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  1. Discounted to $4,500 L Forgot to mention that this is on an unblockable region edge. Providing a screenshot of the map for more information below!
  2. Discounted to $2,000 L This is an AWESOME deal now! It's sourrouned by abandoned land, too in case you want to make the parcel huge! Attaching ariel view and screenshot from continenet placement!
  3. 1024 sqm ROADSIDE parcel - Fully decorated as a Mediterranean style vineyard. Friendly neighbors - Sunset views! Asking price is $2,500 L NOTE: I am currently developing ANOTHER 2048 sqm parcel next door to this one as well - so if you are interested, I can sell you 3,072 sqm. I'd be willing to sell the entire set for $5,000 L! Just let me know if you are interested! Part of the Operation Mainland Project
  4. Hey! Can you give me an SURL? I’d love to do a video about it, too!
  5. Hey everyone! (If this is in the wrong forum, apologies ahead of time!) I’m toying with the idea of building a theatre on the mainland and wanted to ask a quick question about servers and lag. My plan is to build the venue across a region border - with the audience on one side in one region and the stage on the other side in a neighboring region. My guess is that it will reduce lag for the performers & things happening on the stage because they are in a different region than the audience - and that the show will seem smoother for the audience because they are watching from a different region. What do you think? Am I on the right track?
  6. It’s applied to a HUD. You can click the Forever Tourist icon and it will automatically detach from you if you want to quickly take it off, but you’ll have to find it in your inventory to put it back on again. I’d only recommend wearing it when you are hunting for stamps, then take it off when you aren’t hunting anymore. Hope that helps!
  7. I hope you'll 🎉celebrate🎉 with me today - the Forever Tourist program OFFICIALLY has over 1,500 passports purchased and over 100 registered Locations! 😍 This is an amazing milestone for the first week and I'm so grateful to everyones help and interest to help make this a sucess! Just a reminder - 10/1/2021 we'll be releasing the first list for all of the locations so if you haven't already registered your place, you've still got time! If you need any help, reach out to Feorie Frimon in world for help!
  8. 640 sqm parcel of beautiful snow water. I've been using this parcel as my personal home & have derendered prims around me. I love this parcel, but I'm moving to another one that's been a little harder for me to sell. My loss is your gain! You'll love it here, too! ❤️ The video tour is what I see - Prims are No Transfer, but they will stay unless you return them! I'm happy to set them to whatever group as well if you decide to keep them. ASKING PRICE: $5,000 L VIDEO TOUR HERE VISIT THE PROPERTY HERE
  9. Hey everyone! This isn't my sim, but I did a video feature on the mainland Villiage of Ciampi on the Operation Mainland channel. I thought you might enjoy a look! (It's one of my favorite places to visit in Second Life!) Hope you like it!
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