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  1. this is hit or miss depending on what time you are on in SL there are several that mention welcoming swingers and doing a search might be something could do like mentioned above.
  2. here it is hit or miss. probably more miss that hit. I would check out some dating groups in SL I always mention them because I dated in SL from them and had the best luck. Especially with my current SL partner
  3. i think being a deadbeat dad in RL is different than in SL.
  4. i used to have a female avatar that was a stripper.. though it was hit or miss. I made bundle one weekend. saving all my pennies....err linden.
  5. he says he has personal information about you is a line to frighten you. I am a guy so I would react differently. I would tell him to put up or shut up.
  6. part of dating in SL is being flexible. I always found that women wanting an SL family or sl kids not to be very flexible at all. I went through a dozen dates in the dating group
  7. I would try looking up some dating groups in SL. That is where I met my sl partner. She was posting her profile
  8. Satellite internet is good for normal internet stuff. But for gaming it has a tendency to cause a lag and I assume the same might be for secondlife
  9. I met someone while checking out a dating group in SL. She was posting on the wall and I Im’d her.
  10. My sl wife and I go to clubs, the beach and some romantic restaurants in SL
  11. All I know that some tell some tall tales about their RL and wonder if they are believing it themselves
  12. Ignore him and move on. I had someone like this tell lies about me in some club I used to go to then I got banned. Some mook always looking for attention.
  13. I would try actually love dating agency in SL and do a search of dating agencies in SL. Av match is ok, but you need to keep getting tokens. Some of the dating agencies in SL might cost 1 or 2 linden to post your profile. I met my SL partner while she was putting her profile up on the wall
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