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  1. For me it depends highly on the context of how deep the relationship, be it platonic or otherwise is. As well as the type of settings. In rp sims where were we only vaugely talk out of character? Doesn't matter one bit. I don't need to your gender, you don't need to know mine. It's all cool. Friends but only casually in any context? Eh, don't mind. Becoming really strong friends to the point of swapping rl info? Better be honest because I have seen first hand how outright lying about rl information can totally destory someone's trust in people full stop. Dating, about to date,
  2. When its something glitched like a missing alpha or my head decing "aright imma head out" I usually check if they are right, fix if yes and thank them after jokingly grumbling about the fickle spaghetti code. If its my acutal aesethic choices and it wasn't asked for they get sent to the block list because I have notime for that thank you but no thank you.
  3. As a Polytheist pagan who believes in Evolution but also side eyes how Darwinism eventually lead to Eugenics. I'm just gonna sit here and sip some juice.
  4. People that make light of abuse, peopke that make fun of Turams and those that suffer from it. People that continually think it's their right or worse ""fun"" to continuslly harass, hurt and stalk others for..a laugh? A moment yo forget their own meaningless lives? I don't know. People who are so hate filled, so closed off from basic decentacy that they will happily further torment peoplethat are already in needvof help then do even one single second of self reflection. People suck. I am going to just stay in bed and grump.
  5. All about a handful are the opposite gender to me. by the nature of of my gender being outside the binary. It doesn't bother me at all as my friends are accepting and It's good to have a range of people of various identities. My friend list does screw more femm-algined though. But there's a good number of masc-algined folk there too.
  6. My actual physical body. I would like to become a void or brainupload please..
  7. That isn't true at all. I've used Lelutka heads for a long while now and I have managed to thin the lips down considerably. No animation woes. I'm not sure what settings you've used to cause that. It's very weird. and to re-empathize what others have said: Fuller lips are not the sole creation of the Kardashians. People have been born with fuller/bigger lips since there have been humans. ___ As for the body it's self.. That price point the typos, etc don't really impress me much. Espically as there are far more popular, cheaper bodies that have the same result but with more sup
  8. Same, like where is the logic? Are there really that many more folks with Jake then other of the actually updated bodies for masc folk? I don't get it.
  9. Still not female or male, but still good at being cute, huggable and spening(your) money. ;D (*Disclaimer, robin is insomaic again and may or may not be joking, foolhardy or otherwise engaging in: shenagians, japery, dumbassity or silly hours. Please consult your doctor before use)
  10. I was lucky the second time and the interviewer was actually professional and not weridly invasive. Of course i was also stimming like a motherducker and had my hearing aid in.
  11. Hi, disabled person on a disabled benifit here. Let me tell you how I got mine, how nobody who doesn't need is gonna fake it. Then how much I get Ain't nobody here gonna through: Having to go to your GP to get a sickline, Having to apply for benifits involing allot of paperwork. (,That my mother had to help me with due to the amount of jargon and cmplexities. Even she struggled and she is abled and neurotypical!) Having to go to your gp again to get a second letter. Waiting for an interview. Getting an interview in which you must tell a complete stranger (, usual
  12. Not a girl (or boy) ..But free money is always good. /jk ..unless? ; D
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