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  1. The problem is likely that your AO is full of Priority 4 (maximum) animations. As @Nova Convair suggested, the easiest solution is to remove the sits from your AO altogether. You don't need them. Ground sits are handy but the sits for sitting on chairs etc are almost never needed these days.
  2. This is very sad. My best wishes and condolences to Ebbe's family, friends and colleagues.
  3. You really only need the pillars. The horizontal rails would be simple cylinders that you can rez yourself as prims (and when linked to mesh pillars their LI will drop as though the fence was all-mesh). Something like these might work: Second Life Marketplace - -LEO- PILLAR 3 models
  4. I did not know that about pH; that might explain a few things about my testosterone injections. Those always hurt at least a bit, since it's such a big thing with a fat needle, but sometimes it hurts more than others with an ache for a day or two and sometimes it feels like burning. I used to think that on those occasions maybe the needle nicked a nerve on the way in, but perhaps it's just about what my body pH happens to be on any given day.
  5. Each object in SL has a value of how complex or how big it is, this is called "Land Impact" It used to be called "prims" before mesh was a thing, and when you're renting land, it's about the same thing. How much you need depends on what you want to achieve. A typical sofa or bed will be about 5-10. A typical complete kitchen will be 25-50. Furnishing one small room with one couch, one bed and one or two cabinets will be about 20. Furnishing a skybox without a kitchen will take about 100. Fully furnishing a four- or five-room house as it might look in RL with a kitchen and a garden on a
  6. Two and half days later and the only sign that I even had the vaccine at all is a slight soreness in my arm that I only feel if I touch it. No fever or malaise this time. I did remember to keep moving my arm, I'm sure that helped.
  7. I didn't get free coffee. Or a lollipop. Or a sticker saying "I'm a brave boy". They just told me to go and wait in my car. On the plus side, it's now the next day and I feel perfectly okay. My arm around the injection site is slightly tender to touch but nowhere near as much as the first one.
  8. Of course the new one is banned also. Creating an alt to circumvent a ban is also against the TOS.
  9. Not at all hopeless, and you're off to a good start with the Signature Gianni body; lots of people use it including myself and its very well supported for clothes. (Don't be tempted by Geralt though, it never caught on and doesn't have much clothing). You won't look like everyone else either, because your look will also depend on your choice of head and skin, and there are plenty of combinations there. I strongly suggest going Bakes on Mesh; if you set that up (just a click of a button in the hud, and take off the body alpha) you'll modify your appearance just the same as you did before m
  10. Doesn't have to, no. Teen avatars can't even be in proximity to adult furniture even if they're not sitting on it. If that couch contains adult animations, that's a violation regardless of whether those animations were in use or not.
  11. That's what I didn't do last time that I should have done, and am doing now. I get regular intramuscular injections of testosterone, that's in the glute and it helps ward off any soreness if I go for a brisk 20 minute walk afterwards. That's a huge injection; 4ml of oil with a needle about the size of the ones up there (not really but it feels like it). Compared to that, the covid vaccine is a piece of cake.
  12. Thats when you know the microchip conspiracy is actually true. I got my second one today (first one is hardware, second one is software). Chip hasn't booted up yet. If it doesn't work Imma gonna complain to Bill Gates. (just joking, I don't actually believe that).
  13. I have a nice 2-bedroomed house from [ba]. Its beautifully made, easy to mod.
  14. Only if they lied about their age when they registered. Residents aged 16/17 are allowed on only G rated land, and adult activity of any kind is not allowed there, even behind closed doors. But someone over 18 could do that, if they felt so inclined.
  15. I think you have activated BOM on the body but not on the head. Click the purple "BOM" button on the head hud, in the top-right corner above all the skin swatches. You cannot take off a system skin. It's one of the four key things that your avatar must always wear in order to exist (the other three are a shape, and system eyes, and system hair which is these days just used as an eyebrow-shaper). You can replace a skin with another skin. But you cannot wear no skin at all.
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