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  1. I don't know if you realized this yet but this forum probably isn't the best place to look for...what you are looking for. Everyone here is is a jokey joke joke jokester. You'd probably have better luck in-world at certain sims.
  2. Fair point, actually. The idea as a whole is very good but I do think that should be shorted out. It's all about being accommodating and welcoming to all believers, right?
  3. I don't see how dating on SL is all that different than having a long distance relationship...And even if it was can't the whole "seriously you need to get out more RL" be applied to everything done on the internet/SL. Regardless, I hope you find what/who you are looking for OP!
  4. Is this bait or are you serious? Because if you are serious and are really not doing anything offensive (like portraying a race that's not your own in a stereotypical or harmful way) then I don't see why you'd come here with what I'm reading as anger while trying to justify yourself. But maybe I'm over thinking this because my gut's telling me this is bait to cause drama. Disengaging now.
  5. I didn't play long enough to really get ghosted a lot but it happened twice. Once a person I seemed to get along with nicely added me on their friends list. I saw them online several times after that, even sent them a message. They never responded. No big deal I guess. The second one was a bit funnier. I got along with this guy way more than anyone else I had met in SL. We were about to add each other as friends, but then he said "Okay, I've got a serious question. Favorite anime?" We are both anime fans, this had been established earlier in the convo. He, in what I thought was a joking manner said "Think hard. This is important!" I didn't have to think hard. I knew my favorite anime. He didn't like my favorite anime. I didn't like his. We argued for like 15 minutes over our choice of Japanese cartoons and then he blocked me. I'm not even mad because looking back on it that was pretty hilarious. And people say anime fans are insane...
  6. I got nothing. I posted in the wrong thread
  7. The last time I logged on I ran into someone with a very nice, well put together avatar. I said hello and complimented their avatar and asked what bento head they used (I was genuinely curious because it looked unique). All-in-all I attempted to strike up a conversation. Their response? Thanks. They didn't even answer the question! And then proceeded to walk past me. For a social game she was very anti-social. Maybe she was busy, I'll give her that, but she was definitely rude. I hate it when people, in the virtual world or real world, are stuck up.
  8. It was probably me. Just let mine go about 6 minutes ago.
  9. Really I suppose the answer doesn't matter, I'm just curious. I'm not having fun on Second Life anymore. It was a short lived moment of fun. I think I have waaay more fun on the Forums than in-world. In fact I might stay on the forums but that's neither here nor there. I have one of the new Premium homes and just wanted to know if when I let it go will it just disappear into the ether or will someone who didn't get to get one earlier possibly have a chance to snag it? I hope the latter. If not I'd kind of feel bad for taking one when I know so many really wanted one, only to have me leave a couple weeks later.
  10. Thank you! Time to do some shopping
  11. Actually, this helped a lot. I know how to unpack and rez. The idea of losing what is put down if I move or whatever is a bit disconcerting, to say the least. Can you recommend any good inworld stores to visit so I can look at furniture? I've already learned Market Place can be a little deceptive (i.e. I've bought a few avatars that look awful in world no matter what edits I make but look great on MP)
  12. I feel like I might have posted this originally in the wrong thread so I am posting it here too. I'm really tired of my empty home lol I've got a new Linden home but have absolutely no furniture as of right now to put down in it. I've only recently found out you can hire decorators! So that seems the way to go. I'll need a little help with how to do things (no idea how I allow people to edit my home) but if you are willing to be patient with me then I am willing to pay. I am looking for soft, feminine designs throughout the house. Not princess-y, so to speak but close to it. Colors I prefer aka color themes I will like to stick close to as possible are soft pink and pale blues and light lavenders and whites. I also like fuzzy and fluffy things but that isn't a requirement, just a bonus. I play as a vertically challenged human dragon (long story, don't ask lol) so though tall people stuff is fine please keep in mind I'm the size of a child so chairs that are perfect for giantesses who wear foot tall boots and already stand 6'feet won't look all that nice in my home. Please let me know your price upfront after/if you decide to come to look at my traditional home. That way I can tell you if I can afford it or not and I won't waste anyone's time. Thank you for reading.
  13. How does your avatar look today? The same as it looks every day. Well, maybe not exactly. I think I'm going crazy but she looks even more unimpressed than usual.
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