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  1. Like Penny suggested the animations themselves are going to interact differently depending how much of a variance there is between yourself and the avatars used as reference. Some HUD's do allow for some adjustment but not in all cases. While we're on the subject this will also influence how poses and other animations, like in AO's will interact with your avatar so its always advisable to demo when possible.
  2. Maitreya does have a demo so I'd suggest picking it up and playing with the breast sliders and see for yourself how that compares with your Lolas and if you're happy with the result. The Lolas are going to be redundant as Advena suggested. The other advantage is that there is a lot of product support for her mesh body so you'll be able to enhance the nipples, get piercings, tats etc ... If you do however want to go even bigger there are better options on the market today IMO.
  3. japanese mesh head

    IMO if you want Asian, check out FIORE. She has her own line of mesh heads, skins, hair and she also owns a clothing boutique. I know some 3rd party creators support her mesh heads but you won't find it in mass like you would with Lelutka and Catwa. What I really like about her head is that they do look distinctive. Unfortunately she is still in the process of creating a Bento model so you won't be able to customize the shape however she does offer variants (all available to demo) which do make them look more unique.
  4. Elisaisabel, I hear what you're saying—prior to the Bento line of mesh heads we were all forced into static shapes made specific to that model. In that regard it was a step backwards. For many of us (including myself) it was a trade-off worth making. At least now with Bento I have the option to further customize my head to suit my taste. Each brand does have a unique style which does make it distinguishable if you're familiar with all the brands—but with skins, cosmetics, shape and model (Bento or not) I can't say I have seen anyone that looks enough like me that I feel like I was a carbon copy. At least that was from my own perspective. Keep in mind that before all of this it just wasn't something we all thought about because we were all essentially using a legacy avatar.
  5. I figured there would be at least one of these ... <>
  6. Teagan, I completely understand where you're coming from. It would make sense from a customer service perspective to have better instructions through multiple mediums but fortunately the community has a ton of resources available (including this website) covering the more popular mesh bodies and components. Even YouTube as an example is a great source. The reality is that it isn't vastly different then it was when you first learned to how to customize your legacy avatar. Once you get some of the basics down you'll see its pretty straightforward. Just recently I had forwarded someone a video on the Maitreya body and it was less than 10-minutes. At the end their response was something along the lines of ... "duh, that makes total sense. Why couldn't I figure that out lol"
  7. The head shouldn't do that. I'd suggest unpacking another. Use the redelivery at the mainstore and pickup a new one. She was in the process of updating a few of the older Bento models so at the very least you'll have the new one if that update already came out. If it continues after then I'd suggest contacting Catwa direct. It may have just been a case where the head just bugged out. It happens ...I've had to swap my Bento head once already.
  8. @Marianne Little You mean like this??
  9. @Chic Aeon Agreed ... If that post had been about TMP I would have agreed but Maitreya support is on point. Of all the mesh bodies I own—TMP had the worst product support. It was getting old going to events and seeing all the cute stuff I "couldn't wear" ... To the OP, the decision is/was probably related to quality control. Due to the popularity of the body I am sure they have an over abundance of applications for dev kits. Could a personal relationship influence who, or how quickly someone gets a dev kit? Probably! But that isn't very different then what you might expect in a real world business environment now is it.
  10. I mentioned the setting for those like me who don't want or need a reminder of when to delete trash. ( ‘-’)人(゚_゚ )
  11. hmmm, verrrry interesting what we have here.
  12. Did you name her Helga? Its amazing how setting all the sliders to 50 and putting zero thought into it equated to a more desirable shape then the saddle riders of years past.
  13. omg!! Its been a few years since I looked at system feet. I don't miss those AT ALL! They actually look worse then I remember lmao Non open toe shoes and boots was my workaround back then until SLINK came along to save us all. Praise all that is holy
  14. Yuuusss! I have ran into that before Rhonda. I love the alpha save slots! I then label the outfit with the corresponding save slot #. Nice and ez!
  15. Contacting the seller is giving them the benefit of the doubt and a lot of bad reviews I've read could have been easily avoided had they contacted the seller directly for assistance. It also leads to be more accurate reviews.