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  1. That has nothing to do with the request being made, nor does it have anything to do with the objection to the request. No-one has said "we don't want more airfields because we don't like planes flying over our land" - Whether there is 0 airfields or 100, planes are still going to fly overhead, the number of airfields is utterly irrelevant here. This is simply about attitude: if it's ok for sailors to request more regions for sailing, then it's perfectly reasonable for aviators to request something similar, otherwise any sailor objecting to the request is being totally hypocritical. My post was fairly clear in saying that I don't like the idea of more airfields, but that doesn't mean those pilots shouldn't be allowed to ask. At the end of the day I will leave it to LL to determine what is and what isn't right for Bellisseria, but all residents and/or groups should be given the same rights when it comes to requests.
  2. I find some of the replies on this topic to be frankly both utterly biased and extremely hypocritical, but unfortunately I am not surprised Now let's get my position out in the open right away - I am an avid flyer who flies around Belli literally every single day. Having said that, I don't think we need any more airfields there, NOT for the reasons others have listed, but simply because of what Patch and Moles have repeatedly said - Bellisseria is LL Home continent, and its primary purpose is to give premium members a place to live in. ANY other activity we get to enjoy in Belli is a bonus, simple as that. Now to dispel some clearly biased/ uniformed / hypocritical statements or opinions. All airports are apparently ugly - FALSE Whilst certainly most are pretty ugly builds, in part it is necessary due to the owners need to rent out most of it in an attempt to recover costs. However, throughout aviation history in SL, there have been some absolutely wonderful looking regional airports, that weren't simply "long empty expanses of pavement" Attached are some pics of a current SL airport that's hardly an ugly build. Yes, "pretty" airfields are an exception to the rule, but I don't think the OP ever specifically asked for a big ugly airfield Finally, the absurd notion that aviation in SL is some incredibly tiny roleplay group, as evidenced by this ridiculous comment: "That's an entire region devoted to a small roleplay group, a subset of vehicle users that are themselves a subset of people using flying vehicles. MUCH smaller than say... the number of people who would use that same place for sailing given the option... " A quick search of SL groups reveals the following: The largest Sailing groups in SL: SL Sailing Association with 2473 members, and the Leeward Cruising Club with 2404 members. The largest Flying group in SL: SL Aviation with 3816 members. Whilst not everyone who sails belongs to a sailing group, equally not everyone that flies belongs to an aviation group, so we can take the above group member numbers as a decent statistic which proves that in reality, sailors and fliers are pretty equal. Even if personally I don't want to see more airfields in Belli, it is incredibly hypocritical for one minority group in SL (sailors) to start threads demanding that LL make larger waterways and add entire regions for them to sail in, then when another minority group (Aviators) ask for something similar, to turn around and say that it isn't needed. If one group has the right to ask for something, then so does another, with equal chance of being heard.
  3. Just a thought, I know from previous experience that an owner of private region has the option to send out an instant message to everyone who's currently on that region. It appears on your screen as one of those blue menus. I was thinking, wouldn't it be great if Patch or the Moles had some system where they could send out a Bellisseria-wide notice to all residents when required, to remind them about keeping in theme, encroachment, orb settings, or the like. I think it could be very useful in alerting people to rules that perhaps they aren't aware of. I moved into a houseboat a few days ago, got really frustrated doing the whole game of homes things, and didn't get exactly what I was after. So when I landed this end-of-row spot with an empty water region next door, I thought "bugger it, this is good enough". Thankfully, as I mentioned previously, there seems to be less covenant-breaking amongst houseboat owners, which I am convinced is because they have no actual yard to screw up. Having said that, I have noticed that the neighbour behind me has basically nothing inside their houseboat, except of course for a 0-second orb ๐Ÿ™„
  4. I've been trying for a corner houseboat there as all my other favorites have been rapidly disappearing. Missed out once again and have about 3 hours before I can try again. From an initial pool of about 50 "perfect" houseboats for me (and another 100 or so "pretty damned good ones"), i'm down to about 4 perfect ones and maybe 10 in the other category... I can already see this isn't going to end well ๐Ÿ˜ญ
  5. In my case, not quickly enough haha. I know there's still a few things I sent in an AR about (display car parked on the road blocking one lane for example) that haven't been removed, and it's been months. When LL first started releasing regions one at a time - a lot of people who got riverside homes started putting up docks on public land. LL removed them all, but since then one cheeky sod has put one back out - but made it all invisible, so you can't see it, but you can run into it. To me that just seems petty - I mean, what is the use in an invisible structure like that? The picture you posted with the home and parcel covered in snow like that - I've counted about 50 places like this. The problem is, people click the little checkbox to say they've read the terms and conditions on getting one of these homes, when in fact they haven't - and many are of the opinion that "I paid for this land, I can do what I want with it". Unfortunately, I can see this problem only getting worse as more and more people grab homes without understanding what their responsibilities are in living in Bellisseria
  6. The system in Bellisseria is new and wont be using the traditional points switches that you see on the other continent railways lines (at least that is my understanding of it). When two trains approach one of these split lines, it is supposed to be set up so it automatically sends them down different paths. As was said though, it's still a work in progress.
