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  1. I'm surprised nobody mentioned poofers. I think those qualify as a fad (one that has thankfully been dead and gone/banned for years).
  2. I've met two people from SL in RL. We weren't/aren't romantically or sexually involved in either world, just friends.
  3. I derender/blacklist around my Linden home. I wanted an unobstructed view of the water so the houseboats blocking my view and the objects in them went Poof! It took maybe 15 minutes, and I would have been sitting in my house anyway so why not? I even blacklisted the docks, so I can sit on they rocks at the edge of my parcel and look out at the water. I blacklisted a neighbor's house and belongings because he built a gawdawful (i.e. poorly textured) addition to the house that just hurt my eyes. Sure, the lot is empty, but that happens in RL subdivisions too. At least it's clean and the Moles have provided trees and other landscaping. I "show friends only" at crowded events and will usually fly if allowed so I don't bump into people. When I shop, I'm not there to look at other avatars. I'm there to look at the items for sale. I've blocked/muted numerous people, especially those who leave their mics open so I have to listen to their TV blaring or their kid screaming and those who gesturbate like their lives depend on it, I can't be "immersed" in SL if I hear someone yelling at her husband to pick up his dirty undies.
  4. Gestures. I despise gestures with the heat of 1000 suns. If I go to a club to listen to music, I don't need to hear the same "Tuuuuuune!" that's been in SL since day 1. I especially hate it when the gestures are spammed so much that I can't hear the music at all.
  5. I have voiced a lot in the past. I'd rather voice than type constantly. I don't hang out with the same people now, so I only turn voice on if I am chatting with an individual person or a group of friends. I don't have any issue with someone requesting me to go on voice, as long as they completely understand I'm not going to engage in sexchat (been there, done that, over it). I would much rather listen to people talking than be bombarded with gestures. I hate gestures at clubs. I'm there to listen to music, not your stupid "WOOHOO!" or "Tuuuuune!". I can understand why voice is blocked at music clubs though. As for idiots who leave their mic on so I have to listen to their dog or their baby or the person cursing someone not in SL out, insta-mute.
  6. My favorite two skin designers for my Genus head are Amara and Pumec. Pumec put out a skin at skin fair that was just so gorgeous on the Genus Classic head. I had never been impressed with Pumec for my Lelutka and Catwa heads, but boy, did that change for Genus! I have a couple Pink Fuel skins for Genus as well. If I see Pumec and Pink Fuel at a gacha event, I at least have to demo as they know how to design for that head. It didn't hurt that it didn't take many pulls to nab a rare either. Pumec definitely has more body options in their applier, so they do have that edge over Amara. I didn't need a lot of changes to my shape either. I pretty much wear the same shape with Amara and Pumec. Makeups? Alaskametro (yay for wearable demos!), Shiny Stuffs (yay for finally creating for Genus!), The Face (has a nice selection of group gifts for Genus), and I recently picked up some nice lipsticks from Leronso's group. Izzie's is always dependable as well
  7. Real Evil Industries is my go-to, mainly because they offer color HUDS with so many options (metal, jewel, pearl) and even have some pieces that can be engraved however I like with the HUD. I play the heck out of their gachas when available, and, contrary to their name, they have some cute stuff, not just goth or "evil" looking. I've been wearing the Esprit set for months now, just changing colors to suit my outfits. Their rare ring sets are great too as the HUD allows you to choose which rings to hide or display. I was a fan of Avaway for a long time for the same color HUD reasons, but I haven't purchased anything of theirs lately. I have a lot of Maxi Gossamer, but some of those pieces make my avatar complexity shoot over 100-200k easily. I've picked up a few Supernatural pieces on the 60L weekend sale. As for brands I like but can't afford, those would be Mandala, Earthstones, and Chop Zuey.
  8. You're not going to get the same look as Blueberry's models because Blueberry uses the DAZ rendering system for her vendor photos. Those bodies are not in any way, shape, or form a Second Life body (mesh or otherwise). If you see store vendor ads like this, they're all DAZ renders (usually with no heads shown or only part of a head; the stores that use the full DAZ render have heads that creep me out hard!).
  9. It looks like the problem has been fixed, or perhaps my logging in on an alt and then going back to my main fixed it. I was able to log in.
  10. Oddly enough, I am not getting this message when I log in under one of my other alts. This is highly annoying.
  11. I am having the same problem. All I know is that on the grid status page, it says they are continuing critical OS software upgrades today, but I thought that only meant region restarts, not a complete simulator lockdown. It looks to me like the whole ship has sunk today. :matte-motes-confused:
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