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Take your shovel and feel it

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7 hours ago, Lindal Kidd said:

Maddy, only you would come up with "blepharisma".

I had a whole menagerie of li'l bugs that I liked to spy on with my microscope when I was young. I had to spend a lot of time at the eyepiece to finally catch a bleph-bug reproducing and I was even more excited when a big one ate a little one! They mostly feed off much smaller creatures they sweep into their "mouths" using the cilia you see in the picture, which also moves them about. It was wondrous to know that those hairy creatures were smaller than the width of my own hair.

I also managed to keep a jar of vinegar eels alive for years by feeding them bits of apple every fall.

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7 hours ago, CheriColette said:

Help please. How do I get this pic/quote (from forum) if I want add it to a post?

In the top right corner of the post there is a share link icon next to "report post."  Click that icon and copy the URL it gives you.

Just paste that URL in your post and the forum software will do the rest.




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