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  1. The one to change the house is the post with the light on it by your front door. To change interior our exterior paint jobs it should be by the front door just on the wall. If neither are there I suggest to submit a ticket.
  2. I'm releasing the first trad I snapped up when its region was released. I have had it for 2 years. Will miss it but I'm not renewing my premium this time around. Will let it go once I have picked everything up. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Santa Louisa/146/197/25
  3. I'm attempting to create a Male avatar using as little funds as I can but still have him looking decent. Where are some places I can shop that have good choices for clothing. I have a legacy body (the free one) for now. Also, how do I make it like I still have a butt while wearing men's pants? it goes pancake like once he's clothed. Maybe I should put women's pants on him cos they add butt lol
  4. It's Saturday morning and all of my neighbours have a symphony going
  5. They took mine out from my USD balance first. I didnt have enough so paid the rest when I logged in a day or two later.
  6. It's safe. 8 years and I've never had a issue. Just make sure you only add payment details to your account page and not some random link. Once you have payment loaded you will be able to buy.
  7. Do any of your bots have the last name Hoxley? Seems to be a name I remember for some reason.. As far as I know there are region bots picking up data or something like that. It never stops .. they pop in for a few seconds and poof. No harm done. Maybe traffic bots? I suggest if it's gets too annoying you could wear a tin hat. It blocks their tracking capabilities 🙄 Or if you are being followed congrats! you have your very own stalker who has a online hud to see when you are on. If you frequent the same spots chances are they will show up there. If all they do is tp in and out id say find a new stalker at least one who calls you names and gives you something to read. Jokes aside, I'm sticking by the land bot data thing. psst nows the time to put that hat on I spoke of earlier
  8. Ignore it!!! It can't take your lindens if you don't give it any.
  9. I'm currently cleaning out my inventory. Yours is gigantic compared to my 38k. My load time isn't bad but at times it can be. I too am unsure why. I only own 2 mesh bodies so I've started to delete all the extra outfits for other bodies I don't have and will never have, keeping just the ones I need. That goes for shoes as well. Don't get me started on makeup and jewellery. I mean how many shades of red does a girl need? Lots! Lol All landmarks, unnecessary scripts and the stupid amounts of NOTECARDS get deleted. My object folder was shocking so I started there. If it didn't say no copy it was sent to trash if I already had a copy of it. I have subfolders for everything. Maybe that could be a issue? Maybe, maybe not. Have you emptied your trash lately? Its amazing how many things are in that folder.
  10. When getting dressed or opening bags I never wear, I add items. I learned from early on that wearing wasn't a option if I wanted to keep my hair on my head or clothing for that matter. I sometimes misclick and week 1 nostalgia all kicks in. 😄 It would be more noob friendly in my view to either merge the two and have wear perform like add or just remove wear all together. Thoughts?
  11. Id assume that staying safe in rl would be more important then getting a piece of virtual real estate anyway. Glad you made it out.
  12. Gangway only has 7 houseboats on it??? thats not many ... Beluga has 17 houseboats and like 4 homes.
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