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  1. The vendors that sell gacha machines typically include a script and detailed instructions on how to set it up. The instructions will also point out how to adjust the win rate percentage to obtain the rare(s). I am not sure if you wanna go that route but they are fairly inexpensive these days.
  2. I don't miss BLING, BLING jewelry AT ALL! lmao. 1.5 million complexity is just pure insanity. I am sure everyone in the store at the time was brought to their knees as a result of lag.
  3. My eyes are bleeding from that giant wall of text lol. No offense Violet. -smiles- I meet people frequently throughout the course of a week that can't see my Bento head because they haven't bothered to update their viewer software or are using some ancient viewer. If your machine can run a newer viewer do it. You will save yourself a lot of frustration and you will probably find those viewers will do a better job running sl.
  4. I am glad I am not the only one.
  5. That's my second reason Talli lol. Not sure I'd use them enough to warrant the time and expense of creating them. Maybe one day!
  6. The issue really is so rampant. Getting new items listed into the marketplace is actually a relatively easy process compared to what it used to be. My issue is the search functionality and control over content I see. Its really bad when I can find an item in the MP easier with google then I can using the search engine built into the marketplace itself.
  7. I don't recall the specifics of that thread but I do remember agreeing with a lot of your points and like you—I'd love to see this forum be more focused around open dialogue and less centered around self promotion and advertisements. I'd like the forum to be a resource and my personal belief is that regardless of how much I may know, there is always an opportunity to learn something new. With that being said, I'm Chase. I am a photographer and I've been in SL since 2011. For my photography work I mainly use Photoshop to do my postwork. I previously did retouching in RL on the side so my experience with that carried over into SL and how I approach editing subjects. I would say my biggest inspiration came from Graphic Dix. I don't believe he is around any longer but I always thoroughly enjoyed the content and technical beauty of his work. I'd be happy to help any way I can.
  8. @Ariel Vuissent Whatever happened to Blacklace? Are they doing mesh lingerie or appliers now? The last time I had looked them up I saw they closed their store in-world and their MP store didn't have anything applier based.
  9. That's what's has held me back lol. I know once I do it, I will go all out.
  10. Yay! I am glad that worked itself out. I know you mentioned that you don't wear shoes often but if the need ever arises you shouldn't have an issue finding product for Maitreya's feet. Don't forget that you can customize her nails and foot style in the HUD included with your body. Unfortunately I don't typically wear the applier panties so nothing comes to mind but they're definitely options out there on the MP.
  11. Marianne, you inspire me to wanna make some alts lmao. I have always wanted to make an alt to take pictures with.
  12. I'd love an overhaul of the whole MP ... true story
  13. I don't really mind the 1L demo's since they aren't necessarily in the norm BUT if they were—I definitely would be a little more selective over what I chose to demo. Let's hope that never becomes the norm -crosses fingers- I am not sure if I am alone here but I'd love it if more Jewelry creators offered demos. Personally I think I would buy more jewelry if that was the case ... I also wanted to say thank you to the creators who are offering their fatpack HUD with the demo to sample all the options. I rarely buy fatpacks from vendors which do not offer that.
  14. Utilizator is definitely the more popular choice. I love their stuff!
  15. Pamela, nobody here is disagreeing with you that this is not a good thing. Like I said earlier in the thread—I just wish there was more being done to protect these creators. With that being said, buyers also have their own issues. Drake pointed out a situation where he was taken advantage of and there was absolutely no recourse for him. That kind of activity also happens frequently. These situations as a whole are not good for the parties involved, nor is it beneficial for the long term heath of the platform. In other words nobody here is advocating for this kind of behavior. The effective change needs to happen between the creator, LL and the offender. Getting consumers involved only expands the issue.