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  1. thank you jacob for the information that's what i have been waiting for. Def good information so i was right they did have a branch located in UK after all. and that their recent location in the US was actually not their main base of operations. this shed some light on a few things. thanks for taking the time.
  2. Seems Proper for staff to see this in order to understand the severity of this merge...... here is the math EA (wannabe a.k.a Linden Labs) + Tilia (a banking UK Firm that isn't part of the US company) = Losing millions from angry users and actual people that already provide information and banking information already but Liden Lab wont admit they were breached several times in the past leaking information to hackers because of Lack of Network Security but expects the foundation of people that keeps SL from becoming a rotten decay of flesh. I wonder how many people will leave when SL decides
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