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  1. Maybe update some of the terrain textures and have trees, flowers, stones rez automatically when land is abandon
  2. Pruning your friend list is always a good idea, what is the point of having friends that don't talk to you,
  3. I have been guilty of that, try to find some music and end up going down youtube rabbit hole for hours, lol
  4. When I used to work at clubs, I would sometimes be harass by men that won't take no for answer, I used to turn my avi to something big and ugly, that would scare them off
  5. when they are constantly asking for pixel bumping and i have no interest in that with them
  6. have you try putting something in your profile about not wanting a mesh head or body?
  7. Yes the current forums is a cake walk to old forms, I actually had a good friend that got banned from SL for drunk posting here
  8. Yes, now retired, I have been on your blog before, smiles
  9. smiles, Too much pressure, I had people messaging me all the time, asking to be in my movies, I felt terrible turning them down, so I retired
  10. If I was still making movies in SL, i would put you in one, I like your enthusiasm
  11. I have been in the industry for six years in SL, Very few people make money off porn movies in second life, in fact it cost money, have pay for sims, sets , wardrobe and software, Escorting is for profit, Porn is for fun in SL
  12. Sex is how we say "hello " in the SL porn community
  13. why pay for an Escort, when you can have a sexy porn star for free
  14. Join a group you like, become a regular at a club, try RP, get a job in SL, all great ways to make friends in SL
  15. I really should start posting that I am an award winning SL Porn Model, Actress and Director, in every thread here, LOL
  16. The ignore button is your friend
  17. I thought this thread was going to be about money
  18. Hello Ebbe, thanks for taking the time to answer ours questions, My question is if the Adult Community will have a place in the new Virtual world?
  19. I hope LL invites content creators to the Beta, so there is plenty of new content when it goes public, at any rate i don't see the new SL being hit right away with a lack of content
  20. I hide my groups, mostly because of nosy people the like to conduct investigation on people, stalking or whatever
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