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  1. Rp sims also fail because some will go and RP and often times there are “cliques” among the roleplayers in the sim so new players can’t play and they leave
  2. My sl ex ,who i will call Marcy, and I were together in sl for almost 2 years before her rl changed. We had two avatars partnered together. One was exclusive where we did a lot of our romance and spent all our time together in SL. The other was an open relationship where we played when the other was not around. Both of her avatars were tgirls. Then for my birthday she bought me mesh for other avatar and turned a guy into tgirl. It was wonderful.
  3. while you are RP family. it might be interesting RP meeting one another and falling in love too.
  4. yeah and again depends where you are. I mean if your in a sex sim and ask to roleplay...yeah...could be Sex roleplay. not everyone is talking about sex. ..like roleplaying in fantasy sim as the blacksmith for example.
  5. all the time i ever been in SL. I have never ran into a child in SL. and yeah you have to be specific when using roleplay to someone, but most times you aren't going to ask some one to roleplay if your not in a roleplay sim, unless its posting somewhere here.
  6. What are some romantic places to take someone in SL??
  7. I have tried the dating groups and usually met someone when I was not looking. Also having a group of friends you hang out with too helps
  8. Pedophiles are interested in children not adults, thats why they call them pedophiles and yeah you might not want to walk into an adult area and mention you want to roleplay.
  9. Thats sort of confusing. I would based upon how the relationship is progressing but not the first time you meet the person
  10. Depends if you are talking real life vs secondlife. I am a lil bit more lenient on what my partner would do in SL than RL. If i found my partner cheating on me in real life then its done between us. In secondlife I like open relationships with a few rules that way my partner can do her own thing when I am not logged in.
  11. I am on after 8pm slt so hard to meet someone and the girls i meet a lot of them bring emotional stuff from real life
  12. I was drawn here because of a roleplay sim i saw on the internet and stayed in the roleplay area till i started to explore and found the adult areas but yeah i think many are drawn to that.
  13. Depends on the type of relationship and level of trust you and your partner has in SL
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