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  1. Subject line says it all :( ETA: I was afraid you were going to say that :( Thanks for the reply...
  2. What is up with the servers?

    No, not using any antivirus...nothing has changed with my settings or my ISP (in the states) Just all of a sudden, been having trouble
  3. What is up with the servers?

    The last 2 or 3 days, alll rezzing of textures is horrible! Takes forever :(
  4. if they do not have that particular environment setting in their viewer? ETA: Thank you, just wanted to double check :P
  5. The Trace has reopened!!!

    Come's awash in color!!!
  6. Last chance for winter...

    That would be great!!
  7. Last chance for winter...

    The Trace Too will close beginning Feb 24th for seasonal change :)
  8. Happy Birthday Kylie Jaxxon

    Thanks )
  9. Happy Birthday Kylie Jaxxon

    Yes, I'm around Thank you for the birthday wishes
  10. Happy Birthday Kylie Jaxxon

    Thank you
  11. Happy Birthday Kylie Jaxxon

    Long time, no see....hope all is well, and thanks for thinking of me
  12. Seasonal Changeover

    Lol, Maddie...wish you could have done that for me in RL The snow got here before we could get everything raked. Ummmm, no way, DT...I will speak with them Thanks for the visit and the wonderful donation. Make sure you come back in a couple of weeks and check out the snow <3
  13. Seasonal Changeover

    The Trace Too, will be closed beginning December 1st for it's seasonal changeover to Winter :)
  14. The Trace Too

    The Trace has reopened for autumn...come visit, the colors are spectacular :))
  15. Prim available count

    Back again with the same problem...I am constantly losing prim availability when nothing new has been rezzed. Last night when I signed off, I had 69 available. I signed in this morning, I have 38 available :( The difference is always in the "owned by parcel owner" and/or under my name in object owners. No one knows my password to use my avi, it has not been compromised because my money is still there, and I've gone through the whole region....there is nothing new or things that should not be there. Not ghosted prims because I haven't been inworld during this time to rez anything. This is a big problem for me...I am constantly having to take objects away to make prims available for my blogging efforts up on my platform :( I just don't get it...any advice? ETA: @Markham....I'm techno challenged :( What am I looking for in that linkset? There are a lot of items in there, I have over 3500 prims rezzed. Nothing looks out of the ordinary or stands out to me.... @Lindal...yes, I have fields of flowers, butterflies and dragonflies. But none of them look like they are reproducing or making new. They all look like the same amount, when I watch them. How would I know for sure if temp rezzers? @Lindal...not temp rezzers. To either one of you....I'm now down to 1 prim available. I have noticed the difference is showing up in selected/sat upon. I thought that didn't take away from prim count? Could that be it? But it doesn't explain, that in the last 2 weeks or so, I've lost approx 200 prims on top of this :( ETA: I just did a region restart and it cleared out the sat upon, but my available prim count is still at 1 :( ETA: @Ohjiro...Thank you so much for noticing that!! Problem is, although it let me delete the van, the ivy won't :( Wow, each time I try to delete, my prim availability goes up...I'm now at 447, so this problem was worse than I thought...the object is still there, will continue to delete. Where was this listed so many times that you noticed, for future reference? omg, final tally...that thing ate up 746 prims :( Thank you so much for noticing that!! I have never seen something do that before