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Found 20 results

  1. We are going to be introducing an additional way for you to keep your account safe! When we detect that your viewer is being accessed from a new device, we’ll send you an email that looks like this: SUBJECT: Important: [FIRSTNAME LASTNAME] accessed Second Life from a new machine. Your Second Life account has been accessed from a new machine. If you recently logged in to Second Life from a new device you may ignore this mail. Account: [FIRSTNAME LASTNAME] Time: [TIME IN SLT, example 2022-02-11 09:09.00 SLT] Originating IP Address: [IP ADDRESS OF NEW COMPUTER] If this was you, you don’t need to do anything. If not, we will help you secure your account: What To Do If Your Account Has Been Compromised We are pleased to bring you this industry standard to help protect your SL account. Make sure to verify your email address to receive these notifications. We recently introduced Multi-Factor Authentication, another industry standard, as another layer of account protection. Read about it at https://second.life/mfa UPDATE: This feature is available as of 2/28 for accounts with a verified email address.
  2. When I go to the section on my account info it says I've to verify my email, but it's really verified, what I can do?
  3. Has anyone received spam email notifications Message from Second life this object has sent you a message- access denied cause you are out of range. My friend is getting these continuously with multiple collars that he has never had access to and is not trying to access. Just wondering how to stop this. Or is it an issue with the collars?
  4. hi! When you use this function to send an email @, by default a template is added with data about the object that sends the email my question is ... there is any way to send the message without the default header I am aware of some functions to remove this template. But they are functions that apply within SL. for more information about llEmail, his wiki address is here llEmail - Second Life Wiki
  5. Hi everyone, I have an issue with two different emails I was sent to me through my personal email address in the past few days, the first one asked me to verify my email address, and I thought I did or maybe I didn't, so are the details below genuine? The second email was the weird one, and they told me to create an account for me, but I already have one, then they said that they were going to delete my e-mail address and not contact me again if I don't take action. I couldn't find customer support specifically about this, only about transaction and etc. inquiries. Below is a link of the two images I uploaded on my Twitter profile just as they appeared so that you see that it's proof of what I claim. It should show up right away, it's under the "Tweets" section. Thanks. https://twitter.com/JavierCampoJr3
  6. I want to recieve offline IMs on email, for that it asks to verify my email. But whenever I try to verify my email from dashboard email settings i receive this following error: We could not send a verification email at this time. The same error i am recieving from around a month. Does anyone knows how to get rid of it. Ty
  7. I need to change my email address, but every attempt to do so gets error message, try again later. I have been trying for four months now.
  8. How do I change my email address? I go to the proper section, make the change and invariably get a message that service isn't available now, try later.
  9. siskidee

