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  1. UPDATE: As seen now on the grid status page a fix has been deployed and the orders page is ordered correctly and CSV download works for me now.
  2. I do not know, but seen that there are actually 3 bug reports I have to assume that many people, if not all, are affected. The bug report about the CSV download is set as major priority.
  3. UPDATE: This issue could not be fixed yet. Meanwhile there is a JIRA bug report if you want to follow: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-229260
  4. Thanks Xplicit! I filed a support ticked with the hope that it's faster than a JIRA Bug report. (I am speculating on a rollback, LOLz) Not sure what's going on with the MP this year. Since it was said that there will be no enhancements due to the uplift to AWS, there are regularly Bugs appearing that are left mostly unsolved. Here a glimpse: - Item name not appearing in alternative languages (solved) - Keywords and description in alternative languages not updated on edits (not solved, people are asking to have at least an update all button - thus more keyword spam for all)
  5. I have to ask if it's only me... My Orders report on MP (not Transactions) looks broken to me today. First, it's not sorted by date/time anymore, and second, if I download the CSV it is also not sorted by date/time but much more important, it is incomplete(!). Many entries are missing. I tried different date ranges, but independently from the range, the CSV always contains only 16 rows beside the column headers. The Download TXn CSV still looks okay to me, but i never use that so i am not 100% sure. I tried another browser, disabling add-ons, opening the CSV in a text editor, dif
  6. There are Inventory issues at the moment. Follow the SL grid status page to see when the spook is gone. "Investigating - We are currently aware of an issue impacting inventory at this time. During this time, residents may have issues with any inventory related activities including building, logging in, as well as avatar and object rezzing. Please refrain from rezzing in-world at this time. Keep an eye on this blog for further updates. "
  7. Yay engineers ! \o/ the good ol' Arpanet works again! now people log in softly and slowly so the hamster does not get too much out of breath
  8. I observed many sporadic MP errors during the last weeks too. And there are also long delays when accessing listing management. I also just got now a buyer that IM'd me because he didn't get the item he bought . It toke around 15 minutes delay until he got the item. At the moment they are investigating the current issue: https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/66rd950tj5w0 Edit: they are also doing a billing maintenance right now: https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/y5t0040pk2s8
  9. The video of the governance meeting is now on SL Rapporteur''s YouTube channel:
  10. Meanwhile I unlisted 6800 items. So now everything is 50 L$ or less. but it's not sales ;-). I am not really "protesting" with this but I want to stay far away from being used for criminal activities and possibly becoming even more a channel for washing stolen money, people account hacked and probably piratery. I "lost" a ridiculously tiny amount with the assessment. I just hung in at the very beginning of this resuscitated thread just to ask if other had also many L$ assessments lately. I did not expect what i learned here. As i was de-listing, LL opened a ticked and informed me th
  11. If you go to the profile through the web search, and look at the feed tab, it says that his display name was changed 9 hours ago and changed back changed back 6 hours ago.
  12. ...and meanwhile there were phishing attempts in plenty of groups. (AR'd of course) Preps for the weekend i guess?
  13. Those Gacha sales were i got L$ assessments were from Gacha machines at events or from creators in-world shops. But the source of the sold MP item has nothing to do with the L$ assessment. LL takes the L$ back that was send to you because "obtained through an unauthorized source ". The really fishy thing is that by searching about that i find out that all threads talk about gacha. :-/ So i was wondering if it happens more often lately. (and a lot of more questions ..but hey
  14. I got 3 such L$ assessments during this month plus two in December. Two during the last couple of days (that's why i was looking here . All from my MP gacha resell shop for totally around 1000 L$. Only once there was a rare item else just normal commons. I never had any in the 18 months since i sell on MP. Have other merchants/creators received such assessments more often then normally, lately? I wonder.
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