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  1. Well you have found one. I just Messaged you.
  2. Well you now have a professional logo designer interested. Xyon Design is my design business & I have a Fiverr gig as well. If you want to, I'd be glad to talk! You can contact me either via Fiverr or SL. Here are a few examples of my work:
  3. I am interested. I am a Professional Logo designer, Xyon Design is my design business & I have a Fiverr gig as well. If you want to, I'd be glad to talk! You can contact me either via Fiverr or SL. Here are a few examples of my work:
  4. I am definitely interested. Being a professional Logo designer. I normally make logo's in Adobe Illustrator, and I haven't done an SL logo before but I am certainly up for the challenge! Some of my work:
  5. Sansar was misguided. Instead of Second Life but better or Second Life 2.0, Sansar went for VR Chat by Linden Lab
  6. The Problem with Sansar is that it didn't take what makes second life, second life. Focused to much on things that didn't matter. Sansar began as SL2 before morphing into Sansar during development. Sansar became a spiritual successor of sorts but was more so an independent thing with little to no connections with SL and its original vision. As detailed before, SL2 won't be developed behind closed doors. The SL community will have a part in the development of SL2 and make sure SL2 sticks to its vision and doesn't become another sansar. SL2 will be built from scratch. And the products
  7. Yes I can see that, my point was that you cannot have current users start from nothing. The best way would be to allow the transfer of an account and everything under it without large impacts to performance. As for the value, for purchased items it would be the L$ paid for them, any Uploads would get transferred. A possibility could be a sandbox to isolate SL1 items. Creation For creators, it would depend on the item. TO make it compatible with SL2, creators would have to update them, however if so desired then they could upload it to a LL software, the software would do all th
  8. There would need to be a bridge. Since if you've spent a sum of money on SL1 and you aren't gonna get anything for it on SL2 then you aren't gonna move. There are many ways LL could do this. One way is to have the amount of L$ in your account and the L$ your inventory is worth are given to you in SL2. So if I had lets say 40 items in my inventory all worth 4,000L$ and another 4,000L$ in my account then the 8,000L$ my account is worth, the account on SL2 would receive in an equal or equivalent amount. Any land in SL1 is also given to you in SL2, free of charge. So if my account collectivel
  9. My original idea for the thread was to layout all the weaknesses and problems with SL. Not bugs and CERTAINLY NOT new features (that would only cause more problems) but glaring issues, inefficiencies and just long standing problems that still have not been resolved. Some examples would Include: Performance LSL's many, many issues. Engine Issues Bottlenecks Consistent Instability etc.
  10. Well having all those aspects in-house certainly is applaudable and gives LL more control over the codebase But it could also be one of factors that causes SL's performance penalties. however couldn't the majority of that (together) still be classed as the game engine. Also LL would probably want to make the majority of the codebase in-house, to keep control and compatibility. The SL 2.0 that I have imagined would still be Second Life both in name and community, but underneath would be dramatically different. It wouldn't go unnoticed however as the service when you log on would be night and an
  11. Yes havok is 17 years old. Havok 2 and onwards are Updates, Revisions and Upgrades to the original Engine. Just like how every Rockstar game post-2006 is run on the RAGE engine, which was introduced in Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis, You wouldn't think that RDR2 is running on the same engine, but it is. An Engine is only as good as it's Mechanics. An Engine that is maintained well, can last as long as it needs to. When it is Upgraded it doesn't mean that it is a brand new engine. If you put a turbo in your car, your engine while upgraded is still the same fundamental engine as before. Wh
  12. I must agree, however with things like EEP it appears that Linden is trying to build on top of the now 17 year old Havok engine. It doesn't seem to be working well for them. Linden Should do two things. Internally Split into 2 teams. One team comprising the majority of the development resources will work on a true successor to Second Life, A Second Life 2.0, with a major leap in Graphics, Stability, GUI, Creative Process Improvements and a COMPLETE redo of the LSL language incorporating compatibility with JavaScript & Python, Incorporating the OG LSL to "grandfather" LSL based items
  13. Would Second Life benefit, If Linden was willing to do so, From a complete rebuild. Fixing the numerous problems with numerous aspects of SL. Like LSL. LSL, why doesn't LL allow the use of JavaScript, Python or what might be SL's codebase; C#, In addition to LSL (for compatibility). LL should do their best to dramatically improve SL, Since without such improvement, SL will keep declining in Active Users. A Rebuild of Second Life would reinvigorate interest in LL's platform, Giving Linden Lab more Resources and increased financial stability if something was to go wrong, like a recession.
  14. Since I couldn't find anywhere else to post this I'll do it here. This is just a Thread for anyone to post any Problem, Issues Or just plain annoyances you have with Second Life. Maybe Linden will see this thread and fix some problems if it gets enough attention, who knows? Oh and the Topic? Other then Problems with SL, there isn't one!
  15. The way this sounding is that if someone was to create a similar service to SL but dramatically improve on everything, It may pull people away from SL. That and It is sounding like porting Doom is gonna be harder then I first thought.
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