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  1. In a perfect, non captialist hellscape, nobody would be forced into having to work on holidays. There would be benfical, truly volentary (and not that crap "its totes optimal but well find a way to fire you or ensure you will have that onebad check away from homelessness volenteering) spots for those that don't want to celebrate so the wheels can keep turning. But we don't currently live in that world so we have this awful catch 22 situation of needing support. But customer service is often the most overworked and needing of holidays. My empathy is with both the workers and the cust
  2. Its 7am and I still feel wide awake. Offers the kitty some sympathy cupcakes. And I have an apoinment in the real space at 2pm. And urgh double yes! Time is both lightening and turtlefast thanks to the world's everything. I hope things get less sucky for you.
  3. Peeve: Insomnia at night leading to oversleeping and thus getting stuck in a loop. My inability to find a low prim house that isn't literally just one room masqarding as a house. Houses that are completely unlinked meaning you can't resize it all at once without sone sigficant amount of clicking. Or thinking you got everything only to miss half a dozen tiny details.
  4. My Yule Wishlist: - Laptop money - Titty-b-gone money - To be able to see my friends again :c - new Gauche paint set
  5. [Confused Non binary noises] But why would derrndering all male assumed avatars make things faster? Why just men. How do you even know?? Espically with men that use maityrea +flat chestof choice.
  6. Completely understandable, explains why at my most depressive I can consume almost all cholcate like some terrifying edlrich god feeding on souls.
  7. It's essential for my Dad, he is a diabetic and a choclate bar can sometimes be the difference between life or diabetic coma. Peeve: My body, excuse you body but it's rude to scareme with a cough and ear aches during covid time. Please cease and desist.
  8. I have had brushes with death, from being a sickly baby to motorists who don't understand how zebra crossings and traffic lights work. To struggling with sucidal thoughts? I have also lost dear friends in sl and family in rl. The very first death in my inner family even occured just a few days after i had joined sl on my first long deleted account. I don't really have much to really make a will with. Being a disabled millennial who graduated from a tech just as the big golbal housing market crash means I have no real savings. But I am going to furtherwork on documents on alerti
  9. I think it might help to better understand why some people get passionate about appropriation by using analogies. First off, There's "this thing is apart of a relgious/spiritual practice or other significant marker that has to be earned, and not a costume." as a type of appropriation. For this type, You (General you.) would squint if someone claimed to be a priest, a doctor or active army officer without the proper qualification being earned correct? It's much the same with those tattoos. It's something that has to be earned first. Likewise with the feathered headdresses/war
  10. I don't belive any relationship is built the same, off or online. Because it varies because no single person on earth acts the exact same way towards other people. Nor does everyone act the same way in general. (Thank goodness imagine how boring that would be in the long term?) Some key points remain the same for building good relationships. Honesty, communication, consent, mutual respect. But what each person wants and what each realtionship needs to succeed varies wildly. An online realtionship will have different needs and hurdles then an offline one. But both are equally real. The
  11. My dog max doing what he does best, sleeping.
  12. No..? That's not what I got from op at all and I am a light skinned/white non binary. They just described what they did so any curious could either: A: replicaite it. Sometimes thins turn out diffently if there's a randomised element so repettiin can help. B: correct op politely. Also choice paralysis is hardly going to kick in the moment other options for skintones are added? Like... that's a reach. Much like your whole post really. I am not seeing what you seem to see. Because I don't see the issue in letting people choose a starting avatar or having a selection of skin opti
  13. Pet peeve: The fact that I can't eat bacon because of werid texture/maybe allergy issues that make me start to choke on the tasty but bad for robins food. ;;
  14. I have to agree with you Scylla. The amount of hostility from some of the folks posting here is pretty bizzare and unessarcy. It's much more logical for there to be a selection and tutorial on how to change further then what op described right? Some of the reactions of afew posters are just.. You (general you not directed to Scylla) all do know that not everything related to folks wanting more choice for the start, even for alts isn't "playing the victim" or "sjws runing everything!!!!" Right? It's just good buisness sense for an international game like second life.
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