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  1. Same here, although i could rez parts of my body the baking service seem to fail as i stay grey no matter what i do. Rezzing works but i can't take objects back otr delte them. And i get an "Cannot derez due to inventory fail" Status page was updated just now as i write: Issues with Rezzing, Scripts, and appearing as a Cloud https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/q0rm976cfdgz
  2. Naaah. It must be this one. That's about how long I see MP troubles coming and going. 😁
  3. This JIRA was just closed and now SKU search in manage listings works again! yay \o/ Thanks LL engineers!
  4. I use the SKU to group listings that belong together on the marketplace. To explain, i am selling gachas were the items of the same gacha have different product names and i use the SKU to track sold quantity and income of the same gacha set as i import my sales in a spreadsheet later. Sometimes the names of the items of the same gacha cannot be filtered by using the item name because they were not done "well" (like Brand+GachaSet+Item) and the SKU should help to filter them under manage listings. I say should because the filter is not working with SKU anymore since May of th
  5. Here there is a hint that LL has intentions to implement something that might go in that way. "We’re also planning to give the Marketplace a facelift later in the year, and we’re looking into a way to develop a native vendor system that better connects inworld sales and tracking with Marketplace transactions." To be found here under Marketplace Changes and Fee Updates: I never found something more about that. Speculations are open.
  6. I compared just now my orders report with my sales confirmation emails and none were missing. Check maybe if your MP notification settings are still okay: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/account/notification_settings Or maybe you need to verify your email address again: (but then you would not get any SL emails at all...)
  7. I got such email disclosing what the buyer bought from other stores too, after the first maintenance. Just before the second maintenance started i saw that somebody already filed a JIRA about that: "Marketplace notification emails show transactions for other stores' items in the same purchase" https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-229574 So they are working on it... \o/
  8. Yes! I want to confirm that the general MP choppiness is going on since weeks now. Sometimes it works after some minutes by "keep trying", but my sales graphs shows that people are giving up trying.
  9. UPDATE: As seen now on the grid status page a fix has been deployed and the orders page is ordered correctly and CSV download works for me now.
  10. I do not know, but seen that there are actually 3 bug reports I have to assume that many people, if not all, are affected. The bug report about the CSV download is set as major priority.
  11. UPDATE: This issue could not be fixed yet. Meanwhile there is a JIRA bug report if you want to follow: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-229260
  12. Thanks Xplicit! I filed a support ticked with the hope that it's faster than a JIRA Bug report. (I am speculating on a rollback, LOLz) Not sure what's going on with the MP this year. Since it was said that there will be no enhancements due to the uplift to AWS, there are regularly Bugs appearing that are left mostly unsolved. Here a glimpse: - Item name not appearing in alternative languages (solved) - Keywords and description in alternative languages not updated on edits (not solved, people are asking to have at least an update all button - thus more keyword spam for all)
  13. I have to ask if it's only me... My Orders report on MP (not Transactions) looks broken to me today. First, it's not sorted by date/time anymore, and second, if I download the CSV it is also not sorted by date/time but much more important, it is incomplete(!). Many entries are missing. I tried different date ranges, but independently from the range, the CSV always contains only 16 rows beside the column headers. The Download TXn CSV still looks okay to me, but i never use that so i am not 100% sure. I tried another browser, disabling add-ons, opening the CSV in a text editor, dif
  14. There are Inventory issues at the moment. Follow the SL grid status page to see when the spook is gone. "Investigating - We are currently aware of an issue impacting inventory at this time. During this time, residents may have issues with any inventory related activities including building, logging in, as well as avatar and object rezzing. Please refrain from rezzing in-world at this time. Keep an eye on this blog for further updates. "
  15. Yay engineers ! \o/ the good ol' Arpanet works again! now people log in softly and slowly so the hamster does not get too much out of breath
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