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  1. Thoughts on the Town Hall meeting?

    100% agree Penny. It seems LL has good intentions, but as they say "the pathway to hell is paved with good intentions." They really need to tread carefully or they could potentially end up alienating a portion of their userbase. The last thing they should do is play this out like a pay-to-win scenario, where it becomes more of a requirement, rather then a benefit.
  2. Small / Developing Breasts

    I wish more vendors did this kind of add-on. I always hated how the chest looks on the HG body, the breasts always looked blocky to me and unfortunately the add-on doesn't seem to help that much. I'd definitely go smaller on my other bodies if the breasts didn't look totally inverted into my chest at anything below a 30 lol.
  3. GDPR is coming, and it affects you

    No, it generally means that someone is overly concerned with minute details. Sometimes it does, but sometimes the context or message can be lost (big picture) when people become too focused on any one specific detail and fail to recognize how it fits into the greater message.
  4. So many lonely people

    Meeting people in SL is a lot like meeting people anywhere in RL. Some people you just "click" with. Often times one good conversation is all you'll get, but you can't let that discourage you. I definitely agree that finding others with mutual interests helps a lot, but even more importantly it would help if people put effort into their message.
  5. Too Many RL Questions

    I have a lot of close friends in world, people that I have known for years that still don't know my first name, nor do I know theirs. I prefer to keep RL separate from SL for the most part, and outside of answering a few basic questions, that's where I prefer to leave it. I think you had an issue with it because you questioned their intent. Its kinda like some random guy giving you a compliment and you know what's probably coming next. I especially enjoy the sneak in questions, as if to mask their true intentions. It is a an obvious dance and I see it coming from a mile away. Most of the time I end up blocking them right away, on occasion I call them out on their lackluster attempt.
  6. Allow merchant advertising on the forum please.

    Your suggestion might seem to make a lot of sense, but the reason why those other platforms succeed in this role, is primarily due to the size of their user-base (they have a large reach). Flickr, for example, is a popular medium because it is visual, free to join and they have an App. In comparison, the forums would be a less then efficient way of gaining exposure and I'd suspect that it would eventually just turn into a sea of threads, with many brands getting lost in the shuffle. In other words, the audience you should be advertising too is elsewhere, and based on the tools other platforms have, it would just become redundant and IMO not very impactful.
  7. Perfect looking Asian avatar advice

    Also keep in mind that your windlight, combined with the use of other light sources can drastically alter the appearance of the skin. Your photo also appears to be overexposed. Are you also wearing a facelight? I'd also refrain from buying any shapes from someone that does not offer a demo unless its a must have, or you don't mind shelling out for something that might not give you the results you were looking for. In those cases, I'd suggest contacting the seller directly, if they do not want to provide a demo; could they at least show you what the shape looks like as advertised in world?
  8. Why No-Mod?

    I don't think Drake was advocating against a name change, that was someone else. The real question they are posing is, what happens when the creator isn't there to put the wee rumor to bed. His example was to illustrate how someone poorly modified his item, which then resulted in creating a negative association with the brand. Hopefully they disregarded the name, but It is these kinds of situations that are hard to quantify in terms of sales gained and or lost.
  9. 30 day restrictions and newbies.

    The 30-day is a prerequisite for many employers and for good reason. It is simply a process of elimination and for all of the points I made in my last post. God forbid someone has to wait 30-days and be relied upon to act in good faith as a brand ambassador for a business which may be well established. They don't know you, nor do they know your intentions and for many of them. they've heard it all before. It isn't personal, and they aren't saying they're not interested. It is a process ... With all due respect to the OP, they don't even know what they don't know yet.
  10. Why No-Mod?

    That is definitely one way of looking at it. I don't think the reason to want to modify an item is snobbish; not at all. There is also another reason why some people create, and that is for themselves. They create items they want to see in world and share it with the grid "as-is" in the form of a business. So you may pay for the creator's ability to make things you couldn't, but that item wasn't specifically made for you and may not always suit your purposes. Thankfully, in certain market segments, finding something else that will work isn't always impossible.
  11. Why No-Mod?

    I prefer to have mod privilege for anything decor related. I enjoy being able re-purpose and customize those items to suit my needs. So I can relate to the wishes of those in this thread that want more access to product which was mod, but at the same time, I can also respect the will of some creators that only wish to release a product that isn't (it is after all, their creation and if it is a product I adore, I am thankful they made it).
  12. Do I have to throw a party?

    I started out a little bit behind, but I finally crossed the finish line. Now to find a suitable title ... If anyone has any suggestions???
  13. Band Manager

  14. I do too sometimes, but I have a direct link to the feed so I don't have to be in world to take in all the glorious tunes.