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  1. There's certainly an issue. Though not as bad as it used to be in which some inviduals of the forums have seemed to make it their mission to make others feel unwelcome through sheer toxcity, concentration and even abusive behaviour. But there are also individuals who are normally decent people. Until you try to say something they did was hurtful. Or try to explain why something they view as true, isn't. No matter how polite and sources used. It can and has made folks feel unwelcome. Including myself. I don't want to argue with people. I don't want to feel like I have to defend myself or explain for the nth time that. X ypor Z facet of my existence isn't werid or broken. I don't want to have to state that, "actually caring about the suffering about our fellow human beings is good actually." But it feels like I have to. Because otherwise, it'll just get worse.I am not part of some clique or in group. Or some drama monger. I just want to, not have aspects of who I am treated like poop. Because me and others like me aren't in poop, we're just people.
  2. Ok, I'm stuggling to understand this. Normally. When someone from a group tells you that the thing you're saying or doing is hurtful to them. You stop right? People learnt since they where very young correct? It's the polite thing to do. So why is it. That when more then one disabled person all say "Hey stop that, It's hurtful and demeaning". ..People say we're being to harsh and rude. I've had it happen before. people are having it happen now. Am I missing something that says disabled people can't point out that no. This is harmful. This is wrong. Because otherwise this makes no sense to me.
  3. I'm Non Binary so I'm not technically breaking the rules. since I'm not a woman. :3c
  4. Hey as someone with an actual anxiety disorder. I get more anxious at the people trying to shut down the Black voices of the forums in this thread, dismiss their pain and treat their justified angry as "too radical" Because it's very anxiety inducing to see how little some people care for their fellow human beings, It's anxiety inducing to have your illness used as a battering ram to try and silence people who are HURTING. I don't understand how people can hyerfocus on the tone and not the content. There are people being murdered, abused and in Portland, taken off the street by federal officers in unmarked vans. I think that's more important then feeling a little bit uncomfortable because the conversation isn't sugar-coated.
  5. Some of you all need to learn that even if and that's a big if for allot of people Sl is "just a game". That's still a whole ass human being behind the avatar. Being upset or scared over a situation, even if it's online is a perfectly normal thing. Because that's how emotions work. Not everyone can be perfectly reasonable all of the time. Especially when things get stressful. Please learn to sympathize with others. Even if you can "x" out of something, People shouldn't be acting abusive towards ANYONE regardless. op, I'm glad your friend has you around and I'm sorry she experienced that. In your shoes I'd be just as angry. Just hang in there and support your friend. AR the guy if she or her boss hasn't already.
  6. Pet peeve: Waking up at 6:30 in the am with a headache. That sorta nonsense should not happen body!
  7. I'm already apart of Eisa! it's rp has been on hiatus since around 2019-ish for a rebuild that will be finished soon™.
  8. Hey there folks! I'm trying to get back into role play in Second life and trying to find a Scifi or Cyberpunk Roleplay Sim that is friendly towards European timezones. The Search in SL hasn't been so helpful in this so off to the forums I went. Preferably one that alows folks to be Synth/Android chaaracters. LGBT+ friendly is also a big bonus, My timezone is GMT.
  9. ..I ..did you miss the part about my place of work? None of my words are based on feelings, but on fact. Look at the poltical goals of brexit and the parties that pushed hard for it. Look for the direct quotes from the very prime minster himself about black people and Muslims. But if you want sources.: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/jul/12/british-history-slavery-buried-scale-revealed https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/opendemocracyuk/austerity-nostalgia-racism-and-xenophobia/ https://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/oct/15/britains-most-racist-election-smethwick-50-years-on https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2003/apr/22/lawrence.ukcrime Also actually. Northern Ireland (which is part of the uk..) is https://www.breakingnews.ie/ireland/ulster-is-race-hate-capital-of-europe-264958.html well that.
  10. ...As a White Northern Irish person that is a bunch of utter nonsense. England was the birthplace of colonialism. Poor white folk here. (inculding myself) have it way easier then anyone of darker skin, with the only exceptions being Irish travellers and Eastern Europeans. Again prvilege doesn't mean a life free of misery. The Uk hates all poor, non cis, non het, non neurotypical people. But don't try to pretend white privilege is an american only thing.
  11. I want to chine in as someone who volunteers for an organisation that directly works in human rights advocacy. Racism, Classism, etc,It's all interconnected. You cannot right one without fighting the other. So let's put a pin on that for now. As for what privilege means when we talk about it in a human rights manner. It means the inheritant social/political, etc advantages one has due to their race, class, etc. It does not mean that your life was all sunshine and rainbows. Due to again, how those axis' of oppression and disadvantage often work. By being white. one has the advantage of living in a system that values light skin and where it's viewed as a default. This is true not just in america, but a majority of countries in the world. I'll write more once my computer is less of a mess.
