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  1. any wispers of when we will finally connect to the next Continent and be able to transit from the Gulf of Jeogeot to the Blake seas . we could have made it withthe stilt regions but i see those got folded over itself north.
  2. any news on when LL will be repairing the grid map failure? when you zoom out beyond a few sims the whole map goes poof.
  3. sometimes its me sometimes its others i see there attachments floating in the air , is there a server problem with rendering attachments lately?
  4. iv flown my SA chinook over the blake seas and also Bellisaria continent and once in a wile i get a crossing region Failure and message , my vehicle is stopped and stuck at a region border over protected water / land and it will not recover unless i unsit and resit my avatar . should i create a bug report for it ?
  5. i know we are allowed to fly over belliseria but it seems the feature for parcels **Allow object entry is possibly broken ? i know from exsperience an NON vehicle objects traveling can be blocked from entry , but vehicles that are used by an avatar are allowed to pass thru. , i have found a few belliseria parcels that are no allowing aircraft to pass thru .
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