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  1. You just want to banty a rooster.
  2. Exactly. Thank you. I sincerely hope there is the possibility of things getting better for you and that things do get better for you. I also hope you are coping better with things than I can. Not much I can do about the so called health care system in the US. State care is barely a step above no care.
  3. I move both cam and avatar. I also don't have 20/20 vision so I have to get in close and even with restraints turned off I still have to move my av to get in close enough to the small details to see what I am doing. I also use my av to get the scale as close to accurate/realistic as possible.
  4. I don't mean for this to sound snippy but I have to ask, how could you know? You can't really. You don't really know me or what my experiences have been in SL or RL so how can you be sure I haven't suffered? You can't. Because you don't know what I've been having to deal with lately.
  5. No, I can't say I have. Not even during my recent spate of having to use a sandbox because no land. I just had to deal with idiots who thought they could force me off the platform I'd been working on for several hours when there were plenty of vacant platforms to choose from. My solution was to do as the idiots were doing. Plop my build down right in the middle of a platform where you land when you tp up, rather than off to a side so that if there were no other platforms available someone could ask nicely if I minded sharing. At which point I would have cheerfully said no I don't mind! Unless, of course, it was a large build and I would be needing the space. Then I would explain and might even offer to vacate if I'd been there for several hours so someone else could get some work done instead of having to hunt for another sandbox. All too often I'm too damn nice for my own good.
  6. I'm not a mind reader. General statements normally include everyone unless otherwise stated. A simple (not everyone) suffices. That much was obvious to me.
  7. While that may work for most people, it won't work for me. I'm constantly moving my av around as I work and I can't be taking the time to stop and move something to sit on and sit as well. If I were to do that I would lose my train of thought and that is never a good thing when building. Especially if you are working on adjusting a script and you don't really know anything about LSL (and have TBI). So, for me, the sit thing is out. I have to find other solutions.
  8. The more I get lumped in with everyone else when I haven't judged anyone, just offered help and a different sandbox where people are mostly left alone while building not only hurts, it makes me angry. Neither of my two posts were judgemental, yet, I get tossed in with all the rest regardless of my own actions/words.
  9. Thanks for the flip phone. I'm going to keep it glued to my ear. I love it! This is perfect for when I need to be afk or I'm busy building.
  10. This is why you need people like me. Bookkeepers and accountants. Bookkeepers, because we do all the grunt work. Accountants, because they put it all together in a neat little pile for the IRS. Something a bookkeeper can do (and does) but accountants act as a double check system for accuracy and compliance.
  11. I don't disagree with you. It's the sort of thing us oldbies have done for more than a decade with most "victims" taking it as the humor it was meant. Yet, I can't help but think of times when it might not be funny. Depending on the situation, practical jokes/pranks may not be the thing to do. Of course, the pranksters don't have a way of knowing (unless made aware beforehand) what the situation is so can't always know in advance the timing is bad. It's why I don't ever push someone I don't know or have never talked to/met. Last person I did it to had already pushed their main (with an alt) into the water so I just pushed him a bit further until he was under a bridge. You know, so in case of a lightning storm he wouldn't get hit by a bolt... yeah, that's the ticket...
  12. You aren't going to find an HP for that amount. You won't find any laptop that will run SL for that amount. What you want is something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Dell-Inspiron-Gaming-15-6-Inch-Screen/dp/B071JPYP1Z Which is what I have and use when I can't be on my desktop and need to log in.
  13. @AngstyJellyfish During times when I have no choice and have to use a sandbox, there's only one I go to. There are large and small platforms and each one has a "panic button" where you can call for help with one click. I've been using this particular sandbox for more than 10 years (off and on). The mods live on region and there is usually at least one logged in. I'm not saying people will always be able to work in peace there but there is a lot less hassle than any other sandbox I've used. And just ignore the huge black build hanging off the corner of one of the platforms, don't let it bother. It belongs to one of the mods and has been there about a year now. If it bothers, just move to another platform or derender if you are using a TPV. Just so you know, moving someone's avatar around (using your own to push) has been considered a harmless practical joke since 2003. It's sort of a tradition between friends. When strangers do it, not so much. Still, no harm meant and no harm done. Best to just find another sandbox to play in for a while. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Skidz Isle/190/194/391 Give that to your friend. The TP for the platforms is to your left when you land. Click a square on the board that is not red and then use the teleport and enjoy the new playground.
  14. I have my shoulder dragon still. And I think I still have my avatar(s). Aw man, now I'm gonna be logging in and digging in my inventory then wishing I hadn't because all the stuff from 2018 and before .... is all in one folder and not exactly well organized. I'm just gonna have to break it down and do a little every day. Eventually, it will all get done. Eventually. comma after eventually 👼
  15. Everytime I see that scene I can't help but think, "WTF are you doing dude!? Those things are NOT stable! Are you bleeping nuts?" And then I'm like, oh yeah, he's in love. But still... good thing it was only a movie.
  16. There's one with the raccoon popping up in the trash can with a slice of pizza in his/her mouth. What a shame it's a gacha. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Mutresse-Cheeky-Raccoons-Diving/17546792
  17. I'm 5'4" and could barely get my toes on the ground on the 450. Never did lower it and I should have. I've never gone down but I did have it knocked out from underneath me ata redlight by a friend who didn't have any brakes on his Harley.
  18. My first ride was a Honda 50 minibike. Since then I've had a Nighthawk 450, a few Shadows most recent being a 750, a 1970 ElectraGlide, a Sportster 1200 and a few others. Those are just the ones I owned and rode. Not counting all the bikes the other half has had.
  19. @Eva Knoller Please put that image behind spoiler tags. https://www.fearof.net/fear-of-clowns-phobia-coulrophobia/
  20. Way to make a jackass of yourself. Spinsters are women who have never been married and have no children. I've married and my children are all adults. No soup for you.
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