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Found 21 results

  1. I accidentally clicked the "Don't show me this again" box in the Teleport "Are You Sure" box and I can't figure out how to turn it back on. Anyone know how to turn the "Are You Sure?" box back on for the Teleport?
  2. This seems to be a settings issue. Several months ago, something happened with my account to corrupt settings of some sort and I've been suffering with this problem since. When I'm standing, my hover height is adjusted so that I just touch the floor. No problem. BUT - when I sit on anything, furniture, any type of stationary or animation poseball - just sitting on anything.....my avatar winds up lower than it should be. Way lower - down inside of the furniture. We normally have to tweak our sits, but this is way beyond tweaking. I have to use my hover slider to get myself up to the correct position on a piece of furniture, or out of the floor to the right dancing height on a poseball, etc. THEN I have to re-lower my hover height to the floor when I stand up again. This isn't supposed to happen and it never has before in the almost 9 years I've been in SL. This is a new problem that I don't know how to fix since I don't know what went out of whack. So basically, my "sit" height stopped matching my stand height. Are there any programmers out there who've seen this before and have an idea how it can be fixed? Thanks in advance!
  3. Why is the "Advanced Lighting Model" setting making my avatar's face look this horrid? I don't understand. I've tried facelights/bodylights to fix it. Nothing. Tried fixing the windlight, shadows, changing the sky... and nothing. I've reset the textures as well from the LeLutka HUD for the head.. and nothing. I see people take these gorgeous photos where their skin and face look GREAT, but I turn on the "ALM" like everyone tells me to.. and this happens -_-
  4. all of my Windlight presets are missing. I don't know how to get all of the windlight settings that I've been using since day one. I dunno if something happened or what. There was always a loooong list of WL sky settings and now I only have two sky preset settings. https://imgur.com/a/W0shCqT What is going on. Can someone please help get back all the original windlight presets pls and thank you.
  5. I'm having trouble with my friends list going back to where everyone can see me online. One day I wanted to be alone and not be bothered by anyone so I went down my whole friends list and Un-Checked "can see when I'm online". Well now I want it back to where ALL my friends can see when I login. I re-applied the check mark next to every single name. But my friends tell me they still do not get notified and it still shows me offline. Even after rechecking each name, it doesn't save either. I log back in and all the names are unchecked again. This is becoming a hassle because friends cannot send me a teleport because I appear offline to them. And it's nice for friends to see when I login because I miss the "Hello" messages. I've checked in CTRL+P preferences... rechecked all the names, uninstalled Firestorm and reinstalled it. Downloaded BlackDragon to see if I could fix the settings in that viewer too.
  6. Hi all! Today I loggin in and I could see that my viewer when I started looked something different. Then when I enter to Second Life I notice that Firestorm had logged in in Default mode. So all the settings I had were gone. Yes,I don't have Backup. But I would like to know why that happens if until yesterday my viewer had my custom settings and today when I log in, everything is in Default. Is there a way to get back to the old settings or do i have to set it all up again? Thank you
  7. I have attached a photo of a random resident, some people (Not all) started looking like this about a week or two ago and i don't know why. I've been one SL for about a year and never seen this (I am using Firestorm Viewer) I asked a friend and he said he sees it too, advised me to turn up all the sliders in my graphics setting but it didn't fix anything and made SL laggy so i changed it back. Please let me know if there's anything else i can do, thanks
  8. am anfang ging alles Problemlos dann habe ich die Settings umgestellt und jetzt sehe ich nur noch das ;( SETTINGS change ?´wie siehe Bild
  9. It's God-awful. I don't know how anyone is able to play this game. For context, my hardware is well above the "System Requirements" (which I'm sure are outdated). Here, let me save you some time: CPU: AMD FX 8350 (4.0 GHz, well above the listed "2GHz" listed on their SysReq page) GPU: AMD RX 500 Series (Which is years ahead of the ATI 5000 series, by the way) RAM: 24 GB DDR3 (No, I'm not upgrading to DDR4 anytime soon) Internet: 50Mbps Up/Down (Fiber, so symmetrical.) If I had to guess... NetCode. I ran this game at full spec, I ran this game in "Ultra Potato Mode" (literally turned all the settings to the lowest they'd go), and it STILL ran terribly, even in the "Learning World." So. Does this game require a supercomputer to run? Is their SysReq page severely outdated? Or does this game just run terribly for everyone? Additional Bonus Question: What in the heck is the "m" for in the view distance? I'm assuming Microns because even at the maximum, I could be standing right next to an object and it'd still be polygons for a few seconds.
  10. I'm finding it weird, my Alt account, as seen on the right, is showing lighting properly, but my main account is not showing it at all. What could be causing this? These screen shots are taken at the exact same time on the exact same PC. Both screens open at the exact same time, but the one of the left won't load up the lighting correct. The account on the right has signifcantly lowers inventory, that's really the only difference. What the HECK!
