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  1. Hey all! I am looking for a style similar to this one in the picture. Does anyone know of a brand that carries something comparable that is a bit better quality? ty
  2. @Arduenn Schwartzman I agree. A big part of the issue comes from people using irrelevant keywords in the product listing in order to gain more visibility. Right now I think a lot of people are under the mindset of "other people are doing it, so I will too." ... While there is still room for improvement, the Lindens have done a great job simplifying the listing process over the years. I hope they are also equally concerned with the functionality of search and how that is being effected by a lot of users using improper keywords.
  3. I agree with @Pixieplumb Flanagan. I don't think it was out of line for you to ask if you'd be eligible for the update. I don't know what the product in question is, and what that update entails. So being insistent on it would be questionable but simply asking seems reasonable. You could have followed up with him without being accusatory and rude. It should be your prerogative to put your best foot forward and give the other person the benefit of the doubt. Treat them with kindness and respect.That IMO may have lead to a more successful outcome here.
  4. I think you're just better off utilizing a group for communications. Going that route would give someone the option to opt out from receiving group notices conveniently. In addition to that, you still have other outlets to support any messaging.
  5. The Arcade event (est. 2012) Pixie was referring too runs quarterly—not monthly. What's changed over the last year or more is that there are now even more events focused on gacha and with that comes a lot of waste. In the past a lot of people moved that product through yardsales, but overtime many have come to realize that it is far more effective to buy and sell gacha on the MP. If you'd rather visit a yardsale Seraphim has an updated list with some of the more popular venues.
  6. @Deltango Vale brought up a lot of great points. I am also curious why they decided to go this route for Sensar. In their communications I see a lot of buzzword usage like "experiences" but not a lot of detail behind it. As a company that created a highly successful open world sandbox—I thought they'd do a more effective job on the messaging. It definitely does appear to cater to creators but who is going to be experiencing all this content without a lot of consumers?
  7. It is definitely political in some regards. It's only natural that friends will generally want to help each other. I could go one step further and say that not all of them are necessarily friends, but allies with common interests. I have seen it with my own eyes. I won't speak for everyone, but some of the bigger creators I know personally have pulled out of some events because it was becoming too demanding. They had felt that the quality of what they produced wasn't up to their expectations. Many were growing tired of catering their creation process around themes and some even came to realize that they didn't need to be in as many events to still remain successful. At the end of the day, these events garnered a lot of exposure for businesses but in a lot of ways I feel like they've marginalized the value of their mainstore to some extent, which is counterproductive. A few brands have figured out ways of continuing to drive success in their mainstore post event cycles.
  8. From what I've heard it was 5%. It is a small percentage, but it turns out to be a rather large chunk of change. I know some were not pleased with it for obvious reasons. So I am curious what will come of that down the line. What I don't know is if those vendors were also charged an entrance fee in addition to taking a portion of their profit. I am not a fan of the concept used in mass but I do see it having a value for both parties in select situations. Say for example I run a major event. I could open up a small space for guest creators and take a portion of their profits. I have the venue with traffic and they want exposure. It seems like a fairly reasonable trade.
  9. So I went there. Not too shabby. I've seen worse That must have been a real ordeal finding that spot lol.
  10. Tari. I can see why it may not be fun for you for to be involved in organizing an event if you aren't behind the concept. If it was something I was extremely passionate about I'd probably do the same. The top tier events are both commercial and political (I think we can both agree on that). Those two factors contribute to the issue of diversity. What ruins it for me personally is seeing empty stalls, or an excess of space that could otherwise be utilized for guest brands. So if C88 for example was going to do something Halloween related, there are a lot of brands they could consider that specialize in that kind of product year round and would make a great addition as a guest vendor. I'd like to see some more of that done throughout the year. I'd also believe that it is somewhat of a slippery slope from a relationship perspective at that tier of events. One major event this month started doing profit sharing from what I've heard. So the profit from each vendor is shared with the event host. While this does raises, I could also see this being a tool for diversity as well.
  11. Tari, I hear you. I'd love to see more diversity of vendors from select events, but I've come to the realization that I am not going to find those "gems" at mainline events very often. Events like this one is just one of many that offer an opportunity to gain exposure for those newer or lesser known brands. If you look at it from a lesser known creator's perspective, of course that makes sense. They go to C88, UBER or any other mainline event and see the same brands and wonder why they can't be given a chance. The reality is that those events are not charities. Most are businesses. With that being said, there's a ton of events that run monthly that do cater to those groups. They may not be as popular but that option is there.
  12. I also think it's Amsterdam. Good call Ceka
  13. @twilk14 Since you didn't specify if you wanted to do this for fun or to earn income, my advice will be rather broad. If you're looking to model for fun and for the experience of it, I don't think you will find a shortage of opportunity. It's when you want to pursue it as a means of income that will be more of a challenge. The role of a model has been marginalized. A lot of stores aren't hiring models to showcase product in the store like they were previously. Some that still do are using alts. Social media and blogging have really taken the role of the traditional model away. But I'd suggest contacting some of the SL magazines that are still around and see if they have any openings. From my own previous experience working at some magazines as a photographer and model. Some will offer pay and others might not. You can contact photographers and see if they have a need. Some people don't want to, or haven't invested in an alt and would like to have a partner to do shoots with. Again, your mileage will vary here for pay, but if you just wanted to make yourself available for free, you'll find a lot of people taking you up on the offer.
  14. @HaileeTempesta There are definitely newer creators to the market that show a lot of promise and I look forward to seeing what those creators develop in time. At one point or another, all of the major brands were new and some of them haven't been around for years. I disagree that it is LL's responsibility to promote them. That is the job of the creator. They are just providing a venue (an opportunity) to showcase a select number of brands and like any event there's going to be people that don't make it in. It is the nature of the beast. I agree with @Chic Aeon that there is a value associated with those larger more established brands. They have a following and they will help to not only generate a lot of traffic, but also potential business for participants. Its the synergy that they create together that results in a popular venue. Anyone that attends events regularly knows that if you were to go to any of the smaller ones—they aren't terribly busy and if they are, the traffic isn't sustained for very long even when a few popular creators are participating. But they do serve a purpose. I think its also important to recognize that quality is somewhat subjective and there are plenty of stores that put out product that I think are terrible for one reason or another but they are popular. Overall I think they did a good job with the mixture. Due to the size of this one and being that it is not regular—I assumed I'd see a lot of familiar stores (I did) but also discover some news ones as well (I did).
  15. @Xiola LindenThanks for sharing that thought. I think that would be a great idea! I welcome seeing new brands! Events have been a great way to discover vendors previously unfamiliar to me and in some cases re-establish a connection I had with a brand previously. I think its debatable if a gift is a requirement for entry but it does influence more people to come which is a plus for the vendors, and its nice for attending the event. I may be in the minority on this but I don't take all the free gifts and I don't always keep them. The ones I do decide to take I will look at and I know they have influenced me to take a closer look at a brand or to keep them in mind for a future purchase. So I appreciate all the vendors that do offer them. Thank you!