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  1. Maybe you shouldn't have abandoned the 2 new homes you did manage to get then Considering how difficult it is to get one of the new homes, I suggest that anyone who does manage to nab one... hold on to the damned thing!
  2. Still confused, the previous post to mine shows new development in SSPE107 and Whiskey Bay too.. yet that stuff wasn't there either 😕
  3. Hmmm I just visited these regions and didn't see this new island or the other stuff (i live in Residentia just north of this area)
  4. The new 1024 Linden homes are all sold out. A new batch is being worked on now, and perhaps will be available after the SL16B celebrations which finish in July. Note I said "perhaps" - cause at the moment, nothing official has been said about the next release of homes. If you have a current 512 home, this means you still have 512 left of your tier-free amount, which you can use to buy a parcel on the mainland if you want. That, combined with your existing 512 Linden home, will give you your 1024 sqm.
  5. Hi neighbour 😀 (that's my house in the left of your picture). Have to admit, that porch really makes the continental look a lot better.
  6. There is no problem. LL have implemented the new Linden homes in the only reasonable way possible. It took more than 8 months to get this new continent up and running, with approx 3000-4000 homes (I forgot the exact number). Someone on these forums (Patch?) stated there was around 38,000 old style linden homes that would need replacing. It doesn't take a genius to work out that, even allowing for a more rapid streamlined process in the future, it will take LL years to complete this project. What should they do, continue to devote resources to the project for years and simply deny homes to ALL premium users until every single house is finished? That's very poor business planning. Instead, they've chosen to do it rather like RL housing developments are done, in stages, where the consumer uptake of each stage helps to strength the financial position of the developer to help them continue work of the following stage.
  7. Damn, I don't even use that house but I still want that add-on 😀
  8. The LL orb warning you via chat rather than the usual dialog box is frankly brilliant. It's so unobtrusive for mouselook flyers like myself... no more coming out out of mouselook to click dialog boxes just because I was over someones property for a whole 3 seconds 😊
  9. As has also been mentioned on other threads, these new regions are somewhat restricted in the amount of "spare" prims available, due to how much is absorbed by each parcels LI capacity, the LL homes, all the decor and landscaping etc. For this reason there are several rez-zones in the continent, but they are often in regions that aren't finished or have less-than-usual number of parcels. Allowing people to rezz at almost any community area in the continent could possibly lead to regions running out out prims. As an aside, aren't premium sandboxes restricted to premium account holders? If so, then this would help in them being less-likely to fill up with junk, especially from griefers. The new Bellessaria content, whilst designed for LL premium members, is totally unrestricted in terms of who can visit, therefore there's more chance of griefing activity in rezz zones.
  10. I used up my first 5 goes trying to get a good houseboat, wasn't happy with any of the locations, then by the following day they had all gone so I ended up with a house. In hindsight I am glad I did... It's up on a hill with a good view, overlooking houseboats and one of the inland water areas. A lighthouse with rez-zone is only a short stroll away.
  11. On the map you posted, you can drive south through the Corinth region into Bellfry. The road twists and turns right where the (2) is next to the word Corinth. It's hard to see sometimes due to the way mesh trees appear on the map.
  12. Abnor's previous post (partially quoted below), needs to be pinned in the forum, so that people can read it and actually understand why it's been done this way, rather than just complaining.
  13. Those water regions are substantially limited in both avatar limit and prim count to be used for housing because they're either Homestead or Open-space regions, with the following limits: Homestead: 25 avatars, 5000 prims Openspace: 15 avatars, 1000 prims
  14. Thanks Abnor, i was just editing my post as you replied, as upon re-reading a few times, I understood it. (2am = brain not working) 😊
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