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  1. Not my usual taste, but happy for those that prefer more body builder shapes in their mesh bodies. The feature list might tempt me to try it's fit version. Esp if the nails can go really long.
  2. While I personally wouldn't get an abortion unless I had to to preserve my own life and health. (Hi I'm one of those Trans folk with a womb and stuff that can get pregnant but is not a woman.) I will absolutely stand in solidarity with those who march for their right to have safe, accessible abortions regardless of their reason. Because my personal belief system should never dictate what another can do in regards to their own health and body. Why someone else might need an abortion is neither my nor anyone else's' business. It does not effect anyone but those directly involved. So who am I or any other to judge and act as some arbiter of mortality over something that is deeply personal and private?
  3. Could.. you explain what you believe I am doing? I am not speaking for all people that are ND, just the ones that like me have things that make us more susceptible to forming addictive patterns. Also..what is there to agree/disagree on? my point was that as a specturm.. no two peoples' needs are going to be the same..
  4. That's great for you! But I am also Autistic and I do get those rushes. I DO struggle with those impulses. So do allot of other ND people. It is one of the ways our neurodiversity can impact on us. It isn't ableism, it's a truth for a good number of us. That's why it's called a Spectrum.
  5. Not just Autism either, But ADHD, BiPolar Disorder (Especially during manic episodes) and a allot of other neurodivergance condintions. Mental Illness is also a factor that gambling and gaming companies live to expoilt.
  6. It's kinda sad how some people have acted in this thread... There serms to be a lack of understanding of just who and how these sorta machines can effect. I am somone with problems impulsive/compulsive purchasing. I like to think I am fairly smart normally. But because of my neurodiverstites and depression. My brain chemistry seeks out ways to get that sweet serotonin and dopamine that it lacks. Gacha and these "its totally not gacha you gais" machines are the worst for it. Worse then casinos for me. Because the dopamine hit is instant and "it doesn't cost that much". Not even realising that it well. Adds up in the end until I snap put of it and realise a good chunk of my money is gone. Can't just "not buy" because again, my brain wants those happy chemicals and that overides logic. I hate that this happens and I want it to stop. Sometimes I do manage to not spend on gachas and that makes me proud. .. Until the mext time I feel restless or depressed and find a gacha that caters to my wants.. I am trying to get help. But in the meantime I try to do my best to keep it under control because I don't even have yhat much free money to spend. I and others like me aren't bad people. Or stupid or lazy. We're.. vulnerable people who are getting targeted because our brains work differently.
  7. I wouldn't steal anything, but I would move everything that I can move just that liiiiitle bit off centre.
  8. Bets on this "sultan" having never even stepped foot on indian soil and is probably western? 😆
  9. I think a political sub fourm would be helpful. There's a very useful saying that the personal is political. Second life is very personal to each individual so of course politics will spill over in here. Trying to shove it somewhere else isn't working. It may never well work because what is deemed "political" to one person is very personal and relevant both to second life and the first life of said person. So it would be a good direct action to section it off to it's own little corner so those that want to avoid it,, which there seems to be quite a few, can. While those that want to discuss those issues and how they effect second life can. Of course people will people. The Lab needs more moderators regardless of what action they take. But it's clear that political talking isn't going to go away. Even if they did try to ban it.
  10. Being told I am "clearly not actually disabled" or that it's not a svere by armchair therapists who have neither any idea how said disability effects me and have no actual docterate in the subject. All because I do not act a certain way. Not having my dog anymore because he passed onto the next life. People
  11. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Or in this case, a bad gimmick. Gacha and things sinilar to it are gambling mechanics that depend on peolle like me who through adfiction, neurodiversity both or other reasons to sell tat and maybe the odd actually nice thing. So I am not gonna lose sleepbif some gatcha malers cannot sell things normally and wind up leaving.
  12. Most bodies really, I prefer an Androgynous look, so hyper Masculine or Feminine bodies are a no go. my main body being Maitreya + Flatchest for now. My dream body would be something that could reasonability fit masc and fem clothing depending on shape. But not really found it. all those that come close have mucked UV maps so you can only wear skins made for that body, lessening it's use. It's a bit hard since there's so much clothing and apperance wise I just can't use, but such is life.
