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  1. As the title suggests, does this report work? I ask because for at least half of last year, when I ran this report, my products always showed zero results. Then at one point it appeared to be functioning normally, and every week the numbers would increase. However, lately I have noticed that the results seem the same for the past 6 weeks or so, to the point where all new products I've released still come up as 0. Of course it's a possibility that they haven't returned any search results (thought frankly this is unlikely), but all my older products are showing the same numbers as the
  2. Regarding the ping time, this seems to be something that anyone discussing these issues with me seems to either gloss over or not get my point. Due to my RL location, I will never have a "good" ping time - around 180 ms is about as good as it's ever gotten. However, I want to make it totally clear, that even with a "normal" ping of around 200 ms - I've never had the slightest issue with region crossings or vehicles behaving oddly during a crossing. The double-crossing issue also has rarely effected me, because I choose the best spot to cross to minimise that, and I slow right down. I can
  3. Yep, I know I am not the only having these issues. To add to my opening post, I remember two other issues too. The first is that when out exploring, even with a healthy draw distance of say 200m, the objects in the next region don't start to rezz in until i am almost at the region crossing. With a longer draw distance they should be rezzing in as soon as they are within that field of view. Even linden roads don't appear until I am almost on top of them, and again, I'm hearing the same from others. The final issue, which relates to items not rezzing, is that often, once I cross into anothe
  4. Ok, so I realise that not everything is full finished or sorted out when it comes to the cloud move, but I am literally at my wit's end trying to deal with a multiple of issues that have cropped up over the past few months. I'll try to be brief with this So, several months ago, prior to the cloud uplift, but when LL announced that they had started to change some code for better compatibility (there is a post somewhere from LL about this), I started to have issues with vehicles in SL. My main pastime in SL is exploring the grid using vehicles - planes, cars, boats etc, and in general
  5. haha my guess was wrong too, I was thinking it would be in the crater at SSPE1200... but looks like it's only going to be 2 regions from my home
  6. Yes, there's lots of sailable waters around the houseboats and you can even sail all the way south to Jeogeot continent too
  7. Second post, showing the side and back of the parcel (was going to post more but I seem to have hit my limit lol):
  8. I've finally got my log home about 95% done I would say, only a few minor things to be adjusted or added, but with only about 40 prims left I don't have too much wriggle room. I don't normally post pics but I am really pleased with how the outside turned out in particular, so I thought I would share. Apologies if they are a bit big. Starting with the front:
  9. remember that most of the new log home regions are cloned "blocks" - hence why LL were able to drop over 4000 down so quickly - but these cloned areas don't match up with the existing Bellisseria landscape, nor do they work for coastal areas - and that's where the "blank" SSPE regions come in. Those will be made by hand (paw?) to blend in the log home regions with adjacent areas.. so we'll likely see everything that Gingir mentioned above, plus "mixed" regions where you maybe have some Vics on one side, then mountains, then log homes on the other side (or similar).
  10. Whether SL or RL, you'll find things wrong in literally everything, if you deliberately go looking for them, so perhaps the best idea is not to
  11. I just found it.. took me a few seconds though to get the reference... but I love it 😀
  12. Shows on the map as Hook Tender to me 🤔
  13. *looks at all the new regions* Yep.. found it.. my dream location.. Solsbury Hill 😀 Already got the first tune ready for when I move in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GimLuOUVkxg
  14. oh, just to add about the cloning... the Vic area has cloned regions that close... as little as 4 regions separates two that are the same. I don't think on the ground anyone notices, most probably still TP everywhere
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