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  1. Open a ticket with LL ..It was the only way I got out of cloud
  2. As Whirlybird said file a ticket and a LL expert will sort it out for you I had to make a new avi as it was many weeks before I could be me again .. so sorry it has happened to you as well
  3. More Thank you for contacting Second Life support to let us know that you've been affected by this incident, and thank you very much for your patience! We have set a script to run on your account which should fix this issue, and return your avatar's appearance to normal. In order to ensure it is applied correctly, please use the following directions: If you are logged in, log out of Second Life. Log into Second Life using the official Second Life viewer. If you do not currently have it, you can download it here: https://secondlife.com/support/downloads/ Please no
  4. I will look for the solution I hope I didn’t delete the info Found as follows Bake fail Choose Me > Preferences > Graphics. Move the Quality and speed slider to the left (a lower setting). Click the Advanced button. Move the Draw distance slider to the left. Move the Mesh detail slider for Avatars to Low. Avatar impostors is checked by default. If you have unchecked it, enable this feature again. If your avatar appears discolored or misshapen If your avatar appears in strange, unintended colors or shows spikes, bumps,
  5. Thank you dearest sl friend I will .. I have an empty trash as of days ago lost and found could be fun sorting through but yes it will do this .. strange thing is my friends see me !!!!
  6. Done that still a cloud but my friend can see a greyed out me with a chair stuck to my hand .. wtf 🤬
  7. Looking into it now Did you down load the other viewer as well of just delete all in trash as well as current outfit ?
  8. Same happened to me I informed LL I was ok now “The Fix” has corrupted my avi again I have opened another ticket now in the hope of a proper “Fix”
  9. I was back to normal but now “The Fix “ had sent me back to a cloud again tickets sent to LL again
  10. Just been to look and yes a cloud again I have put another ticket in .. getting beyond a joke grrrrrr
  11. My avatar had returned to normal I had informed LL of this fact Now the FIX has reverted my avi to a cloud again ... HELP
  12. Just been to look and I am a cloud again another ticket has been sent How long will a fevered Fix deploy take I ask myself Grrrrrrrrr
  13. Mine is visible again pre fix I couldn’t delete the current outfit folders .. why ?
  14. I’m ok now as well LL contacted and fixed xxxx
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