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  1. My parcel (mainland on Sansara) really has only two neighbours; I'm stretched out on a long thin parcel on a lakeshore with protected land or water on both of the long sides. I've been there for 10 years and my neighbour on the north end has been on his parcel almost as long as I have. We don't see each other often as he's west-coast US, but we do still chat when we happen to both be home at the same time. The south end parcel changes hands almost as often as I change my socks, so no. I don't talk to my southern neighbours. It would be nice to have a friendly person settle there long-term though. Across the road might as well be across the continent, I can't even see it from my parcel. That all changes hands frequently too.
  2. My daughter joined SL in 2007, a few months after her 18th birthday (I actually thought she started shortly before she turned 18 but I just checked her profile and I was wrong). She's 30 now, and is still here. We don't often hang out together now, though we did in the early days, we were newbies more or less together and she had her home on the same region as me for a while. She very quickly got involved in the anime & furry communities, which I'm not interested in at all; she made her own place in SL and I made mine. So we don't really hang out together much inworld, but if she's online at the same time as me, we chat in IMs a lot, especially since she moved into her own place. Most of last year she wasn't inworld much; she had a baby at the end of 2018, but now that her baby is a little older, my daughter has a bit more time of her own to log in. I had no major concerns about her exposure to sexual content (what 18 year-old hasn't found sexual content online?), though I did warn her about being exploited by others. But that applies to any online venue, not just SL. Whether or not she does anything sexual in SL is none of my business. Talking about sex in general with your kids is good, but sharing specific details is probably not such a good idea. As long as she's safe and happy, then I am happy too.
  3. If you mean Frank's, then no, it's not roleplay. It's primarily a place for couples to go and be romantic with each other. Of course, some couples might be roleplaying their romance (in the sense that they are not really in love with each other), but the venue itself is not a roleplaying venue. The clothing is formalwear, not costume, and it's certainly not based on the 17th century. It's nearly all modern. I think you are a little confused about what roleplay actually means, particularly in SL. Roleplay means taking on the role of a character that is not yourself, AND acting out a fictional storyline. Simply "dressing up" is not roleplay. I might dress up in Victorian costume but that doesn't automatically mean I am roleplaying. I'm still me, just dressed differently. Just like if I went to a fancy dress party in RL dressed as Sherlock Holmes - I'm not at that party pretending I am Sherlock Holmes (though I might quote him), and I'm not enacting a storyline about solving a mystery. I'm just me, at a party, dressed like someone else. Frank's is more like that; it's fancy dress. Very fancy. No place in SL exists in real life. They are all made up from the imagination of the person who built them. However, Frank's is based on the formal ballrooms that became popular in real life in the early 20th century and onwards. Places like the London Savoy, or New York's Carnegie Hall. Think Jazz era, Frank Sinatra etc (that's why Frank's Place is called Frank's Place and not, say, Joe's Place). My own club is similar, but on a much smaller scale; I wanted to make it look like the sort of place you'd see in a black-and-white movie from the 1940s. But just because a place does not have an exact RL equivalent, still does not make it roleplaying. Not that it matters any more, given that Frank's will be permanently closed by the weekend.
  4. My former landlady leaves her avatar logged in almost permanently, even when she sleeps or goes to work. She logs off briefly for re-booting her computer, and if she happens to be AFK when the region gets its weekly re-start, she gets booted, but most of the time her avatar is there even if she isn't. Even though she's no longer my landlady, she still lives in the same region as me, and her avatar is still there all day and night, so it wasn't a business decision based on being a land-baron. I don't know why she does it though. On rolling-restart days I actually use her to check whether the region's been restarted yet or not; if she's not online, it has.
  5. Agreed. I wouldn't want this at all. Aside from having no need for this level of privacy, it would also make my job as an event host much harder if I couldn't see everyone on the People list. Presumably as owner of the club and the land it sits on, I'd be able to simply not implement it even if the option was there, but most hosts don't own the clubs they work at. And it does sound more like a Linden "God-Mode" feature than a bug.
  6. I'm surprised it hasn't yet reached a point of trying to make SL less appealing to men and hoping that we'll all just go away.
  7. I'm similar, though I have a few more outfits than just one. Actually I have a lot, but most of it is pretty rubbish and I don't wear most of it at all. But I definitely stick to a small number of favourites and most of it is the same sort of thing that I wear in RL - flannel shirt with jeans, sometimes a leather jacket. Tanks and shorts for the beach only (which is a bit more often since I changed my home parcel to be a beach). I rarely wear a suit in RL (only for weddings, funerals and job interviews) but I wear them often in SL since I'm often in a formal club, either my own or someone else's. I do change my hair quite often, though I tend to stick to the same sorts of styles; either short and formal, or longer and a bit scruffy. When I get new hair, I'm looking for similar styles in better quality and/or lower ARC. And ginger, of course.