  11. Making a switch from running Firestorm on a Mac to a newly purchased PC. Which program files/folders should I move over to the new PC other than chat logs and user settings?
  12. Hey there, my question is pretty straightforward. Lately I've noticed some numbers appearing whenever I take a snapshot. I don't recall changing any settings so it is a bit confusing. I am using windows 10 and firestorm. There should be a picture below which shows this. They are close to the bottom right corner.
  13. I still have a hard time configuring the proper draw distance, to approach & land with good vision of the airports I use, to land single engine planes & military jets. If Second life know the safe draw distance setting without "crashing", I sure would like to here what it is--------smiles.
  14. I use Alchemy as my viewer. As of a few minutes ago it told me it couldn't auto-fill my name and password. Which I had set to saved.... So I did it myself. Then it told me it had trouble logging in and gave me the option to teleport home, which I did. And when I logged in all my settings were back to default. I have had to reset my toolbar and everything, including the custom colors I had saved in my edit color bar. What happened? This has never occurred before and I've been on SL for years.
  15. Hey All I would like to ask your help before I do any mistake , I would like to know how to configurate my Viewver in Nvidia control Panel Here my specs , NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX960M 2GB GDDR5 / 8G RAM / Intel i5 7th Gen I use Secondlife Viewver with pre loaded settings according to my graphic card it sets to very high level, the problem I encouter lag with lot of people in a sim, I have problems with texture it glitches and blur a lot I dont know why its like I cant rez too many textures I can be in medium graphic settings or high its the same, sometimes its my avatar eyebrows sometimes the wall sometimes the floor theres is ALWAYS something that blurrs and fail to rezz, I never touched to my nvidia control panel nor to my viewver settings, I red a lot of topics but none close to mine I dont understand all so if any of you can give me some tips on how to configurate my viewver in the nvidia control panel please, I can run lot of games with my nvidia geforce experience I never crash or lag, but Secondlife is tough
  16. So I was dumb enough to restore to normal settings on my graphic card, and the graphics were perfect, smooth but still sharp. And I can't even remember what I had the settings on. I have tried every option, but either its too blurry, blurry but with a lot of jagged edges, or purely jagged edges everywhere. I don't know what to do at this point, so I need somebody to help me. What settings are the best graphic wise, I don't care about performance really. Help, this is an emergency lol, my eyes are burning.
  17. This May sound a Trivial Thing, But it is Becoming Increasingly Annoying On The MP, In the Language Settings, i have Set to English, however the MP keeps Going to Some language i never even Heard of called Indomeia or some such. I go and Select back to english and it goes back to English, but as a Translation of the other page. If i move to Next page, It is back to Indomeia again - And So on. In Settings i have it Set for English (Not Default) - So How do i Set it so that it remains in English??
  18. My previous cabled SpaceMouse worked fine in SL some years ago, but I now have Windows 10 (running on MS SurfacePro) and a 3D Connexions SpaceMouse Wireless - and all I can get it to do is pan in and out in SL! - I need to obtain the settings to make this work properly please?
  19. Just curious how many people out there use the Advanced Lighting Model with Bump Mapping and Shiny settings turned on versus how many don't? Now that I am able to run it I have it on most of the time and prefer to create things that will take advantage of it, but are there still a lot of people who don't? I'm especially interested in hearing from anyone who is into being a fantasy avatar and more specifically, fairies.
  20. I am using Ubuntu Linux and have a problem with the SL Viewer. Up to version 4 I was able to select either the built in browser or the default browser from the Preferences tab: On the viewer I chose Me > Preferences > Setup > Web: Then select either the default browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc) or the built in SL browser. Beginning with version 4 of the Linux Client those options are grayed out and cannot be changed. Default browser is the one selected. The options for enabling plugins, accepting cookies, and enabling Java are active and can be changed. How/what can I do to restore the browser built into the SL Viewer? So far I have updated the system, all drivers and utilities, changed firewall settings, updated the browser with no success. I have also edited the settings.xml file to confirm that the correct values were entered. Without this setting I can't check profiles or search places, people & things from within SL. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.
  21. Hi everyone, I've been fiddling with phototool settings and can't figure this out. I would like to be able to dim an object -- a painting hanging on a wall behind me. It is owned by someone else in a sim I visit but also do not own. It seems like it doesn't respond to windlight settings and stays a constant brightness even in midnight hour windlights that darken everything else in the room. The best I can do is give it a washed out bright look as in the second photo below by changing the haze settings. Is this the kind of thing I can do within SL or is something like GIMP needed? EDIT: I am using Firestorm viewer in Linux. First pic is with a dark windlight, second is with haze settings changed -- increased density and horizon if I remember correctly. Thanks!
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