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  1. My mom used to say friends make the best lovers
  2. I learned to drive in a 1987 Ford Bronco II. I ended with a 1984 Ford Escort wagon. It was light blue with no FM radio. I got an FM converter for it before my dad put in a tape deck. Thought that was the greatest l..lol
  3. What was your first car when you began to drive?
  4. I generally don’t care what gender you are in RL. Just how you are in SL. However I understand why some want to know. My sl partner is a biological woman in RL. We voiced a few times. She is Australian and I love her accent. I have dated transgender women in SL. I think some people like to know the gender so they can relate better. In SL relationships I would rather know upfront about who you are in RL male or female then much later.
  5. Spend time with my SL partner then Alt all over the place
  6. Another idea I always mention because it has worked soo well for me is a dating group in SL. Posting your profile of what you are looking for. And putting what you want into your SL profile somewhere. And joining Mowri’s group too. So you put yourself out there in many places so people can see or read what you are looking for
  7. For me it’s being lied to by activities in SL. That happened a few times with others I have been with. My SL wife now is open and honest about everything. As for keeping it lively there is always something happening in SL if you look and search. Even going to SL restaurants or bars in SL. Learn a bit of roleplaying and have dinner somewhere or perhaps doing shots.
  8. My sl partner has a bf in rl. I have been married for 20 years. My wife doesn’t care What happens in SL as long as it stays in SL. My sl partner’s bf doesn’t mind either. She is on while he is in the room sometimes. It all depends on what you are comfortable with. However if someone is telling you they are on secretly with out their gf/bf/spouse knowing I understand how you would not want involved in that.
  9. I have tried dating groups in SL for SL purposes only. While I was in a dating group sim and a woman was posting her profile so I IM’d her. Her and I have been together in SL for 4 or 5 months
  10. Yeah. Having an old pic is strange. But in SL people do strange things
  11. That’s your preference. Stick with it. Its really difficult to know who does what in RL.
  12. My partner and I have had similar experiences. We have tried swinging and watching the other have fun. A lot of guys will flirt with my SL wife and want to have fun with her. She will tell them to ask me about it. I am good as long as they are nice in asking and I can watch. Only 1 percent of them ever IM me.
  13. I have the Alaintori David Bento mesh body for an alt and the AO I have doesn’t seem to work for it. Its an AO I got free and have been using it for a long time. I have used it with other mesh bodies with no issue.
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