  7. I'm trying to be picky about this houseboat I want, but I am fast running out of my "dream locations". Down to about 4 individual spots now, started with about 30.... I try and try and usually get the same ones over and over, then the following day I see all the good ones taken. I just noticed now some people have managed to grab a prime spot on both their main and an alt (using the parcel name to determine this) so it really seems to me that there must a certain time of day when some locations are easier to grab. I've yet to see how this is fun ๐Ÿคจ
  8. Oh that's not just limited to those ground prims though... I've seen it on home-made walls, fences, even add-on rooms. I am trying really hard to get a nice houseboat at the moment because I've seen far less covenant violations from houseboats owners - I guess they can't screw up their yard if they don't have one ๐Ÿค”
  9. That "parcel blanketed in deep, full bright snow meshes" also violates the covenant. Patch was VERY clear about this - no one is Bellisseria is to have full parcel wide snow coverings, making it appear as though their home had just been in an avalanche. "A light dusting of snow" was the phrase used to explain what you can do with snow in Bellisseria. Unfortunately, just by looking on the world map, it's clear that there's dozens of people doing this. It's a shame that people are casting judgements over resident's choice of parked car, whilst no-one seems to care about obvious and clear rule breaking โ˜น๏ธ
  10. I love the Stolly, but yeah on the older Belli roads it can be a bit of a handful. That seems to apply to a lot of vehicles, and might be why many say they are hopeless at driving when in reality they might not be. The "newer" Belli roads (basically everything south of the Panamole canal), seem to have different physics, and cars work much better over them.
  11. seems they are back at work already https://gyazo.com/78c7c2f133363eb1a3c976bd81fc3006 25 new regions starting at SSP1001
  12. i'm up to about 35 attempts at trying to get the kind of houseboat i'm after (and i'm not that fussy, any in about 6 regions will do me). I have either got one I've already previously abandoned (about 50% of the time), or I end up nowhere near where I want to be. At the time of typing, the few locations that were high on my wishlist have now all been taken, probably when I slept I don't know how people actually enjoy this game of homes thing, it's damn frustrating honestly.
  13. Well considering I spend about 3 hours per day in Bellisseria just traveling round by road, sea, or air, I think I can add something to this thread ๐Ÿ˜ I started replying by making a huge list of recommendations, but changed my mind knowing it would send people to sleep. SO, here's my favorites, the ones I use regularly in Belli, in no particular order: Road: Lusch Scout GEMC Platypus (handles water too) Manji Type-1 Manji Type-2 Manji Type-360 Zamani Torero aR Mudskipper (handles water too) Lusch Hermes (My garbage truck!) aR Wild Goose (handles water too) Lusch Retro Hovercraft: Rubber Bunny Halob Piaggio Honey Badger Boats: Sinplicity Libelle Rubber Bunny Marlin TMS Riva Iseo D-Lab Jet-O-Manta (its a motorized mechanical Manta Ray) D-Lab Shisyamo (motorized shark) Piaggio Sea Roo Aircraft: Pretty much anything with floats so it can land on water, but I also use Blimps, air balloons, and helicopters regularly too
  14. I want to say thanks to the Patch, the LL team, and the hard working Moles in not only making these wonderful homes, but in making a simply massive area that us explorers can travel around in and enjoy just gawking at all the amazing landscaping. I posted in another thread that earlier I circumnavigated the continent by boat - frequently stopping and looking in awe at how beautiful everything is. The fact that we can enjoy this amazing place without seeing junk littered in the sky, or ugly ban lines coming into view is just the icing on the cake. Thanks again guys and girls, and I hope you all get a decent break - you've earned it ๐Ÿ‘
  15. I just completed a complete circumnavigation of the new area by boat - Started up at Springhurst Gulf (the crab island), then headed down the east coast of "old" Bellisseria. Rounded the corner at SSPE384 then headed west until I reached the new Victorian area. Continued west along the river (beautiful), before heading south along the west coast of "new" Bellisseria. Continued south into the new squishy pickle regions, along the supposed "narrow waterway" - (which incidentally as I previously guessed was at least 30 metres wide), and finally exited at Sunny Sea. Turned north east, moving past the other boathouse regions, then on past the mini 9-region continent (there's two of these, can we call them North / South Bellisseria Isle?) Continued on past Pyri Peaks fun fair and the mountains there, across the new west-east water channel, then up the east coast of new Bellisseria. Saw some absolutely amazing coastal regions like Grote Dijk, Bridesmaid, Dimanche, before finally ending up at the lighthouse on Oleander, back at the entrance to the big river. Utterly brilliant journey - gorgeous sights along the way, numerous dock rez zones spotted too, and all without a single issue in terms of blocked regions or passages. To top it off I then headed back down to Red hook to the railways station there, rezzed a little train, and followed the rails northwards until I reached the mountain range - tooting my trains horn at every bridge or road crossing I encountered along the way ๐Ÿ˜ A huge thank you to the Moles and Lindens for what they've managed to achieve here, it's been a blast so far, and can only get better!
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