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  1. No terms and conditions for any company will list the entirety of what's acceptable. Only what's not acceptable. Find me where it says its okay to wear a yellow shirt? Where it says it's okay to swim in shark-infested water? Where it says it's okay to do the Chicken Dance in public? The Bellisseria covenant specifically states that zero second orbs are not permitted in Bellisseria. If they were not permitted in mainland, it would say so, somewhewre. But it doesn't. Individual land-owners are free to make their own decision on the matter.
  2. No; my point is that LL has already decided that use of security orbs on mainland, even zero-second ones, is acceptable. But, it's still possible to avoid flying into them if you make use of protected land.
  3. I'd consider Reborn - one of my alts used Hourglass but now that its no longer supported by either Slink themselves or any clothing creators, she needed a body to replace it and Reborn gave the closest match to her Hourglass shape. So she now wears Reborn for new outfits, and switches back to Hourglass to wear older ones. But if you've already bought Legacy it would be a shame to waste it - you might not be able to get the same shape with it, but nevertheless it's widely suported by most clothing creators.
  4. I'm unable to find a reference to security orbs in that document. Can you help me find it?
  5. There's no TOS provision to restrict security orbs on mainland. That's really the whole popnt of mainland - that people are allowed to do more or less what they want there. Perhaps more so now than previously, now that all the people who don't want land like that have moved out and now live in Bellisseria. However there is a way to avoid the fate, and that's to watch your map, and fly over Linden roads and Linden water - anywhere that shows as Protected land. And keep an eye on where all those GTFO hubs are; they will have a place to rez if you do get kicked out of your vehicle and need to re-rezz it. Airports are easy to spot on the main map; they take up a LOT of space. Visit them, collect a bunch of landmarks, and you'll always have somewhere available for an emergency take-off.
  6. The only popularity that mattered to any Roman Emperor, was popularity with the Senate. Popularity with the general public was wholly irrelevant.
  7. As a former club owner - listening to a club's stream outside of the club does not benefit the club in any way. It doesn't add "traffic". Additional "listens" don't do anything positive, in fact they might even be a disadvantage because each stream has a cap on the number of users who can listen at any one time. Ever been to a very busy club and was unable to hear the stream? That could have been a reason. Club owners across SL are going to prefer that you park your avatar (or an alt) actually in their club, even if you're not interacting or tipping. That will help them much more than listening remotely.
  8. OOH I need to check that out. I went on a "once-in-a-lifetime" vacation to that area in the late 90s and it was gorgeous. We were at Woods Bay, near Mac Tier. The boating and fishing was the best part. We had a week at the lake, then a week in Toronto, and a side-visit to Niagara Falls.
  9. I would date either of my girl alts. But I think they would rather date each other.
  10. I took that to mean a package of alpha masks, as Slink used to do with theirs.
  11. I think there's one verion of Ruth 2 that has an alpha hud, though I forget who makes it. This one, according to it's listing, does not.
  12. Looking at the marketplace links to the avatar you have and the gloves, I can see a couple of things. First, the body is a basic BOM body (like Ruth), and the gloves are made for the basic classic body. So they should work, kind of... However, you're wearing all the sizes, large, medium, small, etc. Pick one and don't wear the others. Keep the alpha mask on (the thing with the symbol that looks like a white t-shirt) Second, you will need to edit your shape. If the largest size is not large enough, reduce your torso muscles and bodyfat sliders. I think you also need to reduce your hand size to avoid the gaps between your gloves and the fingers - if that doesn't help, it's just a badly made alpha. Ignore this. It will only work if you remove the Alice body. Which you really will need to do, if you want to wear these gloves. Try swapping for the one marked "new" instead. The creator may have updated it. The best solution is to just remove the Alice body altogether and wear the classic system body only, which is what those gloves are made for.
  13. No. Once made and uploaded, that's it, even the original creator cant change it. The creator may choose to update the product with additional fits for different bodies, but then again, they may not. It's a lot of work to do that.
  14. You've used a rez-box to rez a build, and failed to click "Finish/Save". If the rez-box is still out, click it and select Finish or Save from the menu. If you aleady deleted the rez-box, delete the whole build, then get the rez box out again and re-rez the build.
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