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  1. The "Darn, you have been logged out..." message usually means that some part of the communication between your viewer and the simulator has been blocked. If you're not having problems with other programs, then the most likely culprit is that some firewall feature on your system is blocking the viewer.
  2. Thanks for the detail, Prokofy. It isn't our intention that SLURLs would trigger the update check; we'll fix that. Some of the other cases you mention are harder to explain, especially When crossing sims When teleporting between sims (after you arrive) from a landmark or someone's sent TP When you are just flying around inworld on one sim. but I'll alert our QA people to be watching for those. If you can narrow down a specific circumstance, by all means let us know.
  3. Our viewer doesn't have that message anywhere. It would help if you described the problem very precisely. One of the changes we made with the new updater is that it is only supposed to check for new viewers when you first launch, and for any optional upgrade it silently does the download in the background so that you're not bothered by the option until the new viewer is ready to be installed. If what you're seeing is the new updater, then it's running when it shouldn't.
  4. From the System Requirements page: if for some reason you really can't upgrade your OS, for some time there is a viewer available from the Alternate Viewers Obsolete Platforms page on the wiki that may work for you, but it will get no updates for new features or even for bug fixes.
  5. Please create a Jira bug report for this Create a bug How to report a bug In particular, please include the SL_Launcher.log file from your log directory with your report.
  6. Please file a Jira for this: https://jira.secondlife.com/ Look in your logs directory and see if there is an SL_Launcher.log file and/or and SL_Launcher.old file; if they are there, please attach them to the Jira.
  7. A jira would be welcome. Be sure to specify the site that you're having a problem with. It may be that we need to update the Certificate Authority roots in the simulator.
  8. Done: '''If you have created shortcuts to run the viewer, you should update them to run the new SL_Launcher executable (if you don't, the viewer will complain when you run it, and updates won't work). Note that on a 64 bit Windows, this viewer will be installed in a different folder (Program Files, per Windows convention).'''
  9. That would be nice, but we'd have to search your entire filesystem to find them all... not really good practice.
  10. Delete your shortcut for the viewer and create a new one that points to the new install. There are a few ways this can happen, but what is almost certainly happening to you is that you have the old viewer installed in different location than the new one is going into, and your shortcut points to the old one. When you run the shortcut, it sees that there is an upgrade and installs it, but does not delete the old install. Next time you use the shortcut, you do the same thing again.
  11. You used ["<html><body>", ", ", "</body></html>"] but it should be ["<html><body>", ",", "</body></html>"] note that there is no space following the comma that's inside quotes. That list specifies the parts of the string to be removed and treated as separators when constructing the list; since there are no spaces following the commas in the string returned by the shoutcast service, you get a list containing a single string that includes everything but the tags.
  12. One point we'd like to correct: Moving to the cloud does not necessarily mean that we would stop running regions without avatars in them. For the time being at least, our goal is to run SL and its regions just as we do now - full time, with a substantially similar schedule for when and how they are upgraded. Doing otherwise could, as some have correctly pointed out here, introduce problems with backwards compatibility and mobility. Whether or not we will also be able to create new land products that are not always running, how to decide when they run and when they don't, and what the pricing might be for such offerings are among the things we've had discussions around internally, but not made any decisions about yet. The cloud will broaden what we might do in this and a number of other exciting ways, and we look forward to exploring them, but that will happen only after we've gotten the current service uplifted.
  13. That version of the post would make a great New Feature Request: Log in to jira.secondlife.com with your SL account Pick Create Issue (near the top right) Change the issue type from 'Bug' to 'New Feature Request' Put that nice clear description into the issue We really do read all of those, and we act on a lot of them.
  14. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Alternate_Viewers#Second_Life_Release_Channel Try the Voice viewer at that URL; it has helped many people with connection problems.
  15. What problem are you trying to solve? If a login fails because the region is full, you can just select another location and try again... and Alwin is correct that you can set a preference to show your favorite locations as a menu on the login screen (that's in the LInden viewer too, Alwin)
  16. Animations are allowed to make small changes in position - otherwise dances would be pretty limited, for example. I rather like an animation that makes my avatar sit in a lotus position a few feet above the ground, for example, but as far as the simulator is concerned, I have not moved. Deliberately obnoxious people will sometimes use this to make it appear that they have entered land from which they are banned; if they're still within 10 meters of the edge, they haven't really crossed the boundary, they're just using an animation that displaces their appearance over it. Granted, on a small enough parcel that can still be annoying, but like much of Second Life that's a compromise between conflicting legitimate needs.
  17. When the microphone is greyed out and you don't have a voice dot over your head, it means that you're not connected to the voice service. Assuming you're at a place where voice is allowed, that usually means some problem with the network between you and the voice service (which is different than between you and the simulator). It often works to just disable and re-enable voice in your preferences (for voice purposes that's the same as logging out and logging back in, but is much quicker). We have been working on voice connection issues, and have a Release Candidate viewer that has some fixes that many people have found improve reliability: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Alternate_Viewers
  18. That restriction is deliberate, and if there are ways to circumvent it they are bugs. Note that when you displace your avatar with an animation, all you are doing is moving where the avatar is drawn in the viewer. The simulator doesn't process animations, it just passes the animation id to any viewer that can see you; it has no idea what the animation is doing; you're not really moving the position of the avatar as far as the simulator is concerned. This sometimes leads to some odd effects.
  19. any 10.* address is a private address of some kind - it is one of the address ranges reserved for private use, and is not routable on the public internet. You may be able to find what is failing by looking in your viewer log file. See finding your log file. If you find out what it is, file a bug.
  20. Port 80 is the standard port for HTTP. It could be any number of things. Since that address is your VPN address for something rather than the real address, there's no way to know what it is.
  21. There are some previous builds that on some Windows versions may produce this error ... sorry, we think it won't happen updating from this new one to whatever comes next... Please download and install from http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Alternate_Viewers#Second_Life_Release_Channel [edit] To be a little more clear... the Error 22 problem is actually a bug in the update code of the older build that happens on some Windows systems, not a bug in the new build. We put a lot of effort into trying to ensure that the updater is solid before we put out a viewer precisely to avoid this kind of problem, but this one got by us - Sorry. Manually installing the new build won't crash (at least not for that reason ). As of this writing, we've had about a thousand users upgrade successfully (one way or another), and while the number of users and sessions is way too small to be a valid test, the very early numbers show a much lower crash rate than before (and lower than the default build).
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