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  1. Aside from the fairtytale cottage, this looks exactly like the countryside around north Derbyshire, not far from where I live in RL. Lots of sheep there, too.
  2. The phrase "Linden Love" is banned in my club. I do thank guests for their "tip" but I usually refer to it as a "donation" because that's basically what it is. As an owner/host, I remind guests to support my DJs, and my DJs remind them to support the venue, and once per event is sufficient, maybe twice if we've had an influx of new guests after half-time. Personally, I don't care about tips for myself; I'd run the club for free anyway. But I do worry sometimes that if my DJs don't get enough tips, they won't want to work for me any more.
  3. If ads became mandatory, it would make more sense to place them on the log-in and teleport progress screens. While I get up and make a cup of tea.
  4. The ads would be far worse. Even as a club owner, I'd rather have no in-world streaming at all, and direct my guests to an external stream with no ads.
  5. Yes but I'm not sure that you'd be allowed to rez the rod/bait vendor; that would count as commercial activity. Likewise I don't think paid contests would be allowed either.
  6. I managed to log my alt in just now, after failing an hour ago, so it looks hopeful. Just as it's time for me to go to bed. Lindens, your timing is impeccable.
  7. I wish the Moles would release those houseboat models for sale. I'd love to have one but I have no desire to leave my current land, or extend my tier.
  8. Unfortunately it doesn't help when you also have to exclude D E M O and d*e*m*o and d.e.m.o and DEM0 and "trial version" and all the other ways that sellers try to get round it. I've just stopped searching for anything less than L$2.
  9. Hormones do play a massive part, it's true, but I don't think they tell the whole story. I'm a trans man, I've been on testosterone for almost 8 years. I did experience dramatic mental change, in the sense that it brought an immediate end to the chronic depression I'd been living with for the previous three decades. This led to me becoming more emotionally stable, more self-confident and more assertive. What it did not do is change my personality in any way. My level of aggression, competitiveness, risk-taking, empathy, sensitivity and all the other things that we tend to ascribe to gender, remained the same. Gender isn't in the genitals, nor is it entirely in hormones; it's primarily in the brain, in the way neurons link together and operate. Studies have shown that trans people, even before treatment, tend to think in a way more typical of the gender with which they identify, not the one they were landed with at birth. But again there's still a massive overlap and the link between thinking-style and gender identity is still pretty loose. In fact, if it was solely to do with hormones, there would be no trans people at all, except for those who have abnormal hormone levels. Everyone who produces natural testosterone would identify as male and everyone who produces estrogen would identify as female. In reality, that isn't the case, so there has to be other factors in play. And it's not nurture either, otherwise there would be no trans people who were raised within a traditional gender-segregated environment, there would be no trans people with cisgender siblings, and again that's not the case either. Science's best guess so far is that non-typical gender identity is the result of environmental factors during gestation; and by environmental here, I mean things that are happening inside the mother's body during the first trimester of pregnancy; varying levels of hormones in the uterus. But no-one yet knows the mechanism by which this happens. And it's almost impossible to study, because by the time a person becomes aware of their their gender identity, it's already years too late to determine what went on in-utero, six months before they were born. Gender isn't two points on the ends of a line. It isn't even a line. It's more like a ball-pool. Pick one or more, any colour.
  10. It actually came from the nursery rhyme, "All the King's horses, and all the King's men, couln't put Humpty together again." Random trivia; Humpty Dumpty was not an egg. It was the name of a giant cannon used in the English Civil War, which fell off the castle walls and broke.
  11. I love "Bloodlines Posers"! Album title ideas also welcome!
  12. Thanks. All sent (and I promised to pay so I did ). It is lovely around there, all the way along that road from the bottom of the lake to the top. Not sure how long it will stay lovely though, as there is a lot of land for sale in Badger now (cheap, if anyone's interested).
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