- but decided to make your privacy the default instead. So when you start a list, you opt IN to using it instead of opting OUT of it. And of course, as Mika pointed out, we provided an owner's manual in the form of a notecard in your mailbox (and in more detail in both the Knowledge Base and the SL wiki), and we have the Control Panel send you a reminder about "Use List" in chat every time you modify the access list.
  20. As you know, there are a few textures in the Content Packs already, so that's not a bad thing to wish for. There's a limit to how many more would be useful, though. Surfaces in the homes are all mesh faces, and the textures are UV matched to them. With the exception of some very flat surfaces like walls, our textures wouldn't look good at all on most add-ons. Textures that we use for woodwork, doors, railings, and many other parts of the house can't simply be dropped on other objects. Most surfaces in the homes also have normal and specular textures that add subtle depth and vibrancy; again, these are designed for the specific mesh faces that we put them on.
  21. As Abnor says, we have ways to replace or update existing content in Bellisseria fairly easily. That's sometimes necessary when we discover that there's a flaw in something like a tree or a wall that we've deployed. It's also a key element of our flexible design for the new Linden Homes regions -- a way to keep them from getting dated too quickly. If you look in the notecard that's in the Content Pack in your house controller (mailbox) , you'll find a sentence that says something like "Please note also that Linden Lab may offer new house models or upgraded versions of existing ones from time to time. When that happens, current residents will be notified. You may choose to use the House Controller to select a new model or upgrade at any time." Unless there's some really critical reason to do it, we're not likely to update your own house ourselves because that could mess up custom colors or other custom features. As that sentence says, we'll let you know that an upgrade is available, leaving you with the choice to rez the new version from your house controller. Similarly, if we ever decide to add completely new house models to current themes, we'll just add them to your house controller and let you decide whether to rez them.
  22. Take a look at my response in this thread from last autumn, where the Memorial Garden was discussed most recently: Some day, when there are no projects with higher priority facing LDPW, the Lab will possibly decide to do a deep makeover of the Memorial Garden. That sort of decision is way outside my authority and will be made by people well above my pay grade. I won't dare to guess when it may happen.
  23. Those are veggie hot dogs, a worm-free product from Mole Kitchens™, created for discerning Bellisserians who appreciate the health benefits of meatless outdoor dining..... "Mom! These are the YUMMIEST!" 😍
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