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  1. if there is a sim that I find....ooh questionable. who can I Im about it. might be nothing.
  2. I have a handful. male and female. Doing different things. I keep most of mine a secret .
  3. looks at the bottom of my shoe. oooops stepped on one
  4. Jumping the gun..lol. I dont want to say alot but quite a few in SL is an extension of their real life. I do consider SL more of a fantasy, doing things I wouldn't do in RL or can’t do, having open relationships, using alts. I do lay things out when I have an sl partnership so we are on the same page.
  5. Of course they don’t have too. Just like real life. Don’t have to do a lot of things but if i catch you lying then you get blocked. depends on what it is though. many other people to interact with
  6. I think you need to be careful who you are dating or partnering in SL. Don’t rush in where angels fear to tread. Communication is important to me but so is honesty too. Some honesty in SL.
  7. Recently I had an sl partner for 3 to 4 months before I ended it because RL changed and time schedules. Her friend had me over his new beach house showing me around and there was a bunch of pics he put up on the wall. There was an interesting pic at a nude beach. I made a joke about it and he explained that it was a pic of his female alt and the male alt of the girl I broke up with. It was someone from my friends list. Needless to say I did some friends list clean up that day.
  8. I try not to be fake in SL but my SL avatar doesnt look like me. I do things in SL that I would do in RL. But my most of my time and how I look are things I would not do. I try not to imitate RL. If I have an SL relationship most times they are open relationships and so on..
  9. You can try Crack Den. Thats a long running adult rp sim.
  10. This is kinda long but you can share views here but sometimes you won’t get the responses you were hoping. I have had some open relationships in SL especially when my partner is not in SL when I am. I never had any issues except when their RL schedule changes.
  11. I like beaches and some clubs but a friend helped me update an alt now i use the alt as a dancer in a club to make some linden
  12. If I am buying a shirt and it mentions fatpack then there is a bunch of shirts each of a seperate color??
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