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  1. need advice on somthing wierd

    LL isn't going to act as a guarantor and being that this person is from another country; if they decided to walk away, the cost in terms of legal fees will far exceed the money you lost. Clearly this is some kind of scam, don't be a fool and you won't become a victim.
  2. Sounds like you have no problem asking people for money. In most online communities, begging is generally frowned upon, and that isn't just specific to Second Life. Why didn't you just tell him before that his advances were making you feel uncomfortable and that you'd appreciate it if they stopped. If he continued, you always had the option of unfriending or blocking him. My only assumption is that you hadn't before because the relationship benefited you in some way. You knew that by asking for the money that this might invite further advances and unfortunately it did just that.
  3. Threatening my RL

    His threats could be just empty promises, but they might not be. I'd also like to point out that a trace is not just specific to IP. Trace also refers to discovery through investigation. He could have simply been referring to finding out who you are based on information given to him. Only you know what private information was shared that could give him a clue.

    Just to piggyback off of what @Dakota Linden said. I am not sure if this applies to any of the vendors here, but please include links to your MP store and storefront in your Flickr posts. I can't tell you how many vendors don't include pertinent details including, links, dates, etc. I have literally had to e-mail, send a NC, or an IM to some vendors asking where their MP store, or storefront is because I was struggling to find it. Not everyone is willing to work that hard, and in some cases, I too just simply move on. Here is a great example of one vendor I follow.
  5. need advice

    I am going to assume this establishment is a gentleman's club? Have you tipped her before? Do you talk to, or see each other when she wasn't working? Without those questions being answered; I think its clear what you should do. Ask her ... She may just be inviting you for the tip, or a potential tip. It isn't uncommon in the industry. Some clubs want their dancers to be more invested in general chat; so her talking to you may have been a distraction from her duties and something her boss didn't approve of. As Cindy pointed out, she may have been just trying to cover her own butt, with the reason being "I didn't welcome (cause) this distraction" ... She may not even been aware that he spoke to you or what was said to you. For all of these reasons, you need to have a conversation with her.
  6. Question About Belleza Mesh Bodies and Bento Hands

    Belleza is working on a Bento update. The delay from what I understood is that the HUD will also have to be updated; and it is quite possible that other changes are coming in the update as well. As much as I am looking forward to having Bento back (I also own Maitreya), I am going to wait it out and not go third party.
  7. Your Biggest SL Disappointment

    Teagan, more then likely if the garment does not fit the body it was labeled to have been rigged for; it was either not rigged properly by the creator or done experimentally and in some cases not labeled as such. I had the same issue you described a few years ago when I used a body by TMP. Unfortunately that body never gained widespread support (for varying reasons) and I grew tired of seeing all of the clothing I couldn't wear because it wasn't rigged for my body. I eventually threw in the towel, and bought a body by Maitreya and it made all the difference. While I do own bodies from other creators, there is no doubt that if you want to own a body with the widest support; it should be from Maitreya.
  8. Rental Prices -- Through the Roof? :D

    Of the 10 properties shown in the screenshot, 5 were being rented.
  9. Rental Prices -- Through the Roof? :D

    People are still people sending money to Nigeria to unlock their fortunes, so this doesn't surprise me one bit. Too bad some can't be bothered to comparison shop, or have a clue what fair pricing is.
  10. Your Biggest SL Disappointment

    btw, speaking of last names. Was "Darkfire" the Smith of SL? I can't tell you how many times I have seen that last name used. I'd be curious to learn about its genesis if there is a story to tell.
  11. Your Biggest SL Disappointment

    Phil, everyone is on an equal footing in regards to content creation. While the process of building has evolved and become more complex, so have the creations we are now able to make as a result of those new tools. Blender is free to use and available to everyone. So the choice really is up to the end-user. If by equal footing you mean artistic ability, well that is out of LL's hands. That new user to second life had access to all of the tools you did (as they do now) ... The lack of in-world shopping has more to do with the will of consumers, and less to do about LL. I for one still enjoy shopping in world from time to time, but I love the convenience and ability to locate items that I might never find just randomly roaming the grid. That freedom has allowed me to give business to those that I may not have discovered, if not for the marketplace.
  12. Is SLMP trying to destroy itself?

    Max, the marketplace was not created specifically for content creators. It was designed as a platform to buy and sell goods; so charging a fee solely for resale merchants to sell those goods would make no sense. If anything, those increased costs might then be passed on to consumers. No thanks! If a vendor feels that investing into 30 advertisements is worthwhile for their business, then that is their choice to make. I'd wager that many would argue that is probably overkill from a ROI perspective, but more importantly that marketing isn't coming without a cost. Is it fair? I think so. A larger business is going to have more profits to invest with; giving them an outlet to invest those profits and grow their business is healthy. Limiting the number of items I can upload daily accomplishes what? If I'm a vendor that is releasing one or more products with unique colors; now I'd be forced into having to upload it over one, two or even three days? All that does is creates a hassle for some vendors as well as consumers.
  13. I am not sure if I am alone on this, but if they're wearing a RLV collar (or what appears to be one) I usually don't pay any mind to it. If they have on a cute choker, well that is a different story.
  14. Furniture - Is there a furniture thread?

    I prefer (although not always possible) to have copy/mod rights on my furniture and decor items. As others have already pointed out, with copy rights, you can duplicate the item for use elsewhere. Outside of what Anya suggested; I also see the value in copy for the following reasons: If I mod a piece of furniture or an accessory, I can now have an original copy in addition to my modded copy. This saves me time, and allows me to more freely mod without worry. If you plan to change homes, or move at some point, but want to preserve your furnished home; you can pack it up in its entirety and still have the freedom to use any of those items in another build. If its no copy, you will have to pull those items prior to packing, or if you decide to pack the home with those items, you will not be able to use them until you unpack that home and retrieve them. With copy, you essentially have a backup. If you delete the item (either from your inventory or from in-world), you can just unpack another copy without having to deal with content creators or redelivery systems. In the cases of gacha items, you're SOL.
  15. I hadn't seen it mentioned before, but you can enclose the skybox in a dome. Typically they have sky settings, some offer weather effects, and they do also give a greater sense of privacy. I have seen some people do beachfront properties inside them and they were quite nice.