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  1. Yea Ceka, so what is on that Photo you show here sooooo bad? My Photo i was wearing a Bellytop, Breasts covered total, and those Crazys set it to restricted. Don´t be mad with me Guys, but, lets leave out the Virtual, when we all look in Reality, we walk on Streets, or somewhere else like in Lingerie Shops Real, so i have to admit, we have Advertising Walls with nude Breasts on it or even naked People for some silly Product and does Police or some Moral Authority care about that, worse, in Austria we have no Moral Authority or Moral Police Force! How often i was in Cinema Real, before 3 Y
  2. I am now almost four Years with Flickr, worked my Way hardly up to a better Bloggr and Secondlife Model and here comes some Truth, no one will ever tell you, what i get told!!! 1.) The damn Flickr Team deactivates from all Free Acc Users, when they think, for them its too nasty, the Likes you give to others! WHY? i saw it everytime i liked my Followers, Photos i already liked two Times were UNLIKED AGAIN! And no, i check that always back two or three Times, so the LIKE IS ACTIVE! 2.) On all your own Blogs, you all have, Flickr takes the Right and prohibits us to post our Thank You
  3. Many Woman in RL over Europe, they think Catwalk Model Body Forms are ridiculous and absolutely mad. 🤣 Who like Hungerhooks, many i know, say: Phaa, Bones are for the Graveyard! Btw, i know many of your high Nosed, sick arrogant Babes over there, poor People, who think, they r somewhat better Society! 👎👎👎 Oh and one last Thing, go anywhere else and play Troublemaker, we want Peace here and discuss!
  4. Hey Momy, Dumbo is back from his Vacation........😆😂😁🤦‍♀️😃🤣
  5. No Critic to America, i love the Country, BUT and here it comes, what Motto do American Women live by? Beauty Madness and the Ideal of the perfection in Beauty. That´s the only Thing, where my Coffee comes back up! Do we look, who is No 1 with Fashion Runway, Usa, than Paris. And how many Real Models already died, of stick the Finger in the Throat and vomit, so they don´t get a tiny bit Weight more or even ate Cotton wool, yea i readed this already on Websites and saw it in Docus. Tell what this is, pure Idiocy, false arrogance and ignorance! Now a new Law, forced Fashion D
  6. And what i saw until now by every Skin Designer, the Skin on the Toes, no matter what Mesh Body look weird, dark traces mixed with the seam of the Skin. I dont know why non of them get that perfectly done, so my Toes dont look like i dip them in Chocolate or mud.
  7. Than we would run around like 2010, Standard, edgy ugly Avatars, as it was, when i started 2008 🥱 boring.
  8. Lillith, but i got with my Inithium Kupra Body and Original Feet from the same in Oushk High Heels the same Look, that you see a bit the Toelines. Later i zoomed deep in into the Heels and saw, that the Heels were much bigger than my Toes can reach the end.
  9. Cause so many complain about big Breasts, in Real Life we say, well, thats Mother Nature gave us real big Breasts or she gave us tiny Boobies, why all complain in SL always naaa that Size is 100% Ugly, there are Elite Models Real with big Breasts, Actresses and Por......stars, and you can bet, many of them are very beautyfull and sexy. What you said about Animare, i got that too, and what is the bad Side on it One Hand you can rotate to 64 and the other only to 32, i mean, come on and as soon as you bend the Handpalm too much down or up, your Handpose looks like you r a Monster. Animare g
  10. Uhm, her Pose is 100% correct, in SL most Poses Arms stick in Body or in Mesh Clothes and even Legs stick into each other and such Poses, like the new Image i show you, you can never reach with an Ordinary ANIMARE!
  11. But you know what the Program POSER 3D is? Huh? I had POSER 3D a long Time and those Mesh Models are of Ultra High Polygons, so you wont find the tinyest Edge on Breasts, Butt or Ellbows, Curves Face,Head! As i had POSER 3D i tryed to upload one Model as a Mesh Body, the Li would have blown up the SIM, it was about more than 150.000 Li, now you can imagine how many Polygons such a 3D Model from POSER 3D has! And thats not all, even Hollywood use such POSER 3D Models already for Animated Movies, the newest Games like Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Detroit become Human etc. I ca
  12. We are now in the 21st Century, technological we are so far, that we could do almost everything, so ... i asked myself, this----> Why is it not possible for Linden Lab, to give us such Avatars in HD, like the Girl from POSER below i added? When you all take a Minute and look to those Breath taking Forms and Perfection, also Beautyness, a Dream would become true, if everyone of us could have such Avatars. Now i ask all of you, will it be possible in the near Future, that we can have such Bodys instead of the Standard we must use now? Also look at her POSE, there is everyt
  13. So yesterday i talked with Toxic Bish herself and she said her Skin is even not from Second Life, its a private Design and she got only that one, sadly. Well than i can only wait until Pepegirl IM me beack for the JAE Skin. Ty all so much for your help
  14. So finaly i know her Mesh Head GENUS and the Skin could be from Pepe Named "JAE" but unfortunately he hasn´t it in his Mainstore, only those Zodiac Skins and they r sorry look for my Taste too Childish, like almost 14 years old Girl. Yea that Shape i got and for this i would need Skin: JAE! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Detox-Shape-Candy-Bento-Shape-Catya/16912770 I wrote Pepegirl already with NC, hope she comes online to see it, cause she seems rarely On. Tysm
  15. Tysm Katt, i got already the Skin, where she wears on the Image some pink Clothes, but know what the Problem was later, you dont get the correct Shape, to look exact as her Skin Photo. I will ask her those Days, what Mesh Head she uses, maybe she shares that Info. In the Stylcard is a Shapename, but to my bad bad luck, the Shop doesnt have those, weird, na. Maybe too old? And Rowan, that Skin from MP you said, doesnt look in anyway like hers. 😢 Tysm
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