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  1. Damn, I don't even use that house but I still want that add-on 😀
  2. The LL orb warning you via chat rather than the usual dialog box is frankly brilliant. It's so unobtrusive for mouselook flyers like myself... no more coming out out of mouselook to click dialog boxes just because I was over someones property for a whole 3 seconds 😊
  3. As has also been mentioned on other threads, these new regions are somewhat restricted in the amount of "spare" prims available, due to how much is absorbed by each parcels LI capacity, the LL homes, all the decor and landscaping etc. For this reason there are several rez-zones in the continent, but they are often in regions that aren't finished or have less-than-usual number of parcels. Allowing people to rezz at almost any community area in the continent could possibly lead to regions running out out prims. As an aside, aren't premium sandboxes restricted to premium account holders? If so, then this would help in them being less-likely to fill up with junk, especially from griefers. The new Bellessaria content, whilst designed for LL premium members, is totally unrestricted in terms of who can visit, therefore there's more chance of griefing activity in rezz zones.
  4. I used up my first 5 goes trying to get a good houseboat, wasn't happy with any of the locations, then by the following day they had all gone so I ended up with a house. In hindsight I am glad I did... It's up on a hill with a good view, overlooking houseboats and one of the inland water areas. A lighthouse with rez-zone is only a short stroll away.
  5. On the map you posted, you can drive south through the Corinth region into Bellfry. The road twists and turns right where the (2) is next to the word Corinth. It's hard to see sometimes due to the way mesh trees appear on the map.
  6. Abnor's previous post (partially quoted below), needs to be pinned in the forum, so that people can read it and actually understand why it's been done this way, rather than just complaining.
  7. Those water regions are substantially limited in both avatar limit and prim count to be used for housing because they're either Homestead or Open-space regions, with the following limits: Homestead: 25 avatars, 5000 prims Openspace: 15 avatars, 1000 prims
  8. Thanks Abnor, i was just editing my post as you replied, as upon re-reading a few times, I understood it. (2am = brain not working) 😊
  9. I'm a bit confused by the range too. The maximum range is 400m, but it won't operate at under 100m - so this means, if you live on the ground, it works between 101-400m and that's it?
  10. This was covered in the forum somewhere else. LL are likely to ignore any such reports because you've taken "all reasonable steps" to ensure your adult activities are done in the privacy of your own residence.
  11. If you mean the brick walls with the black iron bars - that's the LL stuff already in the street. I made the other brick wall using the parts supplied in the folder, but they don't include the black iron part unfortunately.
  12. One little negative thing I've discovered is that because you can't deed the parcel to a group, it means only the parcel owner can actually eject and ban intruders... not an ideal situation if you share your home. Is the forthcoming orb the only way to fix this? I've had 2 intruders in the first few weeks, but interestingly neither "wandered in" off the street, both arrived via TP at the landing point which was set. That seems odd to me, like they saw my dot on the map and just tp'ed to it 🤔
  13. As a test earlier today, i flew up to just over 2000m altitude in my region then increased my draw distance... and i was surprised by how many skyboxes and sky platforms were up there. I am glad we can't see them from the ground, but I guess it shows that even with a nice home, some people still like living in boxes 🤣
  14. Marianne, if you don't mind, who makes that little garden shed and how much LI is it? I have a Pilot shed which is quite nice, but I'd like a smaller one if possible, that one u have looks perfect
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