    Change email

    When I try to change my associated email addy, I keep getting a message that service is not available and try again later. Later never seems to happen.
  10. I am being asked to verify my email address but I no longer have access to that email address. How can I update my email without verifying the existing email address?
  11. Does anyone know nif there is some type of timer for changing an email address on your account. I have a recently reactivated account and have been trying to change my email address for over a week now. I enter all the information, get the box to enter my PW and then the message that a verify request will be sent to the email address and it never comes...and yes i did check SPAM folder. It also seems as though I am not getting off lines as well so I am in some limbo state. There is no pull down in the support ticketing page for email problems so I seem kinda stuck, anybody encounter this before?
  12. I cant sign into my account w the password i tried and my email address used with the account is no longer good who can i reset the password and change the email address for my account?
  13. Hello, I want to contact LL (Second Life) directly to see if they can help me successfully recover my basic/free account after re-activation. I've seen a Fax number but I'm not sure how to send one. I could send an email to them, but I'm not sure if sending a support request to Tech Support will help me. I can't phone as I'm in U.K. and my adult SL account is 10 years old. I can't start again with a new account. I'm told that all my inventory, etc is still on the LL servers. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! (DarkRaven Gothly, SL Resident).
  14. Hi! From july 2017 I did not receive any IMs from second life. I review my SL account and my preferences and all is rigth? What can be the reason?. Thanks
  15. Hi! From july 2017 I did not receive any IMs from second life. I review my SL account and my preferences and all is rigth? What can be the reason?. Thanks.
  16. how do you unsubscribe Grid Status email notifications ?
  17. Couple questions. When did the update take place that stopped my IMs from being sent to my email because my email address was unverified take place? It started happening to me sometime in the past couple weeks but I would like to know how many days of email I have missed. Also, because IM to email turned itself off when I wasn't looking, would my offline IMs still have saved to my appdata chat transcripts? Thanks in advance.
  18. How do I make the sender "Second Life Community" to stop sending me messages to my Gmail account? Each day, I get spammed with a lot of messages saying that a person posted on the forums. Those posts are not about me nor about people replying to me or anything. They are random posts that people create and say to other commentaires. I don't know how to make the sender stop sending messages and I don't want to spend the whole day deleting messages that never talk about me. I'm sure I didn't hit a subscribe button. Whenever I post in a new forum, I always check that switch telling me to "remind me of replies" in this community when someone posted something in one of my forums or replied to one of my posts. I didn't ask for "sending an email to my Gmail account." How do I fix this problem? How do I make Second Life Community stop sending things to Gmail?
  19. Bonjour. Linden Lab a annoncé un prochain changement relatif à la vérification d'adresse mail. (entre autre afin d'éviter que les messages envoyés via les serveurs de SecondLife ne soient marqués comme Spams par certains provider.) Si vous avez créer votre compte SL ces derniers mois vous serez surement déjà passé par cette étape de vérification, (Si vous avez récemment changé d'aresse mail de contact pour votre compte SL vous aurez aussi surement eut cette demande de vérification.) Mais si votre compte est "ancien" Attention, il se peut que votre adresse mail n'ai Jamais été vérifiée ... cela n'était pas nécessaire par le passé. Il n'y a (pour le moment) aucune obligation à le faire, une annonce officielle devrait nous être faite prochainement, mais sachez par avance que: Si votre adresse mail n'est Pas vérifiée vous ne serez bientot plus en mesure de recevoir par mail les messages que l'on vous envoit dans SL quand vous n'y êtes pas connecté. (les ims que l'on vous envoit horsligne) Pour voir si votre adresse mail est déjà vérifié, assurez-vous que l'indication "Vérifiée" est bien inscrite à droite de votre adresse mail sur la page de votre compte SL. Vous trouverez la page d'info de votre adresse mail en cliquant sur votre nom en haut à droite de la page => compte Puis cliquer sur le lien: Changer adresse mail (nous n'allons pas en changer, mais cela nous ouvrira la page affichant l'indication recherchée.) Comme ici (en anglais: Verified), votre adresse mail est donc déjà Vérifiée: Si elle ne l'est pas, un lien actif (Vérifier) s'y trouve, Comme ici (en anglais: Verify): En le cliquant vous lancerez le processus de vérification, (cela ne prend qu'une seconde) un mail vous sera envoyé contenant un lien a cliquer pour "Vérifier votre adresse mail". Il suffira ensuite de rafraichir la page pour voir l'indication "Vérifiée" apparaitre à droite de votre adresse mail. Voilà c'est que c'est Fait ! PS: L'article détaillé (en anglais) sur cette information ainsi que les photos utilisées pour ce topic: https://modemworld.me/2017/01/28/important-verifying-your-e-mail-address-with-second-life/
  20. I need some advise. Overnight last night I was showing as online, even though I logged out. When people sent messages, they did not get an offline message, and messages went to email. Now I'm logged on, and messages are still going to email. I've been told to get the sim I logged out on restarted, which I did, but was not there, does this mean I need to my there, so I get logged out? Otherwise I have no idea what to do. I do not have a login issue, I can log in no problem. Would a clean install help?
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