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  1. Stucked At LoginScreen

    It has been a solid week that SL has been acting up for me When your problem happens, I usually sign in to a different far it gets me in
  2. Looking to purchase new computer

    Thank you, Cyka, for taking the time to show such detail in your answer...greatly appreciated. @Lillith, thank you too. The conversations between you & Cyka are mostly greek to me, sadly. Although having someone build one for me, is a possible option and makes a lot of sense from what you say. Will look into it. I do have a horrible problem with this one in terms of the fan whining at a high pitch, overheating
  3. Looking to purchase new computer

    @LittleMe...thanks for the suggestion I know nothing of these things, so can you recommend how much memory and a graphics card?
  4. Looking to purchase new computer

    Going with prebuilt. Now have an Alienware X51 R2, Intel Core i7-4770 CPU, 340 GHz, 8 GB RAM. Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 ti I bought this one new a few years ago and ran great, but for the last year or so, has been struggling in SL Yes, my monitor, etc are all fine...basically just need the tower
  5. Looking to purchase new computer

    Hello all...any advice would help. Looking to purchase a new computer, any recommendations on make, graphics card, etc...that will see me through for a couple of years?
  6. Subject line says it all :( ETA: I was afraid you were going to say that :( Thanks for the reply...
  7. What is up with the servers?

    No, not using any antivirus...nothing has changed with my settings or my ISP (in the states) Just all of a sudden, been having trouble
  8. What is up with the servers?

    The last 2 or 3 days, alll rezzing of textures is horrible! Takes forever :(
  9. if they do not have that particular environment setting in their viewer? ETA: Thank you, just wanted to double check :P
  10. The Trace has reopened!!!

    Come's awash in color!!!
  11. Last chance for winter...

    That would be great!!
  12. Last chance for winter...

    The Trace Too will close beginning Feb 24th for seasonal change :)
  13. Happy Birthday Kylie Jaxxon

    Thanks )
  14. Happy Birthday Kylie Jaxxon

    Yes, I'm around Thank you for the birthday wishes
  15. Happy Birthday Kylie Jaxxon

    Thank you