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  1. You need the right guy to ask the right questions. A guy with some initiative. My sl partner had nothing in her profile and was a year old. I approached her about it and starting talking. We have together for about a month.
  2. Put that you are looking in your profile And post a little something about yourself here too
  3. I dont roleplay with kid avatars or associate with anyone who does
  4. Nothing wrong with wanting someone that looks good and not the free avatar with the “wonky” AO and the goofy looking free hair that looks like a bowl cut and wearing the free chuck taylors cause of the fred flintstone feet or walking around with the freenis that doesnt match the skin. In SL I look at their avatar, profile and how they act. Its tough to get a read on someone’s personality. Someone that has a nice avatar, looks good and is updated does show they took care in the creation in SL.
  5. For me trust and honesty in SL relationships is what happens in SL. I have an SL partner we are never going to meet in RL so I am not really concerned about her RL but what she does and acts in SL. I am not in SL to find a RL partner but enjoy a certain level of fantasy just like my SL partner is.
  6. Hatake put this in your profile in SL and go about having fun in SL. When you are not looking love will find you
  7. I can roleplay buying you all kinds of gifts and give you money in roleplay. At moment Im giving Talligirl a bunch of roleplay money
  8. Considering that many of the girls that hate men and prefer women are mostly like a man pretending to be a woman.
  9. Para rp is great if you are good at it and a fast typist but if you are in a bar with 7people then its tedious
  10. Often times it involves putting someone’s needs in front of your own. While it can be fun running around banging everyone, its not as meaningful to me as sharing my time with one person.
  11. I would take a look at Crack Den in world. Its not para rp, but a type of modern RP
  12. I have and dated tgurls too. You want to go out on an SL date??
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