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  1. Okay this is funny but I'm a n00b and I can't figure out how to put on my panties. Got a skirt, shoes, top, choker, hair - but without panties too much is revealed in certain conditions (e.g. dancing) yet every pair I've bought, even some specifically stating my avatar type, trying to put them on fails. They say they are on but nothing renders. So I'm commando underneath and have to stay away from family friendly areas until I figure out how to cover my *****... I have to say it is quite hilarious. Not asking for help, just trying to help with the light-hearted laughter.
  2. Thank you thank you thank you! I want to created potted plants - well, plants in pots - mimicking some of the wild natural plants we have here. Was going to look for blender tutorials and still will but here is an intro. Thank you. I know it can done as I have seen some absolutely wonderful detailed plants around the world.
  3. Hi, it was only an issue that one time and hasn't been an issue since. If it is an issue again the simple solution is to blacklist the kernel driver that corresponds with the audio controller in the video card so that it never loads. It does not happen but has happened with podcasts more then once and I am speculating that may have been the issue when I got no sound at the club but it hasn't happened again so I can not troubleshoot it to even know.
  4. I may do that once I am more familiar with SecondLife. I'm not much of a gamer though (unless you count Solitaire...) - until few days ago, my video card was a GeForce 405 and I only replaced it because the fan on it died. The replacement though let me try SecondLife which many of friends have been trying to get me to try for couple years now
  5. Whatever the issue was isn't an issue now, it was first time I went to a place with streaming music and it is working now. Asking for support is awkward because I run CentOS 7 but with an updated multimedia stack from packages I compiled myself so if there are issues it may be because of my own compile-time options etc. but it's all working now. I really think it was just a first use issue that only pops up when the service is first initialized. Those are hard to track down. One possibility and I've had this happen before is on first use, pulseaudio sends streaming content to the sou
  6. Wandering around in SL I have seen many businesses that mimic the real world but I have yet to find a bank, I suspect an issue of trust exists with user run banks. So maybe this should be a feature of 2L itself? An experienced user I am friends with on other social media warned me not to ever accept something from someone I do not know because sometimes they have scripts that steal linden's. I'm guessing even stores could sell products that do that (in my past I was a gray hat hacker until friends got arrested, we never stole anything but we liked to find vulnerabilities and trust is easy
  7. Thank you, at this particular club the tip jars were pictures of the DJs under the platform where they were standing. I didn't find the host but I asked in the general chat and I quickly got an answer. I agree that tips are important. In RL (what I call meat life) I run a Linux repository of RPM packages and get maybe $100 in donations maybe once a year but the cost far exceeds that, one year when I got the donation it was just after a crisis and I couldn't pay my rent but then the tip was there and I was able to. Tipping is important for free stuff of value.
  8. Trying to buy some panties because my avatar, well, when on the dance floor the skirt can be too revealing. Went to Miss Priss Luxury Lingerie. Found a set I loved - but it was packed. The store has a dressing room, hoping I could unpack it there but I couldn't. Went to a place called Secret Sandbox which is where I unpack things I've found in the past and it didn't show up in recent or anywhere I could find in my inventory. But the Linden's are still gone. So it seems there was a glitch in the game and I need to figure out how to get what I paid for but I can't find any contact
  9. Hi, been using 2L for few days now... Last night after going for a long walk along a road and finding lots of interesting places I didn't even know to look for, I decided I wanted to dance so I ended up at Club Voodoo. I couldn't hear any music but I knew it was playing, thinking I just didn't have the right streaming library (I'm on Linux - CentOS 7 to be specific) but it was still a lot of fan. In chat it looked like people were from time to time giving a tip to the DJ as the DJ would say thank you but I couldn't figure out how they were doing that. Eventually I left and
  10. Okay I figured out how to get the shorts, had to find a sandbox area to unpack the box. Doesn't make sense to me that I have to do that but okay. And I figured out leaving the group got rid of the thing above my avatar name, so I guess this is resolved.
  11. Hi, just started today. Successfully bought new hair and then when to see if I could buy some shorts I like. Using FireStorm for Linux. Found some at some shop called ad[heart]rsy and bought them but can't for the life of me figure out how to wear them, and now everywhere I go, above my avatar name is the phrase "I [heart] ad[heart]rsy which I don't want, I want the shorts I bought. When I try to wear them from inventory, it says (worn on Center 2) and some menu for Belt, Lace, and Metals pops up but selecting colors for them doesn't seem to do anything. Very confused.
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