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  1. Asymmetrical tattoo

    Does the tat have to be made specific for that function to work properly on the SLINK body? (one arm)? That part I do not remember.
  2. getting a job

    I'd also suggest using the InWorld Employment forum. You can also look for application boxes at local establishments you frequent, or reach out to a member of management to see if any positions are available. If you're brand new to SL, you may have to wait anywhere from 30,60 or even 90-days (account age) before someone will even consider reviewing your application. Those applications typically have a general overview of the position and list of requirements. Networking is also a great way to find a job. Ask some of your friends if they work and where. Perhaps they can help you secure a job where they work.
  3. Help! Random disconnects from SL every 10 min.

    Actually SL puts a lot of demand on the processor; irregardless, before jumping to a conclusion of overheating ... Are you having this issue with any other games; anything that would put the system under load? If you don't have any games on your system you can download some free demos off of steam and see if they also cause any issues. Which viewer are you using and have you made any recent changes to either drivers or hardware on the system? What are your system specs?
  4. Some basic Mesh Avatar questions

    I have a tattoo like this one in the photo above. It may not be identical, but it is definitely a close match. Though from what I can remember, the wings do not span onto the arms. The entirety of it fit onto the shoulder blade area. It did include mesh appliers ... Definitely pick up some demos and experiment with different skins and cosmetics. You can then also test your prim attachments and see how they would look all before having to spend a dime. If you're on a budget you can pick up a static mesh head from Catwa for around 900L. Alternatively, Genesis Labs released a few bento models through gacha. I've seen some of those going for around 1200L.
  5. Some basic Mesh Avatar questions

    @Love Zhaoying Ariel is right, if you have the original work file or image it is be relatively simple to create an applier. The process only involves a few extra steps, but you will need that because the legacy tattoo layer is not going to show on your mesh body. If they do offer to make you an applier, as for the Omega version. That will give you the flexibility of using that tattoo on multiple bodies without having to need another unique applier. Have you decided which bodies or heads you are interested in?
  6. So I'm making videos...

    I'd suggest is doing a better job promoting the content on your channel in your videos. You also said the last video was quite long so you remade it. Is there any reason to watch other video? See how this could be a missed opportunity?
  7. TV issues

    It really doesn't help me. Thanks though! Anyone have an idea that isn't speculation?
  8. TV issues

    I don't use Chrome; that would from my understanding only be for those that use it.
  9. Hi! I am having an issue using my tv in world. I keep seeing the message "this plugin not supported" ... I know I had this issue in the past and it was I believe due to the version of flash I was downloading but I don't remember any of the specifics. Can anyone assist?
  10. Is anyone else playing GTFO! ?

    All you had to say was its like GTA without the fun and lag lmao. jk
  11. Instead of teleporting to a physical location, I hope more events go the way of Pocketgacha. No lines, play from anywhere and less overhead for the event organizers. The only issue would be for vendors with structures or furniture. Unless they provide some type of timed demo, there would have to be a physical location for people to preview those items. I assume that could be handled by the vendor or perhaps the even organizer could arrange it. There are a couple of ways I could see that being handled.
  12. About those smiley faces

    Not necessarily, it would depend on the context to determine its usage. I could think of multiple ways I would use it, but not all specific to discussing something secretive.
  13. I have been DC'd at tons of events and was able to log back in at the event without issue as a non premium member. On a few occasions I had also taken the time to reboot before logging back in and had no problems. So Chin may be right, the delay in registering that the user had left may be the culprit there, or there is some inherit mechanism built in that holds the place of that user for a short period of time.
  14. If anyone is being harassed by such a person, send them to me. Above the mantel in the babe cave my friends and I hung this:
  15. A store that constantly sells stolen content.

    @QuestionMarkk @Drake1 Nightfire Unfortunately copyright theft is all too common. There are users infringing upon other users original works, and then there are those who are infringing upon the works of others outside of SL and even claiming it to be "original" ... Sometimes, both happen. QuestionMarkk Outside of trying to expedite the process, LL is doing what is required of them by law. Doing anything beyond that could result in a liability suit. Talking about the problem is doing something. More creators need to be made aware of the process (you'd be surprised at how many don't) so they can take action if they so desire.