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  1. I'll echo Nika's post above - the Shippe & Saille Harbor Master is a cute little boat that's a lot of fun, and very reliable. A perfect sight seeing boat. The Piaggio Little Bee is also great, regardless of it's age - also very fast when in hydroplane mode as mentioned. Piaggio also has a cute watercraft called the SeaRoo - which looks a bit like a shark or dolphin. It can carry one passenger, and it can dive underwater like a submarine, and also jump up out of the water too. You can even do backflips in it haha. It's really fun, and very small, so easy to manoeuvre in tight areas.
  2. I know this isn's going to be a popular post, but I have to say it's a pity that they actually updated the passport from their original one. Let me explain why. The original passport was fantastic, and being mod, you could do so much more with it rather than simply wear it as a HUD (which filled too much of the screen anyway). You could rezz one out at your home in Bellisseria, linking it to furniture to keep LI down, or even better, you could link it to your car/boat etc, and have a passport that actually went with you as you travelled round the continent. I loved driving round in m
  3. Not going to give slurl but youre in the SSPE1768 region
  4. I think you were having a rez issue there. That section of rail is definitely there and has been since the Vics were released. I've done several dozen trips over those track without issue (I remember that area specifically as it's a highlight of the train run))
  5. They are Tiny Empires bots. You can enter their name in the TE website and trace them back to their main (owner). They are used to game the TE system in some way, in other words cheat, though I've forgotten the details on what it achieves. I personally enjoy rezzing a large truck or tank on the sea floor and mowing them down.
  6. There's a one region wide empty water channel that now runs between the two Stilt home areas which makes it easy to navigate through them Regarding sailing in Satori, they still have 3 themes to build, and just by examining the unfinished areas of Bellisseria, (and looking at some of the hints they've left), you can formulate a reasonable assumption about where the continent will expand. I'm confident that when Bellisseria is 100% done, we'll be able to sail up the west coast of Satori. I also wouldn't be surprised to see Bellisseria expand so that it does indeed connect up to the north e
  7. There's a rez zone there already, just up top where the road runs past
  8. Top 5 homes: 1. Chalet 2. Stilt 3. Log 4. Traditional 5. Houseboat The campers don't appeal to me due to the size and the style, and the Vics I couldn't get on with the interior layouts and the round rooms lol Top 5 landscapes: 1. Log 2. Camper 3. Chalet 4. Traditional 5. Victorian Ironically, although I love boating and do it every day - both the "water" themes of Stilts and Houseboats I consider to have the worst landscaping. The houseboats have minimal landscaping to speak of at all for the most part, besides relentless brown
  9. World Map is still broken, so you need to be in the area and zoom out your mini-map to get an idea. There is a massive (unfinshed) river running right through the center of the Chalet regions too.
  10. Already a few of us have made the long flight from Jeogeot right through the new areas and up to the Blake Sea. It gets a bit tricky flying over Satori mainland, but it can be done, but it's certainly a long and interesting trip - some of the new regions look stunning
  11. This bug has existed for years. SL's default water level is 20m, and the way the grid works, it stretches out to infinity, even into void areas - regardless of whether it's mainland or private regions. Without this effect, which basically gives us a horizon, (even if u cant actually reach it), i'm not sure what we'd see at the edge of each region, maybe sheer blackness lol Anyway, the problem occurs because that default water layer exists everywhere, even in regions that don't use a default water level - for example parts of Bellisseria, the Linden Memorial in Corsica, the high water in s
  12. Sansara is a bit of nightmare for sailing, and as others have said, ideally you'd need a string of open water regions running round the west of the continent to link up at Abbotts. I don't think LL will see much financial value in doing this (happy to be proven wrong on this though). Thinking more logically, the fact that the gap between the north-west area of the log homes, and the "squishy pickle" is empty and clearly unfinished, indicates to me that Bellisseria will expand here. There's already roads and one train line simply heading nowhere, so no doubt either an extension of the log
  13. As the title suggests, does this report work? I ask because for at least half of last year, when I ran this report, my products always showed zero results. Then at one point it appeared to be functioning normally, and every week the numbers would increase. However, lately I have noticed that the results seem the same for the past 6 weeks or so, to the point where all new products I've released still come up as 0. Of course it's a possibility that they haven't returned any search results (thought frankly this is unlikely), but all my older products are showing the same numbers as the
  14. Regarding the ping time, this seems to be something that anyone discussing these issues with me seems to either gloss over or not get my point. Due to my RL location, I will never have a "good" ping time - around 180 ms is about as good as it's ever gotten. However, I want to make it totally clear, that even with a "normal" ping of around 200 ms - I've never had the slightest issue with region crossings or vehicles behaving oddly during a crossing. The double-crossing issue also has rarely effected me, because I choose the best spot to cross to minimise that, and I slow right down. I can
  15. Yep, I know I am not the only having these issues. To add to my opening post, I remember two other issues too. The first is that when out exploring, even with a healthy draw distance of say 200m, the objects in the next region don't start to rezz in until i am almost at the region crossing. With a longer draw distance they should be rezzing in as soon as they are within that field of view. Even linden roads don't appear until I am almost on top of them, and again, I'm hearing the same from others. The final issue, which relates to items not rezzing, is that often, once I cross into anothe
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