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  1. Oh I love that song. One of my DJs plays it regularly at Noir, when he does a French-themed set. If you turn up this coming Sunday, you'll probably hear it there. Here's another one that never fails to put me in a happy mood. (I'll spare you the 13-minute version by Benny Goodman).
  2. They really need a Europe-based moderator here.
  3. It's probably the same person as yesterday. (I didn't see the one from the day before).
  4. It would be useful to have a list of the ones that are still available for purchase (the human ones) in case other people make enquiries about them. Can you provide more info (names of current makers, MP links etc)?
  5. Actually, Tyche Shepherd is still collecting this data, and has been doing so for years. All her results are on the website www.gridsurvey.com. I went and grabbed the maximum concurrency data for the past 12 months (up to 27 March 2020 which is the latest date on file) and I made a chart. The mean concurrency for the previous 12 months is around 47,000. The past ten days, it's been over 52,000 with a peak of more than 56,000. Not sure what happened last June/July (summer break, I guess) but aside from that glitch it was pretty steady. Until a week ago.
  6. Only Bento heads can have expressions, that's what Bento does. Expressions, plus response to the shape slides to edit face shape. There's one exception to this; Catwa made some early non-bento heads that had expressions done by static frame animation instead of bento. Catwa was the only head-maker who did this.
  7. It's not anecdotal, I was there. I counted the people. Personally. If you want to see some actual evidence, go to my club and look at the tipjar, with the hovertext above it to see how much has been donated this month. I hardly ever reach my target at all; this month I hit it in week 3 and it's still rising, with one more event still to go. You are one person spending less time here and not renewing your premium membership. Just one. You have no evidence of any others.
  8. I was actually there. I saw it with my own eyes. I counted them. I've looked at my transaction history. Every event in my club this month has had attendance double the usual. Every event I have been to at other clubs I visit regularly was the same. Obviously this is a very small sample but if I am the only person in SL that this is happening to, well that's even weirder than I thought, and I'd like to hear an explanation of how my club, and the ones I visit, are the only ones that are booming, and only since this month. You may be spending less on SL but my transaction history shows that plenty of other people are doing the opposite. I love sprouts, by the way.
  9. All Linden Lab employees are already successfully working 100% from home. Obviously there may be hardware failures in the data centres they use; in some cases it's possible to remotely divert data traffic around the faulty hardware and just leave it until it's safe for staff to go in and repair/replace it. But that may not always be possible, and repairs may take longer than usual, so I suspect that if the situation is prolonged, there may be more frequent outages and issues in-world.
  10. I received a heads-up about an email circulating, supposedly from the WHO, warning that cans of chopped pork may contain COVID-19. Ignore it, it's spam.
  11. I don't think SL is having problems retaining current users right now. In fact the opposite seems to be happening; many people who had previously left SL are coming back. As a club owner, I've noticed a significant increase in the number of people coming to events this month, tips are up for both myself and my DJs, and I am adding more events to meet demand. Cutting user costs and reducing profits is probably the last thing the Lab needs to be doing right now; usage is increasing anyway without taking such measures, and in these uncertain times this will help them establish a financial cushion in case things take a down-turn later on. And don't forget that basic accounts, many of whom do not purchase L$, are using SL's resources but not contributing to Linden Lab's income in any way. The key strategy is marketing to people who are already here; encouraging basic members to go premium, or at least encouraging them to buy L$ and go shopping, because that keeps the in-world economy vibrant and that in turn encourages existing creators and land-owners to stay. The real threat is a recession that prevents people spending money in or on Second Life.
  12. My main avatar (this one) is the same as my RL gender. However I also have several alts, of which two are female, and both of them very different to myself in appearance. My alts straddle a line between "aspects of myself" and "roleplay characters"; they're not strictly one or the other. I find it near impossible and very uncomfortable to change the basic look of my main avatar (except for occasionally turning into a werewolf); whenever I want to do something different I use an alt. That's why I have so many of them and so little money.
  13. In view of the current worldwide situation and to support those of us who are isolated in RL, I am making a few changes to Club Noir's schedule. We are normally closed on the 3rd and 5th Sundays of each month due to lack of a DJ. With immediate effect, this will no longer be the case, and we will be open as usual from 2pm, without a DJ, but enjoying one of the great streams on the club radio. I will also be opening most weekdays from 1pm to 3pm. A notice will go out about an hour beforehand. Should anyone wish to volunteer as an impromptu DJ on an ad-hoc basis for any of these slots, you'd be more than welcome. I am unable to offer full pay for this, but you'll get something, and of course your full tips. I'd like to keep the Sunday slots to Jazz/vintage only but happy to accommodate other musical styles and eras during the week (no rap/hip-hop/modern dance or death metal please). Dresscode remains formal for Bea and Sword's regular scheduled events but all others will be relaxed to casual. Please keep it PG though. Above all, please take care of yourselves and your loved ones through these difficult times. To keep this post compliant with the requirements of this subforum, the first of these informal social events will be today from 1pm. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Badger/15/150/752
  14. My girl alt recently bought a new head; I demoed a few Catwa, plus Genus (all three) and the two new Lelutka Evolutions. I had no particular issues with any of the huds, the Genus hud is simpler than Catwa, though to be fair, the intention was for her to be BOM from the outset so I didn't even test makeup layers at all. That said, there are a lot of makeups and skins available for Genus; almost as much as there is for Catwa, so I'd say that Genus is the second-best for creator support. In the end I decided on Lelutka, because it was the one that looked the nicest on her and because it has the best animations.
  15. Nothing is wrong, this is exactly how SL is supposed to be. Every place you visit is owned by another user. That user has the right to set their own rules about who is allowed to be on their land. They may have ejected you because you're too young (some places you have to be 60 days or more). Or maybe because you called someone an "arrogant troll". Or maybe because you were supposed to pay money to those those nice ladies and you didn't. Or maybe you did or said something else that one of the other guests complained about. You do not have any intrinsic right to be anywhere in SL. There are literally thousands of other adult places so if you get banned from one of them, go to another. Make sure you read the rules and comply with them. Make sure you are polite and well-mannered to everyone (they just might be the owner, or the owner's best friend). Before going to another adult place though, I recommend going somewhere like Caledon Oxbridge or Helping Haven, and ask about how to improve your avatar's appearance. It doesn't necessarily cost a lot of money to do that, but you might find that SL is more fun if you're able to invest a small amount of money, say $5-10 US dollars.
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