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  1. Many of them are also in the Library
  2. Problems like those above can be caused by your home router not being able to handle the volume of UDP traffic being sent and received by the viewer. Have you tried power cycling your cable modem and/or router?
  3. Exactly so. Since uplift, all http-out requests from simulators go through shared proxies (as I explained in another thread). It used to be that scripts that ignored error responses and repeated the requests only impacted the performance of that one region, but now they also impact both the performance and reliability of other scripts across the grid making requests, but they also harm the reputation of SL (causing hosting providers to block access from our services). By sending these error reports, we're trying to get owners to discontinue using scripts that are just repeating requests that don't work.
  4. About 11 years ago I was working for a big multinational that had acquired the startup where I'd been for several years, and decided I needed a job with more fun and more job satisfaction. I put out the word on my professional network and got a response from a colleague who was a Linden at the time. I interviewed with several people at the Lab (half my interviews were in-world using an account I'd had for some years), and after much thought I joined the Lab as the Director of Open Source. It turned out to be one of the best career decisions I ever made. My job evolved over the years, but through it all I got to work with brilliant, passionate, and committed people and got to know many residents. I've never worked anywhere that was as much fun (a Linden who returned to SL after some time away said recently that he'd forgotten how often the SL team laughs in the course of a normal day). More importantly, I got to work on a product users really enjoy using and that makes a big difference in the lives of many of its users - for me there's no greater source of job satisfaction. Some time ago, I reached the point that I could afford to think about retiring but decided to stay to finish moving SL to its new cloud platform. I can't imagine a better last act in my working life than ensuring that Second Life has this better platform for its future growth. Now that project is done (well, except for a few loose ends), and it's time for me to move on to the next phase of my life. I want to emphasize in the strongest possible terms: my decision has nothing at all to do with the change in ownership of the Lab; the timing really is a coincidence. If anything, I regret that I have overlapped with them for only a few weeks; in that time (and in the time leading up to the change) I have come to respect and appreciate the skills and energy they bring to the company. There aren't many jobs that come with a new nickname; this got me one I'll always cherish, but it's time for me to set aside my Linden last name. I leave Second Life in great hands, and have every confidence that it has a great future. - Oz PS. My official last day is Feb 26th.
  5. Unfortunately, this is the biggest reason. The user interface system in the viewer does not currently support right-to-left text.
  6. This is the symptom that you get if something is dropping your UDP packets. Check all the firewalls on your system and network.
  7. ... but please don't do that with a timer that fires more often than once every few minutes; it's a waste of the simulator script time to check more frequently than that.
  8. Not so. I hate to break it to you, but you can't see most of the people who do the most of the real work. That position was filled internally, not cancelled.
  9. I missed the question (I had a lot going on outside the meeting and was multitasking, sorry). I do my best not to predict dates because it doesn't add anything when I'm right, and does a lot of harm when I'm wrong. We have one of our most skilled developers devoted to getting map tile generation working again - it's one of those things that hadn't been touched in a long time and needed more work than we expected.
  10. It's peripherally related. That product uses a HUD in the target region. When rezzed, the HUD provides a UUID key that you need to enter into the controller program on your PC. That key is part of the URL for the HUD, but the domain name part of that URL has also changed. If you have modifiable source, you can modify the HUD to put out its full URL instead of just the key, and modify the controller to use that URL instead of constructing one using a fixed domain and that key. If you don't, then I'm afraid it's permanently broken.
  11. No. Doing so would make it easier to use SL as a spam source.
  12. As others have guessed, one backend service has a bug. We hope to fix it quickly after the holidays. You can still buy regions by putting in a Support request.
  13. What you describe matches what happens when a firewall is dropping messages between your viewer and the simulator. Check your antivirus and windows firewall.
  14. Your note is a pretty good summary of the current situation, and aligns with the data we have about region crossings. To be clear ... we didn't actually set out to improve object region crossing times (it had been on our list, but we had not gotten to it), but as part of moving the simulators we discovered a serious flaw in how it worked and the fix made the performance of object crossings much better. This has had the unfortunate effect of reversing the usual crossing order - it used to be that the avatar usually beat the vehicle to the region, and now it sometimes comes out the other way. Add the effects of some changes that were needed to the script scheduler for other reasons, and what we've got is a considerably different environment than vehicle scripts used to have. Not all of them are adversely affected, but it's certainly true that some are. All but the last few things have been moved, and while there's always cleanup work to do, we do expect to be able to spend some time early next year on performance issues, including some that we believe should make a positive difference to the problems you describe. As for the object rezzing issues, we've recently added new metrics in the viewer that are reported back to our statistics gathering system that we will try to use to understand why some users are affected and not others.
  15. Wait... when did we stop punching game counters out of sheets of die-cut cardboard? Did I miss a memo?
  16. Yes, I know 🙂 This is a temporary situation... the data needed to generate the maps has been moved to AWS, but the code that does the work has not yet. Because of how the datacenter version expected to fetch that data, it was not possible for us to make it work until the code has been moved too. That move is in progress and shouldn't be too much longer (sorry, I don't want to jinx the developer by setting a date).
  17. The higher ping times are probably the source of your vehicle problems. It remains to be seen how much we can improve those - it's something we will be working on very soon. Your FPS and rezzing problems sound as though they are actually viewer issues unrelated to the uplift per se, unless you're also experiencing high packet loss (the stat immediately under Ping Time in the [official] stats floater)...
  18. It turns out that this was the result of the Gmail outage... for some time during the outage, when we tried to send mail Google was incorrectly reporting that the destination address did not exist, causing our system to block sending any future emails to it. We cleared all the blocks we had added since shortly before the outage began and mail started flowing again normally. We need to improve our ability to diagnose that kind of situation, but otherwise the problem appears to be resolved.
  19. https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/0cdbkqlb6vsr
  20. https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/3mnd3071dh9p
  21. https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/3mnd3071dh9p
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