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  1. This new continent/extension whatever people want to call it, is smaller in size than the fully finished Belli, but i am guessing the total number of homes in the extension is probably roughly the same as the first Belli house/houseboat release, before all the inner regions and the pickles were done. ETA: I don't think there will be any houseboats in this new extension - it will look pretty much as it does now on the SSP area
  2. i think it means it will be like the first Belli release - the entire continent all at once, except this time its fully finished
  3. I didn't get to go inside, but just from camming, I'd say the Hardy (the pink one) is definitely bigger than the Winchester. The two turret homes (Shelly/Verne) don't really look any bigger, not inside anyway, but of course they have external veranda's as standard. The single story home to me looks noticeably larger than the current single story homes. I'm sure someone who's actually been inside will have a better idea
  4. Well an update on my issue. I contacted the LL IP team, and was told the reason my two items were pulled were because one word I used as a search keyword wasn't relevant to my products. Basically, according to them, I am guilty of keyword spamming. I'm not going to argue the validity of this, as I can prove quite simply to any reasonable person how the word I included does relate to my products, the real issue here is that these items haven't simply been unlisted, they've been removed. If all I need to do is remove a word or two from the keyword search, then why not simply unlist the product and tell me? Now, on my product listings page, there is no option to edit these items, all I can do is delete them.
  5. If I recall correctly, switching off object entry was done as a compromise to allowing Bellisseria to have rez zones. If you have rez zones and object entry turned on, then object spamming could quickly spread over dozens of regions, and I think LL didn't want to deal with managing that, since it happens enough on mainland. If you search back through the forums, one of the moles (maybe Abnor) mentions this, (well either that or he said it in group chat one day).
  6. That's fine, but lets try not to poison the water this time
  7. Very nice. This is the right way to do the winter / Christmas theme.. not bury the entire parcel in 30 feet of snow like some others have done 🤣
  8. I am a new when it comes to dealing with Marketplace issues, so I apologise if I am hijacking this thread, but I wasn't sure if I should start my own when I seem to have a similar issue. A few days ago, I had two items pulled from the MP, both for the reason "removed Under Our Intellectual Property Policy". Now, whilst I generally understand what that means, I don't find it to be very specific, as in which aspect of the item caused it to become removed. The reason it's confusing me is because I have a general idea on what is the IP issue with it, and yet a quick search on MP reveals several other items from other creators that are basically identical to mine. It really looks like double-standards to me, so I am wondering how I can get some more detailed information about this?
  9. Unfortunately, it would appear that there's a number of people who either aren't aware the covenant has changed, or as already said, simply don't care. I've counted now roughly about 20 parcels where the entire ground surface was all white. None of these places look good, they look so out of place. One thing I would like to see is for the admins in the two big Bellisseria community groups to put the current covenant in a no-mod notecard, and send it out in a notice. This way most Belli citizens will be aware of what the rules are. To add to that (and sorry I don't want to give LL or the Moles more work, but...) it would be nice if in the Campwich Forest Lodge, there was some LL item you could click on, that either handed you out the same notecard, or opened a link to the LL website somewhere so you could read the covenant. Having said that, I have seen a few places decked out in a winter Christmas theme, that actually look very nice and not really out of place at all, so it is possible
  10. I personally don't like the idea of cloned regions, but having thought about it more, I don't see it as much of an issue. Firstly, you really only notice it by looking at the world map, and not many people wander round SL with that open all the time. From street level it would be much harder to tell that the regions are clones. Secondly, there will be a level of uniqueness added when you factor in the home / colour options, more so once creators make the inevitable add-ons. Thirdly, and I hate to say this, but the majority of Bellisserians aren't really out there exploring anyway, certainly not any kind of large scale continent-wide exploring at any rate. This is demonstrated most notably in two ways: 1) People post images of "new" finds in Belli that have actually been around for several weeks, and 2) People still teleport to events in Belli, therefore only seeing their home region and the region the event is in. Most likely, it's the few daily continent travellers that will enter a region then have a deja vu moment.. wait, wasn't I here like 5 minutes ago? 🤔
  11. I wouldn't assume that the cloned regions need any kind of "fixing" based on what you see on the world map. The way the snapshots of the world map are taken, even regions in Bellisseria now do not look like they are joined properly when your scrutinize the world map that closely. This is most notable when there are trees or other mesh objects right on the region border. If you want and example of what I am talking about - look on the map at the region border between Shanty and Coldwater Cay. Up close, with the exception of the roads, they don't match at all - yet go there and look around and you'll see they are just fine. I find it hard to believe that LL would go to all the trouble to slot all those regions in together like that on the SSP continent, only to then do it another way in a month or two when they actually place them in Bellisseria. My gut feeling is that they are staying just like they are.
  12. I recently handed out in both the Bellisseria Community group and the Drivers of SL group a full list of rezz zones for cars at least. There's 35 car rez zones alone in Bellisseria - with more to come. A Rez zone HUD was also recently handed out in the Drivers group which included my rez zone list. Another person in these forums recently linked to a website they had created which had a map of Belli with all the boat rez zones marked out - you only needed to click on the map and a link would open for you. As BJoyful said, there's also plenty of free HUDS available too, so honestly it's not hard to find places to rez. The train stations don't have rez enabled simply because the line isn't finished yet. I am pretty sure that once the tracks are all linked up, Campwich Forest at least will have a rez zone added
  13. I have both the Type-360 (its a little Honda pick-up thing), and the super cute Type-1 (an Austin Healey Sprite). Not sure about the 360, but the Type-1 has a Group mode which will allow anyone in the same group to drive it. It also has an "Anyone" mode, which, as the name suggests, allows anyone to drive it To add to what Alyona said, Manji also have a mainland demo location in Hetrocera Atol, here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Burns/115/70/30 I'd suggest trying the cars out there, because you can drive on the linden roads - that way you'll see how fantastic these cars are with region crossings.
  14. I have a few Bandit/TMS boats, and whilst certainly they are good quality and perform fine with region crossings- none of them come close to matching the old sculpt boat I have.. though I do think that it has more to do with the scripts than anything else. Regardless, I love that boat and don't want it taken away
  15. I would be an unhappy camper if LL broke sculpts. My best region-crossing boat is a sculptie - performance wise it's better than all the mesh boats I own. Not all mesh is awesome, plenty of it is badly made, and more importantly, badly textured.
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