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  1. SL won't let me log into my acc, and a lot of other people are having trouble as we speak, a Social Media of a specific group is having the same problem saying they can't log in. And that they're stuck at the login screen. Clearly I am not the only one with this problem =( Someone must've spilled MTN dew on the servers while reaching for a Chicken Nugget.
  2. Is there a way to even get windlight back. I'd have to spend 10 - 20 minutes per photo with the WL settings. Now I feel like it just adds a lengthier photo shoot. I was already used to the WL settings. it's pretty dumb how we cannot have both features in one. And Seriously sure some may prefer the EEP version, but if I want to take a quick photo WL is prob the go to for easy access and good quality.
  3. all of my Windlight presets are missing. I don't know how to get all of the windlight settings that I've been using since day one. I dunno if something happened or what. There was always a loooong list of WL sky settings and now I only have two sky preset settings. https://imgur.com/a/W0shCqT What is going on. Can someone please help get back all the original windlight presets pls and thank you.
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