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  1. I don't know that I would call it patronizing but I can see where it looks that way to others. To me, personally, it comes off as condescending more than patronizing. Both are wrong. I can't justify the looting or destruction because that is just outright theft and unnecessary, unlawful violence perpetrated by those who want nothing more than for the ones protesting to be blamed for. The raiding that is also going on at the same time? I'm not going to condemn someone for trying to keep their selves or families fed, clothed and/or sheltered in the middle of a pandemic when the economy is tanking and unemployment at a nationwide all time high. I can't help but sit here and shake my head thinking, "You idiots (white) created this mess, now you have to get ALL of us out of it."
  2. Define "white patronization" in your terms. Are we discussing looting or raiding? Looting are random acts whereas raiding is pre-planned as in a "war" party (we never fought wars, only skirmishes) raiding another tribe's (or clan's) camp for food, clothing, shelter and other things of value to survival, such as bows, arrows, knives, and horses (eta: and even people). I can turn a blind eye to raiding. I cannot turn a blind eye to malicious looting or destruction.
  3. Then open your eyes and educate yourself with the truth of what was done to First Nations people that is still being done to this day.
  4. Are there any non-whites, other than myself, still participating in the thread?
  5. How easily one conveniently forgets where most of the people who invaded the Americas came from; England, France and Spain. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  6. The word 'gay' originally referred to a state of happiness. It was not an insult, originally.
  7. Let me know when you guys are done making it impossible to log in for those who can't afford higher end graphics cards. No, you can't have my stuff.
  8. I read your post and had to look. What the hell does she think I've been saying for the last 41 pages!?
  9. This one always reminds me of you. /me runs
  10. I knew it! I knew Alwin had to be in on it!
  11. You mean it never occured to you to accept payment and then whoops! you "lose connection" suddenly just seconds after forwarding the Ls to an alt account? Asking for a friend.
  12. Public Transit here is TriMet. That is both buses and trains. Where I live is end of the line. Professionally, it's "re:" and is an abbreviation of "regarding". Of course I was taught "old school" business practices. Meaning it was "old school" when I was 20... 40 years ago.
  13. The one I alway have to stop and think about is IRT (In Regards To), which is a phrase that was used regularly in business communications. Considering I spent most of my life working in an office that used the phrase frequently, you would think I'd remember what IRT stands for but noooooooooooooooo. TBI... it's not all fun and games.
  14. The more you try to take my Lakota identity away from me, the more I will fight to keep my identity. You go on and be just another number in the system if you want. I will remain human and Lakota.
  15. Sure, I'll unblock all the people. Then I'll have a choice. Get banned because certain posters just can't resist pushing buttons or leave the forum. Either way it gives them what they want. Eff that. Especially when one of them brought crap from another forum to this one, making false accusations, instead of leaving it all in the past where it had been for over 5 years.
  16. Well I'll be damned. I thought I was the only one.
  17. @Rolig Loon I was talking soley about inworld search, not the MP. YMMV
  18. Be kinda hard to do since Louis XIV has been dead for over 300 years. /me runs
  19. I'm pretty sure I'm not looking for region names when searching for things like fantasy clothing or even fantasy roleplay. Region names hold very little meaning for me when I'm searching for something to either do or buy.
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