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  1. I've only ever had the ones where they are warning me that part of my body or outfit is missing and I'm grateful for those. I'd hate to think that I was innocently dancing in some G-rated club with no pants on, or that my head was missing.
  2. I am rather attached to the appearance of my main avatar and I almost never change it (aside from turning into a ginger-coloured werewolf on certain full-moons). That's not to say that I don't ever feel like experimenting or switching things around once in a while - but when I do I find that I have to use an alt. I just can't bring myself to mess with my main account because I identify most strongly that it's me - my RL self (even though I'm not really ginger in RL). I don't know if you remember The Matrix (movie) when Morpheus talked about Residual Self-Image - that's what my avatar is
  3. I don't hide (much of) my RL from others in SL. I won't give out enough information that my identity could be stolen, I don't usually give my location any more accurately than the nearest city, and I don't give any information about my RL partner or other family members or anyone else in my life because their info is not mine to share. I have a few SL friends that I have also met in RL and I'm happy to do that, or share a photo, or whatever. I don't use voice because I am dreadfully phone-phobic, and using voice in SL is 100% like talking on the phone, and that would just make SL 100% unpleasa
  4. One of my girl alts has Maitreya with a Lelutka Evo head, the other is primarily Belleza Freya with Catwa head but recently started using Kalhene (which is really too skinny for her) and still looking for something similar shape to Freya that has BOM properly implemented. Kupra is, well, all booty, and that's not really the look I want for her. For myself, I have Signature Gianni and recently switched head from Catwa to Lelutka. I wouldn't buy a new body until I see how it looks for clothing support a year after launch. I had high hopes for Signature Geralt and Signature Alice, for
  5. Honestly, neither of those two. The best option right now, by a long way, is Signature Gianni. * Massive clothing support * Regular (several times a year) updates - unlike Jake which hasn't been updated in several years. Jake doesn't even have BOM properly implemented, and the half-BOM thing it does is only because someone else made it. Jake's neck doesn't fit newer heads. * Cheaper than Legacy * MUCH lower lag than Legacy * Unlike Legacy, not relying on external servers staying up and in-business. * More muscular look than Legacy, if that's what you like.
  6. Hosting at my own club, visiting other clubs Hanging out with Madison, if she's online Sailing, exploring Shopping (for my girl alts only, its not as much fun shopping for menswear) Changing my land/houses
  7. You can - but bear in mind that if you do, ONLY YOU CAN SEE IT. It will appear in it's proper rigged place to you, but will be invisible to anyone else.
  8. I wonder if the premium services one is related to the update of the last name list. I haven't seen either of those status messages before but I guess there's a first time for everything.
  9. Lucy Knickers (which was actually my drag name) Alt Incognito Gassy Nebula Plot Bunny Motor Dakota Lando Orlando
  10. The newest ones are on the separate wall that stands in front of the others (in the mainstore). Of the ones at the back I think those on the right are newer than the ones on the left. Some of the left-side ones still have the old style texture huds.
  11. Mine seem to be a fairly even split, a few more women than men, but that's to be expected with the ratio in SL.
  12. Most of my alts have no payment info, I just buy L$ and share it out. Then again, most of my alts are already years old (the newest is just over a year, the next-newest is about 7 years old) so it's within the realm of possibility that they've earned money themselves. Truth is I have neither the creative skills nor the time to put any of my alts to work. But generally an account that's fully meshed up (with mesh that's not free) and less than a few months old is almost certainly an alt. Even if they have earned the actual money themselves, no-one learns enough about SL in their first few
  13. They certainly do. Back when I first made Indra, and she was a few days old with a starter avatar, the IMs never stopped. Now she's been around for more than 9 years, it's much less.
  14. Slink also has a petite chest mod available in the Slink mainstore for both their bodies. No idea what it's like though, none of my alts have Slink. Kalhene Anya (the new one) is another, this one includes the petite option all-in with the main body pack, and it fits Maitreya Petite clothing (mostly - it's a bit thinner than Maitreya). It's also cheaper - my alt got it in the December sale but full price is only around L$1800, iirc.
  15. One of my alts has Freya. That V-tech mod in the post above is for a completely flat, boy chest. However, there's a petite-type one also, made by Simple Stuff. Not on the MP but you can get it in-world here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hologram/204/130/37 (for some reason it doesn't show up in Search either). The Simple Stuff mod must be the one that Janet was thinking of. Its not made by Lab 757 but the Simple Stuff store is in the same region, so you could search for it that way. It's very petite, and you can't adjust the breasts with the sliders at all. You'll need a flat
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