  12. Pet peeve: When people forget that there is an actual person behind the screen. With like emotions and shiz. Bonus peeve: When my less then two year old computer won't boot right. 😠
  13. I think some people need to take a step back and revaluate why they kneejerk react to people bringing up the fact that they have prvilage and how it makes them not want to.. ..support a perfectly logical thing as "no more senseless loss of life because of racism. White prvilage doesn't mean you're not worry free. But it does mean that we also do not experience these hardships as badly as our poc counterparts. I am a trans, mentally ill, disabled poor person. That's allot of disadvantages. But I still benefit from being white in comparison to someone who has those same disadvantages but is darker skinned to boot. I benifit even though I live in ireland because racism is a golbal issue. Can't escape it if you're black. And I am constantly having to unlearn ingrained racism as every white/light skinned person does. It's not calling you, the invidual evil. It is merely stating a simple fact of life. The sooner us white folk aknowlege this. As well as listen to POC voices without throwing a tantrum. The better.
  14. Pet peeve: When an item says it's rigged for your mesh body, + addon. But it is not. :c Many sad birb noises are made when this happens
  15. My pet peeve, well more of a rant of a very tired person. I really ate when a marginlised person tries to find people within their group, only to get jumped on, mocked or dismissed by allot of people in these forums. Or heck sometimes you don't even need to be marginalized, just have exactly (one) 1 kink that people don't like and prepare to be scorched. Don't dare to complain or raise a stink about it. then the holier-then thous and the self-proclaimed intellectuals will concendingly go on and on about how you're just lashing out and being to unreasonable while they turn your thread in a multi page debate about topics that lead you feeling disgusted and unwelcome. That it goes on and on in a loop to the point that not even the nicer folks on the forum can help you from feeling anything but alienated and wrong. Guess I just need a break.
  16. Juust popping in to say that Police Brutality isn't just an American Problem. I should know, my Country's old "police" (RUC) had to be dissolved completely due to it. As a result of this whee little thing called "the troubles" and that was the stuff they did to the white folk they didn't like. Imagine the undocumented injustice that time caused for POC Folk. Plus Canada's treatment of the native populations there. Look into any country's past (or present) and you'll see similar injustices. That's why BLM is such an internatural protest. America may be the most brutal and numerious. But that doesn't make other countries any safer if you are marginlized.
  17. I do think we need a few more moderators espiically in European times where trolls are more heav- /me sees the derail right now ..Nope
  18. I am glad for my (second life) Family and my friends, both sl and rl. I am glad for the Trans Community in my local area. I am glad that I am loved even when overwelmed with Self loathing. Things are..really bad headspace wise. but those that love me. Make me press on.
  19. No editing of the photo here, Just Allot of Specular map adjusting for my body and pretty lights.
  20. I just want to clear up one misconception that seems to be going around. Antifa is not the cause of the escalation of the protests/riots. Antifa is not some scary evil organisation. Heck it is not a good orginsatlion either. Or any kind of group. It's a word. It's short for anti-fascism. I can safely say that everyone in this thread is against fascism right? Not a controversial statement. Now since antifa is merely a word and belif that fascists are bad. Anyone can be antifa. I am.antifa, you are antifa. Now some people do organize to ensure fascists don't do a facsism in their areas. Another good thing. It also however means that because of just being a word. Anyone can either blame it for other people's actions or claim to be one. When in actuality they're a bad seed. The current escalation is the fault of the police, not antifa, not BLM. The police's brutality is the cause and the symptoms. Please don't lay blame and instead, remember the words of a great Black man. "A riot is the language of the unheard."
  21. I just want to leave a few more points. First, Saying hateful people must have brain-damage or trauma only further stigmatises those who suffer from it.A good number being black too. So please refrain from making such jokes. Call hateful, bigoted people what they are. Not by a condition that that cannot be helped. Second of all. intersectionality is a thing, there are Black disabled people, Black LGBT people. BLM is for them as well. Even more so then their cis, abled, straight counterparts as they face the worst of it. what about-ism helps nobody. We need to show solidarity. Because Right now. It's Black people getting the brunt of it. Finally. They did protest peacefully at first. more peacefully then the armed, white protestors who wanted haircuts only months ago, Look what it got them, More brutalism, more people being rendered dead or disabled. Even news crews are being fired upon. Wouldn't you start to fight back after all that?
  22. In sl? Not really. I wouldn't feel comfortable doing so unless the items where either. A: free B:All profits were going to BLM, the jail funds for protestors or other anti racism causes. I have been donated to said rl causes what I can and will allocate my typical sl/free time for the remaining two weeks until my next paycheck to them. I encourage others do what they can in rl too. As well as rasing awareness in sl on how people can help. And for one point I am not willing to debate at this time: It happens in other countries and it is not an problem of a bad few inviduals. It is a systematic issue.
  23. Sleepy pet peeves because It's too hot,, too late but I am a crabby robo kitty tonight: When some folks jump onto any harmless not spammy thread and derail it by meme'ing and saying how they don't get it. Because the topic is some non mainstream subculture or practise. When you get a nice skin, demo it. it works ok, but only after buying the full version and a few days of wear do you realise. ...The nip-nops are just a few inches off. 😭
  24. Electricity is in my Soul.. Had some fun updating my Robot look.
  25. Wicca /=/ Witchcraft. Wicca is a closed religion that has magical practises yes. But not all witches are wiccans. Or religious. Just want to clear that misconception.
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