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  1. It's the opposite for me, if it's available inworld and not on the MP, I'll buy it as long as it's copy/mod (except clothing). If it's only on MP, no sale (except clothing) .
  2. Hi there. Sorry to but in, but, to do so anyway. Just thought I would interject I'm one of the people who lost their job when it was outsourced to Mumbai. It's been downhill ever since. People need to know outsourcing doesn't increase profits in the long run because people won't be able to afford to pay the greedy price hikes. People wouldn't be demanding higher minimum wages if companies didn't keep hiking the prices out of pure greed need for larger profit margins and millions of dollars in bonuses and perks for the upper management.
  3. No, you don't know me. You only know yourself. You may not have met anyone who hasn't heard of them but that doesn't mean they don't exist. It only means that you don't know they exist. If you don't go outside of your "adult community" then there are tons of things you don't know about. Even those that do go outside of their regular communities don't know a lot of what goes in SL. It's simply not possible to know everything there is to know about SL and the people in it.
  4. I am not well known. Good chance that people who do not use mesh bodies or heads have never heard of either one. Most people in SL don't come to the forums, much less post on it. A for instance. Blueberry has been popular and "well known" for many years right? Most of those years, I never knew Blueberry existed. I stumbled on the store by accident one day not long ago. For such a "popular" and "well known" brand, I was not impressed. People and places in SL may be popular and well known in small circles but as far as grid wide goes, many will never know they exist.
  5. Too late I already called it! neener neener *pbbbbbbbt* 👅
  6. No one is any where near as "well known" in SL as they think they are. Not even the "top selling" merchants are "well known".
  7. You're right. It isn't what matters most. It's ALL that matters. *ba dum tish*
  8. Some of them are hired models, some are (registered) bots. Or that's how it used to be. Now they maybe mostly (if not all) bots. There are those who don't register them as bots. Just thought I'd mention that.
  9. Fabio. Ugh. I'm sorry but no one will ever come close to the works of Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, the woman who started the whole genre. I read her first two books when they were first published. So far, no one has ever topped those two books in the genre (I prefer scifi), not even Kathleen herself ever topped her first two. And you won't find Flabio on any of her original book covers. Oh. Sorry. I mean Fabio. Never did see him as a gorgeous hunk of man. Sure he had a great body but his face always turned me off. He still Can't Believe It's Not Butter. 🤭
  10. People need to get it in their brains that there is no way to completely eliminate copybotting without eliminating all viewers except LL's. No script or anything else is going to prevent copybotting. Do people really want to turn the clock back and be forced to use a viewer that doesn't have many of the features we have grown accustomed to having and using? I certainly hope not since doing so would have a huge negative impact on resident experience. For instance the photography tools. Just think of all the beautiful images we would never have had if it weren't for third party viewers (TPVs) developing them. Not LL.
  11. Oh. The non sexual ones are known as historical or fantasy romances. Most of them are just as bad, imo. I mean, why watch it or read it when you can do it? Even if it is only in SL. 🤭
  12. If you remember a name you could look through their postings (the list that comes as "content") or if you posted in the thread you could go through your own. I can usually find what I'm looking for that way when search fails me.
  13. But... there wasn't any hose thus proving Pinky right.
  14. What the hell is "reading a bodice ripper"? Wait. Never mind. I don't want to know.
  15. So, because I don't like having sex shoved in my face inworld all the time, I'm a weirdo and a prude. Funny that, since not one person has bothered to get to know me and learn what I am really like. Oh well. Their loss.
  16. I finally realized I'm wasting my worry on some that don't really deserve it. Deserve isn't the word I really want to use but since I can't come up with a better one it will have to do for now.
  17. Hey! We do have something in common. lol
  18. I'm sorry. I was just trying to be funny.
  19. I knew you were going to say that. Likely story. Are you going to stick to it? 🤭
  20. I'm not going argue about it. They don't need to do all that. There are other "non-technical" ways. I'm sure if you put a little time into thinking about it you'd come up with one or two.
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