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  1. In an empty sim, look for the Trash folder. Empty it. Go looking for the "Lost and found" folder, empty it as well, completely. Empty the Trash folder again. Relog. Change outfit. You will be rezzed (Hopefully)
  2. WORKED!!! I could hug you LOTS. For everyone else: Go looking into the Trash folder. Empty it. Go looking for the "Lost and found" folder, empty it itself. Empty the Trash folder again. Relog. You will be rezzed.
  3. (Deleted after having found the issue, look further)
  4. Found the way to make it work. Be sure to delete everything you find into the Trash bin AND the Lost and Found Folder. Then relog. Hope this helps
  5. (Deleted after having found the issue, look further)
  6. Uh oh. So it seems that when I finally could SEE myself (and be seen by others) I just had a HUGE moment of luck. Anyway, I'm sure I had the Metachat problem, because I just still can see the offending folders (the infamous Current Look ones) in the inventory. But I thought LL just found the way to bypass them. Not the case, apparently, and I'm very sorry for that because it means that NOONE else but me was able to feel good again. What did I do? I don't know. I spent some time trying to shuffle the folders: I just jumped into the ONLY Current Look folder I could open and changed the four or five items I could find there with some original baseline items, trying to see if there was any way to Rez. I did it twice, if I remember well: the first time I did it two or three days after the problem manifested, and with some tweaks here and there, this way I managed to see a very bad version of me. Then tried putting on another outfit and yes, it worked. But NOONE else could see me for hours, anyway, so I knew it was just a temporary fix. And when I reloaded, I was again a puff of smoke for everyone. I put aside this amateur fix for some days. Then tried it again the very same day I found my looks back, if I do remember well, just to kill time. But I couldn't make it work, so I was desperately trying to remember what I had already done days before and was wondering what I was doing wrong. Then I logged off and then, some hours later, I logged on again and *wham*, here I was, and this time everyone could see me, I was able to change looks, put on my fav outfit and was even able to log off and coming back on without becoming a smoke ball again. So I thought the fix was on, and I never thought about it again. Just too happy to see everything back to the way it used to be. It seems now that It was not the case: apologize to those who were living the illusion the fix was imminent. It was not, and still it isn't, it seems. All I can do is sharing my experience, hoping someone could be able to have the very same luck I had just mixing and messing with the folders contents. Right now, all I can say is that all I'm wearing DOES NOT go to the Current Outfit Folder but in the Current Look one, where I can find everything I'm currently wearing and everything I put on from time to time. The Current Outfit Folder is full of things I AM NOT wearing, an outfit I had on BEFORE starting to change again for good. And I changed much, even the mesh body. Everyone is seeing me right now, Hope this helps, Peace
  7. Just to announce that the fix has been deployed, after all this waiting, and it worked smoothly on me. I still got the offending folders where the Metachat app put them, I don't dare touching them, but I can see myself and my friends DO see me, at last. A big "thank you" to every Linden involved. KM
  8. Appreciate the time you spent to show me how i could mend the issue. Thanks a lot, Henri! Promise i will spend my time on it: somehow I have to kill the wait until LL will intervene, and I could even be faster. Lets keep working...
  9. https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/3mnd3071dh9p Those who don't know what I'm talking about, over here will find a short resume, the page LL dedicated to the incident. I'm here to try to do a small count of the people affected. Being a user of the infamous Metachat app, i've been hit by the issue on wednesday 25th. Issued a ticket immediately after seeing two new folders appearing in my inventory (the "Current Look" ones you can see in the attached file). Folders I cannot touch and, of course, delete. We were just before Thanksgiving. Had a first automatic reply by LL immediately; then three replies along the next days by the kind Dottie Linden. I've been reassured they will fix the issue, so I am patiently waiting. Is a ten days wait for an issue like this just normal? Is it taking longer than usual? Will it take weeks? Months? Just to know. Peace,
  10. I appreciate the tone and i can't but agree with you. That's the reason i NEVER write about issues, and I had some along the years. Let's simply wait, time will tell and hopefully help me becoming more wise. About the problem, though, I use the reg SL viewer, have The Thanksgiving Bakefail, don't want to use a text based viewer to try to fix the issue because i don't trust myself enough and don't have a WinPC to run it, i do believe LL people will help me someday and I'm slowly losing contact with some people in SL I'd love to keep close. That's all Peace again,
  11. Lovely lesson, not really useful. I thought it was obvious I am affected by the infamous Thanksgiving Bakefail. And yes, I have already tried every single step of the "years old infos". I'm not sort of a newbie, Alwin, and I never complain for the many issues SL has. The problem is that ONLY LL can work on my system folders, and it's them that have been messed up by the lousy app i've been using, that Metachat viewer I have now deleted from my iPhone and purged with fire. Silly me, using that crap. I sent a ticket the very same wednedsay I had the problem, after spending some hours trying every fix. Received an answer only on monday, then no more news. Alwin, I can't help but wondering how you would feel in my shoes, so to say: i KNOW the issue, I KNOW i cannot fix it, all I can do is waiting. Wouldn't you write some lines to kill the time? Peace,
  12. No, you aren't the only one, but LL seems nonchalant about it, anyway. To me, its a week as a cloud. Just figure how i could feel.
  13. Had a reply from LL. Sorry for the inconvenience, they hope they will be quick BUT, basically, they don't know when they are going to fix it. I'm on my sixth day as a cloud. I could get the Radegast viewer and try to fix it myself, I guess: i could borrow a WinPc, load the viewer, try not causing another mess and delete the offending folders. But wtf. I know it's my fault because I trusted a third party app (Metachat), but I feel so lost. *shrugs*
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