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  1. No, not using any antivirus...nothing has changed with my settings or my ISP (in the states) Just all of a sudden, been having trouble
  2. That would be great!!
  3. Thanks )
  4. Yes, I'm around Thank you for the birthday wishes
  5. Thank you
  6. Long time, no see....hope all is well, and thanks for thinking of me
  7. Lol, Maddie...wish you could have done that for me in RL The snow got here before we could get everything raked. Ummmm, no way, DT...I will speak with them Thanks for the visit and the wonderful donation. Make sure you come back in a couple of weeks and check out the snow <3
  8. Awww...thank you for saying that <3
  9. Sure! Post what you are seeking in one of these categories.... Good luck
  10. When I needed some help with my listing, someone told me to try sending the email to morgan instead of the editors...IDK, it worked in my case because the next day, my listing was correct Good luck!
  11. I just have a little note in my "upon death" paperwork, here at home. It tells my password and other pertinent info, so a member of my family can come in and notify friends or make a statement
  12. When I heard of this on another site, I pulled up on the map, the sim that they named...from the topographical view of the map, it did look exactly like the other sim Can't say about individual content down there, but from above, had the same layout, etc...I believe her
  13. Like you, since I've begun in 2007, this has been a constant complaint. Personally, if tier were cheaper, I would take on another sim/HS. You have my signature
  14. Thank you!!
  15. Thank you!!