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  1. So I had a little bit of a re-design... I got tired of the cottage I was in, mainly because the exterior stairs were bugging me. Also Madison and I were reminiscing about a tropical beach island we shared for a short while. So I have turned my lakeshore into a tropical beach. I've switched to a much smaller cottage and focussed more on the landscaping. I still have a cafe-bar at the end, but it's shrunk a bit... The cottage interior was a challenge as it's so small, but I think I did okay. I even found a kitchen that fits. And now all the hard work is done, I can relax.
  2. Like most of the respondents already, it wouldn't matter to me. In fact this very question came up with the woman I was dating prior to my current partner. She was very reluctant to share anything about her RL; I knew what city she lived in and what she did for work, but that was all. She never went on voice (and neither did I) and she never shared a RL photo of herself with me. One day she asked me, "What would you think if I told you I was a guy in RL?" I said, without hesitation, that I didn't care. And I don't; why should I? If I am never going to meet them in RL, anything about their RL appearance is completely irrelevant. A relationship in SL comprises two things only; the avatar and the personality. And even if I am going to meet them in RL, it's still irrelevant; because if I've fallen in love with a person based on what I can see in SL, nothing as trivial as RL appearance can make any difference. I understand that for some people there's the issue of physical compatibility, but since there is no physical contact in SL, that can only be an issue if the intention is to hook up in RL. I don't buy this at all. First of all, having an avatar of a different sex from your RL sex is no different than having an avatar of a different ethnicity or a different species. If you are going to say that it's deceitful to have a female avatar when you're male, then why is it not equally deceitful to have a black avatar if you're white, or a wolf avatar if you're human? (I'll answer this later). Secondly, having an avatar of a different sex doesn't necessarily mean that the gender is different. I am a transgender man, and when I started SL in 2008, several years before I started transition, you'd have said that my avatar was a different gender, but you'd be wrong. I was always male, even before I looked like one. It wasn't my SL that was a lie, it was my RL. So even when the avatar doesn't match the physical body, it still might be the truth. For me, I think even that wouldn't matter to me. Then again, I am bisexual anyway, so even in RL, gender has little impact on my ability to love or be in a relationship with someone. The only thing that I really need a person to be honest about is that they are telling the truth when they say they love me. So lets go back and answer that earlier question. Why is it only gender than matters, and not ethnicity, or body shape, or any other aspect of physical appearance? And why does it matter so much even when there is no hope of ever hooking up in RL? When two people who have only just met in SL, who live six thousand miles apart, why does Guy A care so much that Girl B is a girl in RL? The answer to this is often homophobia. If Guy A is homophobic, then being attracted to a girl in SL, who may be (or may have the appearance of) a man in RL, is a threat to his own sexuality. It makes him wonder if he might be gay himself and he is so terrified of that thought that he must absolutely verify the RL gender of every girl he meets in SL, just in case he accidentally bumps pixels with a bloke. Transphobia is rooted in homophobia for the exact same reason. And both of them are rooted in misogyny and sexism; the idea that women are inferior to men. That's why the majority of people on SL who really care about the RL gender of their SL partner are straight men, and why the majority of attacks on trans people in RL are attacks on trans women by straight men. Far fewer people seem to be worried about trans men in RL, and far fewer people in SL are interested in verifying if a person with a male avatar is male in RL.
  3. I am dating a bisexual woman in SL - and we've been together since 2011. I'm bisexual in RL but rather strangely, I consider myself straight in SL and I have little to no interest in other male avatars. I am probably the only guy in SL who is more straight in SL than he is in RL.
  4. Thank you! All of them except the one with the swans are raw, unedited screenshots. And all I did with the swans was add a vignette and frame. Everything else is just down to composition and custom windlight effects; I rarely use a windlight "as is" but I tweak it to suit the scene, and I rarely do any post-processing on a landscape other than cropping and re-sizing. The northern lights effect in the second batch isn't a lighting effect, it was actually a mesh sim-surround.
  5. We're a pretty big clan, tbh. Back at it's height, according to SL Namewatch, there were about 12,000 of us, and I know at least two other Luminoses (Luminii?) inworld that are still active.
  6. Can't believe I've not posted any pics to this thread yet, considering how much I love landscape photography in SL. here's a few of my favourites:
  7. You've hit on something I can relate to here... I hate changing my main avatar's look, and aside from quality upgrades, I don't change it much at all. When I'm inspired to make something different, I have to use an alt.
  8. I have an inventory full of clothes and I still pretty much only wear two outfits; one casual and one formal. And don't forget there are tons of freebies available; much more for women than for men. Free Dove has some quality freebies for Maitreya, so does Ajuda Brasil. And that's not counting all the hunts and lucky chairs and group gifts you can pick up. Just one thing though. The best house is...
  9. I have and I love it, it's always been a very pleasant part of the mainland. I rented it to begin with, and I swore that if my landlady ever quit, I would buy that land off her. She agreed, and said that she'd keep one little parcel nearby to retire on. We both kept those promises; I bought the land off her when she stopped the rental business, and she's got her own little parcel a little way down the shore from mine.
  10. I've lived on the same mainland parcel in south Sansara for 10 years, over time I've increased my holdings in the region from 1024 to around 6,000 sq m with 4,000 stretched across a narrow strip of protected lakeshore. I love it. This is my house and garden (you can just see the red roof of my gf's house behind it). The wall at the back is the bridge for the Linden road so I am protected on two sides and whatever uglies get build across the road I can't see them from my land. And at the other end I have an open air cafe-bar: Incidentally, my neighbour to the north, who has the parcel just the other side of my gf's house, has lived there almost as long as I have. Here's the lm to the outdoor cafe; that and the garden are open to the public, and rez is enabled so if you fancy a sail round the southern lakes of Sansara, or just to hang out at the bar for a while, you're welcome. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Badger/211/165/82
  11. Lapointe and Bastchilde is hands-down my favourite, for both formal and casual wear. I have a ton of their stuff already and would have more if I was richer. Hoorenbeeks still does a lot of casual chic stuff though it's mostly old and looking dated now. A quick and dirty Marketplace search in Apparel > Mens > Outfits > Suits, using "Jake" as a keyword, brings up a few possibilities like Zed, Caligula, Tugba, Gas, Hypnose, Bond 7 and a few others, but I can't vouch for quality as I've not tried most of them. For hair, my favourites are Exile, Fabia and No Match, though No Match is better for longer styles than short ones.
  12. I wore this skin for a while - Hades by Birth. (Gianni body, Catwa head). I reckon it made me look about 45, which is old by SL standards but still younger than I am in RL. Personally I love it, and would have stuck with it but my gf said it made me look like a grumpy old man. Personally I think it made me look like Sting. In fact it wouldn't surprise me at all if this skin was based on a picture of him from around 25 years ago.
  13. Neither have I. We must be related. 😁 Here's mine - 2008 to 2019. The first one was within my first week, because that was the maximum time I could bear to wear that awful freebie skin.
  14. That's like Scotland in Hard mode.
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