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  1. Sorry nope, not we. Reality tv is not my cuppa.
  2. I'm not going to change using correct punctuation at all times. I don't care what others think it makes me sound like. They're hearing what they want to hear, not what is reality. If you change your behavior to please someone else, you're doing it for all the wrong reasons. Change because you need to make the change to become a better person. That is the only legitimate reason. Don't like it? Maybe you should go back to high school and retake the English I, English II, English III and English IV courses that you apparently failed to comprehend. Or you can continue to be a twit while I move on.
  3. Funny in an odd way but that looks exactly like what happens to women with adhesive capsulitis in the shoulder. I lost all use of my arm and the pain is excruciating. Recovery is slow and if you go the doctor route, you'll be doped up for months, years even. I had better results with accupressure and massages, recovered 99% of the use of my arm but I still have to be careful. What caused it for me? I sleep on my left side mostly.
  4. Lara 4.0 to 4.1 update was 2017. I don't think 2 years is that many. https://sl-maitreya.blogspot.com/2017/04/maitreya-mesh-body-lara-update-v41.html
  5. Wrong. It was written for everyone to use. I was on the team when the wiki was made. From the demise of Emerald all the way through the first few years of FS.
  6. FS wiki isn't just for FS. It has valuable info for everyone regardless of the viewer they use. I never just assume someone is using FS. I just provide info. Deal with it. Or die from it.
  7. I shouldn't laugh really. Because so many end up where they don't really want to be. No one wants to be used up and thrown away. But that is precisely what being a passaround means. You're nothing but a trashy whore and that is all you will ever be to them. Something to use and then toss out with the rest of the garbage when it no longer pleases them. You aren't even human.
  8. For many of the same reasons, yes, but, not all. Other than your avatar being pixels and you don't have to bathe it or exercise it, you still have to create that "certain aesthetic" and know how to create it. Most of the ladies in the beginner classes I took (which I didn't need) had no idea what to do, much less how to do it. My CWS graduating class had fewer drop outs than any of the others (or so I was told) because someone (I wonder who) took the initiative to "tutor" those who were struggling. What you do about lag depends on the situation. If you are trying to hit a mark and lag hits, you just do the best you can and stop where the lag lets you, do your poses and then move on to the next mark. It's really no different from a dancer on stage in RL going down. You recover as gracefully as you can and keep going. Even if it is on live tv, like what happened to me as a child. Somehow, according to others, I managed to make the fall look as if it were part of the choreography. But that was only due to the way I landed and it frikkin hurt. But you have to keep going unless you are so severely injured you can't. Ask Gelsey Kirkland about that. Or read her book Dancing on My Grave. The point is, there is a lot to learn about modeling in SL just as there is a lot to learn about it in RL. You can't just jump in and expect to succeed without knowing what to do.
  9. In SL, I dress no differently than I do in RL. If I am building, I dress casually. Where I go and what I will be doing is what dictates what I wear and how much I dress up or dress down.
  10. https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/http_fetching_issues
  11. Not that simple. You have to know what you are doing with them. And there are other things. Like what do you do when you are on the runway in the middle of a show and you are hit by lag? Just off the top of my head and before my first cuppa. There is just as much to learning how to be a model in SL as there is in RL. Modeling schools exist in SL for the same reason they do in RL. Surely you have heard of The Barbizon.
  12. Wannabes make themselves targets. Because they are wannabes and they don't know diddlysquat about being a biker. Or a biker's old lady.
  13. Hey! You would have been getting off cheap! Poseballs? WTF? Dunno what school you are looking at and don't much care but... RUN! don't walk away! RUN!
  14. ok Guys. The ladies have taken over the thread. You can move along now.
  15. I have her Rider (Finisterre) books. I love those! I wish she would write more of those. Those could be turned into an RP relatively easily.
  16. Some do. Some are obsessed. Either way it's not healthy.
  17. Try Caverna Obscura. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Navassa Island/86/60/23
  18. A good book series along the same lines, well two really, are the Mercy Thompson novels and the Alpha and Omega novels, both by the same author, Patricia Briggs. The series are tied together because they take place in the same modern day fantasy universe and Mercy is the character that ties the two series together. Werewolves, fae, vampires and walkers mostly, with the fae including anything that doesn't fall in the were/vamp categories or under First Nations stories. There are several wonderful descriptions of many of the fae in the books that one could base a fairy avatar on.
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