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  1. Well Thank You, Ladies. Ive now seen all three of your add on packs. (Accidental marketing?) I only saw Chic on the mp just last night as I was pre planning. Now I've seen Blush and Coffees... 1 of you will def get some of my money.
  2. @Walpurgisnacht I think the OP and yourself have the same kinda mindset going on. Too bad you two aren't neighbours.
  3. This is a virtual world everyone is the same pixelated form as i am. There is nothing foreign about that, until you get to know them and they tell you they dont like this and that.
  4. Ok ok ok i think i understand. See, how i read the OPs post was she wanted the whole neighbour living in harmony thing. I didnt read it as, allowing people to cam into your house while you are INSIDE your private house. If she meant to allow people to see me inside my home while i dress and so on, then nope privacy will be set as on. BUT if she meant, she went for walk down her street and saw the neighbours rping like bbqing in the back yard or gardening, she could wave and say hello from the pavement and so on. If they invited her in then so be it but dont just go invite yourself in.
  5. Oh lord 🤐 i never knew the word 'honey' was offensive. Where im from its just a everyday word. We use it for someone we talk to. That among others. I wont mention them in case they too, are offensive. My apologies. Look on the bright side, were getting to know each other lol I now know you take offense to being called the H word (wont happen again) and you dont care for multiple other things. And you now know I didnt know it was offensive and why. How social is that! (I really want to insert a High five emoji buuuut it might be offensive, maybe next time).
  6. Oh honey im not sure where youve lived but ive seen plenty of pretty homes on nice sims with privacy. On the topic of idealist, you might wana thank them. Id bet my left nut (if I had one) they had a hand in your pretty, private, nice sim lol. All those explorers who have complained yearly about banlines and orbs. All the people complaining about the unruly behaviour on the mainland and how ugly it is. Im guessing those idealist complaints got you your pretty SL lol As for whos dreams are whos erm, I'm not the OP so defs not mine. I just want somewhere to fly where im not going to get teleported back home if i go off course with no warning and now I have it.
  7. Sighs. You are right. Your home doesnt have to be any thing you dont want. I never said it had to. I just kinda saw the picture the OP was trying convey. Nothing more or less.
  8. Woah! Calm down. No one mentioned CC info lol. She didnt say leave the damn thing off. She merely asked why have it on 24/7. If you wanted constant 'privacy' why move to a bustling community that has longed for this type of SL. One thats social even. Ps lawn chair would put me in the same category and old man neighbour who sits and waves and everyone going passed. But he does so from his front stepa not the street.
  9. I think she means that if everyone has it on all the time the neighbourhood wouldnt look all that neighbourly. Look out side in rl at any given time and the street is full of people or there are people in the yards cleaning or playing... I dont think she meant she wants to perv in on her neighbours. More so just the feel of having a real neighbourhood. Each to their own but I see her point.
  10. When im looking for a place to hang out. I search a place and check the map. I see green dots so tp there only to find a quiet place full of bots. My reaction usually goes along the lines of... You mother-f- ing girl dog, piece of faeces trash, traffic female corner worker C word, booty hole. Or something like that before I breath and TP out.
  11. Seems like LL was listening to those who like to use vehicles because they have been catered to with the new Linden home communities. I think they ticked off a few peoples wish lists on what they would like to see in SL. Cudos to LL.
  12. Total waterfront, un-blocked sunset views. Sail from Corsica to the Blake. 2x plots for sale sitting side by side. 20k each. Land backs on to a hillside. Please IM me inworld please if interested. Ps I know for a fact the neighbour next to me who has a 512 plot. She also wanted to sell before she left sl, however she left before I could purchase. She wanted 10k maybe it will be abandoned once her premium is lapses???
  13. Seems like the hunger games. 'May the odds be ever in your favour' Or in this case, may your internet connection, refresh rate and speed of your mouse click, be ever in your favour.
  14. The popcorn thread or a popcorn thread. There are plenty around on damn near every thread in these forums. I suppose one needs to pick and choose which is worth melting butter for.
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