  8. Yep - after reading the next 5 after that I feel even less welcome in this thread than I did at page 7. What I want in SL, is what I've got already. My avatar looking just the way I want it, good music, good friends, my own home, a little club, a boat and a couple of horses. Over the years I've had a handful of IMs from women I've never spoken to, saying "hi, hot av" or words to that effect. One of them, in my very early days, even ended up with me dating her for a short while, though she dropped me like a hot potato when I told her I was a trans man in RL. Generally, I tell them thank you, and I'm flattered, and maybe we go on to chat about other things, and eventually the conversation dies. I'm not single in SL, and not interested in casual encounters, but an IM like that doesn't upset me or offend me at all. But I certainly don't get these sort of IMs in anywhere near the quantity that women seem to get them from men. I have a female alt, who I take out in public rarely, but I've had more of that sort of IM on Indra in the equivalent of a few collected weeks, than I have on my main avatar (this one) in 11 years. And given that there are so many more women than men in SL, and how supposedly desperate these women are? Why is that? Why aren't men getting these sexual come-ons from women all the time too? Or is it just me who's not getting them? Do women hate ginger guys? Or maybe I don't look wealthy enough? Or my avatar is actually really ugly, and I just can't see it? Or maybe, it's just not happening all that often. I don't think I have ever IMd a woman that I didn't already know, (except in a business capacity. By which I do not mean the escort business). And based on what I'm reading here, and in some of the other related threads, I think it is definitely safer not to do so, ever. Completely agree with this. Men and women are not different alien species, and there are literally no traits at all that are true for all members of one gender and none of the other. There are trends of course, but those trends are in no way definitive. Every person on this planet is completely unique - I may share some traits with some people but there's no-one in the world who is exactly like me. Or you. Or anyone else here. We should be giving respect to others based on the level of respect they show themselves to deserve, not on something as arbitrary as gender. The feminist movement has, I think, caused as much harm to the cause of women as it has helped. In the early years of course, it was crucial. It gave women the right to own property, to vote, to work in the same industries as men for the same pay. But in recent years it's become a very loaded word that no longer means "equality for women" but now it's "superiority for women". It's become synonymous with the man-hating femi-nazi types who think that all men deserve to die. I am fully in favour of women being treated the same as men, earning the same salary as men, having the same opportunities as men. But I would not call myself a Feminist, not any more. I hate to say it because I was never a fan of their music, but the Spice Girls got it right. They were a big thing in my daughter's formative years and their "Girl Power" gave a much better message - that girls should have as much power to be and do whatever they want, as boys have. As much as, not more than. These days, Lady Ga-Ga is giving out a similar message - you be you, and don't worry about what anyone else thinks. Be a sexual woman if you want to be. But be sexual for your own pleasure, not for the pleasure of others.
  9. You can get down to about tweenster-age using the classic system body - I did this with one of my alts for a while last year. He was supposed to be 14, but he'd have passed for 10-12 if I'd made him a bit shorter (and yes, there was scope for him to go shorter on the sliders). Yep, no doubt about his paternity... 😁 For younger kids; toddlers and under-10s, you'll need a specific mesh avatar. The Toodleedoos (however you spell that) are probably the most popular. Once you've made your child avatar, then you just need to go hang out in some kid-focussed places. @Marianne McCann is probably the best person to ask for recommendations.
  10. I have an Acer Nitro-5 and it works great. And it's about 1/5th the price of Rhonda's 😁
  11. This reminds me of something similar in RL - my dad used to work for a printing company before he retired, and at one point they printed a holiday brochure for a resort in Spain. One of the photos in that brochure was a picture of me and my sister on the beach when we were aged about 5 (me) and 3 (my sister). Except, we weren't in that resort, or even in Spain at all, we were in Great Yarmouth (Norfolk, England).
  12. There's plenty of all three. Country clubs too...
  13. I agree, it is very hard to find mature/elderly skins that are good quality, but this is due to the very limited demand. If hardly anyone wants an older avatar, hardly anyone will make them. It's even more difficult if you want to be an older woman.
  14. If these are the things you want, you should start with the educational side of SL . There are places offering English classes, you'll likely meet people there from other countries. Try a new-residents centre like Helping Haven or Caledon Oxbridge, they might be able to put you in touch with places offering such classes. They can also help you with learning to build. As for finding people unfriendly when you IM them, that is because you are using IM rather than local chat. IM tends to be more a thing between people who are already friends, and many people are extremely untrusting of IMs from people they don't already know. Make friends with them in local chat first. IMs are for later.
  15. Anecdotal evidence is all that anyone can have on this question since Linden Lab doesn't publish (and likely doesnt even have) data on it However, anecdotally I can say that less tgam half - MUCH less than half of the women I've met inworld and on various SL related forums have not been in SL for dating purposes. I dont mind spiffing myself up, but I find that I don't really need much in the way of clothes . Whereas a women might have a collection of formal gowns for example, all a guy needs is one good quality tux with a colour change hud. But a tux like that costs a lot more than a gown.
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