  13. Yup, Food labeling is how my Dad, a diabetic continues to live alongside our country's freee healthcare so he does not have to face poverty just get the medicine he needs. It. and honestly, this may sound harsh but if your business can't even afford to label things correctly. then How they heck can you afford to do the more costly things like paying employees. As for Bezzos, I cannot stand the man when he can afford to this kind of fivrious *****, but can't let his workers unionise, get an actual living wage, or even the basic ability to take a piss when they need to. I've seen through my friend who works there how bad it is. Like he could throw enough money to end so many of the worlds' health and food crisis and still have more money then anyone else in the world. Which is really the issue. No single person have more money then the entire rest of the world's population. Something went very hecking wrong there.
  14. Temporary return to say that I am kinda unerved by the degree of misinformation and ableism towards NPD sufferers. They aren't inhuman monsters or 100% always absuers. Or completely in love with themselves. Or any other werid misconception. They are just people who have a mental disorder. They are as varied and multifaceted as any other person and like many other mentally ill person more likely on average to be victims of violence and abuse. Not to say there aren't any NPD sufferers who aren't also awful people because anyone can be awful. But to claim evey single NPD sufferer is inherently evil is wrong. [Goes back to the void]
  15. Yet again a certain someone decides that they speak for the "poor defenseless" people that know no better, all while engaging in horrific abelism and being condescending to the people actually affected. Showing that they don't really give a ***** about the issues they claim to champion. I'm apart of no clique, I've even at times agreed with this person on points. But ***** it. I'm tired of constantly being looked down on. Autistic people don't need to be fricking coddled. even those "low functioning" people are far more capable then you or society seem to care to aknwoledged. It's a cognitive brain development thing. Not some magical process that turns us all into innocent uwu babies who need to be protected from everything. But hey at least the op was answered, just not in the way poor op wanted. Thiis fourm isn't too nice. It's pretty much needs to become nicer. Because gods forbid you be neurodiverse, disabled or another kind of minoirty on this hellsite. I guess you can consider this my flounce. 🤷‍♂️
  16. Oh duck me... When I said sometimes us autistic folk can get wires crossed and how it can make communication hard, I did not want nor mean for it to be miscontruscted as an excuse to be abelist. (and don't get me started on how "functioning" labels are load of rubbish. We'll be here all day on that little train). It just meant that sometimes miscommunication happens. Ya know like how it happens to any other person. Also comparng adult autistic folk to children is scummy. even if unintentional.
  17. Toys: I had a few favorite as a kid, legos, barbie/bratz, etc. But my most treasured toy is something I have to this day and he is still well loved. My first every cuddly toy, a pink small teddy bear creatively called pinky. I have had pinky since I was a baby. Like me Pinky started off called a girl but is now a very well loved and cuddled man of his 30's. Should I ever be blessed with children. Pinky shall accompany them in their life and hopefully be just as loved! Games: Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Kingdomhearts. Mario. My Dad started me gaming when I was young. But it was those series' that really sparked my interest. Probably explains why I can go from macabre to an utter fluffy goofball considering a young Robinling probably shouldn't have been allowed to play the ultra gorey fighting game when so small. Books, however where my biggest love. From Black Beauty, scores of YA-books when I was..well a young adult to to indeed like nearly everyone of my generation. Harry Potter. Like Owar I got into it when around the age of being able to get a letter to Hogwarts. Of course these days that warm affection for the wizarding world has soured over time for reasons I don't really want to get into.
