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  1. Sometimes its nice if you are a male talking to a female and its a female behind the avatar. Even if you will never meet in RL. Not some guy pretending
  2. It works when you find someone that wants it to work or works on the relationship
  3. I have a female avatar and a trangender woman avatar. It can be fun in SL. Lets be honest the female clothes are sooooo much nicer than the ones for men
  4. Living together in SL is not always like living together in RL. My gf in sl has a place I will go spend time with her at. I have a rent free house my friend lets me use on my time in SL.
  5. There are dating groups in SL. A couple of them have activities. One is Actually Love Dating Agency group. Use these kind of groups in addition to any social networking you may do in SL.... going to clubs, etc. I have found its hit or miss.
  6. I was expecting a bunch of linden wanted next on the list
  7. I had it happen with a woman I met and we talked about an SL relationship. She said to me about help paying the bills. I laughed about it and she said the rent. It didnt work after I said no.
  8. If you are in a new relationship in SL and you have a house, Would require the person you are with to help pay the “rent”if they move in?
  9. I stopped doing voice several months after I started. I honestly don’t want to hear someone’s voice. Some times the voice isn't what you expected. I like typing text. It is more immersive for me. I quit accepting RL pics after the girl i was dating in SL said she and her RL hubby were swingers. Then she mentioned her piercings. I got some pics and was nearly blinded and scarred for life.
  10. Often someone will mute you Or block you in an sl relationship. When they don’t want to deal with the things that you deal with in real life. Thats what makes a real life relationship stronger that there maybe UPs but there is certain to be DOWNs. Things to be learned from one another
  11. My sl relationships sometimes similar to real life but not the same. I have had quiet a few open relationships in SL that I would never have in RL. For me SL is not an extension of RL. There are some things I let slide in SL that I would never forgive in RL. There is a lot of fantasy I enjoy. However I dont fake my feelings
  12. Sometimes people assume wrongly you are an alt if you are new and all “meshed” already within a short period of time
  13. I have an alt that is a tgirl and I have fun. With some close friends or relationships i am honest. Otherwise no one knows
  14. Its nice to be able to relate to a friend in SL thats not playing some game or pretending to be someone they are not
  15. Honesty and communication is important to me in SL. I dont mind what goes on in RL. I only concerned about SL
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