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  1. omg guys i just got my inworld sales messages now, is it really fixed? 😭
  2. as i read, are mostly of you guys that currently having this problem are around like 2-3 days ago ? bc mine is around that time too ? so i wondering now that it might really be SL problem if it happen to many of us in this close time ? 🤷‍♀️
  3. idek too bc i have email on phone too and i always check my offline im on phone but yeah its not even on phone too so idk whats the problem for me now 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️
  4. yes it doens't appear anywhere , like Norsk Himmel said, i don't get any mp sales notic too like literally every SL related notic just gone even i re toggle the options
  5. i have offline IM noticfication on , both in my account setting and firestorm setting but i started to don't get any offline im in my email at all that's worried me since i gotta contact people and my IM usually capped offline and i won't know i have messages in if my offline IM doesn't work anymore.. 😥
  6. unnn its not highlight transparent, its look like hover text but theres no text on the cig ofc ;-;
  7. my friend viewers have these boxes on hands caused by nikotin's cigarattes objects, but on my own viewer it was fine so i was wondering if she pressed some key by accident and activate this thing???
  8. no not on my pc , its on my friend pc actually i can login to my id now i just hope it will not happen again TT
  9. Okay i tried submit a ticket thank you but it's still very weird too cause my friend tried log in my id she can log in and i still can't log in mine, i'm very confused right now lol i tried clear my viewer cache already but still not work VuV
  10. Yes as the title said. i can't loging in it keep stuck on Logging in... page and it's weird that i don't cause of my internet or firewall problem i still can log in by trying on my friend id, but still stuck on my own id but on site and marketplace is fine , i don't know what to do... ;;;
  11. oh thank you very much! i'll try this! thank you for your help!
  12. i captured by screen capture not by a screenshot ingame
  13. please help me, i have seen this things always show on my game (but it won't appear when take a screenshot) i tired to try on firestorm and main sl viewer but it appear the same and i'm sure it's nothing wrong with my system requirement ;-;
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