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  1. I am now six months pregnant and I am waiting for the birth in a few months, but the question is what are the delivery arrangements that I must follow to register my child and obtain a birth certificate, and what are the best types of children that can be acquired and are cheap. Please help me to be happy. Thank you
  2. Thanks for the reply and clarification .. I agree with what you mentioned especially that I use Google Translate, but it is often disastrous For your information, all of my responses are translated from Arabic to English through Google Translate.
  3. أنا أقابل عرب كثيرين في السكند لايف من السعودية ومصر ولبنان والكويت ولكن أغلبهم يدخلون على فترات متقطعة
  4. Thanks for the response and clarification, but what I mean is that when I write in Arabic the letters are inverted and not interconnected because there is a correlation in the words of the Arabic language, unlike the English language, which consists of letters stacked next to each other. Also, I think all viewers do not support Arabic
  5. Welcome I am an Arab woman who speaks Arabic and I love life in Second Life, and I wish that the Arabic language would be supported by writing and commenting. I thank everyone for their kind efforts in this beautiful virtual world.
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