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  1. Ah ok, that clears it up. I thought you were referring to the 2-region channel south of Belliseria. That channel will definitely be filled by the Belli extension as I previously mentioned. You can see it in the test continent already, here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSP605/95/115/23
  2. Yeah I've been driving round the new camper areas every day now for the past few weeks There are 3 dirt tracks through the mountains in SSPE147 and 148 , and although this area isn't 100% finished, those regions are the most amazing I have ever seen, and I am seriously tempted to make an alt to grab one. I'd like to set up a little country gas station there, those areas would be perfect for it.
  3. That Linden Sea you refer to is only temporary, which is why they are just empty regions. The second continent (or Bellisseria extension) will be going in that area and filling the space between Belli and Jeogeot. If you take a look on the map at the bottom of the SSP continent, you'll see the new bare regions already placed.
  4. This is a very good point, and actually something that Abnor (I think) mentioned in these forums months ago. These little community areas aren't specifically designed to be used - they are actually just another tool to make each region unique and avoid the cookie-cutter formula of the old LL homes. When you factor in residents in-world availability and time-zones, the reality is that there's probably more hang-out places than could possibly be used, but that's fine, as each of these places is just another little gem to stumble upon as you explore the continent
  5. 4 pages over a nude picture.. sheesh! But oh well, I will wade in too... You REALLY need to be making a conscious decision to pry in order to actually see anything inside the traditional homes. Even wandering past one on the road in 3rd person view, you don't see much at all. Basically you need to stop in front of a window and deliberately zoom inside, at which point, it's your own fault if you don't like what you see It surprises me that people often think that our "vision" (for want of a better description) in SL is as good as it is in RL. It isn't - and very little of what's inside our homes is easily visible unless you've got your nose pressed against the window More so if like me you're driving, sailing, or flying round - I can fly over someone's parcel and there could be some wild naked party happening - I have no chance of seeing it from the cockpit ✈️
  6. My whole SL experience with windlights is really just based on what I am doing. If I am inside my house, or basically whenever looking at people is important, then like you I stick to good old Nam's Optimal Skin and Prim. I explore Belli a lot though, and that's when I change things up. For travelling round, I generally just select the "Use Region Default" setting, then, importantly, under Day Cycle I select "Default". This ensures that as I roam around the continent, the day-cycle remains consistent, with all regions following the normal SL day-night cycle, so I get to see sunrises and sunsets - regardless of whether I'm out on the water or driving on the roads. Sunsets look rather spectacular too in the trailer regions - with the sun coming through the trees On the rare occasion I take nice photos, then I will often simply choose a windlight to give me the effect I am looking for - including water too, as the lakes in the trailer regions look nice with a still water setting like Nacons Lake Water etc
  7. I think it's obvious that the 2-region wide channel heading south was only ever going to be a temporary solution until more continents came online. There was mention of needing at least 38,000 new homes to cover all currently occupied old style linden homes, which translates into several continents. No doubt the final position of Belliserria was chose specifically to enable at least one more continent to be wedged in between Belli itself and Jeogeot. The current channel heading south, whilst convenient, is frankly, horrendously boring, and i'm willing to bet that most people who enjoy sailing (and flying too) would much rather travel along the coast of another gorgeous continent rather that gawk at endless sea The new continent will not only be a great place to explore (like Bellisseria is), it will provide thousands more new-style homes to premium members - and frankly that's more important.
  8. Yes. LL will continue to make more continents until they have a home available for all premium members. A figure somewhere was quoted of around 38,000 homes needed. Linden homes have always been assigned at random. It's the only fair way, otherwise you'd have many people after the exact same parcel - then how do you determine who has claim to it? You aren't buying land though. You're buying a premium membership, and one of the included benefits (amongst many) of that membership is that you can use your tier on a Linden Home - it's totally different from purchasing land yourself. If you want complete freedom of choice, use your free tier to purchase land on the mainland - there's plenty of it around
  9. Ha! I knew it! The rumours of the nuclear cooling towers pumping toxic waste into that lake have now been confirmed as .. well as more than rumours I knew something was fishy when I was there and noticed that the water pouring into that lake was GREEN 😱 edit: wait a minute, are those radioactive fuel rods at the bottom of the lake I see? aaarrrghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! #molecoverup #threemileisland
  10. Maybe you shouldn't have abandoned the 2 new homes you did manage to get then Considering how difficult it is to get one of the new homes, I suggest that anyone who does manage to nab one... hold on to the damned thing!
  11. Still confused, the previous post to mine shows new development in SSPE107 and Whiskey Bay too.. yet that stuff wasn't there either 😕
  12. Hmmm I just visited these regions and didn't see this new island or the other stuff (i live in Residentia just north of this area)
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