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  1. Yes, something goofy with all this. I got a pier, abandoned it, and got it back two more times within seconds of each try Then tried for a OL, got one that is horrible and been out there for days. Thinking all we see on the land page is not new releases, but all the ones people have abandoned...
  2. LOL, reminds me of my son when he was around 2...he thought if he covered his eyes and couldn't see us, then we couldn't see him also
  3. For sure, Jasper Beach, Jetty Point & Jitterbug released
  4. Thanks, but that didn't help Will put in a tix
  5. Controller doesn't give me options of housing...is there a trick to this?
  6. I'll hold on to it until tomorrow, so it doesn't go back in the pot for some other unlucky person tonight
  7. Probably in Harpoon...it kept throwing that one back to me earlier today ETA: Lol, yes, just for the hell of it, I tried it with an alt...Harpoon
  8. Hoping for a larger release tomorrow than what was done on Friday
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