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  1. I am actually surprised there isn't more activity on the forums considering the size of the base. When I see the topics of some threads (not all), I often think, we're grasping at the straws for more. I still love you all though! ❤️
  2. Enhanced Listings

    I agree with Sixpence, the enhanced listing may not correlate to a direct sale of the item advertised today, but it does give your brand exposure, and that is often times difficult to quantify. Over the years, I've discovered a lot of new brands and products as a result of those listings. In fact, Just recently, this enhanced listing for a kitchen set caught my attention. I didn't buy it, but it was definitely something I'd consider for a future purchase, so I saved it. If it weren't for those listings, I would never have been aware of that product/brand. Great point Dakota!
  3. Belleza Pushup

    Hey all, I am looking for some clothing vendors that support Belleza pushup. I've found very little for it so far, but hoping someone knows a few vendors that do.
  4. Looking for Belleza Pushup

    Hey all, recently I started looking around for any clothing that supports the pushup option for Belleza's body and I am coming up short. Anyone know of any vendors that have supported that option?
  5. In-world store traffic - what can I do?

    @EllieAnne Silverfall The group gifts aren't going to generate traffic on their own. Look at them as an incentive, but their effectiveness is based on your reach. As a newer business you need exposure. Instead of making it your focus to drive traffic to your storefront—focus on getting your name out there and exposing people to your brand. I see you have a Flickr page. Did you just recently join, or have you not invested anytime into it? You did place a link to your in-world store from the product listing, but you're missing it on the main page. How are your sales doing on the MP?
  6. 30 day restrictions and newbies.

    I agree with Tari, it does go beyond griefing. The 30-day prerequisite is not a mandate by LL, but that of the business owner. A lot of new residents come and go in those first 30-days, and many never go beyond even several logins. As a result, hiring people within that window can often be more problematic then its worth for both the owner, and for other employees. Don't take it personal. Instead use this time as an opportunity to get familiar with the platform, make some friends and explore. Not having a job shouldn't preclude you from having any fun.

    More or less. Often it is simply a declaration that says in part; "I am going down with the ship." To that I say, "Bon Voyage."

    Talk about Deja vu ...
  9. Starting Avatars

    True story, but I saw the zombie avi and thought it was done by 3rd party, so hats off to LL for that one. You fooled me LL
  10. Like some others have already pointed out, it would be a really bad idea to give out your login information to anyone. If you look at the details in Rhonda's post it specifically states " Your disclosure of your password to any other person is at your own risk." In other words, they will not be responsible for any losses to your account as a result of your own negligence. It isn't a risk you'd have to take ... They can take their existing shape and mod it, or if you have one in mind to use that you'd have to buy—just purchase it with your own funds and provide the stats to said individual, or create a transfer version. All of the clothing and skins should have demos available, and even some facial appliers do as well. So theoretically, it would be very possible to see exactly what you what you'd be getting before spending a dime, and more importantly it would protect your account. Once all is said and done, they could provide you with a style card so you can purchase those items and re-create the finished look.
  11. For full mesh avatars only:

    Do without my head or body!?
  12. Poseballs! Or not.

    I am going to hop on the bandwagon here. I also prefer no poseballs on furniture.
  13. AK Lara Bento head problems

    You can try contacting "Kaoz.Koba", he is the owner of AK. His profile says CS inquires should go through the group you mentioned, but its worth a shot. Charging 150L for support? Wow ... the 3,000L wasn't enough huh.
  14. Why do people hate TMP?

    Thank you for that fine forensic analysis, Mr. Bodine.