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  1. I picked up the Kalhene body yesterday and having raided the Free Dove and Hilly Haalan's group gifts, I can confirm it's at least* 99% compatible with Maitreya clothes and Maitreya shoes. What's more, the "small chest" option is at least* 99% compatible with Maitreya Petite and the flat chest option appears to fit both Lara Flat and V-Tech clothing. (*at least because there is probably some clothing somewhere that won't fit, but I haven't found any so far). Comparing the Kalhene body with Maitreya, which is what Indra has, I think the reason it fits all the clothes is because it is
  2. Thanks. It's Tegan (or Teagan? Can't remember how to spell it) by Doux. Not on the MP yet as it's still new, you'll find it on the new releases board in the mainstore. It's rigged for a female shape so it doesn't quite fit so well at the back, especially when wearing clothes, but it's not too long, just below shoulder-length, so it doesn't look too bad. I wear women's hair frequently because I like it a bit longer (when I'm not required to be all smart and sophisticated in my jazz club) but you really have to pick and choose carefully, especially with longer styles. No longer than shoulde
  3. Wednesday at Marcel's. Cristiano is cleverly phasing through the bar.
  4. No. With Firestorm you can de-render them but you have to do it manually, one at a time. If your reasoning is to reduce lag, you should really be de-rendering everyone with a mesh body and head, regardless of their gender. Or at least, de-rendering everyone who wears Legacy. If you go into your graphics settings you can lower the complexity limit of other avatars, then the viewer will render avatars higher than your limit with a "jelly-doll" place-holder. If your system is very slow, a setting lower than around 50k should be sufficient.
  5. Madison and I did not live together in the beginning of our relationship; she still had her own place. For a long time we kept our own separate homes but Madi has always had rez-rights on my land for whenever she wants/needs it. Now that I own much more land than I had before, Madi lives on it with me, and I don't expect her to pay because I know what her situation is in RL. Having land is a luxury I can afford, and I'm happy to share with her as much as she wants. She still has her own separate house though. We share land but not houses. She likes her own private space. (Truth is, I think s
  6. I have a female avatar but it's not my main one and I don't get her out very often. I enjoy the shopping and dressing-up experience much more with Indra than my main avatar - for a male avatar it's all mostly an exercise in frustration and emptying my wallet as fast as possible with the lowest possible gain. But with Indra I can spend a little, or even nothing at all, and still end up with tons of good stuff. There's nothing in her profile to indicate my RL gender but if anyone starts with the chat-up lines, I tell them outright, and they always immediately stop. Funny that. The other no
  7. If they are willing to wash them and send them back, count me in. 😁
  8. The OP isn't asking for any RL demographics and the questions and answers are posted publicly in this thread so the level of threat to the personal safety of anyone here is almost exactly zero (and no greater than the threat to any person by posting anything in publicon the internet). Not all college/university courses or assignments are at a high enough level to require ethics-board approval. This one is just for a class assignment, not a Masters degree, of course it's not going to be "verified". If you don't like it, don't answer it, but don't put other people off helping this person w
  9. And you can bet that at my club, half the guys that visit wear the same tux as me (L&B) and the other half wear Deadwool.
  10. I can verify that group chat in my club group, which has been broken for more than a year, is miraculously working this week.
  11. Was your choice of animal/furry for representation determined by a preference before you came to SL? Partially, yes. I've always had a love of the canid family (dogs, wolves, etc), and I've lived with dogs since I was 10 years old (there were humans taking care of me too, just in case you're concerned ) But my first foray into the furry world was a spin-off from a bit of roleplay I did at my club one Halloween; I chose wolf because of werewolves. In the end I dropped the roleplay on this (my main account) but I did turn one of my alts into a full-time furry wolf. Do you represent
  12. My daughter is into the Lolita style, though I gather that a lot of it is made for the Kemono body.
  13. Jeez, if Gianni ends up with no new support, I'll probably end up just switching full time to one (or both) of my girl alts. I'm not a fan of Belleza and I wouldn't touch anything made by Legacy/TMP if it was the last body on the grid. And people wonder why there are so many female avatars, and why so few people are buying men's clothes.
  14. Slink has WAAAY less clothing support than Signature, Jake or Legacy. It used to have more, years ago, but very few creators are making new stuff for Slink now; nearly everything you see for it is already years old.
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