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  1. Maybe Tiki could have cool underwater elements and public spaces that are Tiki & Underwater-ish? Appeal to both and might be neat for exploring. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  2. There is no logical reason to show up to a General region naked. If you want to be ‘artistically naked’, take it to an M region. You are super nice - As the region owner, I’d IM the person to put on clothes, give them about 1 min to show they are working on it, and then if it doesn’t seem like they are, I’d eject them. If they give me a hard time (which they most likely will), I’d ban them. And that’s a maybe, honestly….Because there is never a ‘whoops’ I forgot clothes.
  3. Hey everyone! The Bay City Studios production team is hosting it's first annual MACHINICON - an event in September focused on growing the Second Life machinima community & those that create for it. We've got a cool line up of informational panels, exhibits to teach filming basics, and even a shopping portion with themed items that are good for filming. We have a few more spots open for vendors at the shopping part of the event. If you are a creator of any of the following item types (see below), we hope you'll consider grabbing a spot. Things that Move (animesh that is rezzed out) Animated Wearables (pets, food, scooters, etc.) Vehicles (that you drive) Tools & Scripts Animated Textures Animations (NOT Poses) EEPs PBR enabled items for set building Backdrops Unique PBR enabled clothing & hair Other ‘things that move’ or seem appropriate for this event. (Sorry if this isn't posted in the right place!)
  4. I've been working on a fantasy machinima 'isekai' style series for a little bit now, and when I'm putting the episodes together (about 30 mins a piece), I usually build and film one scene at a time. This is the 'first scene' in Episode 3 of Namara, showing the finer details of how a new 'namara' arrives in the worlds of Aether. I'm pretty proud of this one, specifically because most of the 'effects' are 'inworld' eeps or items generated. I hope you enjoy it! Fair warning - it's a little intense.
  5. I agree. This is a super good point - the ability to 'reply' easily in thread would really help with chatter. I just went and looked at the Primfeed feedback channel and he's already on it. Marked as in progress
  6. Someone mentioned hashtags earlier a few posts up - I think this would help a little to get people to do more 'text style' updates (But hashtags are pretty useful on Instagram too...so...) It's gonna be an interesting ride to see how it evolves.
  7. I’m that mean lady that reports people. If I go in the gallery, and it’s not filtered right or someone is abusing the rules, I report them. I hope everyone else is too.
  8. I agree! I’ve been trying to ‘talk more’ on my thread…not just images. (I’m a Twitter chick) But I think if I was looking at this platform from a ‘professional social media manager’ point of view, I’d say it feels very…Instagram-y? It’s too early to really test how stuff gets shared and analytics, but it seems like posts get a lot more ‘clicks’ with an image.
  9. I really like Primfeed, but I protect my ‘Follows’ pretty closely though. The 3 tabs are great. Home tells me what the people I choose to follow post. It’s mostly pictures now, but the ‘normal posts’ that aren’t give aways are becoming a lot more normal. Discovery is like clicking a random spot in mainland - You never know what you are gonna get. Right now it’s mostly ads and nonsense, which honestly isn’t bad - it’s turning more into an ‘Instagram’ like feed. That feed is literally ‘what people are posting right now’. Gallery is where artistic images go and store ads. Depending on the time of day and whos posting, you might see more of one than the other. Lately, it’s been mostly artistic images when I look. I’ll be honest - It’s quickly becoming my favorite SL social media. And Luke is kick in’ booty with all the updates. I love it.
  10. This was my experiment in ‘green screens’ trying to make a ‘very busy and crowded party’. (practicing for a scene later in my machinima series) Really fun to edit and film ❤️
  11. No, I see the point, I just don’t agree with it. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  12. This is such a passive aggressive question that is only asked when they can’t justify their position on the original topic. Resident: Um - this seems shady. Can we fix it? Them: No. Resident: Why not? It’s not against the rules. Can you explain to me how this works so I can go back to making money for SL? Them: No. And if you don’t like it, when why are you here? It makes no sense to me.
  13. It’s feels like the ‘child avatar reporting threat’ - but with creators?
  14. @Jaimy Hancroft It sounds like someone reported you when I went back and read their response. Is that what happened? You randomly received word out of no where?
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