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  1. That is a very boop-able nose. I've got 3 to choose from here. One lets me do it, but asks for pats in payment, one looks offended, but tolerates it, and the other will take my hand off at the wrist if I try more than once
  2. I'm grateful to be home. Maybe not so grateful for the soreness, the staples pulling on my skin, and it taking 10 minutes to just roll over in bed, but I AM grateful I am home to do, and feel those things. ETA: coughing is a *****. Excruciating. Not the least bit grateful for that mofo.
  3. My passion is landscape photography (and abstract), so I was very excited to discover this thread! This is one of a large set I took at a sim called The Last Forever. Sadly, it's no longer.
  4. Cabbage does not agree with me at all, which is unfortunate. I don't mind coleslaw, and on occasion, cabbage rolls. My former in-laws made very tasty coleslaw, cabbage rolls, and my former FIL made an absolutely mouth-watering sauerkraut soup. Sounds awful, but served with warm pumpernickel bread. . . *drool*
  5. And butter tarts, Caesars (yum!), Nanaimo bars, tortiere...Mmmmm
  6. I'll be happy if the surgeon is awake, as well, and alert. At 6 am I can be awake, but alert is another thing altogether.
  7. Absolutely. If they'd said "tomorrow", I'd be freaking out big time now. This is just enough time to get myself wound tighter than...I don't know, something wound really tight lol
  8. So, good...news? today. Call for my surgery came in. May 25. 6 am. I'm very surprised by how fast the call came, and how soon the surgery is.
  9. I do love seeing all the talent here. I'm primarily into landscapes and abstract photography. I don't do Photoshop, don't have it, and am really bad at it. I do have Gimp, Paint.net, Pic Monkey, but just like PS, I'm really bad at using them. I have been lately experimenting with a program called FotoSketcher, which turns your pics into paintings, pencil sketches, etc. I'm really liking the results, as I also cannot draw a straight line with a ruler, so painting, sketching are just exercises in frustration for me. The shots below are raw, using only Firestorm's WL (Bristol and Daytime Shadows, if IRC) and the Black & White and Spotlight filters.
  10. I am so sorry for your loss, Belinda. 💔
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