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  1. Id assume that staying safe in rl would be more important then getting a piece of virtual real estate anyway. Glad you made it out.
  2. Gangway only has 7 houseboats on it??? thats not many ... Beluga has 17 houseboats and like 4 homes.
  3. I ask because every one I've seen is sitting right on the edge of the owners parcels with the propellers breaching on to protected land. Maybe this is considered ok therefore I can rez out a tree or three and have the branches hanging over on to linden land?
  4. Log out and back in. It resets the count. I've been refreshing at 25 secs logging out and back in for the last 10mins, I got a house. It's already been abandoned sorry.
  5. I'm abandoning mine I just got there ... you may get it .. fingers crossed! It's in a good spot too, right on the river and next to a bridge but my other location is better so back into the pool this goes.
  6. Id be interested in what exactly a virtual token is. Are they going to be the new currency? 3.1.1. Acquiring Virtual Tokens If Virtual Tokens are offered by Tilia in connection with your use of a Provider’s Platform, you may acquire Virtual Tokens in the following ways: As part of a premium subscription (e.g., Tilia may furnish a certain number of Virtual Tokens to you each month if you pay for a premium subscription from a Provider); From another Platform user for performing a service for that user within a Provider’s Platform; From another Platform user in exchange for a virtual item that the user creates in a Platform (this type of exchange may occur through individual interactions between Platform users or through an In-Platform Exchange, which is described in Section 3.2 of these Terms); or By purchasing them through an In-Platform Exchange. No more L$300 per month instead we get a token or is this on top of the L$300? Is this like a WoW token type thing? Questions so many questions.
  7. My reply was backing up to the rest of the comments. You say what I quoted from Raeleeh was pretty specific which yes it is however, picking and choosing when that 'specific' applies is straight hypocrisy. Rape is ok because it is fantasy and not real but meddling with a c-avatar automatically becomes taboo and very real. Last I checked BOTH actions are a crime, both actions very real and very real people deal with the effects of both every single day but carry on because it not being real is a pass to freely simulate it here under the role play banner. (No @RaeLeeH never mentioned c-avatars. I did, to see how far is too far. I just want to be clear with that) Orwar, this has nothing to do with you having a braty sub on her/his knees calling you daddy. Not at all am I talking about bdsm. You see it written and you automatically think I'm knocking it down. I fully encourage healthy role play, I just cant see how rape play is healthy. So ima leave this all here. We have our opinions. I read yours and have made mine clear.
  8. I replied to your comment to me that is all. I also wanted to see where your line in the sand was. Apparently that is in the sand at sex with a child avatar. I simply quoted your words Second life is NOT real life ITS FANTASY <<do you see just how loose those words are? The person I quoted has not been back yet. She is where I pointed my comment at because her "rapists" dont last long comment. And yes I called you pathetic for laughing, I stand by that.. As for the lindens shutting this thread down, that is up to them. Open discussion about what is deemed acceptable or not should be encouraged not silenced. I will however not compare the two unspeakable acts again. Both, in my eyes should be against ToS I shall wait for the OP I quoted..
  9. By your own definition sex with a child avatar would be fine with you because, 'this is not real'? where do you draw a line or does hiding behind that line allow you to believe it is ok? Yes this is very much a trigger for me. I wont be quiet when people treat the subject as some sick joke and making it as such says more about you then it does me.
  10. i never edited it i highlighted what i said to prove a point...
  11. This is not BDSM, read my damn post properly. Where did I say I was against BDSM??? please show me You call that fantasy or RP and that's meant to make it ok, I guess when its not 'real' and you can log out and forget it happened then you can do whatever you damn well like. Real survivors don't get to log out or give consent to be raped. Who am I... I'm the girl who ain't afraid to speak her mind and who hates the very thought of rape. Go about your day hero!
  12. This isnt exploring one's sexuality which is healthy to do. There are a lot of things in sl that I will put it in the self-exploration basket BDSM etc, rape however I cannot. Rape and p3dophilia both cross lines that should never be searched out, encouraged even RPed. The fact you find enjoyment in it tells me a lot about the kind of person you are. I know girls who have been raped in parks while walking home from a friends house in the middle of the day, a boy who had a beer bottles shoved up his ass all because some drunk pr!cks decided it would be fun. This is spitting on every rape survivor in the world today. This subject hits too close to home for me but it's fine go about your fantasy like it isnt something that effects real people every single bloody day. To the people who laughed at this stupid comment, your just as pathetic as the poster.
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