  18. Let us not make the forums even more prone to the angries then usual. While it's (thankfully) mostly calm and way better then it apparently used to be. But when things get ugly. boy do they get ugly and it can kill engagement rather then encourage it. As for Scorn-laughs and whatever, It certainly can happen. I've had my fair of it happening. usually over the silliest of things. But it's certainly not a major harassment. I just don't tend to pay it much attention. Though I can understand why some might consider it since it can quickly fill your alert messages pretty quickly. Plus sometimes text and reacts can be pretty hard to read.Espically if you're autistic like me or just have a hard time with social cues. It's not matter of anyone particularly being wrong but rather different communication styles clashing. sometimes however... ..Some people are just calling fowl when they are the real source of harassment and bad vibes. Projection is strong with those ones and eventually as the cool kids say. They will get "vibe-checked" and get hit with reality. Or a mod's ban hammer, either/or. Also geeze, while I'm glad the main source got their posts scrubbed off the thread. some folks really gotta lay off the ageism. I think there is one thing all of us can agree on through experience is that stupidity knows no age. It's not restricted to just the young or just the old. 🤣
  19. Alright time to actually word. I'm loving this theme and how different it is. While Beli is lovely and clearly well made. Allot of it just blends together in a sea of beige and wood in aesthetics. Which is great for people that love the more contemporary/modern/actual real world suburbia feel of most of the beli homes. It can be pretty hard for those that prefer something a bit different. I often felt out of place with my more fantastical or sci-fi leanings. But with this new theme, I feel very inspired and have a use for all of my shiny-pretty landscape and garden things alongside furniture.. Rosebrooke in particular has my interest, so big! So all in all, I'm excited but also, Oh no, I love it. I had just recently settled on a mainland land plot and got all cyberpunk for my robot self!
  20. My Peeves: Pollen The Heat When you get your sl house just right, except for one small item, go to adjust it...and accidentally delete your house instead of it.🤬
  21. My pheeve, post covid jab sck. So many things are sore and i just wanna stay inbed but can't sleep.
  22. Unisex bathrooms are a non issue made an issue by transphobes because they only just twigged on to the fact that [gasp] Trans people also need to pee. That they then pretend it's a "safety issue" is an insult not just to the trans women who are the main targets. But those who have actually been assaulted in bathrooms. (Many being trans themselves!) First it erroneously assumes that (cis) women can never be the assaulters, or (cis) men can never be the victims. (It is almost always framed as male folk doing the crime to a female victim.) Second, that they somehow think it is easier to just claim to be trans then just...either go in anyway or the must simpler, pretend to be a staff member. Or the other more common factor. Attack the (perceived) trans woman for "invading" a female space. It's bigotry pretend to be concerned for victims while doing nothing to actually tackle the issue they claim to be heralding. But plenty of work and effort to make it unsafe for trans people or those who don't conform to ridgid gender sterotypes. Just ask the butch women if they feel "safer" now in bathrooms.
  23. Or you can stop jumping at conculsions. At no point did I or anyone say that we want to exculde anyone that isn't part of our marginalized community. What people do want and this is important. Is a space to meet people with similar experiences and support networks. Especially in these covid times where our ability to find these experiences in real life have been deminished due to lockdown. These spaces do not, contray to popular misconception exculde people outisde the maginlised communities. Often times they readily welcome others as dear friends, family and allies because we can't change the current real life world without suppirt both within and outside our communities. In fact allot of us long for the day when these communities are no longer needed. That we can exist anywhere anytime with out worry. But that isn't the world right now. When people can't even show rightful anger at their own people being murdered or ***** even politely ask to have more fictional characters without being harassedor threatened with violence. It's sort of still nessarcy to have at least one place or space where we can just breathe and talk about issues without harassment. And no Second Life isn't guilt free from this. I have been harassed for my gender and disability, others for their race. Sl is part of the greater whole. Flaws and all. Instead of blaminnthe victims. Maybe we should idk. Look at the rwal reason the worlds getting more wonky. Like the big golbal pandemic. Ecomonical inequality.
  24. I swear, everytime someone from a marginlized indenity or community tries to innocently ask about where to find places or groups with similar experiences or indenties as them. Quite a few in this fourm go absolutely hog wild and derail it with how "omg it doesn't matter ur just racist/the real bigoted one omg!1111" and turn the thread into a cesspit of fighting over nothing. Which ironically just proves WHY we seek out these spaces. Because if some of you can't even handle such a non issue. How the duck are we supposed to feel comfortable talking about the actual issues we face?
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