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  1. When people say that Moles are hot, they aren't kidding. Just keep to a safe distance.
  2. So, I am free to go, then? /me looks around for her lunch pail and time card .......... 😃
  3. Thanks, @CoffeeDujour. I went and looked just now. It looks like the region's server had a bad day. As soon as Lindens are awake in the morning, someone will do a rollback to recover all the missing stuff. Meanwhile, tell anyone you see not to rez anything new tonight, because it will all revert when they do a rollback. Thank you for your patience.
  4. Cool. Glad you found it, Sylvia.
  5. Hmmm.. That's not one of my diagnostic messages. I doubt that it's coming from the control panel. One way to be sure is to simple rez a new copy of the same house. It will replace the current one exactly, complete with your color choices. You may need to re-enter your access list, but that's all. Anyway, if you do that, the control panel will be new too. If you still get the message, then you know it's not from the control panel.
  6. I can confirm that we are not authorized to know anything about super secret weapons systems that might or might not exist. All rumors on this matter are unsubstantiated and probably baseless. Personally, I might suspect either mass hysteria or swamp gas, but speculation is not permitted in my pay grade. Therefore, I will not comment. 🤐
  7. Those are Moles on the decorating crew. They are an industrious and cheerful team, focused on shaping the land and covering it with trees, rocks, roads, houses, and beach toys. When one falls over in exhaustion, another Mole grabs a shovel and leaps in to take her place. The ones you don't see as often are just as busy making brand new houses and trees and scripting all the things that have to move or react to residents. They are just as industrious but they work off line, jumping in once in a while to upload something new and test it in world. Then there are the Moles who handle scheduling and logistics. They keep track of progress, get materials where they will be needed next, and keep everyone's spirits up by handing out worms and singing motivating songs. Some times of the week are busier than others, but the Mole Brigade never sleeps.
  8. No, sadly, because the LH Security System is using the Linden Homes experience to store your access list and other information in KVP, to be sure that it is unique to your parcel and your ownership. You could certainly write a system that has the same basic functions and use it as a stand-alone anywhere you like, however. By providing our own rigorously-tested security system, we were not necessarily encouraging people to use security orbs, but were making it easy for people who do want orbs to comply with the LH covenant.
  9. Official? We've been calling it Squishy Pickle among ourselves for a long time, but Moles don't decide these things. I haven't seen it on a plaque or in official tourist guides, but maybe the guys in the LL basement are working on something big and seekrit. Meanwhile, we'll keep calling it Squishy Pickle. How official does it have to be? Back to sleep ....
  10. Say, wha ....? Zzzzzzz.....
  11. And that was a similar issue, also dealt with in the same way. Like everything else that moles create, scripts go through a rigorous QA process before they are released into the wild. Even so, some things don't show up until they have been tested in the field by hundreds of residents. We try to respond to a support case quickly, deal with the immediate situation, and then write and test a solution that we can install quietly in an upgrade so that it's ready if the issue rises again. Part of the design process involves creating ways to replace/repair our work when necessary, with as little inconvenience to residents as possible.
  12. That's exactly the way it's supposed to work, so I'm glad to hear it. We discovered a while ago that a tiny script error occasionally made it so the owner couldn't make the window blinds work. It was one of those things that was unusual enough that it never showed up in QA. It was easy to repair, though, so we upgraded those few models in the region house rezzers. Since then, anyone who rezzes a new house has had the upgraded version. So, if you ever find a small oddity like that again, try re-rezzing a new copy of your house to see if we've already fixed it. If not, then submit a support case.
  13. /me breathes a quiet sigh of relief and ducks back underground.
  14. Not quite the same way, no. The mailbox must always be placed on the "front" side of the parcel. That is, the side that the house faces. For technical reasons, it cannot be placed too close to a corner of the parcel, but anywhere else will do. The mailbox, like the house itself, is LDPW property,. It is placed outside of the parcel so that it doesn't use any of your land impact allowance.
  15. Moles know how to be sneaky. 😏
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