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  1. That's like Scotland in Hard mode.
  2. I've dabbled in Buddhism in RL for many of the same reasons; being non-deity-based, wellness-focused etc. Buddhism, the way I see it, is less like a religion and more like a self-help program. However, I disagree that there are no cultural or personality aspects to it. There is a clear division on cultural grounds between Tibetan, Indian, Chinese and Japanese Buddhism, and some Buddhist Schools certainly do fall into the trap of "cult of personality". I refuse to deal with my local Buddhist School (which is Tibetan) for this exact reason. Core Dharma may not contain it, but individual schools certainly do hence my interest in Buddhism is largely a solitary study.
  3. Experiment with linking objects together and switching their properties between Convex Hull and Prim. If the objects are not too far apart from one another it will often reduce the LI. Do not try this with no copy objects. I have seen people say not to link prim and mesh objects together in this way but in my experience it still reduces land impact if the objects are in close proximity to each other. Very large or spaced-out objects are best left separate. But a bit of mesh decor linked to a prim table, for example, is likely to shave off about 30% of the combined LI.
  4. I think Horizons has double prims also, but I have no clue where Horizons is.
  5. This means its Homestead and not Mainland. Check in About Land and look at the Estate Owner. If it's Homestead it will say so here. If the seller is advertising it as mainland they are either lying, or they are only renting it to you and they are renting sky platforms to other people on the same parcel.
  6. I am a little late but this is an interesting topic to me, since I have resided on the same mainland region for 9 years. I started with 1024m and now own a bit over 6000m, with the help of a premuim alt. The reasons I stay are many. First, I struck lucky with land in a nice part of Sansara, protected on east and west sides between a lake and a Linden road. If my neighbours across the road build something ugly I can't even see it because the Linden road is up on a viaduct that blocks my view of anything built the other side of it. Second, I cannot rent 6000m of land for less money than I am paying in tier and premium fees. Financially, it's a no-brainer. Third, Island living makes me claustrophobic. From my mainland home I can sail, drive, ride or fly across literally hundreds of regions. No estate can offer that because none of them offer that much public, protected space. The thought of being unable to step across my parcel borders and explore leaves me cold. I am effectively paying not just for my own parcel, but also for access to an entire continent, and that to me is priceless. I would like to have the opportunity to take a Linden home in Bellisseria as well because of the community, which mainland lacks (although i occasionally meet my neighbour on the north side, who has been there almost as long as me) but I can't justify the jump in tier fees for it, and I am not willing to reduce my current holdings for it. I am not an anarchistic builder of random chaos but I do like to switch themes and maybe once or twice a year I will do so; from steampunk to Roman to Arabic to traditional New England and a few more over the years. That's another thing I can't do on rented Estate or Linden Home without packing up and moving. How to make mainland more attractive than Linden Homes? I think the obvious and easiest solution is to raise the free tier allocation to 2048 but ONLY on regular mainland. Keep the Linden Homes limit at 1024. There is more than enough abandoned land to cover the increased demand and it means that every premium user could get their Linden home AND 1024m of mainland. Why choose when you can have both? Closing and deleting unfinished continents like Gaetea, and moving residents to alternative continents, would also help. Less abandoned land, more of the existing land being occupied. Less abandoned land would also mitigate the falling price of mainland. Mainland is my home and I'll be there until either I or SL is gone, whichever comes first.
  7. For me it was neither, really. I joined SL in 2006 and played for a little under a year, then I got more interested in World of Warcraft and forgot about SL for a while. When I came back in 2008 I couldn't remember my old password, and it seemed that I didn't have the email address any more either and it was easier to just start from scratch. Fast forward to 2013, I wondered whether it was even possible to get the account back, so because I didn't have access to the email address any more I submitted a support ticket to recover it. I was in for a shock when I logged him in again for the first time after that break. He did not own a single item of non-system clothing. Not even a single pair of prim shoes. He did own prim hair, but it was truly awful. I re-created this pic with all his original appearance, taken at the same info hub where he was "born". Yes, children, those are system shoes. Needless to say he got a swift makeover and this is how he looks now: But by this time I was already well-established in my SL-life as Lewis Luminos, it didn't really make sense to go back to having this one as my main, so he remains a little-used alt.
  8. I got the "Hades" skin by Birth, because it was more mature, and I actually stopped wearing it because my girlfriend said it made me look permanently cranky. Personally, I think it made me look a bit like Sting.
  9. This is truth. I have an alt who is an Indian woman. I even state in her profile that the RL person behind the avatar is neither female nor Indian. But she is really no different from me; I'm not roleplaying a different person when I'm logged in as Indra; I'm just myself, with a different appearance. I have encountered no hostility related to my choosing an avatar of a different ethnicity from my own. So presumably the OP is hanging out in the wrong places.
  10. It was nice to meet you at Club Noir, and glad to hear that Clover has returned home safely. it's not often that celebrities visit my club!
  11. Cas is my first avatar though no longer my main. I currently use him only for his land allowance and L$500 a week stipend, though I have used him for roleplay in the past. Lewis is just me. This avatar represents wholly who I am in RL (except I'm not ginger in RL) Frost was taken just for a clever name, back when first-name/last-name was still a thing. (No, I'm not telling you what that name was). He is also a RP alt, though again not currently used for anything. Indra was to see what it was like to be a woman in SL. Verdict; not a fan. Frankie Noir is the barman at my club. He also gets all the club donations, so I am not tempted to spend it.
  12. Aside from the fairtytale cottage, this looks exactly like the countryside around north Derbyshire, not far from where I live in RL. Lots of sheep there, too.
  13. The phrase "Linden Love" is banned in my club. I do thank guests for their "tip" but I usually refer to it as a "donation" because that's basically what it is. As an owner/host, I remind guests to support my DJs, and my DJs remind them to support the venue, and once per event is sufficient, maybe twice if we've had an influx of new guests after half-time. Personally, I don't care about tips for myself; I'd run the club for free anyway. But I do worry sometimes that if my DJs don't get enough tips, they won't want to work for me any more.
  14. If ads became mandatory, it would make more sense to place them on the log-in and teleport progress screens. While I get up and make a cup of tea.
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