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  1. Never used Catwa, think I started out with LAQ at the beginning. I do wonder though, who still used Genus or went back to it with this previous update?
  2. I admit, I had to google....learn something new every day
  3. Ahhhh, Dino .... ❤️
  4. LL should host a Mole auction where we can bid for an hour of their company
  5. Even though I am much too old to be "crushing," there is one Mole who I think is so hot Not going to name him, in case it causes embarassment.
  6. It is looking that way
  7. Lol, Lonely Ranger...I like that
  8. Totally agree with this....ditto for me
  9. "My sources say that it has been kept from the public by design." This statement should answer your question and confirm....
  10. Agree! I would have to think that if this sort of story, and flipping through our MP, hit the mainstream media, they would have a field day with it. Just the way it looks, looks bad
  11. Ah, yes, didn't think of that...thanks
  12. Haven't seen any activity in the Med SSP areas for the last couple of days ....
  13. The Lab really needs to hire people who specifically deal with violations in MP (especially) and checking out abuse reports of *****....nothing else, just these things. Anything that looks even the least bit suspicious is removed. If they keep on top of this and creators know they will be immediately pulled (and taken from inventories) it would cut back on most of this.
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