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  1. A couple of things...the first one, you can't go by the normal timeline of what is listed. It happened right at the beginning of the pandemic in the US. All courts were closed for civil suits, including judges, clerks, etc...I have to believe that's why it took so long the first time around. This time, with 5 lawyers, I have to also assume she used lawyers at first, from her own country. Then she goes with a US attorney who is used to the ins & outs of US courts. Just my opinion....
  2. Michelle Pfeiffer...and sometimes, Melania Trump
  3. 19,088 m2 on Mainland. Not on protected water, but nice view of it. Nice neighborhood! 19,000L$ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zuni/110/100/31
  4. Hopefully they won't be down as long, this time around
  5. You have to do a lot of combos of skin & heads...takes awhile, but be patient, you will find what works best for you For me, nothing beats the combination of Genus classic and Session skins: And for Lelu, I go with Not Found: For me, they are the best combinations for a realistic look, others might disagree or suggest something else, but it suits me Good luck!
  6. for me, in the next few days? No interior, just the outside façade, sans "for sale sign" of course Message inworld, Kylie Jaxxon. Thanks!! https://gyazo.com/6abbc23726838b78fcd9097f49f52cac
  7. Ahhhhh, that would make sense then. Thanks for the reply
  8. Hi all!! Most items do stay derendered & blacklisted, but a few do not, they come back almost immediately I have never seen this happen before. Any one have any ideas?
  9. LOL!! You are right...nicely done I feel for you though, and hope it's taken care of in a hurry. To answer your question, I have found that most people do not read or if they do, they feel it applies to everyone else, but surely not them!!!!!
  10. LAQ has an Asian-inspired head & skin. ItGirls has some lovely skins for the classic Genus head.
  11. I'm not in the market for one, but that's nice to offer this
  12. There are rolling restarts in progress, but I have tried numerous locations that are not main channel and still can't get in ETA: inworld numbers are going down also, so I would say, something is wrong....
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