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  1. But if they follow Second Life on Twitter now they know:
  2. Also the Labs are helping. They posted this on twitter with the Landmarks. \o/
  3. The Catwa 1L$ head has been removed from MP. I don't know more than this. Well, the MP is still choking.
  4. Yeah. I was wondering about the scalability too. Maybe it's a tiered thing that need to be announced ahead - who knows.
  5. Yes! the other regions were added after the main store was stuck. 🙂
  6. I fully agree with you. It was absolutely foreseeable that this will go wrong. I would like to know if LL was maybe aware of this. If they were maybe informed ahead?
  7. So this was not a wide spread issue, but something that seem to have happen to only some people. (other post about this) My listings and in-viewer marketplace stock folders were re-associated so i can restock again without redoing the whole listings. This could be done to estimated over 90%, and foremost the newest most precious plus hundreds of listings i restock, are now there again. In case you have same issues, file a support ticket and refer to the JIRA mentioned above. Much happier Samara \o/
  8. The issue is that by using quick fill, you also repeat the keywords in other languages, and the MP search finds those too. Here the latest replay about this: So what you need to do, is to also fix the other languages keywords. Or respectively change the way how you use quick fill. Or explained in screenshots (because i really like to shout at the screen :-) so called screenshouts ) No Panda: Panda ! That is a huge annoyance because is makes some search results so bad that people sometimes can't find what they search, find what they did not search
  9. I put this here because i also miss very much the working map. From today's Lab Gab "... that's coming ..." at 10:22. but starts at the question. ... and for the whole bumpy roller-coaster of the uplift etc ...
  10. The JIRA has been updated and the fix has been made \o/ ! All, Listed and Unlisted filters are working again. Thanks engineers \o/ ❤️
  11. Hello Breeanne, it toke a time for me to really understand this bug. I did another post in this forum were i describe the bug and were i show that i entered a JIRA Bug report to LL. I hope they can fix it soon because i have hundreds of destroyed Listings.
  12. I toke a couple of days to understand what's going on. This seem to have started 3-5 days ago, at least for me. First i saw that out of stock unlisted items were not visible anymore under >All and >Unlisted. Later i discover that i still can see those unlisted items stock folders in the Viewer under >Marketplace Listings >Unassociated. If i restock and list again the >List functions is grayed out. So i have to start from scratch and redo the whole listing in the MP webpage. I have hundreds of items affected by that. Some listing are still working correctly, the lis
  13. It's complicated.... When you see ""The page you were looking for doesn't exist ....", then it's this bug here: As explained there, you can just fix the URL to make it work. But I said that it's complicated: Since today, even with the fix explained above, the MP manage listing page does NOT show ANY unlisted items. In any case you can access your unlisted item from Marketplace listings inside the viewer. There you can see the unlisted ones, and you can drag in new stock from your inventory. Then use "List" to relist the item. If you want to to do some changes to your l
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