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  1. Golden Boy He stands on top of our Legislative Building. Official name: Eternal Youth
  2. Just a bit of advice. Disagreeing=/=attacking.
  3. That's my kind of cat sandwich Now back to our regularly scheduled program... Society garlic
  4. My very first account, back in 2010 was created for RP purposes only. I played in medieval fantasy sims for a year or so, then I ended up having to take a break from SL for just over a year (RL marriage break-down) and when I came back, all the sims I played in were gone, and most of my friends had moved on from SL. I tried to modernize her, but she would not cooperate; she was a thoroughly medieval character. I basically "killed" her off, and created Charlotte, who's been my main for almost 6 years now. I created a few alts with the idea to use them for photos, until I realized I wasn't really interested in, or very good at, taking pictures of people, so they basically sit gathering dust.
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